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  • Why Playing Games in Your Relationship is Actually a Good Thing

    With the help of Tokii DiscoveryGames he will leave the Xbox alone to come play with you!
    Let's face it-men like to play games. In fact, 15 percent of divorcees say their ex-husbands made video games a priority over their relationship. Nowadays, most women have lost one-on-one time to the game console at least once. But Tokii has tapped into man's love of sport and competition to actually help foster communication in your relationship (why didn't Nintendo think of that?).

    It's not ordinarily the best idea to pit two lovers against each other in a fight (reminds me too much of The Hunger Games), but when it comes to Tokii DiscoveryGames, competition can be a win-win situation (even though my long-distance boyfriend is the loser most of the time!).

    Each DiscoveryGame is a test to see how well you know your mate. So you and partner both log onto Tokii, then answer each question for yourself and for your guy (like the Newlywed Game). At the end you get points for the responses you guessed right about him. One of our favorites is the "add a thought" feature because we can add

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  • 10 Ways to Love and Take Care of Yourself This Holiday Season

    Learning to be happy within yourself will be the best gift you'll get this year!
    While the holidays are advertised to bring us cheer, joy, and gifts, what many of us also end up with is a rack full of stress, guilt, and debt. Why? Because we listen to the negative voices in our head telling us to buy more, eat more, visit more and do more - when we are already stretched for time, money, and energy.

    These self-sabotaging voices are the voices of your inner mean girls and inner bullies. Some call them the "inner critic," but they are way more personal than that! They are like the Grinch who stole Christmas. They too will steal the joy, peace, and happiness from your holidays!

    You have to be smarter than these inner Grinches and take back your power this holiday season so you can really soak in the joy, connection, and celebration you deserve. The following are 10 ways you can outsmart your inner mean girl or inner bully. For more secrets to holiday happiness, get a download of a free "holiday rescue" call at

    1. Stop Worrying About What

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  • 5 Simple Steps for a Happier Relationship and Life

    Eating an ice cream cone with a friend = instant happiness.
    Our overall sense of well-being is 50% constitutional, 10% circumstantial, and 40% controllable, says Dr. Henry Cloud, author of The Law of Happiness.

    Dr. Cloud said in a CNN story that the majority of people's effort to improve their lives, for example with their job or a new car, can bump up their happiness level by 10%, but then it goes back down. However, much is still within our control when it comes to becoming happier. He says that happy people do the following 5 things. I've added tips on how we can adapt the advice for a happier marriage.

    1. Create a support system- Develop a close circle of significant relationships both inside and outside the home. Happy marriage tip: Remember to have strong friendships as well as a strong marriage and family relationships. Choose friends that will back up your marriage. If you've been lax about spending time with friends, contact one now to schedule a coffee date.

    2. Set specific goals- Having both long- and short-term goals helps

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  • Why Nerdy Girls Have More Sex

    Words With Friends, Mafia Wars... nerdy girls got game.
    Upon first examination, you may think spending hours playing computer games would have a negative effect on a woman's social life.

    Well guess again, naysayers! In fact, ladies who play games on Facebook, cell phones and computers have quite the sizzling social life. Even better, they have sex more frequently than women who don't game,according to a recent survey conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of GameHouse.

    Not only are these "nerdy" girls getting more action in the bedroom, but they're likely happily committed to a serious relationship as well (probably with a fellow nerd). Sixty-four percent of women who game online are married or living with a partner. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being "completely satisfied"), 71 percent of these women rated their current relationship at 6 or above.

    So, essentially, all of those hours on Farmville, Mafia Wars and Words With Friends are paying off, right? Heck, if playing games means more sex, count me in. Love,

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  • Temporary Holiday Boyfriends: Really?!

    Would you fake a relationship?
    You know love is dead when people start advertising for temporary boyfriends or girlfriends on Craigslist. What's next? Temporary toddlers so your parents can quit worrying about your unused eggs?

    Surprisingly, or maybe unsurprisingly, some singles are looking for temporary relationships for the holiday season. Apparently, it's fine to be single all year long, but when Christmas, Hanukkah or whatever your holiday jam is rolls around, you best be coupled up, sister. And since you can find pretty much everything else on Craigslist, you might as well find a short-term fella to bring home to mom and dad, so you can pretend that your life is complete. Yes, in case you didn't get the memo, your life isn't complete until you've coupled off.

