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    E! has tapped into women's two most important goals in life - looking pretty and getting hitched - for a new reality show called "Bridalplasty." Weddingplanning and plastic surgery, what more could a gal want? Brides will make a "wish list" of plastic surgery procedures they desire before the most important day of their lives. The winner of a wedding-themed challenge, like writing vows or planning a honeymoon, gets to choose one procedure from her wish list as her prize with the results revealed at the beginning of the next show.

    The Frisky: 7 Biggest Relationship Mistakes You Can Make

    The lucky grooms of these well-balanced ladies will not see the results until they lift the veil at the altar right before they exchange "I dos!" Because, really, if a man is going to latch onto the ol' ball-and-chain for life, at least it should be pert, unwrinkled, and incapable of displaying emotion? Amirite?

    The Frisky: 30 Things Every Woman Should Quit Doing By 30

    The same

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  • By John DeVore

    A recent study by British hotel chain Travelodge has found that 25 percent of men take teddy bears on the road with them when they travel for business. These men report that their stuffed animals remind them of home and the significant others they have to leave behind. This is a shocking survey to many, who believe that grown men shouldn't tote around stuffed animals, as it betrays certain masculine gender rules. For one, men snuggle as a means to an end. Men snuggle in order to procure sex, or as payment for services rendered. Men are also encouraged to put away childish things more than women or, at least, their toys aren't supposed to look like toys. Women are rewarded for holding on to the virginal innocence of youth, which comes in handy when raising a child. This is all completely ridiculous, of course.

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    When it comes to stuffed animals, the only difference between women and men is that women

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  • Pregnancy Denial: A Horrifying Mental Illness

    Every once in a while, you read a horrifying story about a mom who smothers her baby or throws her newborn in a dumpster. Some experts are saying that there is a mental illness that could lead to this behavior-pregnancy denial. They say pregnancy denial is a "quasi-schizophrenic condition" where a woman either cannot fathom or accept that she is pregnant. The level of denial is so strong that they do not ever talk to their spouse or see a gynecologist about the pregnancy. And they certainly would never consider an abortion because they simply do not believe they are pregnant. "These women are so convinced pregnancy is impossible that once the child they never wanted arrives, they don't accept it as real and get rid of it to restore order to what they believe is nonpregnant reality," a gynecologist who is an expert on the condition says.

    The Frisky: 15 Things Women Confess They're Really Insecure About

    This issue is getting a lot of press at the moment in France, where there

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  • 30 Things Every Woman Should Quit Doing By 30


    Here on The Frisky we've talked a lot about things every woman should do - or, at least know how to do - by the time she turns 30, but until now we haven't focused too much on the no-nos for women after 30. Read on for 30 things every women should stop doing once she turns 30...

    1. Buying clothes from the junior section.

    2. Forgetting her parents' birthdays.

    3. Making out with her BFFs at bars for attention.

    4. Making out with her boyfriend at bars for attention.

    5. Filling her bed with stuffed animals (really, even one is too many).

    The Frisky: 8 Celebrity Dudes Describe Their Dream Women

    6. Carrying a torch for anyone she hasn't seen in the last five years.

    7. Rebelling against her parents for the sake of rebelling against her parents.

    8. Declaring an entire gender "all jerks."

    9. Holding a grudge against anyone who wronged her in high school.

    10. Skipping regular gyno exams.

    The Frisky: 10 Signs He's Really Into You

    11. Going to

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  • 4 Myths About Women That Just Aren’t True

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    As women, we hear a lot about what we should and shouldn't do to our bodies. Drink this much water, take x-amount of these vitamins, or stay away from certain foods ... it's so confusing! What's a girl to do? Can you get pregnant while you're on your period? Do antibiotics decrease the effectiveness of birth control? An article on LiveScience debunks the rumors so we can finally get it straight. Check out four myths-and one truth-all women need to know.

    1. You can't get pregnant while you're on your period. False! It's unlikely you'll get pregnant, but it's still a possibility. According to the article, you can ovulate during menstruation, meaning sex during your period is not fool-proof! Be careful.

    30 Things Every Woman Should Quit Doing By 30

    2. Menopause decreases your sex drive. Nope! Other things caused by menopause, like hot flashes, may keep women from getting in the mood, but there is no direct link between menopause and sex drive. Don't worry, ladies-your mojo

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  • 20 Things That Make A Man

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    On last night's episode of "My Boys," the character of Bobby got a little obsessed with what actually makes a "real man" and he enlisted all his friends to undertake 100 tasks that a man should be able to do. An interest in Nascar is not really my idea of manliness, but there are some qualities and abilities that are. Here are 20 things that make a man, according to us Frisky editors. Care to add another 20 more?

    1. He's always polite to your parents to their faces, but just with you he agrees they're bonkers.

    2. He kills the spider ... or at least catches it and puts it outside.

    3. He's not afraid for you to see him cry.

    4. He knows women love Don Draper because Don Draper is smoking hot, not because we actually want to date an adulterous alcoholic leading a double life.

