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  • 12 Signs He’ll Be Bad In Bed

    Bad Sexual Abilities SignsiStockphoto

    We've talked about how you can tell the size of a guy's penis before sampling the goods, but how can you tell how he's gonna be in bed before doing the deed? Oh, I'm so glad you asked! Women - and men - the world over have had to learn the hard way (or, as the case may be, the not so hard way) that their new guy doesn't have it going on between the sheets. Now you can be spared their agony! After the jump, 12 signs you know he'll be bad in bed (without even taking your clothes off).

    1. He still sleeps in a single bed.
    2. He has bad breath.
    3. He owns "Star Wars" bedding.
    4. When he kisses you, the only part of his body that moves is his tongue.
    5. He has fuzzy dice or a mini disco ball hanging from the rearview mirror in his car.
    6. He can't maintain eye contact with you.
    7. He never misses a day of working out.
    8. You've been out with him four times and he hasn't made a move yet.
    9. He eats with his fingers.
    10. He constantly brags about his sexual prowess.
    11. He
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  • Dealbreaker: The Carbon Copy

    Dating Essay About Dating Your TwiniStockphotoiStockphoto

    Everyone knows that there are lots of fish in the sea. Some fish travel in schools and enjoy the security of being identical to their underwater neighbors. I always preferred the beta fish, however; colorful and unique, the beta fish swims alone and exudes individuality. Just like the beta fish that attacks any gilled creature that resembles his reflection, Carbon Copy and I were doomed from the start. The pond simply was not big enough for the both of us.

    When I first saw him in the bookstore on an ordinary Monday afternoon, I wrote the lad off as a flirtatious stranger. At first I believed to be experiencing my first case of déjà vu. The man appeared eerily familiar yet I could not place him. After three hours of perusing the travel books together he casually mentioned that he was an INFJ (a personality type from the Myers-Brigg Type Indicator). I looked at him in disbelief. Not only was he knowledgeable about psychology (my college major) but we shared the rarest

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  • All My Friends Are Getting Married, And I’m, Well, Not Even Close

    I'm OK with being single when all my friends are getting engaged.iStockphotoiStockphoto

    In the last month or so, three of my close friends have gotten engaged. Meanwhile, I haven't had a serious relationship for three years. For some reason, whenever I tell people that another one of my pals has a ring on her finger, they get a sad, sympathetic look on their face, like they're afraid I might start crying or go into a deep depression. They shouldn't be concerned, though, because I'm not the least bit jealous.

    It's not because I'm against marriage or men or love that I don't care that my friends are engaged and I'm not. In fact, I couldn't be happier that things have worked out for them. I'm close with all of their fiances, and the couples have been together so long that it was only a matter of time before they tied the knot.

    In all three cases, my friends had always said they would get married "someday" and talked about it amorphously. They might have moved in with their boyfriends and gotten a dog together, but they never felt they'd get engaged any

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  • Beauty Tips For Stealing The Bride’s Show

    Kate Bosworth at Met BallSplash NewsSplash News

    You can't wear a white dress to a wedding. It's just not a subtle enough method for stealing the show. Turn up at the ceremony wearing a floor-length cream silk number, and suddenly everyone's muttering insults about how you're the "Inappropriate One." Instead, walk in looking a level of gorgeous that diverts attention without being completely trashy. Kate Bosworth's Met Ball hair and makeup (and dress) absolutely slaughtered the competition, and we show you how to steal her look after the jump.

    The Hair: It's old Hollywood without being too fussy and we really couldn't love it any more than we do.

    1. Wash hair, spritz roots with volumizing tonic (like this one), part to one side, and blow dry straight, starting at the roots for volume.
    2. Using a wide barrel curling iron, wrap sections-about one-inch wide-around the iron, getting as close to the roots as you can and holding it there for five to ten seconds. Spray each chunk lightly with styling spray like this one
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  • Five Beauty Treatments You Should Spend Your Money OniStockphotoiStockphoto

    Times are tough and women are looking for ways to cut back. We at The Frisky are determined to bring you the best budget beauty out there, but we are also not going to lie to you: some things you just can't skimp on. You may never notice the difference between a CoverGirl and a Chanel lipstick but there are certain beauty products and treatments where you will. So save yourself some medical danger and grief and read our five beauty treatments we beg you to fork over the dough for.

    1. Face Lifts and Other Cosmetic Surgeries: Plastic surgery is a hot-button issue for good reason. There are potential risks and complications, steep price tags and some gals just plain don't believe in them. We won't pass judgment on whether you should or shouldn't go under the knife, but we will give you a very stern talking to if you do so carelessly or on the cheap. If you are going get some work done, do so responsibly and do your homework. The old catchphrase "if it seems to good to be
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  • Dating Don’ts: How To Get Through A Friendship Breakup

    Friendship Breakups How To Deal

    Recently, I discovered that one of my best friends had ditched me after I logged onto Facebook and found her profile had disappeared from my page. We'd been having problems that had culminated in a huge argument the day before, but I figured we'd get through it. I figured wrong.