    It was two girls who first brought attention to this procuring of holiday significant others with their ad "Two Girls, One Season. Wanted: Holidates - w4m - 26." Pointing out facts like "Holidays are the worst time to be single and some of us

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  • 10 Unbelievable Wedding and Marriage World-Records

    Will this couple's marriage last longer than 72 days?
    Our hearts melted when we read this piece on Herbert and Zelmyra Fisher of New Bern, N.C., who hold the record for the world's longest marriage. Herbert, 104, and Zelmyra, 101, have enjoyed 86 years of wedded bliss. According to Mashable, Herbert and Zelmyra, married in 1924, enjoy sitting on their front porch and counting cars. As if that weren't adorable enough, the two tweeted love advice to the masses between February 12 and Valentine's Day on their joint Twitter account, the aptly-named @longestmarried.

    Of course, Herbert and Zelmyra aren't the only couple that inadvertently set a world record in pursuit of true love. Here are a few other wow-worthy wedding and marriage records:

    Greatest age difference in marriage:
    The Straits Times reported in November 2006 that Sudar Marto of Malaysia, 105, married Ely Maryulianti Rahmat, a 22-year-old maid, in September. That's an 83-year age difference! At the time, Sudar was still married to his 69-year-old bedridden wife, who welcomed Ely

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  • 10 Countries that Have the World's Best and Worst Lovers

    What country do you think this hunk is from?
    International travel has always had an allure for the single gal. The thrill of losing yourself in a perfectly baked pain au chocolat... The indulgent kisses of an accented man... The fortuitous Eurail cabin-turned-soul mate. We've all had that fantasy, admit it: Ever since Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke meandered Viennese streets in Richard Linklater's Before Sunrise, you, too, have held out hope for your own slice of the intercontinental embrace.

    The good news is that with airfare at an all time low, if you've got the money then now's the time to go. The other good news is that now you know where and with whom you are more likely to receive the most satisfying embrace. Thank the recession for the former, and a survey carried out by the global research site for the latter.

    Stay away from Northern Europe, ladies, if you want some satisfaction between a hostel's starchy sheets: German men have been voted the world's worst lovers-narrowly beating their British counterparts to

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  • VIDEO: How to Survive the Holidays when You're a Single Mom

    This year will be the first time you're celebrating the holidays with the kids... alone. How are you going to handle all of the responsibility without your children seeing you break a sweat (or shed a tear)?

    In this video, Therapist and YourTango Expert, Elisabeth LaMotte offers her tips for keeping the family spirit alive. Learn why keeping old (and starting new) traditions will have you and the kids feeling merry and bright through the New Year.

    More from YourTango:

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  • 6 Romantic Christmas Songs to Listen to This Season

    Mariah Carey's Christmas music makes us want to snuggle.
    For couples, every day can be filled with romance. But at Christmas time, hearts seem to grow a little bigger and beat a little faster. Now that all your shopping is done, whip up a batch of hot cocoa and cozy up by the fireplace with your special someone for some alone time-and we have just the soundtrack to make your night even more special.

    "Winter Wonderland" - Later on, we'll conspire / As we dream by the fire / To face unafraid the plans that we've made / Walking in a winter wonderland

    Despite its chilly, snowy subject matter, this old standard never fails to give folks the warm fuzzies. And the part about "Parson Brown" the snowman marrying the song's couple might inspire some fellas to pop the question! There are plenty of good versions of this song, but some of our favorites were recorded by Bing Crosby, Darlene Love, and Eurythmics.

    "All I Want For Christmas Is You," Mariah Carey - I just want you for my own / More than you could ever know / Make my wish come true / All I

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  • Study Shows Couples Who Watch Porn Together Are More Committed

    17% of American women watch porn.

    Now here's something all you fans of porn might want to know: it's good for your relationship. Surprised?

    A recent study found that not only do 45 percent of couples watch porn together, but it's a healthy way to bond. Not to mention all the tips and tricks you can learn from watching others get it on-even if the music is on the cheesy side.

    The study, which was published in The Archives of Sexual Behavior, found that when it came to unmarried couples, their relationships were "more committed and sexually satisfying" than if one were secretly indulging in porn when the other one wasn't around. Let's be honest, communication about sex is a major component to a great relationship and if you can work a mutual interest for porn into your sex life, it's not only a learning experience, but can add some spice to those missionary positions that may be getting on the old side.

    However, for some, porn is still a taboo subject. People also seem to assume that it's

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