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  • Ten Outrageous Gifts from Neiman Marcus’s Christmas Book

    A million-dollar "dancing" water fountain might sound like an excessive gift to our peasanty, poor-person ears, but for shoppers of the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book, the notoriously extravagant catalog of outlandish gifts for people who have everything, that's just another option for Cousin Vic this year. Join us for a glimpse into Santa's bag for the rich and ostentatious.

    Leopard-Dyed Rabbit Throw $1,475
    Because deciding between rabbit fur and leopard skin at lounge time is a burden no one should bear.

    Seven Backhanded Presents You Shouldn't Give

    Dancing Fountains $1,000,000
    The catalog says this fountain will delight viewers with its amazing robot nozzles that whirl, twirl, and sweep-sometimes in unison. We guess that's worth a million dollars if you're tired of the lame water that you usually see around your house that does nothing except flow from faucets to drains with nary a dance in between.

    Mahogany Speedboat $250,000
    This solid mahogany, twenty-seven foot speedboat

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  • Beauty Trends that Aren't Going Anywhere

    Each new year means new developments in the beauty industry-after all, even the most tried-and-true blockbusters once started out as new ideas. Remember when Brazilian Blowouts, mineral makeup, and palettes first hit the market? Here are our picks for the most ingenious innovations, products, and trends of the year, which we'll all be seeing a lot more of from now on.

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  • 7 Delicious Hot Chocolate Ideas

    Peppermint hot cocoa
    Hot chocolate just might be the best part of winter. It's decadent and delicious, and it warms you up faster than a Snuggie straight out of the dryer. Who would turn down chocolate, arguably one of the best creations known to man, when it's melted down to a thick, rich liquid and topped with mini marshmallows and a dollop of whipped cream? What's more (yes, there's more!), hot chocolate accoutrements hardly end there-think cayenne pepper, pumpkin purée, and even Fluffernutter. If you're craving a steaming cup of cocoa this season, go beyond the usual mix of instant powder or chocolate syrup and water. There's a wide world of hot chocolate recipes like these just waiting to be tried, tasted, and treasured.

    10 Toasty-Warm Cocktails for Cold Winter Nights

    Spiced Hot Chocolate

    Today we think of hot chocolate as being sweet, but the ancient Mayan people's original version included hearty spices. They may sound odd in theory, but they blend beautifully with chocolate in execution. (Recipe

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  • How the Holidays Can Wreak Havoc on Your Relationship

    Whether you've been together for years or two months, the stress of the holiday season can take a toll on your relationship. 'Tis the season to be jolly, not fighting in your boss's coat closet, so here are eleven seasonal relationship pitfalls and how to avoid them.

    You and your SO have different ideas about holiday fun.

    You imagine a holiday season like a Norman Rockwell painting or a scene from Love Actually, but your SO seems more interested in watching football or cursing the long lines at department stores. It's perfectly reasonable to expect your loved one to fulfill some of your dreams of say ice skating hand-in-hand, sharing a hot cocoa, making paper snowflakes or whatever tradition you've exalted in your head. Just don't expect him to read your mind, especially if he's a little more Scrooge and a little less Jimmy Stewart in It's a Wonderful Life. And don't forget to compromise. If he's not the cheery elf that you are, maybe cut back on the Christmas music a bit when

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  • The Best of 2011’s Holiday Makeup Collections

    Any self-respecting beautyphile knows that the holidays are hands-down the best time to buy makeup. Everywhere you look there are palettes, limited-edition sets, and special seasonal colors that make the holiday season seem so much more festive. We've examined the offerings from our favorite beauty brands, and found the greatest, most gorgeous, and most must-have products from this year's Christmastime collections. While you're stuffing stockings for your loved ones, why not pick up one of these for yourself?

    Smashbox Click You're It Holiday Eye Palette
    Smashbox PalletteSmashbox Pallette
    Tucked inside this limited-edition palette are fifteen eye shadows, five liners, one vial of primer, and a world of amazing holiday makeup possibilities. Follow the directions on one of Smashbox's six get-the-look cards, or get gorgeous your own way. ($49,

    Be Party-Ready in a Flash

    MAC Glitter and Ice Lipstick
    MAC LipstickMAC Lipstick
    MAC's holiday collection-packaged in futuristic, limited-edition white-features six stunning winter lipstick

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  • The Best Celebrity Tweets of 2011

    The holidays are a time for reflection on the year behind us. And what better way to remember what was on the collective American consciousness in 2011 than to turn to the Twittersphere? Like a time capsule in 140 characters or less, these celebrity (using the term loosely) tweets-some random, some relevant, all insightful-are among the best of 2011.

