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  • Surprising Warning Signs in Job Descriptions

    Warning Signs in Job DescriptionsIf you've ever browsed LinkedIn or Craigslist looking for a new employment opportunity, chances are you've come across a handful of job-listing clichés that seem to mean one thing, but may well be code for slightly different-and often less positive-duties, expectations, and company cultures. Beware of these common potential warning signs during your next job search.

    Fast-Paced Environment
    This is probably the most common job description cliché. Recruiters might just toss it in to try and weed out the laziest of potential applicants, but it might also be a warning that the office is chaotic and super-high-pressure. And it's a potential red flag that your employers won't have time to mentor you.

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    Duties Will Vary
    Unless you're looking to get the broadest possible experience from a job, you might want to steer clear of jobs that say duties may vary. This usually means the company needs someone to do a little bit-or

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  • 6 Weird Things Lurking in Your Makeup

    The Weird Gunk in Your Makeup—For RealThe Weird Gunk in Your Makeup—For Real
    Although most ingredients are harmless, some substances in cosmetics do raise an eyebrow or two. Like formaldehyde, for example. Recently, California's Department of Toxic Substances Control found that even nail polishes that claimed to be free of the "toxic three"-formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, and toluene-contained the substances. (For the record, most major polish manufacturers have come out and said that surely their polishes were fine and they never lied. Ahem.)

    But harmful carcinogens and unidentifiable chemicals aside, there's still weird stuff lurking in cosmetics. Stuff that's not necessarily toxic, but definitely strange. Stuff like this:

    Crushed-Up Bugs

    Carmine is a natural red dye. Natural equals good, right? Well good in the sense that's been around for a long, long time, but bad in the sense that it's made from crushed beetle shells. Yes, carmine (sometimes called crimson lake or cochineal) is derived from the crushed exoskeletons of tiny female beetles. Some people

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  • 5 Dating-Profile Clichés and What They Really Mean

    5 Dating-Profile Clichés and What They Really Mean5 Dating-Profile Clichés and What They Really Mean
    In the world of dating, and especially online dating, it can be hard to separate the ones you'll click with from the ones with personalities that resemble un-buttered toast. It doesn't help that for some reason, listing interests in a text box often causes people to resort to clichés and platitudes that reveal nothing about their true selves. If you're inclined to message someone who astonishingly shares your "sarcastic sense of humor" and love for "exploring," beware. Those seemingly innocuous statements may actually indicate that he's a complete dullard. Here are some of the most common online dating phrases decoded.

    Must Love Vulcans: Nine Niche Dating Sites

    He writes: I'm very sarcastic.
    What it really means: I'm not sarcastic at all; I only think I am.
    The reasoning: Much like people who claim to be laid back and easy-going, anyone who has to point out what type of sense of humor he has, doesn't have one.

    He writes: I'm looking for an easygoing girl who likes to have fun and

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  • What a Couple's First Dance Says About Them

    Going to a wedding this summer? Or three? Or sixteen? Seriously-sometimes summer can seem like one long parade of white tulle and rubbery chicken. But while wedding season can be a drain on your time and your budget, it can also be really, really fun!

    Couples spend countless hours meticulously curating a wedding that will represent their delightful uniqueness and impeccable taste, so the very least we onlookers can do is analyze and speculate about what all these choices say about them. A vegetarian meal? Hippies. A church wedding followed by a country club reception? Have fun driving a minivan in two years. Bridesmaids in matching dresses, shoes, pedicures, manicures, hairstyles, and lipsticks? Umm, control freak?

    That first dance that a couple makes provides a ripe opportunity for projection and speculation. If you hear any of these songs at weddings this summer, here's a completely, 100 percent, unassailably foolproof analysis of what it really means.

    "At Last," sung by Etta James

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  • 9 Healthy Foods that Pack on the Pounds

    9 Healthy Foods That Pack on the Pounds9 Healthy Foods That Pack on the Pounds
    Just because a food is healthy doesn't mean it's not fattening. In fact, some of the most nutritious foods come with serious calorie counts-with good reason. Considering calories are "energy," it makes sense that a lot of "natural foods" or "health foods" would be high in energy; After all, animals that eat them can be quickly and efficiently nourished. But since we're not squirrels storing nuts for winter-or even a rainy day-you'll want to watch your intake of the following nutritious foods, unless, that is, you are intending to gain weight.

    1. Nuts and seeds
    High in protein, "good" fats, and, in many cases, antioxidants, nuts are a spectacular addition to any diet, provided you don't eat too many. After all, ½ cup of almonds is about 410 calories, while the same amount of macadamia nuts is closer to 470 calories.

