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  • Men Fake Orgasms and Other Surprising New Sex Statistics

    Guys have sex on the brain and even fake the occasional orgasm, according to a new Trojan survey.Surprise, surprise - men dream about sex all day long.

    Obviously, "surprise" is sarcastic; of course men have sex on the brain. But just how often dudes are dreaming of doing the deed is definitely worth a mention. Fifteen times a day, ladies. That's about once every hour and a half, which isn't so bad I suppose, but compare it to the four times a day that women reportedly think about sex, and it's pretty clear where a man's priorities lie.

    The statistic comes from the results of Trojan's Charged Sex Life survey of 2,000 people in 10 major U.S. cities, which also gave some great insight as to what men and women are focusing on between the sheets. Here are just a few interesting tidbits:

    Timing is everything-kind of. Less than half of those surveyed - both men and women - say they wish sex lasted longer. This could mean one of two things: Either these people are having fabulous sex already which ends in mutual climax, or they just get bored after a while. Which makes sense; if you're

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  • 5 Alternatives to Spanking Your Kids that Are Just as Effective

    Studies show spanking can be harmful to kids. Check out these five punishment alternatives.Ask many people from the older (and often wiser) generation of their attitude towards spanking, and many of them will champion it. "Spanking never did me any harm!" they may proclaim, and they may be right. However, physical discipline can easily turn into abuse, and the effects it can have on a child are vast, varied and can be extremely damaging. Not to mention the fact that it does not always work, either. Also Read: Do You Practice Enmeshed Parenting?

    The truth is, there is no perfect way to parent, and often, methods of discipline will be based heavily on a parent's past experiences with discipline themselves, particularly when they were children. There are alternative ways to discipline a child, with some being more popular than others, that do not require physical harm:

    1. Time Out. This is a very common method used, designed to allow the child time to think about his/her actions. Placing your child in an area away from distraction can calm them down and, regarding you don't

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  • The 22 Most Irresistible Celebs in Hollywood, According to You!

    Where do Jennifer Aniston and Channing Tatum fall on our list?Everyone has a certain, shall we say, je ne sais quoi that makes them irresistible to others. In fact, it's so strong in some that they manage to turn both men and women on by their presence alone! Those individuals are pretty lucky... which is why most of them can be found in Hollywood.

    However, some stars happen to be better at capturing our hearts with their dashing good looks, charm and sex appeal than others. As part of our Irresistible You initiative, we wanted to get to the bottom of who was the most swoon-worthy of all (wow, we kind of sound like the evil witch in Snow White). So, we surveyed 717 of our readers to find out.

    Out of 22 choices-11 women and 11 men-you voted for the celebs that you find completely, utterly delectable in every aspect. Here are the results, and they may surprise you:

    1. Angelina Jolie

    According to our survey results, the majority of women think Angelina Jolie is the most irresistible female celebrity. Could it be her lips, that

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  • VIDEO: Help! My Wife Manipulates Me with Sex

    Have you ever felt like you were being used ... sexually? In this video, psychologist, sex therapist and YourTango Expert Dr. Megan Fleming answers the following question:

    My wife manipulates me through sex. Whenever she wants something, she's interested in me sexually, but otherwise, she isn't. What gives?

    Dr. Fleming says that if you feel like you're being manipulated in this way, first, you should talk to your partner. After all, it's possible she doesn't even realize she's making you feel that way. Next, she suggests reconnecting with the memory of a time in your relationship when sex was spontaneous and provoked by a genuine interest in pleasuring one another. Also Read: Can One Person Meet All Of My Relationship Needs? VIDEO

    Want to learn more? Check out the video above!

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  • How to Host a Fun and Sexy Bridal Lingerie Party!

    A lingerie designer's expert tips on how to throw a sexy & fun party for the bride-to-be!For some blushing brides, unwrapping boxes and boxes of lingerie at a bridal shower (in front of the mother-in-law) is reason enough to elope. But, I have some tips for the best bridal lingerie party ever!

    This is one of the only times in a woman's life where her friends all gather in one place to celebrate her friendship and femininity as they send her off to the next phase of her life. So have fun! If strippers and penis candles aren't for your bride, a lingerie party is a perfect way to giggle together and spoil her.

    Find out all of my steps to throwing the perfect celebration in the gallery above.

    Written by Laura Mehlinger for

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  • 16 Ways a Better You Leads to a Better Love Life

    Feeling confident, healthy and attractive are the keys to a happy relationship.Over at, we are all about the adage that it's as important to be the right person in your relationship as it is to find the right person.

