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  • VIDEO: Is There Any Way to Ensure that a First Date Goes Well?

    First dates can be pretty daunting. If only there was a way to guarantee success. Fortunately, we have some good news: there might be!

    In this video, dating coach, matchmaker and YourTango Expert Julianne Cantarella explains how you can be sure that your first dates go as smoothly as possible. Read More: Why Do Some Men Disappear After The Third Date? VIDEO

    "Well, my most successful clients aren't those who are the most attractive, or the most wealthy or even the most gregarious. My most successful clients are those who are the most open and positive and willing to embrace the dating process." Read More: I Hate That He Only Texts Me ... Why Won't He Call? VIDEO

    Want to learn more? Check out the video above.

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  • Chivalry: Do Women Have a Right to Expect it from Men?

    A look at the shifting nature of gender roles, and how they impact male-female relationships.It seems we're perpetutally trying to answer this question: Is chivalry truly dead? And if not, should it be?

    In Jenna Birch's recent article "10 Chivalrous Acts That Make Women Melt," she discusses the long-lost art of chivalry. Basic acts, such as holding doors for women, have become all-too rare, according to Birch. She encourages men to consider being a bit more chivalrous, not because it's necessary or because women are unable to do things for themselves, but because it's sweet when men go out of their way for us. It makes us feel special. Plain and simple.

    In response, one male reader wrote this: "So, women want to be treated just like men-except when they don't." He questioned the legitimacy of her request, and concluded that women shouldn't expect to have it both ways. Today, women want to be treated the same as men in many respects; equal pay, equal opportunities, equal rights. So they can't desire equality and romance. In other words, they can't demand their

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  • Does Marriage Protect Adults from Unhappiness?

    We're all in for an inevitable happiness downturn as we get older -- can marriage protect us?Married people just might be happier than their single counterparts, says a new study published online in the Journal of Research in Personality. The study finds that while getting hitched doesn't automatically make people happier, it does offer some protection against the "normal" happiness decline that happens with adulthood.

    Either way, the study was a bit dark. It sounds like we're all in for an inevitable downturn in happiness as we get older, and while marriage can keep our happiness levels stable in the long run, it won't really improve them. Harsh.

    As an engaged girl about to dive headfirst into marriage (my wedding is in two months!), I'm a bit uncomfortable with the whole "us" (read: married people) vs. "them" thing to begin with. I feel like I'm about to join the married cult where we all laugh at the poor, single people from our lofty perch while sipping on overflowing cups of Stable Levels of Happiness. Someone slap me if I ever become that.

    It's probably just my nerves

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  • What You Need to Know About Infertility

    These infertility survey results could help you conceive.Did you know that infertility affects one in six couples in the U.S.? That's 6.1 million people! So if you see a baby in your future, take steps to learn more, because fertility awareness is critical to upping your chances of conceiving.

    "The need for fertility awareness and education is critical," says reproductive endocrinologist Dr. Meike Uhler from Fertility Centers of Illinois. "I see couples unintentionally hinder their chances of success by waiting too long for treatment, or misunderstanding the impact of age on fertility potential. If couples understand fertility basics, they will exponentially increase their opportunities for success."

    According to a recent Fertility Centers of Illinois' public survey, many people are unaware of the truth about infertility. Only 18.2 percent of respondents accurately guessed how many couples are affected by fertility, and 28.1 percent didn't know that fertility declines rapidly in women after age 35. Read More: Most Women Flunk "Fertility

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  • 10 Tips for Teaching Your Kids About Healthy Relationships

    From listening to forgiveness, here are 10 ways parents can be the best relationship role models.We all want our children to be happy and have healthy, loving relationships. While you may feel lucky enough to have a wonderful loving adult relationship, most of us struggle in our relationships from time to time and we worry about how that will impact our children's ability to create healthy relationships in their own lives.

    Whether you believe you are a good role model or not, there are some things you can do to help your children learn how to navigate their own relationships. The most powerful way to teach children how to create healthy relationships is through your relationships with them. Your relationship with your child is the most important teaching tool.

    Here are 10 things you can do to help your children learn the art of relationships:

    1. Listen to them. Teach them how to listen by actively listening to them. Commit to understanding exactly what it is that your children want you to understand and test out that understanding to make sure you got it right. Active listening

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  • Prince William and Prince Harry Both Have Babies on the Brain

    The royal brothers revealed in interviews with Katie Couric that they are family planning!Prince William revealed to Katie Couric this week that he wants children with his lovely wife, Kate Middleton.

