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  • Waterproof Makeup That Will Stay Put!

    Summer is fabulous, but while we love splashing around under the hot sun, the makeup on our faces does not. If you're going to wear makeup to the beach, you better be sure it's going to stay on. There's nothing more unattractive, or uncomfortable, than dripping mascara, caked concealer, and sticky lip gloss smearing all over your face.To help you out, here's a list of our top water-friendly makeup picks, all of which will keep you looking fresh and fabulous, even while riding the waves. Hang ten to that!

    1. Benetint This paint-on color functions as both a cheek and lip stain. It gives a natural looking flush, and not only is it waterproof, it's kiss-proof too! [$28, Benefit]
    2. Powerpoint Eye Pencil This long-lasting liner comes in a rainbow of shimmering colors, and it's perfect for summer splashing...or a depressing movie. [$14.50, MAC Cosmetics]
    3. Lights, Camera, Splashes! Waterproof Mascara Like the decorative packaging implies, this mascara is great for the
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  • What’s So Wrong With A Woman Being Selfish?

    What's Wrong With A Woman Being Selfish?iStockphotoiStockphoto

    There's no better way to get everybody fighting than to bring up the "having kids" or "not having kids" debate. The so-called "mommy wars" are a surefire way to make everybody defensive!

    But the discussion gets the nastiest and most infuriating when women with kids accuse women sans kids of being "selfish"-which happened repeatedly in the comment section when I posted a joke-y list last week-"10 Reads Not To Have Kids Now...Or Ever"-which was pegged to Cameron Diaz talking about childless women.

    Frankly, I was surprised some commenters even went there with the word "selfish." After all, isn't one of the upshots of feminism supposed to be that women have more choices than ever before and each of us is free to do what makes us happy?

    Let me be clear: I respect whatever other women choose to do because I'd want them to respect what I choose to do. Kids, no kids, puppies, iguanas, I don't care what your choice is. But I do care about the kind of judgments us

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  • Dating Don’ts: How NOT To Settle

    Don't Settle In A Relationship

    When I questioned a friend about why she was marrying a guy whom she found only mildly attractive, didn't enjoy having sex with and wasn't in love with, she told me this: "Marriage isn't about love, it's about finding the person who gets on your nerves the least."

    I recall being both horrified and saddened by her cynicism. But as I pondered it further, I wondered if she might have a point. I was single at the time. A long-term relationship had gone bust a few years earlier and after a hyper-extended mourning period I'd been dating a seemingly non-stop parade of utterly unsuitable suitors.

    Among many others, there was the semi-psychotic Eastern-European sculptor, the much-younger scientist-type, the guy who still lived with his girlfriend, and the non-committal bike messenger with substance-abuse issues.

    So when I met a seemingly normal finance guy who took me out for expensive dinners and drove me around in his BMW, I talked myself into giving it a go. He wasn't super

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  • Girl Talk: The Two Kinds Of Single Woman

    Two Varieties Of Single WomeniStockphoto

    In January, I left a live-in relationship after three years. The experience was all the sad adjectives you can imagine. But after the sobbing spells and the heavy drinking, the fog lifted-I was finally single again for the first time since after I graduated college.

    Naturally, I expected my single friends to react with equal doses of giddy glee. For the record, I'm not the kind of girl who ditches my ladies when I'm dating someone. But lots of time does free up when you become single.

    As for my coupled-up chums, I expected sad stares. They probably thought I was doomed for spinsterhood after leaving my longest relationship at age 27. "But don't you want to get married and have kids?" I imagined them asking. When I'd respond, "Not right now," they'd ignore me and say, "I know someone who'd be perfect for you!"

    But that didn't happen. My taken gals were as supportive as my sturdiest Victoria's Secret bra.

    "I don't worry about you," my best friend, who is getting

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  • Nipple Non Grata: Bring Out The Boobs

    Covering Up Nipples In

    Everyone has got nipples, but not everyone can show them. Dudes, even ones with man boobs and Mormons, can pose for pics shirtless. Now, when a woman goes topless, the tits have hit the fan! As our own editor Amelia has shown, you've got to cover nips with Photoshopped on pasties-then and only then, is she the portrait of modesty by American standards. But does digitally removing some nipples truly desexualize a naked lady? That's exactly what photography team Loreffrey set to find out in their series Nipple Non Grata.

    Loreffrey took topless photos of some pretty banging babes. Then they simply skin-toned over the nipples in each shot, so the boobies were intact, just sans centers. There is that better?

    But seriously folks, what's in the little (or gigantic, depending) pink circle that is so dirty, so raunchy, so freaky mcnasty? Let's look at actual the fleshy part of the boob: it's got the stretch marks, the varicose veins, the fat pudges, and the floppage.

