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  • 5 Things You Need to Do Break Up with Your Ex and Get Over Him!

    Unfriend your ex...and give yourself a break-over!

    Unfriend your ex...and give yourself a break-over! Feb. 13 is the Second Annual Break Up With Your Ex Day, and we've launched as a resource center to help people move on and forget about their ex - for good - before Valentine's Day. Did you know that most people are still hopelessly hung up on their exes? It's true... here are more breakup stats that will help you get over your ex:

    YourTango's founder and CEO Andrea Miller says: "Based on our research women are more ready now than ever to move on from exes and embrace the concept of a break-over. We are eager to provide them with an abundance of support to this end - no matter what love stage they're in."

    So join our Break Up With Your Ex campaign and get rid of your ex - for good!

    And don't forget to visit, and use the Twitter hashtag #DumpUrEx!

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  • VIDEO: Move on Already! 5 Ways to Get Over Your Ex

    In the pre-Internet age, getting over an ex was pretty straightforward. You took his picture off the mantel, avoided places he might be, and gave back that comfy sweatshirt you loved sleeping in (or possibly burned it).

    Nowadays, breaking up is a lot more complicated-Facebook and Twitter provide you with up-to-the-minute details about your ex's new life, your cell phone is full of pictures of the two of you together and your iTunes playlist still houses the "For My Greatest Love" playlist. These and other digital reminders make it virtually impossible to move on.

    With this in mind, YourTango is again hosting the 2nd annual Break Up With Your Ex campaign from February 1-13-and this video tells you how.

    Intrigued? Use the Twitter hashtag #DumpUrEx to tell @YourTango how you've broken up with your ex, and learn more at

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  • Why Facebook Causes Romantic Jealousy

    When you are done reading this article, we don't suggest you head over to Facebook to stalk your boyfriend.
    We were just thinking the other day how relieved we are that Facebook was just a twinkle in Mark Zuckerberg's eye when we were in high school.

    We aren't entirely sure our fragile, angsty hearts could've handled the rush of photos, wall posts and status updates advertising the whereabouts and canoodlings of our various crushed. The gossipy hallways and yearbook inscriptions were about all we could take. Thanks.

    So it came as no surprise when we read that a study of 300 college students revealed that Facebook incites a significant amount of romantic jealousy, adding fuel to the obsessive-compulsive nature of "crushing" in general. C'mon a Facebook profile is a 24-hour, all-access portal to a person's life. A stalker's fantasy. You can rummage and ruminate without the other person ever knowing.

    The results published in the August issue of the journal CyberPsychology & Behavior proved that just about everything from new friend additions to benign Facebook activity made

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  • 5 Myths and Facts About Relationship Breakups

    Turns out, women don't wallow and binge eat after breakups.

    Ending a relationship is rough. Aside from the metaphorical breaking of your heart, there are those painstaking social media reminders that yes, your ex does still have a life and yup, it's going just fine without you.

    Imagine how easy a romantic split would be in a world without Facebook status updates, TMI-Tweets and random urges to send a drunken text. Sounds like a fantasy land, right? Well, though you cannot send your social media websites a cease and desist order, you can take a step towards post-dumping psychological well-being by cutting all ties with your ex. That's why we're celebrating our second annual "Break Up With Your Ex" campaign, which starts Wednesday, February 1 and culminates with Break Up With Your Ex Day on February 13.

    We recently surveyed* more than 1,300 people and found that 85 percent have a hard time getting over a breakup and could really use a "break-over" to help in the healing process. While we're here to help this happen, we discovered that women

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  • Single This Year? 7 Perfect Ways to Spend Valentine's Day

    Who say's you need a man to celebrate Valentine's Day?
    Boyfriend bonfires (burning your ex-boyfriend's stuff a la the class friends episode) and copious dark chocolate consumption seem to be the yearly Valentine's Day prescriptions for single ladies. But what about the non-bitter singletons among us? Shouldn't the celebration have something for us as well? In short, yes!

    We've come up with seven ideas that treat V-Day not as the glorification of romance, but as a celebration of love in general-love for yourself, your friends, your community and for the world. The ideas will also work for singles who would prefer to be coupled up. So go forth and revel-no matter what your relationship status.

