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  • Is Jennifer Love Hewitt Getting Paid to Go on Blind Dates?

    You could totally get a guy on your own, Jen! Jennifer Love Hewitt seems to have bad luck in the love department. The busty actress has confessed that men don't even hit on her (we find that hard to believe!).

    So, JLH's new career move may not come as a huge surprise given the fact that she's been a bit of a serial dater. She's now the new eHarmony spokeswoman. And she gets paid to go on dates.

    According to Crazy Days And Nights, Jen may not be on the hunt for love-rather, she might be treating it as a job, plain and simple!

    "They are paying her and they are also setting her up. They found one guy and flew him to Los Angeles for a date. He says that she was bored, disinterested and was just doing it for the money," claims a source.

    Yikes! We love Jen, so we're a little baffled about these reports. Is she really the type to go on eHarmony dates just to earn some cash? It's not like she isn't working - she has her new show, The Client List.

    Maybe the 33-year-old starlet is hearing the ticking of her

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  • VIDEO: Help! My Ex Just Got Remarried! How Can He Move on so Quickly?

    Ever wonder why some people seem to rebound from relationships right away while others might take months to recover from a broken heart? What would you do if your ex had a new partner while you were still wiping away the tears?

    In this video, Psychotherapist, Author & YourTango Expert Julie Orlov explains this very phenomenon for one reader whose ex-husband not only moved on quite quickly after 15 years of marriage, but remarried before the ink on the divorce papers was even dry. "We Have No Chemistry": What Does He Mean? VIDEO

    "People deal with loss and grief in different ways," explains Orlov. No one way is right or wrong. For example, she points out, sometimes a person might begin to grieve the loss of a relationship before the relationship formally ends, which can explain why a person's post-breakup grieving period might seem abbreviated. Others move on to new relationships in order to avoid negative feelings or having to confront their own flaws.

    Check out the video for some

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  • Looking for Love at South by Southwest? Try These 3 SXSW Pickup Lines

    How to pick up an eligible single at SXSW in Austin.Techies, film makers and music fanatics alike have flocked to Austin for the annual South by Southwest (SXWS) Film, Interactive and Music Festival. Take it from me, a twentysomething online editor: The streets are flooded with single geeky guys from all corners of country. If your type is nerdy like mine is, then you're in luck, but only if you know how turn networking events-full of freebies and free-flowing, high-proof beverages, in the case of SXSW-into the singles scene you're really after. Here are the best pick-up lines I've heard around town and how to use 'em:

    The scene:
    You've just attended a panel and now you're awkwardly shuffling out. Wait! There is a god! You notice you're stuck in close proximity to a cutie.
    The line: "Were you that guy on the panel?"
    Tip: Make sure the guy you're approaching wasn't that guy on the panel, otherwise you'll be stuck talking biz. Follow up with "Ah, I can't keep anyone straight. I've met 5 million people in two days! How long have you been

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  • Why Wearing Red Can Make Men Crazy

    Men think red = sex!Ladies, beware-when you wear the color red, you may be driving men insane. Red itself has always been associated with love and passion, but apparently men also link it with sexual availability. As in, if a man sees a woman wearing red, he a) is more sexually attracted to her and b) perceives her as being more interested in sex than others.

    We know what you're thinking, "Woah there, gentlemen, I just like the Red Sox-I don't want you to jump me where I stand." But alas, this association may be rooted in our primal biology, say researchers at the University of Rochester.

    For their latest study, published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, researchers showed 25 men a photo of the same woman. The photo, however, was doctored to show her wearing either a red or a white T-shirt. After looking at the photo, the men were asked how "keen the model seemed to be on romance" (or, in layman's terms, "is she DTF?").

    In response to that incredibly thought-provoking question, the men

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  • Contest: Share Your Favorite Date Night Outfit for Spring — and Win!

    Submit your favorite spring date night outfits for the chance to win a swimsuit or beach bag.We love the fun Spring 2012 fashion forecast, which includes bold colors, pastels, metallics, flirty prints, peplums (think Michelle Williams' Oscar dress) and eye-catching accessories.

    But, translating the runway trends to a hot date-night outfit takes skill. What do you think-do you have what it takes? Show us what you got and enter our Spring Fashions For Date Night contest!

    How to Enter
    Between March 12-23, 2012, submit a photo of the outfit you would wear on a spring date night in the comments below. Log in using your YourTango account (set one up here if you've not already registered), and underneath the comment box you'll see an "+Image" icon. Click the icon, find your outfit, and upload!