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  • Wife Hates That Her Husband Jerks Off Twice A Day

    Wife Hates That Her Husband Jerks Off Twice A DayiStockphotoiStockphoto

    What would you do if your significant other masturbated twice a day? Would you be upset? Grossed out? Concerned? Or would you not care? Slate's "Dear Prudence" heard from a man whose wife was upset by his twice daily masturbation habit and, I have to say, I'm not sure how I feel about her advice.

    "Illicit Self-Lover" writes:

    "I have been married for seven years, but I am still troubled by how to speak openly about masturbation with my spouse. I masturbate pretty much every morning after getting up and every evening before I go to bed, unless I think my wife and I will make love. The problem is that my wife sees my masturbation as a declaration that she does not please me, which is not true. I enjoy our lovemaking, and I'd prefer to make love to her as often as I masturbate; she's simply not interested in doing it that often. (Believe me, I've tried.) Moreover, she complains that I "take too long" and says she would be more willing if I were "normal" and

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  • Bust Up Gum Boosts The Size Of Your Boobies

    Bust Up Gum claims to make your boobies biggerGet Bust Up GumGet Bust Up Gum

    A-cups, rejoice! Pop a piece of Bust Up Gum , which claims to increase bust size, and get the boobs of your dreams! And pigs can fly and Lindsay Lohan is going to get her act together. Sorry, this product sounds like the sort of thing only encountered on the Hogwarts Express. In the minor defense of the makers of Bust Up Gum, the creators at least went through the pretense of making a brilliant scientific discovery. They included fancy schmancy ingredients and all: Maltitol, Lactitol, Hydrogenated Glucose Syrup, and Pueraria. So, I guess this won't work for you if you are into organic or that natural food business, but whatevs, you can't have everything. Oh, but a a few notes of caution. The label recommends popping at least six tablets per day and also advises that you should not consume during pregnancy, breastfeeding, menstruation, or if you have been diagnosed with medical conditions of the ovaries, uterus, or breast. Oh, also, consuming in large amounts may

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  • Dealbreaker: The Polyamorous Guy

    Polyamory, Dating A Polyamorous GuyiStockphotoiStockphoto

    I am 30 years old, single, and have been that way for a while. As I approached the big 3-0, starting around mid-28, I began to panic about my singlehood, asking myself some tough questions: "What am I doing wrong?" "Are my standards are too high?" "Do I have too much baggage?" I made a new dating motto for myself: "No guy left behind," ensuring that all dudes got a chance. This equal opportunity dating model led me straight into the jaws of a string of freaks, losers, liars, a-holes, guys with girlfriends, and one very, er…unique guy I'll call H.

    It was one month before my 30th birthday when I met H at a work event. At first I was convinced he was gay (maybe it was the white canvas topsiders and linen pants?), but when he continued to flirt with me and asked me for my number, I played along. I didn't find him particularly compelling, but I reminded myself of my motto and…30 was fast approaching. So what if he wore linen?

    When we met for a drink, I hugged him

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  • What Do You Do If Your Boyfriend Becomes A Smoker?

    What happens when a guy your already involved with starts smoking?iStockphotoiStockphoto

    My boyfriend just came back from a semester abroad in Paris-and he came back a smoker. I am not a smoker. Never have been, never will be. I couldn't smoke during high school as I was dancing professionally for an opera company, and by the time I got to college it just didn't seem like a big deal anymore. Smoking has just never really been on my radar; I know it's bad for you, obviously, but I don't feel the need to go protest outside Phillip Morris.

    I've never dated a smoker because I never liked a guy that did smoke. I am not sure if it's because I don't like smokers, or none of the guys I was into happened to smoke, or if there is any difference between the two. Maybe if they had smoked I wouldn't have been attracted? Impossible to know. All of that has changed now.

    My boyfriend and I are living together for the first time...with my parents in an NYC apartment, so it was going to be an interesting summer no matter what. When I went to visit him in Paris he had

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  • Contact Lenses Gives You Anime Eyes

    Anime Eye Contact LensGEO LensGEO Lens

    Boyfriend into Japanese cartoons? Then he'll love you in these extra-wide contact lenses from GEO Lens. The lenses sounded innocuous enough at first, but after two seconds of moderate internet investigation, I learned that the lenses primary function are to give your eyes the appearance of an anime character. WTF? The lenses are not only tinted unnatural colors, but are heavily tinted beyond the normal rim of your eye, into the the shape of anime-eyes. So all you have to do is pop a pair into your peepers and you are good to go do...well, whatever it is that anime characters do. Now if dating a guy with an anime fetish is questionable, making yourself look like an anime character is unquestionably bizarre. I shouldn't judge-whatever you do in the privacy of your own home is your business. I will try not to pass judgment if looking like an anime character keeps things steamy in the bedroom. To each her own. I will, however, stare and/or laugh if I see you walking on the

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