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  • User food review: NEW Dunkin Donuts Blueberry Waffle Breakfast Sandwich!

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    Well I guess the fast food industry waited too long between crazy new food "inventions" so they decided that Dunkin Donuts was next in line, and they decided to come up with this. The Blueberry waffle breakfast sandwich is almost like a KFC double down or Friendly's grilled cheese sandwich that replaces the usual bun or biscuit with some other crazy item. I guess if you're in a huge hurry in the morning and need to eat everything in three bites that would normally take about 100 this would be a great option for you. However if you are like most people and just want to have a normal sandwich or perhaps just two Eggo waffles in the morning than this sandwich might not be for you. This is the only flavor of sandwich that they offer currently, but I suspect that if everything goes well that we could definitely see some different flavors of waffles, and perhaps they'll copy the McGriddle sandwich even more by offering a

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  • NEW Snackwell’s Cookie Line-Up

    Be bad, snack well, is the new tag-line from the makers of these new petite cookies and snacks line up from Nabisco. The company has long prided it-self on making some of the most awesome cookies, my all time favorite is the devils food cookies but the company is heading into a new arena of healthfulness. Because the nation is all of a sudden deciding it wants to become healthier, Nabisco thought why not help them out by making a healthier cookie option; which seems counterintuitive once you think about it. The new line of petite's has 8 new flavors which is large by any standard and ranges from brownie bites, chocolate chip cookies, and even popcorn.

    I decided to try the fudge drizzled caramel covered popcorn because it sounded like a nice attempt at something different. The taste sort of reminded me of a smores in an odd way, perhaps just because of the fudge and burnt sugar caramel combination but it had good flavor. The texture of the caramel popcorn is just what you would

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  • Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Sandwich Bread

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    Almost everybody can remember growing up and eating goldfish out of the little plastic container that is shaped like the tiny cracker, and if you didn't you certainly did it with your own kid. This new bread from Pepperidge Farm is a really interesting idea in that it uses their famous cracker and turns it into a sandwich bread. Doing this could help you kids eat more whole grain bread because they make it in 100% whole grain as well, and the real kicker for some parents is that it doesn't contain high-fructose corn syrup. These are similar to the industry trend right now of the sandwich thins that have fewer calories and everything else, so it makes sense that they would introduce their own version of the popular item. Because bread is going to be pretty much the same across the board when you buy it from a mass producer, don't expect anything different from this new product. The taste and texture are the exact same as you

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  • User food review: Blue Bunny Wedding Cake Ice Cream

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    Blue Bunny recently added a new flavor of ice cream to their already extensive line and this one is not too different. The only thing that sets this apart from the others is that this one is endorsed by a celebrity. The Ace of Cakes star Duff Goldman has put his name on the front of his carton and as you can imagine, it is a wedding cake themed ice cream which means that it has cake pieces mixed into it. Blue Bunny says "Celebrate the marriage of sweet buttercream frosting flavored ice cream and white cake pieces all wrapped up in delicate ribbons of raspberry sauce." All of this sounded good to me, so I tried it out.

    The flavor of the ice cream is pretty good considering it isn't a higher brand name product of ice cream. This flavor is in the line of Premium ice creams that Blue Bunny offers which I'm assuming just means it has a higher fat content than the rest of the line. The texture of the cake pieces was a nice

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  • Krispy Kreme Oreo Doughnuts

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    This is the newest flavor to join the line-up in
    Krispy Kreme's arsenal of heart attack inducing foods, except that this one is probably one of the worst options for you. As you can imagine this isn't the healthiest option at Krispy Kreme and saying that is kind of stupid to begin with, but this is a creative recipe in that it tries to play on the Oreo's and milk nostalgia of everything. Everybody knows the history of Krispy Kreme and what they have to offer so I'll make this review a short one and just let you know the facts.

    It seems odd that this is yet the second company this month to feature a new product with Oreo's in them (see my previous posting). What you see in this picture is now what the actual product looks like, as is the case with every fast food product on the market. Instead what you get is a couple of crushed up Oreo's thrown onto your doughnut with some icing laced on top of it. The company

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  • User post: NEW Baskin Robbins Ice-Cream Flavor!

