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  • Women Ogle Other Women's Breasts Too, Claims New Study

    A study shows that both genders tend to focus on women's body parts, not entire bodies.You know how people say that men are ALWAYS objectifying women? Well, they are. However, women do it too. From their lips, nips and hips to their toe tips, a gal will eyeball a woman as collection of body parts nearly as readily as a man, per a new study published in Science Daily (originally in the European Journal of Social Psychology).

    Evidently, there are two functions at work when gazing upon an object, whether animal, vegetable or mineral: One part of you sees the whole enchilada, and the other is more focused on the beans, tortilla and whatever else is smothered in that delicious mystery sauce. But when those enchiladas are hombres (dudes) and mujeres (ladies), focus is more gestalt in the former and specific in the latter. "Duh," right? Men are always treating objects like women [sic], right? Well, yeah, but women do it too.

    The study authors showed the test subjects pictures of fully clothed and normal-looking (not a 7.5 among them) people; then two photos, with one "sexual"

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  • VIDEO: Help! Why Are My Friends & Family so Judgemental About My Divorce?

    As if divorce isn't difficult enough, it's often compounded by the judgment of friends and family who may equate divorce with failure and aren't afraid to let you know. So, what's the best way to handle the public scrutiny and all the pressure it brings? And is there a way to make everyone understand that they should ease up on you during this difficult time?

    In this video, psychologist and YourTango Expert Dr. Shoshana Bennett explains that everyone needs support in the aftermath of a breakup. So, she says, your best bet is to "tell those family members and those friends that you know they love you and they're trying to help you, but their approach feels critical, and it makes it harder for you, not easier. "

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    Want to learn more? Check out the video above.

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  • Can "Fake Love" Lead to the Real Deal?

    Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone took their romance from on-screen to real life.A study conducted on 100 speed-daters found that singles who acted like they were in love on speed dates were more likely to make a genuine connection with the person across the table from them. From physical affection to sharing your dirty secrets, "faking" love with someone, no matter how small the gestures, can land you in real love.

    The speed-daters who acted like they were already in love expressed affection "through intense eye-gazing, touching, and the sharing of secrets," - all demonstrative actions that indicated they had an interest in seeing each other again.

    As disappointing as the whole concept sounds, the truth is, even in long-term relationships partners fake love to some extent, even if real love is present. Everybody has nights when they try to act romantic even when they don't particularly feel like it: He buys you flowers, you put on a nice dress and do your hair. And most of the time, it works! You feel, if not more "in love," much more connected after making a

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  • VIDEO: Does Sex Appeal Go Out the Window After Age 39?

    Are you feeling insecure lately? Since turning 40, does it seem like your looks have been on a downward spiral? You want to feel beautiful and sexy again, but how can you get that feeling back? Does beauty just begin to fade?

    In this video, founder of Body Butter and YourTango Expert Bonnie Gayle explains that your age isn't what's keeping you from feeling beautiful. If you hold onto feeling confident and feeling vivacious, you'll begin to feel desirable again, and men will definitely take notice. "What [men are] really looking for," says Bonnie, "is for you to transform them back to their youth."

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    Want to learn more? Check out the video above.

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  • Should You Share All of Your Secret Habits in a Relationship?

    One woman uncovers her husband's secret yet hilarious habits that keep marriage interesting! As a newlywed, I loved to vacuum. There wasn't much to clean. We had one hand-me-down blue velour couch and matching lazy boys, with stains of mysterious origin. Our small TV was sitting on top of the crates that I used in college to hold my text books, and a small wooden table that his brother used for taxidermy. And despite how often I cleaned it, I could still smell duck blood.

    But, this was our crummy furniture in our crummy apartment, and I liked to fuss over it-dusting and vacuuming at least twice a week. Given our Spartan living arrangements, vacuuming was a chore with few surprises. And yet, once a week, when I vacuumed near the couch, I heard the vacuum rattle like I was sucking up tacks. One day, I bent down and saw the jagged half moons of toenail clippings. Gross.

    It wasn't me and I had never seen Dave clip his nails. So, I waited and watched. And it happened. Sunday night, while my husband was watching football I noticed his hand curled around his toes ever so gently

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  • Try These 16 Tips to Feel Sexy in 5 Minutes or Less

    It only takes 2 minutes to put on some high heels!Let's face it, sometimes you only have five minutes to go from super mom to super sexy. For those occasions when you only have a few moments to spare, follow our experts' advice for how you can feel utterly irresistible in under 300 seconds.