    YourTango editors will choose their favorite submissions-we'll be looking for high-quality images that showcase fashion-forward and creative looks for a night out on the town this spring. Then between March 26-30, 2012, we'll ask you to vote for the looks you like best. Voting will take

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  • Why Do Men Love Lube?

    We asked, men answered! Using lube during sex is both fun and functional.There is just so much to love about a guy who brings lube.

    We know what you're likely thinking: "Uggh, lube? Why would he bring THAT?" But ladies, it's time to stop hating on that tiny tube of pleasure, because it can make sex that much better.

    "The sensations of lube make sex sexier and highly arousing," explains sex therapist Joe Kort, PhD. "It can make erections last longer and sex more playful, plus it adds time to a man's connection to his partner."

    Essentially, a little bit of lube can go a long way towards making your sexual experience longer, more enjoyable and eons more comfortable. No wonder men love it.

    Speaking of comfort, lube serves more than one purpose, ladies. Yes, it can help a guy maintain an erection, but it can also make intercourse ten times more enjoyable for your lady parts as well. Better yet, you can avoid the awkward, "Honey, I'm not wet enough yet," conversation that typically accompanies vaginal dryness.

    "No one wants to talk about lack of lubrication

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  • Will Having More Money Make Your Relationship Richer?

    Money is not the only thing that can make a relationship rich. Have you ever asked yourself this question? Will wealth make a relationship richer?

    Well, if you have, then it's probably normal since a lot of relationships do end because of financial problems. In addition, this notion will also be more likely affirmed if you have personally gone through a difficult situation wherein money had recurrently become a big issue. But do worldly goods really improve a romantic relationship? That is, certainly, for you to find out.

    Answer 1: A Resounding Yes!

    The answer to this question could be a "yes." Picture this scenario out: Your partner and you are having a rough time because of money. As much as you want to spend more time with each other, there is certainly no chance of making it a possibility.

    You hold two different jobs everyday, and so do they. You relentlessly try to make ends meet and your efforts are still not enough to make time for each other. You end up fighting more frequently than before and you have almost reached

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  • 12 Secret Behaviors Single People Do when They're Living Alone

    Hmmm... eating donuts in your PJs.Remember that show Living Single? They may have been single, but I'm pretty sure they all had roommates.

    In 2012, being single usually means living alone. One out every four American households is occupied by a solo flier. And here in singles mecca New York, almost one in two people dwell by themselves. I don't know about you, but I find that a little more sad than liberating. More and more, our society is fragmenting, so that we not only have more diverse interests (in 1950, there were like four TV shows, now there are 4 million), but are increasingly separated from one another - and as a result, lonely.

    According to a recent feature in The New York Times, all these people living alone means lots of singing into hairbrushes, drinking wine out of the bottle, and other quirky - or just plain bizarre - behaviors. Amy Kennedy, a 28-year-old schoolteacher from High Point, NC, confesses to the following behaviors: "running in place during TV commercials; speaking conversational French to

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  • Why Some Rocky Relationships Can End in Fairytale Love

    Relationships don't need to be perfect in order for you to be perfectly happy.Drama, drama, DRAMA.

    Although Hollywood has taught us that it's the couples who split and then reunite later in life who have "true love," researcher Amber Vennum from Kansas State University says otherwise. According to Vennum, "second chance romances" aren't what they're cracked up to be and should be left in the past.

    Couples who try again and again to make their relationship work, but fail, actually have a name: cyclical couples. Unlike couples who have never separated, cyclical couples tend to be more "impulsive" when it comes to major decisions like moving in together or having a child because of their addiction to the thrill of trying to make sense of their relationship. These couples are also more prone to being less satisfied with their partner, having communication issues and low self-esteem, as well as a habit of making terrible, destructive choices in their relationship. These factors are the perfect storm for a future that is more uncertain than for couples who have

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  • Too Busy for Couple Time? This Website May Help Your Relationship

    Couple time is often at the bottom of our lists, but it doesn't have to be.My husband and I have been married for (almost) five years. We've been together for more than seven. I'd say that we're pretty close, and that the state of our union is solid. We love each other, we're committed, and we even like each other after all this time.

    But if I'm being honest, we're showing the wear and tear of busy lives. We have three young children. My husband works hard as our primary breadwinner, and when I'm not focused on the children, I'm busy writing or doing laundry. (Always. Doing. Laundry.) I know this isn't unusual, but sometimes we just don't have time to talk. At night, once the children are in bed and the house is finally quiet, we often don't have enough energy to do more than just collapse on adjoining couches and watch television together. Even generating conversation topics at that point of the night requires too much energy.

    Please tell me this sounds familiar.

    I've read articles that suggest board games at this point are good for bonding. I love

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