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  • Do Blondes Cheat More?

    Is there a link between hair color and infidelity?Recently, dating and social media site Cheaterville released a survey of its users on the topic of hair color and cheating. The website is a place where you can publicly call out cheating partners - their slogan is "Don't be the last to know" - and see names of others who have cheated. According to their results, hair color seems to play a role in how likely you are to cheat.

    Cheaterville's survey found that blonde women are more likely to cheat than brunettes, whereas male cheaters are more likely to have brown hair. In fact, 43 percent of female cheaters were blonde (and blondes are, what, 5 percent of the population?), 23 percent were brunette and 11 percent had black hair. As for the men, 40 percent of the unfaithful had brown hair, 23 percent had black hair, 20 percent were blonde and 5 percent were redheads.

    However, and this is a big however, this study is quite easily criticized for not taking into account factors such as baldness, hair dye, wigs ... anything that could skew

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  • Will Kim Kardashian's New Sex Tape Affect Her Romance with Kanye West?

    Kim Kardashian's second sex tape could ruin her relationship with Kanye West.In 2007, the (reality) world changed when a tape leaked of Kim Kardashian and boyfriend at the time Ray-J getting it on. Apparently though, there is much more to see. Almost six years later, another tape is for sale and it doesn't come at a cheap price. So, do you think this will affect Kim's current relationship with Kanye West, or will he just write a song about it?

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    "It's definitely Kim in the video," a source told The Daily Star. "And it's even raunchier than her last one. There are all kinds of eye-popping moments."

    The new video, that the Kardashian family is doing all they can to block from being sold, is going for a whopping $300 million. Although the family did not authorize the release of the first tape, then ended up reaching a settlement and Kim received millions in profits from its sales. So, the 32-year-old got famous from a sex tape, and now, because she's famous, can control the release of the next?

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  • How Couples Survive on a Single Income

    Surviving on a single income. Couples take turns at earning and learning.You've got to hand it to Bill and Hillary Clinton: Despite all their bad behavior, they do know how to take turns. When Bill headed off to Washington for his first term as president, Hillary left her law practice and followed. When their time at the White House was up and Hillary ran for Senate and later president, Bill embraced his role as spouse. And a fine political husband he has been, showing up for fundraisers, waving and smiling, and praising his gal at every opportunity.

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    Taking turns is a skill we learn early on at the playground but allow to erode as adults. You rarely see couples making magnanimous offers like "You swing first, and then I'll take a turn." Instead, partners hook up while both are working and either live out their years on two incomes or permanently split duties between primary earner and child-rearer.

    While the world makes all sorts of progress around us, we keep recycling the tired

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  • Why It's OK to Wait Until Your 20s to Lose Your Virginity

    Did you lose your virginity in your 20s? No need to be embarrassedIf you're embarrassed because you're a decade or so away from becoming the female 40-year-old virgin, consider this. A new study from the University of Texas reveals that those who postponed sexual activity until age 19 or later are more satisfied in their relationships today. This explains a lot for the rest of us!

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    Psychologist Paige Harden was curious if the age at which you lost your virginity might predict romantic decisions later on in life, such as the decision to get married, how many partners you will have or if you'll be satisfied in your adult relationships. To find out, she looked at 1,659 same-sex sibling pairs from the National Longitudinal Study on Adolescent Health who were followed from adolescence to young adulthood (ages 16 to 29). Each sibling was classified as having an "Early," "On-Time" or "Late" first experience depending on age - younger than 15, 15 to 19, or older than 19.

    Turns out

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  • Why I Hid in the Closet During My 13 Year Marriage

    Here's what happened when I told my wife and daughters I was gay.Yes, I hid in the closet through 13 years of marriage. I brought two young girls into the world only to turn their universe upside-down and inside-out by putting them through divorce and admitting I'm gay.

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    Go ahead. Sling the mud, call me a jerk and tell me this article is trash. Feel better? Good, because that's all about you, not me. And yes, when I came out of the closet, it did save my daughters lives.

    It didn't save them from broken hearts; it didn't save them from shuffling between two households; it didn't save them from having to answer awkward questions. However, I believe based on my experience and feedback from my daughters, that my decision to come out did all of the following: banished all possibilities of them growing up with a narrow-minded perspective of life; rescued them from a false sense of self, based on "living to please others"; taught them the power of "love is love"; validated that there are

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  • How to Show Affection in Public...Without Being Gross!

    Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez keep the PDA to a minimum. How can you keep it hot but appropriate? Justin Bieber may only be 18 years old, but he definitely knows how to treat his girlfriend Selena Gomez. He recently opened up to Oprah about PDA in public. So, how do you keep it steamy and flirty in public with your beau without grossing out the on-lookers around you?

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    "Sometimes we gotta take back exits," he recently told Oprah. "I never make [Selena] separate from me because I don't want her to ever feel like I'm ashamed of her. I feel like a lot of guys do that, especially in the business. They don't want to be seen with the girl, so they'll make them ride in separate cars. They'll do that getaway stuff. If we get away, we're getting away together."

    How cute is that? While not all Hollywood couples are into flaunting their love (here are 5 couples who are!), I think we can all agree there's a difference between cute companionship and full-on PDA.

    So where's the line? Here are 3 tips on being affectionate in

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  • How to Talk to Your Children About Your Divorce

    What would you say?As if getting divorced isn't difficult enough, add kids into the mix and you've got a whole extra layer of complications. What should you say to them? What should you avoid saying? How can you help them through it?

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    According to our survey, 51% of Experts agree that when it comes to sharing information with your kids about your divorce, customization is key. That is, you should share any details that the kids can developmentally understand and integrate - no more and no less. Here are some more tips from the experts about how to talk to your kids about your divorce:

    1. Be honest. Be as honest as you can in an age-appropriate way. Most parents hide what is happening and this causes the child undue stress. Although it will hurt to tell them, you need to tell them as soon as possible, in a factual way. Give them the facts, a cuddle and let them know everything will be okay. -Sarah Newton

    2. Assure them it will

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  • Are You Too Competitive with Your Partner?

    Competition in a relationship isn't always the best idea. Relationships are the ultimate experiment in teamwork. Ideally, a loving relationship is a lifetime contract filled with championship seasons and jewelry that screams happiness. But even the best teams struggle to find harmony-think Shaq and Kobe, George Steinbrenner and Reggie Jackson, Steinbrenner and Billy Martin (who was hired and fired five times), Steinbrenner and Joe Torre. Now think about "us."

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    Every team-good or bad-gets an off-season, a few months to heal, reflect on wins and losses, make adjustments. For professional athletes that means stepping away from the arenas, toward big-game fishing, rounds of golf, high-priced hookers, and maybe a trial.

    For those of us who slog through work, bills, and household chores together, it's the opposite: Sport is our refuge. It's a chance to get away from our co-captain and become one with our base, instinctual, competitive selves.

    For centuries, sport was the

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  • Jessica Biel & 3 More Celebs Who Changed Their Names After Marriage

    Jessica said 'I Do' to a new husband and a new name!Attempting to keep it private, Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake tied the knot last week. Now, she's made it perfectly clear she's changing her last name to match his. So, what other celebs have taken their new partner's name? Most already-established celebrities don't change their names upon marrying. However, there have been a few others to do what Jessica has done: legally change their surnames while keeping their original professional names.

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    "Yes, I'm changing my name," Biel told People about her transition from Biel to Timberlake. "My professional name will still be the same, but for life, yes, I think it sounds great. I think I really won the jackpot of names." We agree!

    1. Portia de Rossi
    legally changed her name to Portia DeGeneres two years after she wed Ellen DeGeneres (who, fun fact, just won the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor). Portia still uses de Rossi professionally. Her given

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  • 5 Tips to Recreate the Honeymoon Phase in Your Relationship

    If you long for the days when your relationship was new, Dr. Karen Sherman can help!As a relationship expert, one of the most common complaints I hear from couples is that they just don't have the same feelings they did in the beginning of their relationship. Can you relate to this?

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    If you're in a relationship that has moved to the committed stage, one that's lasted for a while, there's a good chance that you look back on the the so-called honeymoon phase of your relationship with fondness. You've gotten past those first couple of dates and decided that the two of you do, in fact, have an interest in one another. As you reflect on it, a smile comes to your face along with nice memories.

    Unfortunately, for most couples it is just that - a memory. Generally, what happens to most couples is that there seems to be a trade-off. The good news is that you've committed to each other. The bad news is that you also start to take each other for granted and things start to become complacent.

    Think for a

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