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  • 5 Signs that You're Falling in Love

    Scientists highlight the mental and physical clues that tell us we're in love.
    Your heart beats faster. You can hear your blood pulsing in your veins. Every time he even looks at you, you feel a burst of energy. Could it be? Are you in love?

    That our bodies send us signals that tell us "this guy could be a keeper," is no big surprise. But how does this work exactly? Is it something we do subconsciously? Do our brains and bodies really tell us when we're in love? We asked a couple scientists to sound in-here they've given us five physical signs you're in love:

    1. You Catch Yourself Staring
    "What's that song…'it's in his eyes'?" asks Dr. Lucy Brown, neuroscientist and professor at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. "I don't think that's the title, but that's what it should be." Dr. Brown, who has studied neural basis of emotion, says the eyes are what matters most. When you're in love, you involuntarily cannot keep your eyes off of the object of your affection. Humans naturally find eye contact rewarding. Not only that, but we're physically compelled to

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  • VIDEO: How Do I Move on from Holding a Grudge and Have a Happier Relationship?

    When someone hurts you or offends you in some way, do you have a hard time letting it go? Do you hold grudges against these people for a long time, even though you'd just like to move on?

    In this video, Therapist, Author and YourTango Expert Dr. Bonnie Weil helps a reader who has the tendency of holding such grudges against anyone who has ever hurt her. She says it affects everything she does and she doesn't want it to ruin her new relationship.

    Dr. Bonnie reminds us all that "forgiveness is a gift you give yourself," and that holding such resentment for another person, especially your partner, can have very unfortunate consequences. Learn why letting go of past wrongdoings and forgiving the people who've let you down is the best strategy for happy relationships.

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  • VIDEO: How Do I Avoid Repeating the Same Mistakes in My New Relationship?

    After a breakup or divorce, it's exciting to think of starting a new relationship with a blank slate. The next person you date won't be aware of the mistakes you've made in the past. However, that doesn't mean these problems can't come up again. So, how do you ensure you don't repeat any harmful relationship patterns?

    In this video, Author, Love Coach and YourTango Expert Amy Spencer helps a reader who doesn't want to repeat the same mistakes that she made in her failed marriage. To prevent this from happening, Amy suggests she make a list of feelings (not physical qualities) she wants to experience with someone new. Learn why this list will draw her towards a more healthy relationship and may eliminate the possibility of problems resurfacing by watching the video above.

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  • The 10 Longest Marriages in Hollywood

    Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, still smiling after 23 years!
    Marriages are always hard work. But, try adding dozens of paparazzi cameras trailing your every move, total strangers making judgments about your relationship and printing them in magazines, and a spouse whose jobs requires frequently making out with some of the most attractive actors today, and keeping a marriage alive becomes even harder.

    Hollywood marriages can be quite difficult to handle, but there are a few couples who have lasted amidst the choas and calamity. Here are a 10 partnerships that have worked, and how they keep it together!

    1. Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick: married in 1997, 14 years
    This couple is one of the most private in Hollywood, so we'll go ahead and speculate that this is how they keep their realtionship healthy. No need to let prying eyes and cameras into it. In a rare mention of her personal life, SJP told Marie Claire last fall that she and Matthew "don't talk about our marriage a lot, which is probably wise. There are so many other things in

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  • 10 Ways to Wash a Man Out of Your Hair and Get Over a Breakup

    10 tips to help you get over your ex.
    If only "washing a man out of our hair" were as simple as a wash, rinse and repeat cycle. In reality, breaking off attachment to an ex is hard-but not impossible-work. Here are 10 easy-to-follow tips for washing a hard-to-forget ex from your life:

    1. Indulge In A "Pity Diet"
    Bring on the tears - it's ok to have a pity party, just don't let it last too long. Designate how much time and how long you will cry and feel miserable, then make yourself do something else. When you make yourself have a set amount of time to wallow in misery, it will make you feel in control again, and that's a good feeling to have.

    2. Take The Time To Bounce Back
    Many people think that they have to move on to another relationship quickly to avoid pain, but doing so can actually lengthen the time it takes to heal. When you take some time to reflect on the breakup, it helps you to realize the pros and cons of the relationship. Remember that we tend to view the past with rose-colored glasses, and

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  • 5 Sexy and Fun Outfit Ideas for Mardi Gras

    Get dressed up and party on Mardi Gras.