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    I scream, you scream, we all scream, for Golden Oreo Gold Rush ice-cream. That's right the new flavor of the month from Baskin Robbins is called Golden Oreo Gold Rush and according to the company they say, "Dig into lemon custard ice cream and OREO® icing ribbon, topped with nuggets of Golden OREO® cookie pieces. It's a flavor worth its weight in gold."

    I have not yet tried this flavor and am not really sure I want to. Personally it doesn't sound to pleasing to have a lemon flavored ice cream to begin with and was never really a Golden Oreo fan either, so for me this flavor doesn't sound satisfying. For me it has to either be straight up chocolate or vanilla with something mixed in. Lastly, the nutrition on this new flavor is awful and seems to be worse than many of their others. If you've had this ice-cream, let us know if you liked it or would never scream for it again.

    Nutritional Information For a 2.5oz

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  • Power Bar Or Candy Bar? Health Foods That Aren’t

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    Normally when anyone here's the word Power Bar they think of a healthy nutritional bar that will give you the energy to do whatever you need. Since when did Power bar become a company that has turned from energy bar into candy bar? I was recently looking at some of the nutritional information of some Power Bar's and came across what I thought was pretty shocking news. The first ingredient on the list of a Power Bar was corn syrup…wait, I'm sorry but am I missing something? I was under the impression that corn syrup was one of the worst things in the American diet so the fact that it is in what has been perceived to be on of the healthiest lines in American history is using it as its first ingredient seems a little off to me. To continue my investigation I looked at some more seemingly "healthy" products on the market and found some crazy stuff going on in the aisles.

    Power Bar caramel Peanut Fusion

    • Calories 220
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  • Homemade Marshmallows

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    Sure you could go out and just buy a bag of marshmallows at the store, and yes it would be much easier. If you have ever had homemade marshmallows though, you know why doing that just isn't an option anymore. Homemade marshmallows are so much better than the storebought kind because they are warm, fluffy, and you can add any flavorings you want to the mix like vanilla or even cocoa powder. You can use these the same way you would in any recipe, but only makes sense to make them the star of your dish like using them in Smore's or topping off your hot cocoa. The recipe is really short and sweet so don't be tempted to reach for the old standby anymore and try this out, I promise you won't be let down. This recipe will make enough to fill a large baking pan, so about 20 large marshmallows.


    • 3 packages unflavored gelatin
    • 1 cup cold water, divided
    • 1 1/2 cups granulated sugar
    • 1 cup light
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  • User post: Taco Bell Breakfast?!

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    So I was doing some investigating on what has been going down in the restaurant industry lately and apparently I'm well behind where I should be with this knowledge because I don't live in the test market. Taco Bell has tried out new breakfast items in certain markets such as California. This sounds like an awesome idea to me because I always thought that they need to expand their line up, with so many awesome Mexican breakfast options available to them. However upon closer examination of those of the photos it might not be such a great idea after all, because you see some of the products on Taco Bell's menu don't look all too pleasing.

    The menu has prices ranging from $0.89 to $2.49 which is still reasonable for any fast food chain that you go to for breakfast. The menu includes the awesome sounding breakfast burrito, french toast sandwich (that looks awful), potato and cheese roll up, Quaker oatmeal bar, and the

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  • Mio Liquid Enhancer

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    This is one of the hot new products on the market right now and it took me a while to getting around to it because for one I enjoy my Crystal Light, and two because this is way too expensive. The price point on this product is so far off its crazy, at my local store its $4.00 for one bottle. Are you kidding me? why is this product so much better than other water enhancers on the market? is it because it looks cool when you put it in your water or what?

    Alright so enough venting about this product and onto its actual taste. The taste of the fruit punch was pretty good, just how you would imagine fruit punch to taste like. There was not weird after taste or anything like that which made this product a pretty quick review in some sense. However, my main question is why choose this over other brands? It certainly wouldn't be because of its packaging and that you can put it in your pocket to go because you can do that

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