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  • Are Bejeweled Beetles A Creepy Or Chic Fashion Accessory?

    Insects aren't usually considered a must-have fashion accessory. But recently, a woman crossing the border between Mexico and Texas was stopped for her live beetle adorned with blue and gold jewels. The woman's "brooch" was attached to her clothing with a gold chain and safety pin and was allowed to wander along her clothing. The beetle jewelry was seized by U.S. Customs and Border Protection for further identification.

    Apparently, adorning live beetles with jewels and chains is nothing new. It's been going on for decades, maybe centuries, and Jackie Kennedy reportedly had one decked out with emeralds.

    The beetles are often of the Makech variety from the Yucatan Peninsula. They eat rotting wood, are wingless, and have hairy legs that stick to clothing like Velcro. If the Makech isn't handled too much it can live for 4 to 5 years; whether that life will be a pleasant one is another question.

    A few cycles back, "America's Next Top Model" featured bejeweled Giant

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  • Blondes May Have More Fun, But Brunettes Are Cheaper

    Splash NewsSplash NewsOr maybe we should just say brunettes are richer. It's pretty safe to assume that when a recession hits, people are going to cut corners financially, and for plenty of women, salon visits get crossed off the list immediately. After all, an afternoon of cut and color can easily run you $100-$500 (or more, depending on your location). Recently, Nicole Richie may have chosen to darken her hair to "feel smarter" or whatever, but when sun-worshipping women in Florida are sacrificing their beloved highlights against their will, you know the economy is bad. Apparently, stylists in Jacksonville have noticed that women are going darker to save money, because maintaining the blonde is just plain more expensive. Makes sense. We'd also argue that going to the salon for a few hours every four to six weeks for root touch-ups and other blonde upkeep is costly in terms of time, and we all know what that's worth. Eh, we'd urge poor Floridians, and any other women who are cooling it out in the

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  • 5 Cheap Ways to Make Your House Look More Expensive

    After a few weeks visiting my parents at their very grownup house in Chicago, returning to my own cute but tiny and not-nearly-as-nice apartment (left) in New York was a bit of a challenge. I think my roommate and I have done a lot with fairly limited resources, but my mom's museum-like stylings reminded me of the seemingly endless ways we could improve our own place. But while some-antique French chairs, for example-remain out of my price range, others-like switching out our crappy kitchen knobs for cute ones-are easy and affordable. After the jump, a few tips on instantly improving the look of your apartment.

    1. A fresh coat of paint does a lot. If you've been living somewhere for a year, consider spending a weekend repainting a room or two. The supplies will be around $40 and you can probably sucker a friend into helping. My mom, an interior designer, suggests doing an accent wall, which involves painting just one wall-like the one behind the couch or your bed-a color. For renters who
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  • Shocker! Dolly Parton Is No "Natural Beauty"


    "I am not [a natural beauty]. Never have been ... I started bleaching my hair as soon as I could get money to buy bleach. Before that it was that dishwater color. I'd get the tar beat out of me for bleaching it, but I'd do it anyway. I just felt like a blonde. Don't even know what color my hair is now. It's probably grey. Don't want to see, don't want to know."-The inimitable Dolly Parton [Times of London UK]

    Isn't it refreshing to hear from a celebrity that doesn't deny they get a little help from their (cosmetic) friends?--The Frisky

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  • First Date Fashion Faux Pas

    First dates are always nerve-wracking-that's a given. So many questions! Where will we go? What if I'm gassy? Should I let him pay or should I offer to split the tab? What will we talk about? Will he like me? More importantly, will I like him?

    All valid queries, but possibly the most pressing question any of us worry about is, what in the hell am I going to wear?

    I am not a fashionista. Let me get that right out of the way. My jeans are Levi's and the only Prada I own was purchased off eBay. As I write this, I'm wearing a Gap t-shirt covered in cat hair and yellow ankle socks with bumblebees embroidered on them. But while I don't know where hemlines are headed or what color will be the new black next season, I do have a handle on what you shouldn't wear on a date-especially a first date.

    Under Where?

    Bad underwear isn't necessarily ugly or old. It's the bra that pushes your boobies up beautifully, but pinches your underarm chub. It's the boyshorts you paid $50 for, but ride up your

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  • Is It Ever Acceptable To Wear Sweatpants In Public?


    Writer Sean Macaulay at the Daily Beast calls sweatpants "the universal wardrobe shorthand for sloth and lassitude" in "Our Sweatpants Nightmare." He says the wearing of sweats in public is a result of young people's lack of social responsibility and too-casual office dress codes. Well, this is basically how I feel about flannel pajama bottoms in public. Nothing conveys a lack of hygiene and laziness better than walking around in your PJs. While I can agree that sweatpants are inappropriate at the office, religious events, and most affairs, there are some places, I think, where it's totally appropriate to wear a pair of sweats without looking as if you "gave up." Read the guidelines for wearing sweats after the jump.

    Guidelines for wearing sweatpants in public:

    • The sweats must not have holes or stains.
    • They must not sag in unflattering places like the crotch or behind.
    • There shouldn't be any writing across the bum.
    • The sweatpants have to be paired with gym or
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  • The One Body Part That Can Make You Look Younger, Longer

    DailyMailDailyMailGet out your red lipstick and be prepared to learn how to line your lips to perfection, because apparently, if you want to look younger, the secret is all in your pucker. Studies found that though wrinkles may be most women's hated addition to their face, it's really the size of your lips which determines your age based on your physical appearance. From childhood until the age of about 30, it's safe to assume that your lips will maintain their size, but with aging they tend to deflate. But here's a hint: "Lip height" tends to be genetic, so take a peek at pictures of your mother and grandmother for a prediction of your own future. Of course, there are unnatural ways to elongate the time you'll be able to enjoy full lips, but don't get all Botox happy and inflate your lips to unrealistic sizes just to hold on to your youth. You don't want to get all Meg Ryan on those suckers. [Daily Mail] By Bianca Posterli for The Frisky
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  • Would You Date A Guy With Tattoo Glasses?

    Here's one to add to the book of epic bad tattoos-glasses on your face. To ask "whyyyyy?" at this point seems fruitless because clearly such a design could only be prompted by sheer insanity. But here's what we're really wondering ... how does he (apparently) have a girlfriend? If your boyfriend did this to himself, would you stay with him? Maybe the design is a symbol of being able to see his love more clearly? This dude must be some really, really, really special guy. On the inside. [Gawker]

    By Leonora Epstein for The Frisky
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  • Top 10 Fashion Trends Men Hate To See On Women

    We received a fun press release this morning! Some website called performed a "revealing new study" on 1,564 guys aged between 18 and 30, and found-surprise!-they have some mighty strong opinions about what not to wear when it comes to the ladies. (Interesting, because we have some ideas about what they should avoid dressing in, too!) If you're in the mood to enjoy some mighty entertaining revelations, click through to check out what dudes really hate to see you stepping out in.
    By Erin Flaherty for The Frisky.

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    Splash NewsSplash NewsRihanna Style, Period: Ooooh, diss! Three in 5 men labeled her the worst dressed celebrity of 2009. Funny, most women we know would have said she was the best. So Mars and Venus!

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  • 20 Most Ridiculous Fashion Inventions Ever

    We've all turned up our noses at passing fads and changed the channel during I'd-rather-die-than-wear-that infomercials, but we doubt you've ever seen accessories as outrageous as these before. From a contact lens that redefines the term "eye candy" to a bra that actually turns your ta-tas into "hea


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