    5. He never calls anyone a "f-- ."

    The Frisky: 8 Celebrity Dudes Describe Their Dream Women

    6. He does the premenstrual tampons-and-Ben-&-Jerry's run.

    7. He lets you have the last

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  • 8 Totally Inappropriate Celebrity Engagements

    Inappropriate Celeb EngagementsSplash News

    Gross-out of the day: Hulk Hogan's ex-wife Linda just got engaged to her 21-year-old boyfriend Charlie Hill! And the kicker-he was her son Nick's friend. Linda's daughter Brooke has said the relationship freaks her out. "I personally don't like it at all or condone it, but she's my mom, so I have to show her support," Brooke said. "I went to school with him. He was a grade under me. Me and Nick know him well." They plan on getting married on Linda's new yacht, which is aptly named "Alimoney." I'm not sure which part of this story is worse, but one thing's for sure: this is one inappropriate celebrity engagement! [PopEater]

    But for fun, we've rounded up a few others.

    Inappropriate Celeb EngagementsSplash NewsOne of the most obviously inappropriate engagements (and subsequent marriage) was between Woody Allen and his adopted stepdaughter Soon-Yi Previn. He was still with Mia Farrow when she found nude photos of Soon-Yi in his things. Ick. [L.A. Times]

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  • 8 Celebs Who Stayed With Their Pre-Fame Loves

    8 Celebs Who Stayed With Their Pre-Fame LovesSplash News

    It's super cute when famous people have long and happy relationships with people they met before they made it. That's why we were kind of OK with T.I. marrying Tameka "Tiny" Cottle last Friday in Miami. They've dated off and on for eight years and already have two kids together, so it's pretty obvious they aren't jumping into things. [People]

    In celebration of marrying a normal person you've known for a while, we rounded up a few other celebs who've taken this path.

    The Frisky: 6 Steps For Making A Man Fall Madly In Love

    8 Celebs Who Stayed With Their Pre-Fame LovesSplash NewsEric Bana met publicist Rebecca Gleeson in 1995 and they got married two years later. Two kids and much fame later, they're as happy as ever. Bana said recently, "We definitely laugh together every day. And I don't mean chuckle-I can make her really laugh. I think love can come fairly easily and grow-but really liking the core essence of someone is a much harder thing to bottle. If you have both, you're in pretty good shape." I just got weepy. [People]

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  • 12 Female Celebs With Hideous Movie Hair

    12 Female Celebs With Hideous Movie HairSplash NewsPart of the big-time payday for a major motion picture is agreeing to whatever hideous hair may await you in your trailer. Last week, we showed you the men with the worst movie hair of all time. Now, Michelle Williams has inspired us to look at the ladies. Here, she ponders her awful wig in the upcoming film "Take this Waltz."
    12 Female Celebs With Hideous Movie HairNewmarket FilmsI was as terrified of Charlize Theron's mullet as I was of the serial killer she portrayed in "Monster." Just imagine, that poor woman had to put that mangy contraption on her head every day. She deserved that Oscar.

    The Frisky: 4 Myths About Women That Just Aren't True

    12 Female Celebs With Hideous Movie HairWarner BrosI know it was the '80s but Sarah Jessica Parker's hair in "Sex and the City 2" is just wrong.

    12 Female Celebs With Hideous Movie HairSplash NewsKristen Stewart had better run and hide until her "Runaways" hack job grows back.

    The Frisky: Woman Finds Photos On Facebook Of Her Husband Marrying Another Woman-Or Did She?

    12 Female Celebs With Hideous Movie HairColumbia PicturesDemi Moore got crimper-crazy in "St. Elmo's Fire."

    12 Female Celebs With Hideous Movie HairUniversalCameron Diaz rocked a big frizzy disaster in "Being John Malkovich."

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  • Stars Who Play The Same Role Over And Over

    The best actors and actresses are capable of playing roles so varied that they're incapable of being typecast-Meryl Streep, Kate Winslet, Cate Blanchett, Sean Penn, Daniel Day-Lewis, etc. Then there are those actors who play the same role over and over again-one that weirdly resembles them in real life. Keep clicking to see the 10 stars who rarely stretch their acting abilities beyond what they see in the mirror.

    Stars Who Play The Same Role Over And Over

    Jennifer Aniston
    The Role: Almost always "unlucky in love," Aniston routinely plays a somewhat dry-witted, fickle, but good-hearted Average Jane who ultimately finds Mr. Right. Oh, and her hair is always perfect.
    Seen In: "Rumor Has It," "The Break-Up," "He's Just Not That Into You," "Picture Perfect," "Along Came Polly," "The Object of My Affection," "Management," "Love Happens," "The Bounty Hunter," "The Switch."
    Exception: "The Good Girl," in which Aniston plays a woman who is sad. The film was so well-written and subtle that her talents were able to shine.

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