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  • Men Have Happier Relationships when They Cuddle, Says Study

    Cuddling makes for a happier relationship according to experts. A new study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior finds that not only do men like to cuddle, but they believe it's an important ingredient to a happy, satisfying relationship.

    Lead Kinsey Institute researcher, Julia Heiman, and her team questioned over 1,000 couples from the United States, Brazil, Germany, Japan and Spain, ages 40-70, that have either been married or living together for at least a year, with the average relationship span being 25 years. Of these couples, Japanese and Brazilian women were "more likely than U.S. women to report being sexually satisfied," while "middle-age men in Japan report 2.61 times more sexual satisfaction in their relationships" than U.S. men do.

    Most interesting, the men in the study reported cuddling, caressing, kissing and tenderness to be more important to their relationship happiness than women did. They were also happier in their relationships if they were in good health and could bring their partner to orgasm. Related:

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  • VIDEO: How Soon Should I Meet My Online Date in Real Life?

    If you've ever tried online dating, you know how tricky it can be. Among the many conundrums faced by online daters across the board is when to take the relationship offline. Sure, you've exchanged some intimate emails. Perhaps you've even spoken on the phone. But what time is the right time to take your relationship a step further and actually meet face-to-face?

    In this video, dating coach, matchmaker and YourTango Expert Jasbina Ahluwalia answers this burning question. "In my opinion, people often times spend far too much time communicating online prior to meeting than necessary," says Jasbina. So, if you're the type of person who generaly prefers to take things slowly, when it comes to online dating, throw caution to the wind and only wait a little while before meeting your match for a drink or a cup of coffee. Related: Should I Stick To My List Of Must-Haves For Dating? [VIDEO]

    Why not wait? Jasbina cites three reasons why it's better to meet up sooner rather than later. First,

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  • 10 Celebs Who Are in Love with Their Pets

    Katy Perry's fluffy friend!There are plenty of theories about why relationships in Hollywood don't last, but we haven't considered this one yet: the stars just don't want them to!

    Why, you ask? Well, from the looks of it, it seems plenty of hot A-listers have already found the love of their lives... in their pets. From Katy Perry's bunny to Ryan Gosling's dog, it seems some celebs may be willing to forgo true love in the name of "puppy love."

    1. Ryan Gosling & His Dog, George
    Ryan Gosling and his dog George are such good buds, they both made an appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon in July last year to help him promote his romantic comedy, Crazy Stupid Love. But now that Gosling is currently in Thailand filming his new movie, Only God Forgives, he's reportedly trusting his girlfriend of about 6 months, Eva Mendes, with dogsitting duties. "He was going to have his friends watch George, but changed his mind at the last minute," a source tells Us Weekly. "That's a huge deal to him. He wouldn't leave that dog

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  • 10 Tips for a Successful Marriage

    Marrying your best friend will ensure a happy long lasting marriage. It's wedding season! And while we'd like them all to last, we are well aware that about half of new marriages fail. So use preventive medicine on your new or not so new marriage, with these tips. Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) Stephen Martin and I wrote a book titled The Everything Guide to A Happy Marriage. Here are some of our best tips.

    1. Marry your best friend.

    2. Hibernate during the first year of marriage.

    3. Agree on joint financial goals, review these regularly.

    4. Take each other out on dates.

    5. Have a weekly check-in to discuss your issues (all marriages have issues.)

    6. Get marital therapy before you hate each other.

    7. Have children only when you believe there's a good chance you'll stay together for the next eighteen years to raise them.

    8. Divorce only as a last resort.

    9. Celebrate your marriage every day!

    10. Keep your fights private.

    And when you fight, as every couple occasionally does...

    Follow these 10 Rules to Fight Fairly:

    Rule 1: Keep It

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  • VIDEO: What Does 'Eating Well' Really Mean?

    March is National Nutrition Month, and while most of us have a vague idea about what it means to be healthy and eat well, we may not know exactly what we should be doing on a day-to-day basis. In this video, YourTango Expert Nicole Burley offers some concrete suggestions for eating well this month.

    1. Eat Real Food. If your food was made in a laboratory, or if it had to go through several different processes in order to become edible, it's not really food anymore, it's a food product. Your body wants real, whole, natural food that it can recognize, so stick to foods with ingredients you keep in your own kitchen. Related: Sticks & Stones: Could You Withstand A Verbal Attack?