    2. Dried fruit
    Many dried fruits are dusted with sugar, which only escalates the already-impressive amount of calories in these dehydrated delicacies. But even with no

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  • Slim for Summer: Sneaky Ways to Burn Calories

    Slim for Summer: Sneaky Ways to Burn CaloriesSlim for Summer: Sneaky Ways to Burn CaloriesBy the time June arrives, I'm ready to get outside whenever and however I can. My usual activities-whether I'm reading a book or fitting in a workout-are exponentially more enjoyable in the fresh summer air, beneath the warm sun (as long as it's not too hot, of course). All winter long, I trudge through my cardio routine, avoiding the rain and early nightfall by burning calories on the stationary bike and treadmill. But now, it's summer, and that means not only that we can get our hearts pumping outdoors, but also that we can do so by engaging in a variety of activities beyond the usual gym repertoire.

    In search of something beyond the routine slog on the treadmill or the obvious outdoor run, I sought out some pastimes (and even chores) that don't instantly conjure up visions of exercise but actually offer legitimate calorie-burning opportunities.

    The Best Running Surfaces: Why What's Underfoot Matters

    In the Water
    Sure, we've all heard that swimming laps and water aerobics will keep

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  • 9 Father’s Day Gifts for Every Personality

    Ties. Tool kits. "World's Greatest Dad" trophies. After kids have been out of the "macaroni-glitter-art-project" years, fathers tend to accumulate a lot of the typical Father's Day gifts.

    Of course ties, tools, and trophies are all nice, but this year, don't resort to one of these cliché gifts. Get your dad something he'll really enjoy. No matter what kind of dad you have-sports nut or scholar, geek or golf fanatic-we've found something that will be perfect for him.

    Father's Day Gift for the MetrosexualFather's Day Gift for the Metrosexual
    1. For the Metrosexual

    Some dads get manicures, and that's okay. If your dad is more into shopping and skincare than mowing the lawn, get him a personalized shaving set. This luxe razor/brush duo(complete with a stand) features imitation ivory handles that can be emblazoned with his initials. (Fusion Contemporary Shaving Set, $255,

    Father's Day Gift for the GolferFather's Day Gift for the Golfer
    2. For the Golfer

    Yes, golf gifts feel like tired standbys, but some dads really do like golf. If you've already given yours every single rangefinder, cart accessory,

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  • Is Your Snoring a Warning Sign?

    Is Your Snoring a Warning Sign?Is Your Snoring a Warning Sign?
    Snoring can be more than a nuisance or source of conflict in a relationship. It can be a warning sign of a serious problem or medical condition that, if ignored, could cost the offending sleeper his or her life. Following are five possible conditions that should encourage you to investigate the source of any loud sleeping in your household.

    Obstructive Sleep Apnea
    Also known as OSA, this clinical term describes what happens when the back of the throat relaxes and closes during sleep, causing obstructed breathing. The air that does get through causes a vibration within the throat that sounds like snoring. The notion of not getting enough oxygen while sleeping is bad enough. But as clarified below, the condition is also linked to higher risks of heart attacks and strokes for people with cardiovascular disease.

    Rest Easy: Tips for Getting a Good Night's Sleep

    High Blood Pressure
    The yin to the above condition's yang, there is a higher prevalence of high blood pressure in people who

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  • 10 Items that Are Cheapest in the Summer

    Summer's all about swimming pools and sunshine … so why would you even think about buying a winter coat?

    Because they're incredibly cheap this time of year.

    It's true-certain items are more expensive at certain times of the year, and less expensive than others. For example, if you buy a new car in October, you'll probably end up paying far more for it than if you buy it close to Christmas, or the following September. Because of fluctuating demand, new models, and pressure from holidays, there are great deals to be had all year long, as long as you're not tied to buying the latest, greatest version. If you're not, summer's here, and the time is right to buy these ten items.

    Early Summer:
    1. Cookwear
    During wedding season, dishes and kitchen accessories are popular gifts. Luckily, cashiers don't ask to see invitations to prove you're not "gifting" yourself.

    2. A Gym Membership
    Many exercisers would rather be outdoors when the weather's nice, and by June, the pressure from New Year's

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  • 9 Swimsuit Styles for Summer 2012

    Walking into a swimsuit department can be a daunting task on the best body-image day. Rack after rack of tiny bits of fabric handing there staring at you… Bikini or one-piece? Brief or boy-short bottom? Sexy or retro-inspired? There are so many options it can be hard to know where to start. In the interest of making quicker work of the process for you, here are nine of our favorite swimsuits from all across the Web-each one less than $105!
    Polka-dot Swimsuit from Shabby ApplePolka-dot Swimsuit from Shabby Apple
    1. Polka-dot Swimsuit from Shabby Apple
    You might fear the bold red sash that encircles this retro-inspired one-piece will draw unwanted attention to the tummy area, but the angle of the sash set against the polka-dotted background will actually deflect the eye from lingering over the area. The sash combined with thick cross-back straps and a full-coverage bust make this suit is perfect for every figure. ($88 from

    Skeleton One-piece from Black MilkSkeleton One-piece from Black Milk
    2. Skeleton One-piece from Black Milk
    If you're looking to make a splash by the pool this summer, pick up Black Milk's

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