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  • Five Kinda Lame Things Single Women Do That Are Actually Fun


    Last night, my guy was going to see Megan Fox's boobs (I mean, "Transformers 2"). One girlfriend wanted me to grab dinner and another wanted to see a movie.

    But the only thing I wanted to do was eat half a bag of potato chips for dinner, flip through Women's Health and paint my nails with a hot pink polish so bright it would blind a newborn.

    So you know what? That's what I did.

    Kinda lame, I know. But I had a really great relationship with myself for those two years that I was single and last night reminded me there's some kinda lame things single women do that are actually really fun.

    1. Eating Potato Chips And Onion Dip For Dinner: The stereotype is that bachelors are the poor souls heating up their nightly TV dinners. But some bachelorettes don't give a fig about cooking, either, and I was one of them. Eating a bag of Lays and homemade sour cream/onion soup dip for dinner was never something I was proud of. But I think I'd be even less proud if my horrified
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  • How To Initiate A Friendship


    You know that awkward stage between acquaintance and friend? That in flux place where you chat whenever you happen to run into each other but never make actual plans to see one another? I am there a lot. I meet someone and we hit it off, but then what? We become Facebook friends? How do you really turn a few fun chats at the coffee machine into an actual friendship? Well, luckily for you I have often been in new situations where I didn't know a single soul, so I have been forced to cast aside my shyness and forge ahead to build new friendships. Here are my tried and true techniques for turning a casual acquaintance into a friend…

    1. Ask Her Out For A Friend Date: This is truly terrifying, asking someone you don't know super well to make official plans. Scary as popping the question is, this by far the most effective technique for upping to the friend level. I don't mean you have to ask the potential friend to a fancy dinner, but suggest meeting up for coffee or a drink. Something
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  • Could These Heelless Shoes Be Any More Hideous?

    Raphael Young And His Hideous Heelless Shoes

    Raphael Young's uncle, Alexandre Narcy, spent the entirety of his working life designing shoes for Yves Saint Laurent. To this day, Narcy's influences can be seen in many of the classic YSL shapes. His nephew, however, didn't quite get the shoe design gene, as you can see from the monstrosity of an ankle boot above. We're all for going without heels every now and again, but these are just trying too hard to be clever, don't you think?

    Pointed, quilted, metallic and weird as hell, Young's heelless creations are a classic case of Too Much Going On and could definitely do with some paring down. Or maybe they're just beyond saving...what do you think? [Fashionologie]

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  • Eight Ways To Get Out Of Paying On A Date

    Eight Ways To Get Out Of Paying On A DateiStockphotoiStockphoto

    In these tough economic times, even the rules of who should pay for a date are uncertain. While we pretty much universally agree that dudes should foot the bill for the first excursion out, you can't always know if your date's going to agree, especially if he's lost his job or is watching his budget. And if it's date number two or more, you really can't count on a freebie. Blasted!

    But ladies, before you resign yourselves to a life of watching back-to-back episodes of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey," know that a packed calendar of fun-and free-dates can be had. You just have to be clever. Here are eight ways to get out of paying for a date.

    1. Suggest a restaurant that doesn't take American Express or Discover cards, and then wouldn't you know, you only have your Amex or Discover on you, oops! Catch you next time, love!
    2. After dinner, excuse yourself to go the bathroom, and let the waiter know your date wants the check. Take your time primping and washing your
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  • Girl Talk: Can You Regrow A Girlfriendship?

    Can You Regrow a Girl Friendship?iStockphotoiStockphoto

    I have been truly lucky in my life in terms of the quality of female friendships I have experienced. As much as I love being in a romantic relationship with a man, the love in a girl friendship is somehow much sweeter. I tenderly look back at the hours on the phone every night giggling and gossiping over a shared secret. I remember long summer evenings at summer camp on the screened-in porch playing jacks. I can't look at a piece of chocolate and not think back to the nights of gorging on Reese's Pieces and watching all six hours of the BBC's "Pride and Prejudice"… on VHS. Due to many circumstances, best girl friends have wandered in and out of my life for years. I moved, they moved, the event which brought us together ended-there are a myriad of reasons why a girl friendship can die a natural death. It is always a sad event, but when distance or time is the major culprit, these girl friendships often dissolve as innocently and seamlessly as they began.

