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  • 5 Online Dating Flags that You Should Ignore

    By Laurie Davis

    Author of Love @ First Click

    Paying attention to your "spidey" sense helps when looking for love online. But sometimes your gut instinct may be wrong. Learn which red flags are worth a second look. From Love @ First Click: The Ultimate Guide to Online Dating.

    • Forty-plus, never been married. Most of my female clients believe that men older than forty who have never been married are commitment-phobes, and they prefer to date men who are divorced or widowed instead. While some people of both sexes are avoiding the big white wedding, the majority I meet are genuine about wanting to find love. Assuming that guys in this category are damaged goods and dismissing them means you could miss out on The One.

    • Wants kids? Most sites provide several options when it comes to wanting children: definitely want, want someday, maybe want, and so on. Many of my male clients, particularly those who are older than thirty-five, filter out women who don't say "definitely."

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  • 9 Budget Beauty Tips from Clinton Kelly

    By Clinton Kelly
    Author of Freakin' Fabulous on a Budget

    Here's how to look like a million bucks with simple grooming techniques anyone can do.

    A well-groomed, perfectly arched set that frames your face is the most important thing a woman can do for herself. A shaggy pair can bring your whole look tumbling down. I've run into friends whom I have not seen in ages and gasped with pleasure at their fabulous appearances. And it's always the eyebrows. They just make the rest of you look sensational. Go to a professional shaper. Have her set the stage and you can maintain from there, splurging on occasional touchups. There is not a gal on Park Avenue who hasn't memorized the cell number of her eyebrow guru.

    2. SMILE! Oy. I think you have a little escargot stuck in your front tooth. Très uncouth. People with expensive tastes and the bank accounts to back them up would never spend a minute with food in their teeth or have red-wine-stained chompers.

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  • Couples Who Team Up Have Better Weight-Loss Success

    By Thomas N. Bradbury
    Author of Love Me Slender

    It's still early in 2014, but for many of us there has already been enough time for our New Year's resolutions to weaken. The threat is especially great for those of us whose resolutions involve losing or maintaining our weight. After weeks of holiday feasting, resisting temptation seemed possible, even refreshing. After a relaxing holiday break, getting to the gym more often seemed like a noble goal. But it only takes a few days before our usual habits call to us again, and it can be daunting to imagine the rest of the year resisting the call of the couch, the siren song of sugary snacks.

    The formula for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is actually pretty simple. Most of us would benefit from cutting back on carbs, salt, and sugary drinks, eating more fruits and vegetables, and burning more calories. But national statistics suggest that simply knowing that we have to eat right and move more does not solve the problem.

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  • 10 Tips for New Runners

    By Alexandra Heminsley
    Author of Running Like a Girl

    For those who are considering running, here are 10 things I wish I had known when I started. Much of it was advice from my father (a marathoner) that took a while to sink in.

    1) Lacing up and leaving the house is the hardest moment of any run. You never regret it once you are en route. (Length of time ignored: one year.)

    2) Nothing is ever as bad as your first run. No other run will induce that level of fear and pain. There are legions of people who believe that every run will feel like that first time. It never does.

    3) Cover your feet in Vaseline each time you run for longer than about fifteen minutes. Not only will it stop blisters-especially if it rains-but it will mean deliciously moisturized feet on your return. (Length of time ignored: two years.)

    4) Running in the rain is not perilous but, actually, quite good fun. It proves the adage about there being no such thing as the wrong weather, just the wrong

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  • Detox 101: Separating Fact from Fiction

    By Susan Blum
    Author of The Immune System Recovery Plan

    Detox and cleanse programs have become the latest rage for quick weight loss and a boost in energy. Celebrities carry their green juices everywhere, and magazines run articles promoting rapid weight loss and perfect skin. But many of these juice-based programs are big on promises with little basis in science.

    Here, I will help you learn the difference between fad diets and detox that is medically proven to work.

    What is a detox program?
    We are all exposed to toxins in our lives, and nature gave us this wonderful built-in detox organ called the liver. However, your liver can get fatigued trying to keep up with the chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides, and plastics that, despite your best efforts, are coming into your body every day. A detox program is a lifestyle program that helps you rid your body of toxins by supporting your liver. A good program should focus on 3 things: food, supplements, and cleaning up your

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  • Target Area Weight Reduction is Possible

    By Dr. Mike Moreno
    Author of The 17 Day Diet Breakthrough Edition

    Excuse me while I tiptoe across the minefield of "spot reduction," because it's a controversial topic. You've probably heard your whole dieting life that you can't spot reduce. Well, there are ways you can spot reduce. One way is through exercising, and I base my opinion in science.

