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  • Best Thing I Will Have

    The expectations that i never had should have been there with the disappointments that
    i didn't forecast. Life is pretty interesting that way, we don't have a crystal ball to forecast how
    something will develop nor how it will end. It's a risk that we take when we meet someone
    and let them in our circle.
    We open ourselves with the hopes that we will be simply understood. And we take the time
    to try to understand who they are and accept them for who they are. After ups and downs
    and a dead end later. I guess the experiences that remain left me knowing and feeling
    that i will have something greater.I will have the best.
    Brick walls are meant to test and make you work harder for what you want.
    and you deserve. Failed relationships teach you more about yourself and what you are
    looking for and what you need to work on within yourself. They point out your mistakes
    so that you can grow and learn from them.

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  • "The Agenda"

    Like an agenda i fit right in as a part of a plan even though i didn't schedule that moment this person was
    meant to cross my path for some reason or some impact on my spirit,soul,heart.
    Whether their comes a moment or a breaking point we reach that fuels us to self reflect on
    how we feel.... is this fullfilling to our spirit ?
    am I where i want to be? or am i simply at the convenience of someone's Agenda?
    Simply because i make them feel great about themselves. I guess what it comes down to
    it's up to you to decide what you want for yourself and to not be available to the wrong people
    to create your own agenda and fill it with all the right events,moments,people
    And make space and room for new ones to enter.

  • Weirdos...Freaks...Geeks & the Nerds the Epic Success

    Whether it was High School, our Family members,Society. That gave us those labels
    because we didn't fit into their idea of how we should be. I will never understand people
    however what i do see is that behind every "weirdo is a beautiful talent followed by an
    amazing story. Inside every freak is creativity i guess that's why we stand out.
    To be a geek is pure intelligence and a bright future.
    Eventually Nerds end up having the last laugh with inventing all the coolest gadgets and
    Words,names, do hurt however it's what we choose to be that defines the legacy we leave behind
    just continue being who you were meant to be yourself not a label or a category.
    being unique is what makes you stand out.
    So let your talents take the spot light.
    And for the record the ones that are busy trying to define us are the ones that are lost
    trying to figure out who they are. They're the ones that are unhappy.
    stay TRUE TO

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  • The Bright Penny in the Change"

    Today is a gift and well i will ive in the present****
    I have been there in the past, in depression, unemployed, single,outcasted,insecure]
    however all that had a way to change into being loved,Happy,confident,working,in the moment, social bug,
    1. Focus on a small goal
    2.Surround yourself by great individuals
    3.Talk to family, friends, make new friends, Read great articles,fitness,
    4. listent to feel good music
    5. Let in the sun , light candles
    6. Apply to temp agencies, network with friends ask around
    7.last but not least be thankful for anything and everything because regardless of the situation you have many reasons to be grateful.

    I hope i have helped in some way!!!

  • User Post: Recession's depression

    I'm used to being the provider, the rock of my family regardless if it was my only income coming into my home, it felt great to buy things that my kids need and most of all being productive. Budgets i have always known how to deal with, and searching through clearance racks to find great deals.

    However when i was laid off from my last Temp position I didn't know what hit me. I lost who i was and found myself in a deep depression, feeling insecure about the future. Even though let's be real I'm the single provider for my home that didn't give me a break from being hard on myself that i had been doing a 2 person responsibility. I was raised to always do what you can for your kids. And what i found amazing is the lack of support and understanding from some of my acquaintances. It's hard enough to hear crickets when applying for over 30 jobs in a day yet alone even turning to Temp agencies and agreeing to a pay cut.

    I finally woke up from this insecurity, self doubt, recession depression

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  • This is a great day!

    I'm not perfect I have had my moments where i feel frustrated, hopeless, annoyed
    however i stop and breathe. And remember that I'm being extremely hard on myself
    I do the best that i can being a one person show and raising 4 kids. Last year was
    a hard to swallow year reading a text that stated" I'm over it, you want the kids you can
    have them. As if material possesions were being discussed.
    I don't get child support yet alone me time. I do have the best of my children
    well behaved, full of life, funny, smart, brilliant.
    That's the thing with Life, we have choices!
    We can live in the moment,enjoy it more,and laugh plenty or dwell

    How do I do it?

    1. Look on the bright side"
    I think of all the great things in my life, specially the beautiful moments, good people that are around,
    I post my kids awards, report cards on the fridge to keep my focus on the rewards of having faith and doing
    my part as a strong role model.

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  • Let the Boys be Boys"

    Want a Happier guy in your life ? here are some things that matter to them that well you might
    want to change however take in consideration that by giving them this they will
    love you that much more!

    1.Give them their SPACE" : guys don't like clingy, needy, smothering
    they want to be able to do their hobbies, hangout with their friends, and simply just be.
    " hey us girls like "our me time too! & Girls night out

    2.Gaming": we all have our thing that brings us joy & so do they specially escaping into cyber space
    why not encourage them to do their gaming? you will find that the more you support them and their interest they will want to be that much affectionate to you.

    3.Silence is Golden": STOP the nagging and for once start listening to them , guys don't want to be suffocated with the drama. Do talk dirty they love that!

    4. Wow them": just like we like to be romanced and what not return the favor and surprise him with something Sexy. Like an outfit, Lingerie, be random!


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  • A new chapter with a better beginning

    You can't change the past however you can create a brighter future...

    whether we like it or not the world is filled with actors that pose as our friends,lovers,and play the part

    that they are in our best interest, when things are said and done, we walk away with more determination,strength,ambition. To find and get what it is that our heart desires

    We can change ourselves by bettering ourselves and taking different directions,steps,outlooks

    most of all fix our flaws

    and sometimes being alone isn't such a bad thing, many people that repeat the pattern of break up to make up

    or the rebounds only end up hurting someone new and most of all damaging themselves that much

    because they didn't take the time,the moment to look at themselves and find out what it is they are truly seeking

    yes it gets lonely however, it's better to be single than with bad company

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  • Creating a sweet escape in your room

    With daily routines and obstacles one needs a Sweet Escape and that can be affordable when you can achieve that in the privacy of your own room, with simple steps:

    1. Soothing sounds : Invest in a small water fountain and set it by your lamp

    2. The light at the end of the tunnel: Glade has a line of candles called" Relaxing moments, they smell so good and can enhance the mood.
    3.Aromatherapy: I burn sage, Incense sticks to brighten my mood and d stress

    4. Let the music play: Playing some chill music like Sade, Dido, Enigma or your choice of tunes.

    5.paint the picture: surround your area with joyful pictures and positive signs like LOVE, JOY, LAUGH

    I hope that I have helped somebody, you may not go to a spa due to the expense but you can bring the spa to you.

  • waking from an unemployment coma

    I have officially been unemployed for almost 2 years!
    at first I thought that it was me, however speaking to other individuals I found
    that I'm not alone.

    I have been pushing myself to find some balance not only in my finances but also in
    my moods, outlook, thoughts, and most of all focus at all my options without giving up
    I focus on all that is within my control and remember that I'm not alone
    to make things a bit frustrating I am raising 4 children on my own
    without any support from their father.

    I submit my Resume to as many positions and employers on a daily basis
    I feel like a hamster in a ball going in circles and getting no where
    I'm not sure what else to do?
    I'm Bilingual, have 7 yrs plus in the medical field and it's hard to believe that I'm not employed

    any suggestions?


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