    The Duke of Cambridge, 29, told Couric, according to ABC News: "I'm just very keen to have a family and both Catherine and I, you know, are looking forward to having a family in the future."

    But when they will have children is still a matter of speculation -- Couric tried to get it out of the famous Brit, but he laughed and said, "You won't get anything out of me." Read More: 5 Names We Hope Prince William & Kate Choose For The Future Queen

    As it's Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee this weekend, the celebration of her 60th year on the throne, Couric was awarded rare interviews with Prince Harry, Prince William and The Duke of York, Prince Andrew. The ABC special, titled "The Jubilee Queen With Katie Couric," aired on Tuesday night.

    Regardless of gender, our favorite couple's first born is likely to take the throne. Prince William thought it was strange that his family

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  • 4 Tips for Having Hot Summer Sex

    How to keep your sex life sizzling despite the sweltering summer heat.Grease may tell us that "Summer Lovin'" is a blast, but in reality, trying to get it on in the sweltering heat isn't exactly super-comfortable. When the temperatures reach well into the 90's, who even wants to have sex anyway? Most people would probably rather lay on the opposite side of the room from their partner and think about sex than actually indulge in it. Ugh, summer can be such a bummer for our sex lives.

    But as animals with sex drives, it's not always easy to keep yourself away from your instinct to mount each other, even if your air conditioner just broke and you're pretty sure you just lost a pound of weight in sweat. If that's the case, then do it. Just remember it could get, er, a little unpleasant. Here are some pointers:

    Sweat. You will sweat. Fact. If you're sitting in a pool of sweat, just think about how that sweat factor is going to triple or quadruple the second you start getting it on. If you're not comfortable dripping in mass amounts of salty sweat in front of

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  • 5 Ways Divorce Benefits Kids

    Your divorce may have a positive impact on your children after all.Contrary to popular belief, divorce isn't always negative for kids - sometimes it's excellent for kids. Here are five ways that your children can benefit from your divorce:

    1. When Mommy and Daddy are happier as individuals, their kids will be too. When there's ugliness between the couple, no one's happy. Once the halves of the couple move on and find their grounding, each one as an individual has the opportunity to be happier than ever. When children have a happy mom and dad, they'll do much better.

    2. When the tension dissolves out of the house, kids will be more relaxed. Children are like barometers. You can measure the level of tension in the air by their behavior. Once the split happens and the nasty intensity in the environment fades, watch how the children's behavior follows. Read More: Can Divorce Ever Be Good For You? VIDEO

    3. When you model that you deserve to be in a satisfying and supportive relationship, you model something wonderful to your kids. If you stay in a bad

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  • VIDEO: Help! My Husband Refuses to Go to Couple's Therapy. What Should I Do?

    If your marriage is on the rocks, and your husband refuses to attend couples therapy with you, you're probably completely frustrated. Fortunately, there is hope for your relationship.

    In this video, licensed clinical psychologist and YourTango Expert Dr. Jack Singer explains what you should do when your marriage needs third-party assistance but your husband won't cooperate. Read More: My Third Marriage Failed: Why Do I Keep Getting Divorced? VIDEO

    "There is a twofold answer to this question," says Dr. Jack. "Number one, we have to make sure that your husband really is committed to working on the relationship. He could be using the excuse of not wanting to go to a therapist as an excuse ..." Read More: Help! My Husband Won't Go To Couples Therapy

    Want more advice? Check out the video above!

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  • 6 Ways to Prepare Your Children for Their New Sibling

    Try these simple steps to prevent sibling rivalry among your children.Older siblings often have trouble accepting the arrival of a new baby because your new little bundle knocks the little prince or princess off of his or her throne. Husbands can identify with those feeling as well. When their first baby was born, they had to adjust to no longer being number one in their wives' lives. Fortunately, they eventually got over it, and so will your older child. Here are some handy tips to help your older child overcome the jolt of losing her position as your littlest darling.

    1. Start showing excitement early in your pregnancy ... not only about the baby, but about your first child becoming a big brother or sister, too. Keep your child in focus as you talk about the baby so he or she sees a benefit to the new family member arriving. If you list, over time, all the terrific benefits of being a big brother or sister, for instance someone to play with, your child will focus less on what he or she will be giving up. Read More: Should Women Be Barefoot, Pregnant &

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