    Anyone who's been in a relationship knows that it takes finesse to maintain a happy "we" without sacrificing a happy "me," and vice versa. With this idea in mind, we have created Irresistible You, a 12-day initiative focused on helping you feel irresistible so your love life will, in turn, feel amazing, too.

    Our first step was to find out what makes women (and men!) feel truly irresistible-and how this affects their relationships. From May 30 through June 19, 2012, we surveyed 717 YourTango readers about irresistibility, attraction, self-esteem and relationship satisfaction. The results are fascinating-check 'em out:

    1. Feeling unattractive can damage a relationship.
    90 percent of respondents said feeling attractive somewhat to hugely influences their overall relationship happiness. Just 10 percent said feeling attractive didn't have

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  • Are You an Unconventional Parent?

    Conventional parenting has some stiff competition. Find out which method is best for your kids!After the Time Magazine cover story, "Are You Mom Enough?," the age-old parenting debate gained new momentum. The topic of child rearing awakens powerful feelings and memories, and how we raise our kids touches ground within our collective conscience. Also Read: Sex After Giving Birth: Women Like It More Than You Think!

    On his website, Anderson Cooper poses the question, "Are you an unconventional parent?" Initially, the question confused me. What is unconventional? Is it the millions-of-years-old, affectionate, closeness-seeking child rearing? Or is it the less-than-hundred-years-old stimuli-response based non-affectionate style? And, more importantly, whose advice should we follow? To choose between these two methods, we must understand their differences and their theoretical backgrounds.

    When researchers made cross-cultural comparisons with the Ainsworth "Strange Situation Test," which was the first measurement of the attachment type, they were not able to conduct the test with

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  • 20 Ways Excessive Drinking Affects Your Children

    Are you an alcoholic? Learn how your addiction will affect your kids' future.Sometimes the truth hurts, but it also sets you free to choose to act differently. The truth also gives you the freedom to get help when you know help is available. Addiction is not a pretty disease and it affects the entire family.

    Children are the victims of the alcoholic or addicted parent. Imagine being a child whose parent is more interested in a substance than caring for and raising you. Imagine the inappropriate behaviors and responses in daily life of the person who is under the influence of a mind-altering chemical. The child doesn't know what is real or right. Also Read: When Should I Tell The Guy I'm Dating I'm In AA?

    The child knows what anger and sadness are. She also knows what neglect and abandonment are through physical and/or emotional absence. They witness lying, violence, aggression, desperation and worse. They know what hurt and pain feel like and what it's like to be alone is like. Children are the true victims of living in the chaotic dysfunction brought on by

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  • The 15 Most Romantic Summer Movies of All Time

    Of course 'The Notebook' made our list, but there are 14 others!In these long-awaited summer months, nothing seems better than soaking up the sun at the beach, swimming in the pool or grilling out at night watching the sunset.

    However, if you're looking to beat the heat, nothing is yummier than snuggling up to your boyfriend (or best friend!) and popping in a romantic movie. It's the perfect opportunity to escape reality, stress and humidity, and instead embrace comedy, heartache and, most importantly, love.

    These 15 romantic movies have touched our hearts in unforgettable ways. From the ones we can't stop laughing over to the ones we love to cry about, these films not only endlessly entertain us, but more importantly, they help us appreciate the loved ones in our own lives. So, grab some popcorn and turn down the lights as we celebrate the most romantic summer movies of all time:

    The Classic: 'Annie Hall'

    Those clothes. Those glasses. That wit! Annie Hall (Diane Keaton) is a charming free spirit, and simultaneously the perfect muse and

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  • How to Escape a Bad Date in 60 Seconds

    It's times like these when the Bad Date Rescue App could really come in handy. Once upon a time when I was single, I went on an awful date with a man who seemed to take his fashion advice from Marty McFly. In an effort to escape from the terror of the incredibly awkward evening, I asked my best friend, via text, to save me.

    It's a scene that isn't terribly uncommon in the land of single people. Some dates are so absolutely horrible that a getaway is necessary. However, actually getting away in a relatively polite manner can be tricky. Luckily, eHarmony has set out to create an escape route for singles trapped in terrible dates.

    No more suffering through awkward conversation. No more of that dreaded feeling of time being wasted. The online dating site has developed a "Bad Date Rescue App" for the singles of the world. The app allows users to schedule fake incoming calls on their iPhone, offering a quick and easy escape from cringe-worthy dates. This app has several emergency-worthy options to choose from, like a call from your mom exclaiming, "Your sister is

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