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  • Is Your Morning Coffee Killing Your Fertility Chances?

    Drinking more than one caffeinated beverage a day can have a negative impact on women who are trying to increase their fertility. Learn more from Jessica Porter of The MILF Diet: Let the Power of Whole Foods Transform Your Body, Mind, and Spirit... Deliciously!

    Caffeine messes with fertility. According to a Danish study, drinking even small amounts of coffee affects the ability to conceive. Women in the study who consumed more than the equivalent of one cup of coffee per day were half as likely to become pregnant, per cycle, as women who drank less. The more a woman drank, the lower her chances for becoming pregnant. Studies also show that coffee drinking increases the risk of miscarriage.

    Let's examine this: Could it be that the relaxed receptivity that is characteristic of our womanhood flies out the window when we're jacked up on the joe? It's well understood that stress affects our ability to climax, can interrupt our menstrual cycles, and can even stop a labor, so why

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  • Gabby Reece's 9 Simple Ways to Be Healthy (Without Dieting)

    By Gabrielle Reese
    Author of My Foot Is Too Big For The Glass Slipper

    Like most other women in the first world, I'm aware of my weight. I also love food. And I'm not one of those people for whom kale chips are a genuine substitute for barbecue potato chips. Still, I like feeling better in my body more than I like pigging out. This has lead me to employ (most of the time) a set of attitudes that allow me to eat well without feeling like I'm depriving myself, while still maintaining a healthy weight. And, by the way, it's not all blueberries and smoothies around my house.

    That's not to say it's always easy! We're up against a lot. Added to the mind-boggling menu of non-healthy items that we're faced with daily, women-especially wives and mothers-have been trained to put everything and everyone else first. Which means we're at risk for eating whatever's handy (hello, french fries!).

    Here are some rules I try to live by for a healthy life:

    Don't. Do. It. I

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  • How to Increase Fertility and Overcome Problems Getting Pregnant

    By Victoria Maizes, MD
    Author of Be Fruitful

    The increase in environmental toxins, processed foods, and stress, as well as the advancing ages at which couples seek to have children, have made it more difficult for women to conceive. This is valuable information women and their partners need in order to conceive with ease and confidence, and to bear healthy children.

    Q: It seems like women today are having a harder time getting pregnant. Is that true? Why is it that so many women are struggling with fertility these days?
    The most important factors that impact a women's fertility are her age, weight, and the chemicals and stress that can disrupt her hormonal balance. Fertility starts to go down in women as early as their late 20s but markedly decreases after age 35. Obesity, which is ever more common, makes it harder to conceive and increases miscarriage rates. Now women are exposed to thousands of environmental chemicals, many of which act as endocrine

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  • How to Find the Right Bra

    By Kristin Sidorov
    All right, ladies, time for some straight talk. We all know that shopping for a new bra can be an agonizing process. After all, not all breasts are created equal, and trying to match your girls up to a department store's limited selection seems impossible. So what's a girl to do? What we all have done: Grab the size you've been wearing for years that kinda-sorta-almost fits and hightail it out of that shop as fast as you can.

    It's time to start changing the way you do business with your breasts. They deserve better than your 8-year-old cotton stand-by that's never quite fit. The right bra can change the way you look, feel, and carry yourself. It's OK if your chest isn't a one-size-fits-all. It's about time we all embraced that as a wonderful thing. You're unique, and all you need is some help and know-how to find the perfect bra that's right for you, your shape, and your life.

    Below we've outlined everything you need, from the 3 cardinal rules of

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  • The Top 5 Health and Fitness Trends for 2013

    By Kristin Sidorov
    Whether you were ready for it or not, 2013 is here and for many of us, a New Year means a clean slate when it comes to health and wellness. Each year we set new goals for ourselves, but those resolutions take shape in different ways than the previous year. For instance, 2012 saw juice cleanse crazes, a shift toward holistic health, and a huge surge in the use of technology to manage and support our health. So what does the year ahead look like?

    Experts predict that the future looks bright in 2013-for the most part. From major shifts in how we think about fast food to high-intensity workouts and even more high-tech health programs and apps, we've outlined the Top 5 health and fitness trends to watch in the coming year.

