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  • Moments that change your life

    I grew up in an enviroment where I didn't get the most encouraging words or positive feedback. My parents both did their best but didn't realize that the words they sometimes said were harsh.
    I was pregnant with my second child and knew I wanted to better my life so I returned to school to finish my high school diploma. I went to school most of my pregnancy determined to accomplish my goal and did so.
    When my graduation came neither one of my parents attended, it was a bit shocking and also eye opening that the ones who pushed me to great lenghts didn't make an effort to be there for a important moment in my life. However it made me realize that you can't please everyone but yourself.
    Their are moments like these that change you for the better.
    nothing goes in Vain. It has it's purpose in life.

  • How do you make a zombie care?

    I'm a single mother to 4 wonderful children ages 12,10,8,7, yes i'm never bored, and i get no sick days. I split with their father 5 years ago and it has been a rollercoaster with him. He's not responsible and has no participation in school events, conferences, or their life. He only sees them 1 time a week if that. So in my eyes he's like a zombie that doesn't feel or care to be there.
    I can't help but wonder whether things will ever change. I can't force him to be a father and he doesn't pay child support. I have a case open but he works under the table. It frustrates me that i can have the solution to anything else but this.
    I don't know what to do for him to be more involved.
    can you change this circumstance?

  • When she is into you!

    She looks foward to talking to you again how so? by sending you a text with how was your day? meaning she truly does care to hear from you*

    She also puts plenty of effort in looking extra delicious everytime she sees you along with smelling yummy... so that you will notice

    She makes eye contact along little gestures here and there, the body language says it all and unlike men we ask because we want to make sure that we're not wasting time. We like feedback on how you see us.

    Her eyes will either be on you or on the food during dinner. Not that we're walking on egg shells or anything, but we know that you're looking. It's that intuition, also she will take you to her favorite spots so that you will get a feel of what she likes and makes it easier on you.

    She has that much of a better outlook why? because you are on her mind!

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  • Confessions of dealing with a disney dad

    When I tell people that i have 4 kids and that i'm a single mother the reaction is the same. With that same question" how do you do it? As if i'm going to freeze or not deal with it like any other mother would. I was raised with both parents and not only that but have a great father, so i know what to do and also what to expect from a father. Never did i imagine after being with my kids father for 8 years that he would be the biggest disappointment. Specially because he knew that I had gone through a chaotic marriage with my ex husband who abused me.
    I deal with the neverending disappointments from him. He only sees his 3 kids 1 day out of the week and as is he will blow up my phone the following day un patiently to see when i'm going to pick them up. it's like wow i get 1 whole day to myself when he has 6 days to himself, it amazes me.
    Their are times when he doesn't even see them he will purposesly start a fight and hang up on me to not deal with being a parent.

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  • best beauty products tried

    I love to try new beauty products but when i find one that works i share with my friends the feedback. So here goes on the following products:

    Mascaras: Stiletto by Maybelline NY love it! just like my shoes...this does wonders!
    Also Physicians formula" Plumping it works like magic!
    "The colossal volum"express by Maybelline" thickens and makes lashes stand out"

    Lip glosses: Physicians plump potion gloss, Sally Hansens Miracle care" lip saver

    Shampoo: Bedhead Brunette goddess, Self aBsorbed, they smell good and leave hair silky with shine

    Lotions: Bath and body" Breathe :happiness" 24/7 moisture boost , Oil of Olay quench

    Ponds' face wipes with exfoliating beads

    Best smelling perfumes : These i always get feedback from the guys" Paris Hilton"Paris
    Escape- Calvin Klein, Heiress by Paris Hilton, Versaci "Bright crystal,

    Best foundation: Bare minerals! love it doesn't appear like you have make pictures you look fabulous!

    Hairspray : Paul Mitchell "Super clean

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  • Don't settle for lemons!

    hmmm me be picky? i think not i just don't settle for lemons...aka: people with issues..yes we all have issues only difference is i have took the time to deal with mine;)

    deal breakers:

    1. tempers!!! someone that can't communicate like a normal person.. aka : hollar*monkey....i have no time for that non sense ...i'm busy raising my own lil guys...

    2.Clingy...aka: blowing up my phone more than once when i haven't responded...have confidence that i will respond hellooooo i might be busy with my responsibilities...aka :my kids

    3.low self esteem....if we have a conversation and you decided to go there with putting yourself down..big no no! not cute that ain't my job to build you up... i love confidence..;)

    4.if you lie" 1 lie is a lie too many!

    5.must be family oriented..

    I wouldn't consider this being picky i would consider being smart and knowing what i want..

    let's not forget that i was once married to a violent person...

    and then went to be with someone for 8yrs that went no

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  • No degree is required to be happy

    I used to always want to be like my older sister .She had it all being prom queen,popular girl at school,the cute boyfriends,friends.
    I always saw her as the prettiest one. I can say that i have changed my view and perspective in beauty. She has always been self centered and put down others. Because she has a degree. I say this why if you are complete then feel the need to put down anyone and it's obvious that getting that degree didn't fill that void in her life to bring happiness.
    Life is what you make it. I love where i am at in life. From being blessed with 4 wonderful kids, to having the confidence & strenght to know that i deserve to be happy therefore making good choices.
    I have come a long way. Being through interesting routes in life. And still standing grounded.
    What works is to be surrounded by individuals that are happy and positive. and not give energy to anything less.
    not deal with the non sense because it's simple you don't have to it's all your choice whether you

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  • Leaving a bad situation

    I was 17 when i met who i thought was the love of my life. He was charming and handsome, I hadn't ever been in a dosmetic violence situation until i met him. He did the whole threats, mental,verbal physical abuse.
    I had no one that could get me out of it but me. Our chaotic relationship lasted about 11 months until i had came up with my own way to get out. I had given birth to our daughter and she was now 3 months i started to see his patience for our baby be slim i knew that i had to leave. I kept looking at my options which were slim I was living with him in Texas where he was stationed for the army. All my family was back in San Diego.
    I was alone on this, so what i did is i had a neighbor i confided in and asked her to take me to the airport. it was a day when he had left to the field, therefore he wouldn't be back for another week it was the right time i had the atm card i went to the bank took all of it out. I had never felt such rush of anxiety, i thought at any

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  • how to pull off looking glamorous with a budget

    I'm on a budget right now big time..i take care of my priorities :bills,kids, and still manage to look trendy and well i have tops , great jeans and stilettos. so all i really do to make it appear to look like a new style is with new earrings, a necklace, or simply a new hair style...and let's not forget the make up i can either do it up or go for a glow.
    i swear that seems to make people ask if it's a new outfit.
    the most important things are the things that go on your face,feet, hair, body.
    I look at magazines for ideas and go through my closet to see what i can put together...hey also resales are your best friends! outlets, antique malls for clutches, bracelets and little touches...
    I was raised with limited things so therefore i tend to make the best out of what i do have.

  • Embracing your own slice of a dream

    We all want to go on a getaway to our dream island, their is no need to search far or travel to another location. Everywhere you can get a glimse of your dream it's all in how you embrace it and see your sorroundings
    I have always wanted to go to Fiji,Jamaica,Italy, get the picture;) and being a single mother of 4 let's just say that my only "down time" would be when their father takes them on saturdays... yes so i choose to find my slice of heaven here in my city "San Diego" yes i 'm thankful that i live here so my near island is "Coronado beach"
    but my point is that you don't have to live in the greatest cities to find your majestic enviroment ..that is in the eye of the beholder...
    Everyone has beauty surrounding them..whether a beautiful park,lake,beach,road, name and embrace it!

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