    Fat Tuesday's almost here, which means it's time to let go of all your inhibitions and party your behind off... at least for one night. Even if you're not lucky enough to be in New Orleans for the day, you can still get fancied up in these wild Mardi Gras fashions. Here are just a few of our favorite ideas:

    Mardi Gras Nails

    Try a festive purple, green and yellow manicure to spice up your look. From blogger comes a detailed tutorial -- it took her over half an hour but looks stunningly gorgeous!

    "Thumb: Base is China Glaze Happy Go Lucky. The mask on the thumb is freehanded. After drawing I covered it with rhinestones & added bullion beads to the side. The feathers sticking out are done with China Glaze Grape Pop & Four Leaf Clover."

    Feather Headband
    If you've been fascinated with fascinators ever since the royal wedding but still haven't found an opportunity to rock one, this could be your chance. After all, Mardi Gras is not the time to hold back fashion-wise,

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  • VIDEO: How Do I Start Dating Again After a 17 Year Break?

    Getting back into the dating scene can feel a little intimidating, especially if you haven't even tried seeing someone for almost 20 years! So, what can you do to get back in the game confidently?

    In this video, Dating & Relationship Expert and YourTango Expert Lori Pinkerton helps Rebecca, a 41-year-old woman who hasn't dated for the past 17 years. Rebecca shares her struggles with getting back into the dating world and why she decided to not look for someone in the past. She admits that she would like to get married in the next four years.

    Lori gets Rebecca to open up about what she wants in a partner and what steps she can take to get herself out there. Watch the video to see part one of their session.

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  • Shiri Appleby: How I Got Through My My Breakup from My Famous Ex

    The 'Roswell' & 'Life Unexpected' actress opens up about her painful Hollywood breakup.

    Shiri Appleby has been on such hit shows as 'Roswell' and 'Life Unexpected.' She currently stars in 'Dating Rules From My Future Self,' and was kind enough to give us a glimpse into what a famous breakup looks and feels like in this personal essay.

    Breaking up is my least favorite thing in the world to do. How did something so good get so bad so fast? It boggles my mind. I toss. I turn. I emotionally vomit my pain on anyone who'll listen. I'm awful at breaking up, especially when the person I'm not so thrilled about breaking up with is famous. Why, you ask? Well, because then I take my wrenching pain to a whole new, obsessive level.

    The main difference between a famous breakup and ending it with an average guy is that, in the case of the famous split, I have to possess some award-winning self-control, which I do not have.

    In the wake of my last famous breakup, within seconds of waking up and starting my day, I turned on my computer and began the first round in my self-torture

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  • 5 Ways You Can Be Happy About Your Love Life, Right Now!

    You don't need the perfect relationship to be happy. Be in love with what you have today!
    If you're desperately seeking the absolutely perfect relationship, call off the search!

    Whether you're single, dating, married or divorced, you don't need to find a brand new partner - or a perfect partner at all - to be happier in love today. All you need to do is look at your current love life "bright side up," from a more positive perspective.

    By learning to appreciate what's in front of you, being grateful for the good stuff, and shifting the way you approach relationships, you can be happier right now. In other words, don't change your love life, just change how you see it. Here are five fresh ways from my book Bright Side Up that can help you feel happier with the love situation you're living in today.

    1. Let the lemons in love help you appreciate the sweet stuff.

    If you've never had a date go wrong, you wouldn't get as many fireworks in your belly when you kiss someone who's right. And sometimes it takes a bad relationship to open your eyes to see why you

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  • Are You in Love? 10 Ways to Know for Sure, According to Twitter

    #YouKnowYoureInLoveIf is trending on Twitter. How do you really know you're in love?

    #YouKnowYoureInLoveIf is trending on Twitter right now. That makes us think: How do you really know when you're in love? Well, here's what some of the Twitter-sphere had to say!

    1. All the things you used to say "No" to have become a "Yes" for that special person
    2. You don't care if he sees you without make up, and you still feel beautiful around him.

    3. When you argue you can't stay mad for too long.

    4. They're the first thing you think about when you wake up and the last thing you think about before you go to sleep.

    5. You keep dreaming about them. That just means they were meant to be in your life for a reason.

    6. You put them before yourself.

    7. You trust someone with your heart, even after it's been crushed before.

    8. Your heart races every time you get a new message hoping its from them.

    9. That person is alwayssssssssss on your mind!

    10. A person's words can make your day so much better or so much worse because it's from them and no one else.

    How did you know you

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