    While I do

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  • Tough Love: Once A Cheater Always A Cheater

    lipstick on collariStockphotoiStockphoto

    There's this scene in "He's Just Not That Into You"-the point to which most Tough Love posts will eventually return-when Justin Long tells Ginnifer Goodwin that she's special, she's an exception to the rule. It's all very sweet and there's crying and hugging and a bit of kissing and that all distracts you for a moment from the fact that it's utter bulls**t.

    You see, you are not special and rule-defying, unique in your ability to change someone chronically terrible into a nice, devoted guy. This is not to say that you aren't special in other ways, merely that the expectation that you'd be able to subvert ages-old male behavioral patterns is quite a lot to ask of yourself. When you read it, this should seem fairly obvious. And yet I continue to field weepy calls and enraged emails from a whole slew of women absolutely shocked that their personal awesomeness wasn't enough to change a guy completely.

    Most mystifying of all are the girls who poach their boyfriends

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  • Lessons From A Year Of Celibacy

    Woman Who Was Celibate For A YeariStockphotoiStockphoto

    Could you go a year without sex? By choice? Taking a 12-month vow of chastity, writer Hephzibah Anderson did just that and wrote all about it for the U.K.'s The Guardian. Taking the vow shortly after another relationship ended, Anderson says: "I'd turned 30 a few months before taking my vow, and among other things was looking for a fresh way of pursuing love into that new decade," explaining, "I'd had enough sex without love; maybe it was time to look for love without sex?" For her, that meant a year of chastity. She writes:

    It was a drastic response, but in the weepy aftermath of one more failed liaison, that was what made it so appealing. My year would start not from the time I'd last had sex, but from the day I made my decision. After all, I've had dry spells that have lasted longer than 12 months. It was the choosing that was crucial. Might it change the kind of men I attracted and my response to them? Would it enable me to fall back in love with romance?

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  • Abstinence-Only Sex Ed Is Rebranding Its Message

    Bristol Palin and her baby TrippPeoplePeople

    If you're wondering who thought it was a good idea for Bristol Palin, pregnant at 17, to warn America's teens not to have sex until they're married, you're not alone.

    But it's hard to figure out what, exactly, the well-meaning adults who preach are "no sex until marriage" movement to teeangers are thinking, considering a 2007 study confirmed abstinence-only education does not work.

    Jessica Valenti, editor of and author of The Purity Myth: How America's Obsession With Virginity Is Hurting Young Women, has written a piece for The Nation about the groups that comprise what Valenti calls "the virginity movement" have finally realized they need new PR.

    Unfortunately, the abstinence preachers ideas to discourage teens from having sex of still don't make any sense.

    Even Bristol admitted abstinence until marriage is "not realistic." Fortunately, the Obama administration knows that, too, as it wants to cut most abstinence-only funding from the 2010

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  • Products That Promise Beach Hair In A Bottle

    beach hair beauty products

    Uh, we don't know what's going on in your neck of the woods, but here in NYC the weather gods have decided to piss on our summer fun. Literally. It's like living in London, except without all the fun double-decker buses and tea times. We're not getting to the beach anytime soon and we'd cry ourselves a river over it were it not for these products that at least let us pretend that we've been happily bopping around the beach. Put the wavy surfer-girl look back into your locks with these aids. Apply to damp hair, scrunch with your fingers, and allow your hair to dry naturally. If you're in a hurry, use a blow dryer with a diffuser, blowing hot air up into your locks.

    1. John Master's Sea Mist is organic, using real sea salt in the mixture to get an authentic texture. [$15.95,]
    2. Kusco-Murphy Beach Hair gained fame for its use on Sports Illustrated swimsuit models. Bamboo and other natural ingredients work to produce volume, texture, and strength. [$35,
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  • Fakin’ Bakin’: Products To Get Your Fake Tan On

    fake tan productsSephoraSephora

    There's nothing better than lying out on the beach, taking in some rays. You know what else is awesome? Skin cancer. Unfortunately modern science hasn't come up with a cure for the disease, yet science has come up with ways to get golden without the cancer. Here, some interesting products that aren't your average fake bake lotions:

    1. Serious tanners should get airbrush gun to get a glow head to toe. [$175, Fusion Beauty, Sephora]
    2. Dismay uneven application fears with a streak-free towelette. [$48, Kate Somerville, Sephora]
    3. From the famous spray-on chain, Mystic Tan, comes products you can use to get the professional glow at home. This one comes with a glove so you don't get your hands grody. [$38, Mystic Tan, Sephora]
    4. A towelette and glove in one makes things super easy. [$36, Model Co, Sephora]
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