    1. The Fitness Professional Takeover
    The prevalence of certified fitness pros have been skyrocketing for years, and experts don't see their numbers falling anytime soon. We're all finally starting to realize that if we're going to

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  • How Celebs Lose Weight (for Better or for Worse)

    By Sharon Knolle
    It's that time of year when everyone is trying to lose those extra pounds. You can take your cue-and some unusual dieting tips-from the stars, like Jersey Shore's Snooki, who relied on The Cookie Diet to lose weight after giving birth to baby Lorenzo.

    While Snooki's approach still involved some sensible small meals, Anne Hathaway took a much more drastic method to achieve the look of a homeless, starving street waif in Les Miserables. The actress told Vogue that first she went on a cleanse (losing 10 pounds) then lived off of only two thin squares of dried oatmeal paste a day, losing another 15 pounds in two weeks. "I had to be obsessive about it. The idea was to look near death," she said. "Looking back on the whole experience-and I don't judge it in any way-it was definitely a little nuts."

    For a healthier way to get back in shape, you can try other tricks from the stars that don't involve starving yourself. To fit into her skin-tight costume in Tron,

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  • Make a Bucket List Instead of a New Year's Resolution

    By Marci Nault
    Author of The Lake House

    It's that time of year again when everyone's asking, "What's your New Year's resolution?" I'd like to offer a different approach to 2013: I challenge you to complete one item on your bucket list. Here are five reasons why going after a bucket-list item is better than making a resolution.

    1) Resolutions fail because they start with the negative.
    You take something you don't like about yourself or your life and vow to make it better. In actuality you're beginning your year by saying, "I'm not good enough and I should be better."

    2) The items on your list are the key to living the life you've always dreamed about. If you start your year deciding that you'll accomplish one major dream in your life it will move you in a positive direction.

    3) Making one of your biggest dreams come true leads to a healthier mind and body. Say you want to get in better shape (a typical New Year's Resolution), but you hate the gym. What if you

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  • 21 Easy New Year's Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

    By Barbara Reich
    Author of Secrets of an Organized Mom

    One of the most common New Year's Resolutions is to get organized. Yet it's easier said than done, and getting organized can be a tall order. What if you could get organized in 30, 15, or even 5 minutes or less each day? Here are my top 21 organizing resolutions you can actually keep.

    5 Minutes
    1. Memorize the credit card number you use most. You'll be amazed at what a time-saver this is.
    2. Throw out any markers or pens that are out of ink and pencils without erasers.
    3. Throw out any mismatched socks. If the mate hasn't shown up yet, recognize that it's probably long gone.
    4. Discard all of the unimportant receipts cluttering your wallet. Let's face it; you can't return the Starbucks latte, so why hang onto the receipt?
    5. Throw away that box/bag of wires/chargers that's been collecting dust in your closet for years. If all of your electronics are functioning, there's nothing there that

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  • 4 Ways to Get Any Space Ready for a Party

    Envision your plan well in advance, moving furniture and cleaning up the space a week before your party. You won't be exhausted on the big day with this advice from Tori Spelling's CelebraTORI: Unleashing Your Inner Party Planner to Entertain Friends and Family.

    Unless your furniture is built-in (which I doubt, but if it is, aren't you fabulous?), you have infinite possibilities to change the way the space works. If you are not having a sit-down dinner, start by moving all your dining chairs out of the party space. This lets people circulate around the table or gives you the option to push the table against a wall. You'll still use the table as a food station, but this creates more space in the middle of the room.

    Assess if there is any other furniture you should move out of the space. If you expect people to stand for most of the party, remove low cocktail tables. If you are worried about overcrowding, remove standing lamps.

    Once you

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  • Is Christmas Making Us Fat?

    By J. Michael Zenn
    Author of The Self Health Revolution

    Most people know America is facing a "diabesity tsunami" (diabetes plus obesity). I don't want to be a Grinch, but the truth is 70 percent of Americans are overweight-and almost 40 percent of us are obese and diabetic or pre-diabetic. That's a 25 percent increase in only 3 years. How could this be?

    We Never Lose the Weight We Gain During the Holidays
    What most people don't know is that nearly 60 percent of our annual weight gain happens over a 6-week period every year: Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Year's. During this very short, six-week time frame, most of us gain 3 to 5 pounds. Come March, despite New Year's resolutions, the excess weight is still with us. In fact, the data shows that we typically never lose the weight we gain over the holiday season.

    Here's the punchline: Unless you do something differently, this Christmas you're probably going to add 3 to 5 pounds to your waistline-and you're not

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