    1. Indulge in yourself. Since Valentine's Day is all about love, spending the day loving yourself makes perfect sense. Play hooky from work (or just leave an hour early) and do whatever you want, be it pampering yourself with a lavish mani-pedi or staying home, ordering take out and marathoning every movie your celeb crush has ever been

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  • VIDEO: Help! I Want to Start Dating Again, but I Don't Know Where to Begin

    You've been single for a while now, focusing on yourself and the things that make you happy. You've reached the point where you're ready to get back into the field of dating again, but where do you start? Can you make the first move on a guy you like? Are you ready to just jump into a committed relationship? Ah!

    In this video, Image Consultant, Matchmaker and YourTango Expert Kimberly Seltzer helps a reader who wants to start dating again but she has no idea where to begin. Kimberly's first suggestion is to figure out exactly what she wants in her dating life. Then, she suggests making a "dating plan." And finally, Kimberly stresses the importance of tapping in to her feminine side.

    So, how exactly are you supposed to do all of these things? Watch the video above to get Kimberly's helpful, step-by-step advice, and you'll be getting dates left and right!

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  • VIDEO: Is it Possible to Change My Husband or Should I Just Accept His Bad Behavior?

    Can you really change a man? A common question, but the answer isn't exactly clear. Sometimes you don't want to change everything about your guy, but just a few things... like his bad behavior.

    In this video, Coach, Healer and YourTango Expert, Louann Schwager Tung helps a reader who's frustrated by her husband's bad behavior. She's wondering if she can help him change, or if she just has to sit and live with him. What can she do?

    Louann explains that the only thing this reader can change is herself. Nagging and being angry at her guy for the way he acts is not going to help the situation. Learn why recognizing the triggers that set her off about her partner and treating him the way she wants to be treated can actually help her achieve the change she's looking for.

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  • 30 Ways a Man Can Make a Woman Smile

    What makes a woman smile?

    Want to make a woman truly happy? It's not as hard as you think it is. But a lot of men still seem to struggle when it comes to knowing how to please a woman, so we've made a list of 30 entire things men can do that are practically guaranteed to make any woman smile. So now you have no excuse, dudes! The list was inspired by the Twitter trending topic #30WaysToMakeAGirlSmile.

    1. Send her a cute goodnight text while she's sleeping so she wakes up with a smile on her face.

    2. Call her beautiful, instead of pretty or cute.

    3. Buy her nice things.

    4. Make sure she knows that you're afraid to lose her.

    5. Treat her the same around your friends as you would do when you're alone.

    6. Be there when she needs you.

    7. Have a date planned out so all she has to do is look good and show up.

    8. Randomly send her a text saying you're thinking about her.

    9. While out, introduce her to the people that matter to you. Make sure she knows who they are and vice versa.

    10. Make her a priority, not

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  • #DumpUrEx! Join Our Twitter Party and Break Up with Your Ex!

    It's a Twitter party, and you're invited!

    February 1st marks the start of YourTango's second annual 'Break Up With Your Ex' campaign! Through February 13th, we'll be sharing insightful articles, expert advice, survey results and more on how to successfully cut ties from your past love and move on to a better, healthier, sexier you! To kick things off, we'll be hosting a fun party on Twitter, and you're invited!

    Join us and our party co-host, MadameNoire, on February 1st to learn how to break up with your ex and make yourself feel spectacular with a "break-over." During the three hour party, we'll be answering your questions and providing you with important information about our Break Up With Your Ex contest (running from February 1-12), in which we'll be giving away ice cream, chocolate, yoga gear, a spa package and more!

    Here are the party details:

    When: Wednesday, February 1, 3-6 PM EST


    Who: You must follow @YourTango and @MadameNoire to join the party

    How: When the party starts, search for #DumpUrEx in

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  • 6 Secret Rules for Bringing Love into Your Life

    Every month, I always enjoy reading Jake's column in Glamour magazine. Since 1956, it's been penned by a slew of anonymous, single men who've helped countless women navigate the dating world by writing honestly and openly about the game of love from a man's perspective.

    One of the more recent Jakes has written a book, Always Hit On The Wingman: And 9 Other Secret Rules For Getting The Love Life You Want. He compiled 10 of the most important dating lessons he and the other Jakes before him relayed to women that still hold true.

    Usually, when I read these types of books, I think the advice would only work in a perfect world. But, when reading Jake's book, I found myself dog-earring almost every other page as a reminder to remember the points he was making. It's become one of those books that I want to send a copy to all of my girlfriends - single, in a relationship, engaged and married - because they could all learn a thing or two from the Jakes' collective wisdom.

    Here are the 6

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