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  • 6 Lovable Rom-Com Heroes We'd Hate in Real Life

    We all know that romantic comedies perpetuate relationship myths-not the least of which that if the leading men in our own lives were a little more like dreamy, big-gesture-making movie characters, we'd be much happier. Studies even show that movies like One Day and Friends with Benefits give us unrealistic expectations of romantic grandeur that can hurt our relatively mundane real-life relationships. Though male leads in most rom-coms are undeniably charming and perfectly suited for the escapist female fantasies Hollywood has created, some of the characters would be less than desirable in real life-in fact, you might even break up with them! Here are six leading men we're glad can't sweep us off our feet.

    Dexter in One Day

    There's a line in the movie that perfectly sums up why Anne Hathaway's character, Emma, deserved better than her spoiled, womanizing, coked-out love interest: "She made you decent..." Emma is kind, lovable, and charming, while Dex is self-absorbed, irresponsible,

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  • 11 Chic and Cozy Fall Coats

    Fashion-wise, is there anything more delicious about fall than the chance to slip on a sumptuous and statement-making jacket? That is, before winter sets in and we all scramble to cocoon ourselves in the biggest, most unflattering parka we can find. Yes, autumn is when the most stylish coats and outerwear really shine, and these lovely layers will have you praying for colder weather.

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  • Men More Likely to Believe in Love at First Sight

    Women are often deemed the more romantic of the two genders-chick flicks full of love-at-first-sight tropes and fairy-tale affairs are made for us, after all. But new research indicates that men fall in love faster and more often than women do. Nearly a quarter of the British men polled said they believed in love at first sight and knew whether a girl was "the one" after just the first date.

    Women proved to be much more cautious. While the average guy polled said he had been in love three or more times in his life, the average woman claimed to have loved just once and said that it took her at least a month to make up her mind.

    Does your experience match up with these findings? What's your take on love at first sight?

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  • 6 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your LinkedIn Profile

    With thirty-five million potential business contacts-including executives from all the Fortune 500 companies-across an array of industries, LinkedIn is an essential tool for anyone looking to advance her career. But how do you stand out among the vast network of job seekers and employers? Here are six tips to make sure you're using the social networking site to its full potential:

    1. Craft a Specific and Searchable Headline
    Employers actively search for new hires on LinkedIn; they'll be looking first at your professional headline and summary and finding you based on the key words in your profile. Post a headline and summary that are creative and concise and that include targeted language for your field. Show that you have a grasp of the trends and goals in your industry. For example, instead of "Media specialist seeks position," try something like "Versatile Communications Expert Creates Strong Branding Messages."

    2. Recruit Recommendations

    You need three recommendations to

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  • 7 Alternative Uses for Dryer Sheets

    Dryer sheets are an essential component of any laundry cycle, both for their antistatic properties and for their fresh aroma, but throwing dozens of them away every year seems like a waste. Fortunately, their life span doesn't have to end when the dryer's off-signal buzzes-whether you're at home, on the road, or dealing with a pest problem, recycling these little squares comes in handy in a wide variety of unexpected applications. Check out these creative alternative uses.

    1. Use them for Dusting
    The chemicals dryer sheets contain repel static electricity and thus make them ideal for picking up stray dust and pet hair from surfaces. Not only will the sheet collect existing dust, but it will also create an antistatic barrier that prevents additional dust from building up as quickly.

    2. Let them Breakdown Food Stains on Pots and Pans
    Next time you have stuck-on food, let a dryer sheet soak with your pots and pans. In a couple hours, the chemicals breakdown the food,

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  • 7 Beauty Myths That Cost You Money

    Being a well-coiffed woman isn't just hard work-it can be expensive, too! The cost of those shampoos, frizz-fighters, anti-aging crèmes, and other potions and pomades can really add up. But there are several misconceptions that make us want to spend even more money, when in reality, we don't have to. Here are seven myths that could be costing you.

    Myth #1: Lather, Rinse, Repeat

    Assuming you're not styling your hair with motor oil, one lather is plenty to get hair clean, so why use twice as much shampoo as you need to? Besides, washing twice doesn't just waste product, it can actually strip your hair of essential oils, leading to dryness and breakage-which, in turn, will make you buy even more products. Moreover, the trend these days is to only wash your hair when absolutely necessary so you can let your body's natural oils condition your locks, which works better than any store-bought product.

    Myth #2: Prenatal Vitamins Make Hair Grow Faster

    The reason pregnant

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  • Seven Subtle Signs That You're Healthy

    It's a fact of digital life that every time you're hit with a twinge of pain or a pang of discomfort, the natural impulse is to immediately google your symptoms, which will lead you to reach the eventual (and sensible) conclusion that you probably have cancer.

    Relax! The good news is that you probably don't have cancer. Or AIDS, dengue fever, Lyme disease, Ebola, leprosy, or any of the other terrifying illnesses that keep WebMD in business. In fact, you may be even healthier than you think. Random pains can be distressing, but if your body displays these subtle signs of health, chances are good that you're actually doing just fine.

    1. Relatively Clear, Copious Urine

    If you're peeing a few times a day and it's pale yellow-not cloudy, dark, or super-concentrated-that means that you're adequately hydrated and your kidneys are healthy. Completely colorless urine, however, indicates that you may be over-hydrated, and while that's not as problematic as being dehydrated, it could mean

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  • 6 Ways Grocery Stores Trick You into Spending More Money

    Grocery stores employ sneaky tactics to get shoppers to buy more than is necessary, which can derail even the most thorough shopping list. Stick to your list and budget better by being aware of the following six tricks and how to avoid them.

    1. The store's layout forces you to browse items that are probably not on your list.
    It's hard to resist the temptation of beautifully arranged flowers or the smell of freshly baked bread, which is exactly why these pleasing, yet non-essential, impulse buys are placed near the entrance of the grocery store, while you still have an empty cart. The items you most likely came for, such as milk, are stocked in the back of the store, forcing you to walk through several other aisles before getting to the very items that brought you to the store in the first place. If you want to avoid temptation, the trick is to fly by the eye-catching displays as quickly as possible. Instead of hitting each aisle, grabbing items as you go, which can encourage

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  • 10 Trendy Fall Accessories Under $50

  • Can You Spot the Hidden Images in These Famous Logos?

    You've seen these famous logos countless times on billboards, passing by on trucks, and at the grocery store, but there is more to them than meets the eye. If you take a closer look, you will find that these recognized logos have hidden images and messages. Check out these inventive designs that cleverly use white space and optical illusions to display subliminal messages.


    This logo appears to be very simple, but if you look at the white space between the "E" and "x" in "Ex," you'll find it is more complex than you thought. Can you spot the arrow?


    These popular party chips are a staple at many backyard BBQs, but chances are, you've never noticed the hidden celebration scene concealed within the letters. The second and third "t's" are sharing a chip over an "i" that is dotted with a salsa bowl. Yum!

    Do Subliminal Messages Really Work?

    Le Tour de France

    Named the world's most famous and prestigious cycling race, bike-lovers and non-cyclists alike are familiar with the

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