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  • 12 Fun Date Ideas for Memorial Day Weekend

    Go on a camping day trip with your guy for a fun Memorial Day date.Ah, Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer and the promise of sun-drenched days and long, hot nights. Time to grab your honey and your sundress to make some lasting memories! Check out the below tips for a lot of fun date ideas.

    1. Bonfire and S'mores
    What's more summery than melted marshmallows sandwiched in between chocolate and graham crackers? Get messy and make s'mores fireside with your loved one during one of summer's infamous warm nights. Things are bound to heat up between you two, with the cozy fire roaring and chocolate (an aphrodisiac, of course!) running through your system.

    2. Camping Day Trip
    If you're not committed to spending an entire night in nature with nothing but your sweetie and your tent for comfort (bathrooms, anyone?), try a camping day trip instead. Invest in a two-person tent and stake out some ground at a nearby regional park. Make sure to pack a lot of food and drinks (wine coolers spell summer!), sunblock and bug spray. If you're lucky enough to

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  • The 25 Craziest Places to Have Sex, According to You!

    In a poll of 1,300 people sponsored by Astroglide, you told us the craziest places you've had sex.Many people fantasize about having sex in unusual places, but few of us act on this fantasy for fear of getting caught or, worse, sand in our pants. In a recent poll of 1,300 people sponsored by Astroglide, asked, "What is the weirdest place you've had sex?" And boy, did we get some interesting responses. We were surprised by many of the answers and we think you will be too!

    #25: In A Parking Lot
    Cars have always been a popular spot to grab a quickie, probably because the line between public space and private space is slightly blurred, and also perhaps because it reminds you of the wild and carefree days of being a teenager. It's illegal (if someone sees you), but otherwise, go for it! We recommend secluded areas of parking lots at night. If you're feeling really daring, try it out during the day.

    #24: In A Fitting Room
    We all know how much guys hate waiting for their significant others to try on clothes, so it should come as no surprise that so many of our readers

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  • 5 Ways to Protect Your Sex Life from Your Children

    Having children can kill your sex life. Here's how we work to prevent that from happeningLast week, as I lay in bed trying to fall sleep with a diapered behind smooshed against my cheek, I pondered why it is that children are so talented at sucking the life out of their parents' sex lives.

    My kids don't even know what sex is (I don't think, although I may have just jinxed that), but they're like little sex leeches, bleeding the life out of our bedroom activities. It's ironic that they can be so adept at crippling the very act that got them here. As I gazed at my snoring toddler, his head cuddled on my husband's chest, I wondered how I ended up with the suspisciously fragrant end of the deal. Then I thought about how deliberate we have to be in protecting our sex life from falling by the wayside of a busy family life. Here are five ways we do it:

    1. Get a babysitter. The only thing better than responsible high school babysitters who will keep your children safe and entertained for a small fee are grandparents. Can I get an "Amen?" Sometimes you just have to drop the kids

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  • How to Avoid the Top 4 Pitfalls of Parenthood

    Does your child literally come between you and your partner?According to Dr. John Gottman, two out of three couples experience a serious decline in the happiness of their relationship in the three years after their first baby arrives. Sounds scary, right? Bringing a baby into your relationship should bring you and your partner closer. Don't worry. If you know what experiences to expect in your relationship then you can make a plan to avoid these common pitfalls:

    Sleep Deprivation. Sleep deprivation makes daily hassles more intense. In our relationships, we feel more emotionally out of control - we are more reactive, e.g. short fuse. This doesn't mean the relationship is bad. It just means you're tired and going through a tremendous transition. Make a plan in advance for how to get rest and be forgiving when you see your partner is hitting the end of his or her rope.

    Intense Focus on Baby's Needs. Birthing moms often tend to take on all responsibility for meeting baby's needs. Non-birthing partner's who do not have the opportunity to frequently

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  • More Moms Are Getting Paid Maternity Leave

    Despite being paid for leave, some women skimp on maternity time to head back to work.Thanks to Bravo, housewives are a big hit on the reality TV circuit these days. But in real life, unscripted women are hard at work balancing being wives, mother and full-time employees.

    A study by the U.S. Census Bureau shows that a majority of first-time, working mothers are receiving paid maternity leave. This is the first time this has happened since the government began tracking that data, which was back in the early 80s. Women with college educations reap even more of a benefit; ladies with bachelor's degrees or higher are more likely to get paid maternity leave than those with less than a high school diploma.