    Still, being given the heave-ho by way of a social networking site? My first reaction was to laugh. I mean, we're adults. Unfriending me seemed tantamount to toilet-papering my locker or scribbling my phone number on the boy's locker room wall.

    We had been close for well over a decade. We supported each other through parental deaths, and together we'd bitched and moaned about men for untold hours. I loved her amazing daughter-buying that little girl Christmas presents was the highlight of my holidays. Suddenly, that was all gone. Suddenly, I wasn't laughing. I was crying.

    We know what to do when boyfriends dump us: sob. We eat everything in the house or take to our beds and refuse all sustenance.

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  • Chrysalis: Cashing In On Your Quarter-Life Crisis

    Quarter-Life CrisisiStockphotoiStockphoto

    Many months ago I wrote a column about Restless Life Syndrome, a name I borrowed from an advice column on Salon to describe the phenomenon of, well, feeling restless in one's life - of consciously or unconsciously searching for greater meaning through a series of often meaningless jobs, relationships, and purchases. In my piece I wrote that Restless Life Syndrome is another name for a variety of trendy "phenomenons" like the quarter-life crisis, Saturn Return, mid-life crisis, and empty-nest syndrome, and this restlessness so many of us feel at some point isn't so much a product of one's age, but of life in general.

    The semantics in the questions we ask ourselves from one stage of our lives to the next may change, but the intention behind them is always the same: "What do we need to live our most enriched, fulfilled, and happiest lives?" As I wrote in my first column on Restless Life Syndrome - and what I maintain now - is there isn't a quick answer to the question

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  • Beauty Tips For Daytime Weddings

    Daytime wedding makeupAPAP

    If you show up at a daytime wedding caked in makeup with a prom-style updo, you're going to look like a moron. There, we said it. Daytime weddings aren't always casual, but they're definitely more chill than nighttime weddings. Your hair and makeup should match the minimal-fuss attitude of the event. After the jump, we tell you how to get model Jacquetta Wheeler's smartly laid-book look.

    The Hair: It's nearly summer, meaning you're about to be sweating--excuse me, glistening-like a beast. Keep that in mind when planning your hair style, particularly if the wedding is taking place outdoors. (No one wants princess curls falling sloppily all over your face.) A simple updo like the one pictured above is pretty, easy, and a welcome break from long hair that may not fare so well in the heat.

    1. To get the look, blow out your hair completely haphazardly. You don't want super-straight perfection. Volume and a bit of wave are totally welcome.
    2. The easiest way to create body at the
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  • 10 Ways To Throw A Bridal Shower That Doesn’t Suck

    Ten Tips On Planning A Non-Fussy, Actually Fun Bridal ShoweriStockphotoiStockphoto

    When I got engaged about a week ago, the questions, inevitably, came pouring in: What's the date? Where are you registered? Are you planning a shower? My answers were: No idea, I'm not, I'd rather be attacked by a hive of angry bees with no EpiPen nearby. People were aghast. No shower?! Why wouldn't you want a shower? It's a party in your honor! Espresso machines as gifts! Enough wine glasses to last through forty years of snapped stems! Expensive-ish linens!

    So, I surveyed a group of friends about the shower phenomenon-some of them had been through their own showers, others who had been forced to buck up and attend about 84908923290123 of them like me. Here's what I thought (and they agreed) would make a bridal shower vaguely tolerable, brides listen up!

    1. Co-ed Party: Guests arrive, throw gifts in the corner and act like it's just another cocktail party. This was something 99 percent of my (very scientific) survey respondents got behind. Share the pain between
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  • Top Ten Bad Date Behaviors

    Bad Date BehaviorsiStockphoto

    We've talked a lot on The Frisky about first dates and what not to do on them, but apparently not everyone is taking our advice. A recent article in the Daily Mail claims that first date behavior has gotten so bad that at least a third of all 18 million first dates in the U.K. end in "disaster." The writer never explains what qualifies a date as a disaster, but in my experience, hoping for a sudden natural disaster to relieve you of his company is a pretty good indicator it sucks. To find out what's going on to make all these first dates so terrible, an online dating firm called polled 1,300 singles about their behavior. After the jump, the top ten bad dating behaviors they discovered.

    1. Entrances & Exits

    "On average, 30 per cent of men and 48 per cent of women admitted to turning up late for a first date, with one in ten women keeping the man waiting for 30 minutes or more. However, 12 per cent of women and 6 per cent of men admitted to taking advantage of

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