    2. Eat Plants. Plants include vegetables, grains, fruits, nuts, beans and seeds. Plant-based foods are loaded with vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants - all of which are sorely lacking in red meat, poultry, and dairy.

    If you're not ready to completely say goodbye to animal-based foods, see what it's like to

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  • 7 Reasons Why You Should Adopt a Puppy with Your Partner

    You and that boyfriend of yours should think about getting a puppy or two.Oh hey, it's National Puppy Day. What a great excuse to talk about cute, fuzzy things I love (and want to own, soon).

    Adopting a puppy together could do wonders for your relationship. Why? Let's put aside the fact that puppies are adorable, because that's a given. There are more great reasons to get a puppy with your partner:

    1. It's an opportunity to take care of a living thing without taking on the major responsibilities of having children. Taking care of a puppy or other pet together can either serve as practice for having kids - or teach you that you don't actually ever want to procreate.

    2. When you're taking care of a puppy as a couple, it distracts you from petty relationship problems and brings you closer together.

    3. With a puppy, you don't feel as lonely when your partner is out of town. Related: Is This Normal? My Boyfriend Hates My Dog

    4. If you have a great name that just won't work for a kid, you can name the dog that.

    5. As self-help guru Hugh Prather said, "Love

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  • VIDEO: Help! Why is it Taking so Long to Get Over My Ex?

    Is it taking you longer than you expected to get over your ex? If it's been over a year and you still feel despondent on your old anniversary, take heart: you're not alone. In this video, psychotherapist, author and YourTango Expert Julie Orlov offers advice to one reader who still struggles with her breakup long after it's ended.

    First, Julie says, there is nothing wrong with taking a long time to move on after an emotional breakup. "People work through loss and grief in their own time and in their own ways," she says. So, stop comparing yourself to your friends. Don't be so hard on yourself just because you thought you'd be over it already. After all, haven't you been through enough heartache? Related: My Ex Just Got Remarried; How Can He Move On So Quickly?

    Next, Julie suggests asking yourself the following questions: Are you viewing this relationship realistically? Idealizing an ex can cause you to linger for longer than if you viewed your relationship with open eyes; What is

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  • 4 Fun Ways to Use Lube with Your Man

    How to get lube involved in all the activities leading up to sex, like foreplay and massage.Most of us probably have a lube bottle or two stashed in our bedside table and for good reason-some extra moisture can work wonders during marathon sex or anal experimentation.

    But are we being a little too vanilla when it comes to lube usage? Can we put that bottle to work more often in the bedroom? As a matter of fact, yes. We sat down with relationship educator and author of Hot Monogamy, Pat Love, to brainstorm a few out-of-the-box ways lube can make hot sex even hotter.

    1. Get to know your man's G-spot. The man's G-spot is the place right between the anus and the penis, says Love, and if you want to really give him a thrill try applying some warming lube to your finger and gently work the area. "It creates a fantastic element of surprise," she says. "Most men will be open to it, too." Related: Why Do Guys Love Lube?

    2. Make oral sex delicious. Astroglide has a strawberry-flavored lube on the market that can make 69 tastier than before. "The strawberry flavor has no sugar and

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  • 7 Things Women Do to Show They're in Love

    If a man really loves you, he won't judge you. I think it's so annoying when girls won't eat a big meal in front of their date, or just have to wear a full face of makeup whenever a guy they like is around. We're humans, not dolls with no organs, and last time I checked, men feel pretty comfortable burping and the rest around us. This piece on Madame Noire listing "7 things you should be comfortable doing around your man" is right on target. Unless he accepts you the way you are, it isn't true love! Related: 12 Simple Tips For Relationship Bliss

    Here are some things you should be okay doing in front of your boyfriend (and even more importantly, if he's your fiance or husband):

    1. Getting mad at him

    2. Getting mad at others

    3. Crying

    4. Being insecure

    5. Looking unkempt

    6. Getting sick

    7. Being affectionate to others

    Obviously this doesn't give you license to turn into a needy drama queen who doesn't brush her hair and constantly flirts with other guys - everything in moderation. But in

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  • VIDEO: 7 Secrets to a Happier Relationship


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