    Snooki, @Snooki

    "I feel like shopping for obnoxious over the top gaudy animal print

    In other words: "It's Wednesday."

    5 Celeb Stories We Hope Don't Make It to 2012

    John Hodgman, @hodgman
    John Hodgman
    "Everything good I have done, I have done on a Mac."

    And he's a P.C.

    Weird Al Yankovic, @alyankovic
    Weird Al
    "72 Days is now an official unit of time known as a Kardash."

    Four Kardash and seven years ago…

    Gifts We'd Give Our Fave Tabloid Train Wrecks

    Kat Dennings, @OfficialKat
    Kat Dennings
    "Every time a magazine photoshops my nose, a nazi gets its wings. #nosepride"

    So right it's wrong.

    Demetri Martin,

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  • Twelve Days of Christmas Manicures

    Intricate, detailed nail art is awesome-if you have the money for special tools, the artistic ability to draw peacocks and video-game characters, and the time to sit down and do it all. But fun, festive manicures really can be easy! Using the holiday collections from a few favorite polish lines, we created looks that are simple, seasonal, and don't require an art degree or any crazy techniques. And since they're so quick to apply, you won't worry about keeping one manicure intact for days, leaving you free to try them all!
    2011's Best Holiday Makeup Collections

    Sugar Cookie Sparkle
    Sugar Cookie SparkleSugar Cookie Sparkle
    DivineCaroline cannot be held responsible for the fact that this manicure will make you crave Christmas cookies! Start by applying two coats of pearly-white Orly Au Champagne. Get the "sprinkled" look with a coat of Rainbow Connection by OPI, a multicolored glitter coat with a clear base. You can apply another coat of Rainbow Connection if you're a serious sugar freak.

    Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

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  • Three Beauty Products Experts Won't Use

    Girl applying face creamGirl applying face creamThere are some beauty and skincare products that do more harm than good. If a dermatologist or skin expert won't touch the following products with a ten foot pole, you should probably steer clear as well.

    1. Lip gloss without SPF

    According to Dr. Christine Brown, a dermatologist at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, "These lip glosses can make more of the light rays penetrate directly through the skin, instead of getting reflected off of the skin's surface." At worst, this can lead to "the degeneration of collagen and elastin, which leads to a loss of lip fullness, increased lines, and an increased risk of skin cancer," according to Dr. Leslie Baumann, Chief of the Department of Cosmetic Dermatology at the University of Miami and author of The Skin Type Solution.

    In other words, for better lips tomorrow, stick to a lipstick or gloss with SPF today, such as Clinique Moisture Surge Lipstick SPF 15 and Neutrogena Moisture Surge Lipgloss with SPF 20 ($12 for two,

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  • Diane Keaton: Evolution of a Style Icon

    In the era of celebrity stylists and glam squads galore, it's hard to tell which stars actually have a sense of style and which ones simply have enough money to look like it. Not so with Diane Keaton; the beloved actress, who revolutionized the way women dress with a men's tie and a baggy pair of chinos in Annie Hall, always shows up looking fabulous and quintessentially Keaton. Now, with a new book flying off the shelves and her first modeling contract at the age of sixty-five, Keaton's star is shining brighter than ever; or maybe we're just finally catching up to a woman who was always leaps and bounds ahead of her time. Take a look at some of our favorite fashion moments from the style icon over the last forty years.

    10 Women Who Redefined Spinsterhood

    Early 1970s

    If there's one thing Keaton has mastered (besides acting, of course), it's the art of accessorizing. She rarely steps out without a well-chosen accent-a fun scarf, a statement belt, a pair of thick-frame glasses, or her signature

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  • Patagonia’s Anti-Consumerism Ad: Preachy or Refreshing?


    Rather than whipping customers into a spending frenzy on Cyber Monday with outlandish online deals and bargains, Patagonia, the socially conscious outdoor-apparel company, implored customers to put their wallets away and not buy its products for a day. The company asked customers to reflect on the environmental cost of their consumption, and to "reimagine a world where we take only what nature can replace." Patagonia's website featured an ad with its bestselling jacket under the words "Don't Buy This Jacket" in all caps. The ad is part of their Common Threads Initiative to keep its clothing out of landfills by employing the four Rs: reduce, reuse, recycle, and repair. The jacket is made of 60 percent recycled material, but as the ad points out, it required 135 liters of water to produce, and generated nearly 20 pounds of carbon dioxide plus two-thirds its weight in waste.

    Big Brands with Sustainable Apparel

    Some have found the ad to be sanctimonious, preachy, and

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