    Interestingly, it was also found that despite that perk of paid leave, many mothers are working later and later into their pregnancies - and returning to work sooner than mothers in previous generations did.

    It's all a reflection of economic struggles, according to experts in the field. More and more often, families are relying on women to be primary breadwinners, which

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  • VIDEO: Help! My Husband is Contesting Our Custody Arrangement Out of Spite

    If you've been through a custody battle, you know how hard it can be on the kids ... and it isn't easy on the grown-ups either. But what do you do when you know that your ex doesn't really want custody, he's only fighting for it to spite you? Fortunately. Shela Dean is here to help.

    In this video, author, relationship coach and YourTango Expert Shela Dean explains how to handle an ex-husband who's taking his aggression out on you in the courtroom. Read More: Help! I'm Divorced But Still Wearing My Wedding Ring VIDEO

    "It's possible that the custody challenge is about money," says Shela, "but it's more likely that your husband hasn't accepted the inevitability of your divorce." So, when will he stop putting his own pettiness ahead of the best interest of the kids? Shela says, "Your husband is more likely to come to his senses, be reasonable about the kids, and put their welfare first - as he should - once he's resolved his feelings about you and the divorce."

    Want to learn more?

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  • VIDEO: How Do I Pick the Perfect Photo for My Online Dating Profile?

    In the wonderful world of online dating, you won't get anywhere unless you can attract your perfect match. To do that, you'll need the perfect picture. The question is, how can you tell which photo is the best one to use?

    In this video, Image Consultant, Matchmaker and YourTango Expert Kimberly Seltzer explains the science behind selecting the perfect picture for your online dating profile. Read More: How To Spot Mr. Right's Online Dating Profile VIDEO

    "Pictures are very important when it comes to making a first impression," says Kim, "no matter if you're a man or a woman. The rule of thumb is that the picture shouldn't be more than two years old."

    Want to learn more? Check out the video above!

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  • 10 Ways to Tell If Your Marriage is Falling Apart

    Has your marriage hit a dead end?Despite divorce being so common, many couples are caught off guard when it actually happens to them. They believe that if they just begin to love one another again, everything will turn out fine. This myth, however, lulls them into missing the warning signs that suggest that their marriage is in trouble. 6

    Here are 10 ways to tell if your marriage is over:

    1. Sex is consistently boring and mechanical. A satisfying sex life is vital to health and well being. A long-term frustration of this basic human need can signal the end of a marriage.

    2. There are many problems and only a few solutions. The inability to compromise and find workable solutions to common relationship issues turns partners into bitter adversaries.

    3. Character assassination happens in your marriage. Name-calling, insults, belittling put-downs, and personal attacks aimed at embarrassing and hurting a spouse are a sure path to divorce.

    4. You're angry all the time. Accumulated anger kills love! If you and your spouse

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  • 3 Sex Mistakes to Avoid

    Start erasing your sex mistakes now.Over the course of the last month, we collected 1,300 reader responses for an Astroglide-sponsored survey all about sex. The results were both fun and fascinating. For example, we learned that 37 percent of YourTango fans have had sex in a park, while just under 3 percent have joined the mile-high club. We also got glimpses into where, when and how our users are hooking up, and-from the results-compiled three major mistakes we all should avoid when it comes to sex.

    1. Only doing it at night. Let's face it. We are all busy people with busy schedules and busy lives. Therefore, we tend to reserve sex for after dark. It only makes sense that we do the deed after work hours, when the kids are tucked into bed. Although this is logical, it is crucial to realize that sex in the mornings and afternoons can be just as hot.

    According to our survey, 58 percent of YourTango fans have the right idea and reported that they prefer sex at any time of the day. Twenty percent said they prefer sex at

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  • VIDEO: How Can I Ever Trust My Husband Again After He Cheated?

    If you're in a relationship with someone who's ever cheated on you, you know how difficult it can be to trust that person again. After all, once he's betrayed your trust, who's to say he won't do it again?

    In this video, therapist, relationship coach and YourTango Expert Julie Orlov offers advice about how to handle trust issues in any relationship, especially with someone who has been unfaithful in the past. Read More: Help! It's Taking Too Long To Get Over My Ex VIDEO

    "If you and I were sitting face-to-face or we were talking on the phone, this is what I would ask you," says Julie. "Have you thought about what it would take in order for you to trust your husband once and for all? In other words, what would he need to do or not do that would make you feel like he's trustworthy."

    Want to learn more? Check out the video above.

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