    In 2006, researchers from the University of Denmark in Copenhagen took a group of guys and had them do leg extensions with a light weight on one leg only for 30 minutes straight. They did not exercise the other leg. Next, the researchers assessed blood flow to fat cells in both the exercised and resting legs, and they quantified the amount of fat released from fat cells in the legs.

    Interesting: The exercised leg had a big surge in blood flow to it and a greater fat release, compared to the resting leg. So basically, the repetitive exercising for 30 minutes in one leg triggered the release of fat from that leg.

    These results

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  • Blake Lively's Intoxicating Detoxification Juice Recipe

    Sweet, bitter, mild, and fresh - this drink marries many tastes into one beautifully proportioned, and completely addicting, combination. From The Juice Generation: 100 Recipes for Fresh Juices and Superfood Smoothies by Eric Helms.

    I fancy myself as a foodie, because man, oh man, do I love to eat. I come from a Southern family, so my taste leans more toward butter and sugar than veggies; if they're battered in cornmeal and fried, then I'm in! Growing up, I was interested in creative preparations of vegetables that were able to mask their flavor. Then a few years ago, I had a juice that changed it all for me-a mix that's better than any po' boy you'll ever eat. The vegetables in their purest form are refreshing and palate cleansing, while the sweet notes of the fruits and mint make it both quenching and intoxicating. Now I can get my dose of veggies in a delicious way and feel proud doing it. And boy, does is counter the guilt I feel when pulling out the ice cream.-Blake Lively,

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  • Why You Need a Flu Shot Right Now

    Did you know the flu creates an inflammatory storm that can potentially increase your lifetime risk for obesity, heart attack, strokes, or cancer? This doctor's advice: Get your flu shot! From A Short Guide to a Long Life by David B. Agus.

    If you could take an inexpensive pill once a year that would help prevent all forms of cancer and has zero side effects, you'd probably consider it. Well, that's what a flu shot has the potential to do. It's a simple annual vaccine that will go a long way in protecting you from getting terribly sick for days, if not weeks, during which you cannot work, focus, fulfill your household duties, hang out with family members and friends, and enjoy life as usual. But immunizing yourself against influenza isn't just about beating the flu. A mere one to two weeks of an inflammatory storm, which is what will take place in your body if you contract the flu, can harm you in ways that increase your lifetime risk for obesity and many illnesses, including heart

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  • Smartphone Etiquette for the Holidays

    Let's face it, our lives are run by our cell phones. From checking email to taking pictures to making calls we are all connected at all times. Despite this abundant functionality, sometimes, especially when you're trying to enjoy time with friends and family, technology can be annoying. From Secrets of an Organized Mom by Barbara Reich.

    Don't let your holidays become overrun by relatives texting while you open gifts. Follow these rules to have a disconnected holiday season:

    If you're hosting the holidays, you make the rules. Let your guests know your expectations. For example, if you'd like your guests to turn off their phones during dinner, you need to make that clear when they arrive.

    If you'd like to host a smartphone-free holiday gathering, you need to designate a place for phones, just as you need a place for guests to leave their coats. If you'd like guests to leave their phone at the door, consider setting up a power strip for charging so when people are ready to leave

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  • The 7 Most Dangerous Food Dyes to Avoid

    How do they make boxed mac 'n cheese look like it's actually made with real cheese? Here are which food dyes to avoid, and why, from 1 Pound a Day: The Martha's Vineyard Diet Detox and Plan for a Lifetime of Healthy Eating by Roni DeLuz and James Hester.

    Food colorings are made from coal tar and petrochemicals. How unappetizing could an ingredient be? Some food colorings are carcinogenic and can affect enzymes. The European Union has labeling regulations for informing consumers of the health risks of these additives, but the United States does not. Food coloring is used in energy bars, cereal, beverages, candy, baked goods, jams, macaroni and cheese, deli meats, puddings, condiments, ice cream, sherbet, fast food. They are also used on meat and fish to make them appear fresher. There are seven colorings for which you should be on the lookout:

    Red #3: is what gives the maraschino cherries in canned fruit salad such intense color. It has caused thyroid cancer in animal studies.

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