    1. Strike a yoga pose. Yoga stimulates blood flow throughout your body, which heightens sensitivity while also helping you de-stress. This allows you to focus less on your stressors and more on feeling sexy! -Debi Silber

    2. Do a quick set of resistance training. While weight training helps you feel toned and strong, lifting weights can also create a surge of testosterone in both men and women, which helps to increase sexual pleasure. -Debi Silber

    3. Eat foods that increase dopamine levels. Dopamine controls the reward and pleasure center in your brain so eating foods that increase dopamine levels can boost libido. Quality protein sources are great choices; green tea contains polyphenols which can boost libido and capsaicin, which makes chilies hot

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  • 4 Hot and Athletic Olympic Power Couples

    USA Soccer Olympian Heather Mitts and NFL hubby, AJ FeeleyWhen it comes to the 2012 London Olympic Games, there are a few things we're really looking forward to - and one of them is seeing the sexy couples that will be competing together or cheering one another on!
    While some may think competition interferes with a relationship, here are four couples who show that love and championships can indeed go hand-in-hand.
    Good luck to all of the Olympic competitors at this summers' games!

    Tell us: are you excited to watch the 2012 Summer Olympics?

    Written by Emily Longeretta for

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  • 5 Quick-Fixes for the Most Common Beauty Problems

    Streaky self-tanner? Overplucked eyebrows? No worries, we've got your beauty quick-fixes here.Streaky self-tanner? Overplucked eyebrows? You're not alone. We've all had these beauty mishaps more than once. No one can keep it together 100 percent of the time; not even you, sexy lady. But since's Irresistible You survey told us that how attractive we feel influences our relationship happiness (90 percent of you agree with this statement!), why not try to look your best - especially if it only takes a minute? Here are our favorite beauty quick-fix ideas.

    1. Protect Your Tresses
    Summer humidity got your hair going wacky? Wear a scarf on your head to keep hair from frizzing and suffering sun damage.

    2. Beat Streaks

    Self-tanner can be pretty tricky to apply. Remove streaks by exfoliating, or applying lemon juice or rubbing alcohol.

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    3. Un-Clump Mascara
    Mascara clumps are all-too-common! Avoid this annoyance by curling your lashes and applying two brushed-through coats of mascara.

    4. Beautify Your Brows

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  • 8 Sexy, Summer Fragrances

    Spritz on a flirty fragrance this summer!It's Friday night. Your lips are glossy, your hair is de-frizzed and fabulous, and you've found the perfect outfit. Now all you have to figure out is the right perfume to wear on that hot date. It has to make a bold statement for a sexy evening, yet can't be too overpowering lest you'll undermine the lightness of the season. Lucky for you, we've compiled a list of fragrances fit for all your romantic summer nights!

    After all, according to's Irresistible You survey, the number-one item that makes women feel irresistible isn't lip gloss or bronzer - those are the no-brainers we would have imagined to top the list. A full 27 percent of women said it's perfume that makes them feel the hottest, followed by mascara (26 percent), eye shadow (25 percent) and lipstick (17 percent). Only 3 percent answered "bronzer," and 2 percent said "blush." So spritz on one of these sexy, irresistible fragrances - you're sure to find one that will match your personality.

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  • 12 Ways to Strengthen and Build More Confidence in Your Relationship

    Feeling a little insecure? Learn how to strengthen your union.Even the most rock-solid couples feel insecure about their relationships sometimes. As part of our Irresistible You survey, we asked readers to fill in the blank: "I have the most confidence in my relationship when my partner/spouse ___________."

    The top two most popular answers were "compliments me/tells me how he or she feels about me" and "really listens to me/gives me his or her full attention."

    So, how do you build confidence in your relationship? We asked our experts to weigh in with their best suggestions, and here's what they had to say:

    1. Get in the present. On a daily basis, take time for yourself to clear your mind and set your intention for how you will be in your relationship. Repeat positive affirmations that reinforce the feelings that you want to feel. -Lisa L. Payne

    2. Get real. Take stock of your relationship as it is and identify the wonderful things that you are already experiencing, as well as concrete examples of things you would like to improve. Express

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