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  • 4 Things You Should Know About Cheaters and the Women They Date

    Are the rich and famous hardwired to cheat?The powerful, hot man who cheated on his wife/girlfriend (everyone from Tiger Woods to Hugh Grant) hits the front pages, and, instead of fans cheering, they're reeling from his admission of foul play. Justifying their actions, some experts will say, "Powerful men have a higher sex drive," or "men are just wired that way," or, "if women don't want their men to stray, they need to turn up the passion in the bedroom."

    I say, "Please! We all know that men do not own a corner in the hormone market. The secret's out and the facts are in, so enough with this foolishness and at least come up with something original."

    Instead of acquiescing to what's politically correct and getting on the boring, poor, sex-depraved male bandwagon, direct your attention over here, to what I'm calling SI: Spiritual Incontinence. Spiritual incontinence is a sudden swift departure from one's internal compass, brought about by the unconscious wound of separation.

    S.I. is a malady that most of us who live in the

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  • VIDEO: Why Do Some Men Disappear After 3 Dates?

    Let's face it, dating can be discouraging ... especially when the men you go out with all seem to disappear after two or three dates. Fortunately, help is on the way. In this video, dating coach, matchmaker and YourTango Expert Julianne Cantarella explains how to understand this all-too-common phenomenon. Read More: I Hate That He Only Texts Me ... Why Won't He Call? VIDEO

    "Please keep in mind," says Julianne, "three dates does not a relationship make. Now, I know that you feel that you've invested yourself here, and you probably have, but keep in mind that he's dating you and probably others as well. The tip here is that you should be dating more than one person, too."

    Wanna learn more? Check out the video above.

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  • Why I Won't Move in with a Guy Until He Puts a Ring on It

    I won't live with a guy until I'm married -- I cherish my single space too much.I have never lived with a significant other. I have spent copious amounts of time with them, as in days and days on end, and to the point where we had things stored at each other's places. But as for living together, I've just never done it.

    It's not that I'm opposed to living with someone you're in a relationship with for religious or even moral reasons. In a city as expensive as New York, it does make sense to live together if you know you're both in it for the long haul (although finances shouldn't be your main reason for moving in!) Perhaps I've yet to find someone with whom I can "long haul" it, or maybe, and probably more likely, I'm just set in my ways.

    For starters, I love living alone. I love having my own space to go to when I need a break from a relationship. I love that I can indulge in my "single gal" behavior, which I will not get into as it's stuff a gal just does in private. I love that everyday is naked day in my apartment, I can leave things where I want to, and if

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  • How Finding the Perfect Wedding Venue Turned Me into a Bridezilla

    My I have to admit it - somewhere between our last cake tasting and my first experience with a registry gun, I crossed over from laid-back bride-to-be to full-blown whatever-the-step-before-Bridezilla is.

    Seriously. And I'm not planning on reining it in any time soon; it's way too fun!

    The bridal gene kicked in the second I fell in love with our new outdoor reception site. And surprisingly, it's not the one we put a mini deposit on: This process is like falling in love - you don't really know what it feels like until the right one comes along, and then it hits you, hard.

    The new wedding venue is a gorgeous vineyard filled with sprawling gardens to explore and adorable rustic features, like a barn for dancing. It's perfect. I'm going to have to play around with my budget now because the per person charge is almost double that of the previous location (but who needs a four-tiered fondant cake, anyway? Buttercream will do if it means getting married in heaven). Read More: 10 Signs Your

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  • Why Sleeping with Your Ex Isn't a Good Idea

    Having sex with an ex can cause more heartache than healing.You have officially called it quits. Then, one night, your ex calls and invites you to dinner. You accept the invitation, telling yourself it's a good idea because you want to get your books back from his house anyway. But, if truth be told, you really accepted the invitation because you're feeling lonely. When you arrive at his house, it feels good to be back in familiar territory - food, wine, and conversation flows - and before you know it, you find yourself having a passionate interlude with your ex.

    Having sex with an ex is a common phenomenon. It happens more often than you would think, even with those couples who have contemptuous breakups. People have sex with their ex for a variety of reasons, including the following:

    -The desire to feel connected to someone firmiliar.
    -An attempt to manipulate to other person into getting back together. Gain back the power they lost in the relationship.
    -To meet sexual needs, without looking for someone new. To boost self-esteem, and get

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  • VIDEO: How Can I Learn to Fight like an Adult?

    Does fighting with your boyfriend or husband bring out the worst in you? When you get upset or angry, do you lash out like a rebellious teenager? Are you worried that you might eventually say or do something you will later regret? Good news: you're not alone.

    In this video, women's advocate, founder of the SWAT Institute and YourTango Expert Crystal Andrus offers advice about how to keep your inner-teenager in check when fighting with your significant other. Help! I Can't Get Over My Divorce VIDEO

    "The truth is," says Crystal, "every one of us has a wounded part of us that - when we're in those stressful situations - often comes out." So, what can you do about it? "What I recommend," she advises, "is that you give your inner teenager a chance ... give her an opportunity ... let that 15-year-old write a letter to everybody who's ever hurt her." That way, you can confront your anger head on instead of taking it out on the one you love.

    Want to learn more? Check out the video above.

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  • 7 Ways to Tell If You're Dating a Criminal

    What you see isn't always what you get.Online dating is generally safe, and most people you find will be normal, good-natured men and women who are simply looking for love. You also may bump into a small number of strange people (e.g. men who show up on a date with their wedding rings on, or the supposed-to-be Brad Pitt look-a-like who shows up looking a little bit aged and 100lbs heavier than his photo suggested) and they will probably be harmless. Read More: Online Dating: Luck Or Work?

    But, criminals are around and the Internet is open to them to use and abuse, too. And unfortunately, we can't do background checks on the people we agree to go on a date with. Nothing is ever 100% fool proof but these seven tips should definitely help you spot a criminal more easily when dating.

    1. He has more than two phones. Two phones are usually okay as one may be for work and the other may be for personal reasons. More than two phones should make you suspicious. If you're on a date with a man who has more than two phones, acts like a

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  • 35 Ways to Love Your Body and Improve Your Health

    Improve your physical health and learn to love the way you look!One sure-fire way to improve your body image is to improve your overall health. Getting in better shape, eating healthy foods, and generally practicing a healthy lifestyle is your best bet for feeling good about your body. However, if you're like us, you're overwhelmed by the plethora of measures you can to take to improve your health. That's why we asked the experts to narrow down the list for us. Check it out below. Read More: Bad Body Image? 15 Ways To Improve Your Self-Esteem

    1. Change your mind to change your body. You must first adopt an attitude of gratitude for the body that is uniquely you. Learn to love the body that shows up when you consistently take action on getting your body as healthy and as fit as possible to suit your lifestyle. -Rico Caveglia

    2. Breathe! Every metabolic function in our bodies requires lots of oxygen. Nothing is more important for mental and physical health than supplying our bodies with maximum amounts of oxygen. I recommend taking a

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  • Shocking Statistic: One in Five White Women Has Smoked While Pregnant

    Can you believe this statistic? Why would you want to put your child at such a risk?Personally, I'm a big fan of proof that people are idiots. It's so refreshing when a society, community or group of people go about their lives thinking they're not moronic in their behavior, but in reality, they're clearly dumb as sh*t. An example of such atrocious idiocy came in a recently released study that found 1 in 5 white women have smoked while pregnant. Smoking isn't bad enough for the mother as it is, so why not subject the fetus to it as well? Yeah, great idea.

    The study, conducted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, discovered that within the 30 days prior to the study, 21.8 percent of white women between ages 15 and 44 had smoked a cigarette. One cigarette may not seem like a big deal, but let's just think about the fragility of a fetus for a second before you start saying I'm the idiot. In contrast to these findings, 14.2 percent of black women and 6.5 percent of Hispanic women of the same age group had smoked a cigarette within those 30

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  • 9 Ways You Can Protect Your Child from Bullying

    Whether your child has been bullied or has bullied others, here are 9 things you need to know.The unhappy fact is that teasing and bullying are a normal part of the rough and tumble struggle for social status. We are hardwired with the compulsion to compete for belonging and status in our social groups, and sometimes it goes too far.

    Both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama have acknowledged uncharitable behavior toward peers when they were young. Social teasing is more prevalent and, in some ways, more damaging than physical bullying.

    If you can't remember experiencing or witnessing painful social harassment when you were growing up, you have probably repressed it. Some of the victims of teasing and bullying have killed themselves; some have killed others as well. So, what can you do to help your children with this very difficult fact of life?

    1. Educate yourself. Educate yourself about the emotional dynamics of shame and anger as they apply to teasing and bullying. Shame is a normal and powerful emotion that is poorly understood. Understand the pain of shame and the compelling

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