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  • Tips: Dr. Mike Dow's Drug-Free Mood Boosters


    Dr. Mike Dow, a psychotherapist and addiction recovery expert, explains on "Anderson," that he helps addicts overcome their addictions by replacing the addiction with other items, or actions that will help achieve the same emotion their addiction brings them.

    Dr. Mike understands that it's important to boost a recovering addict's mood without introducing their addiction into the situation, which can be accomplished by raising a person's dopamine and serotonin levels.

    For tips on how to raise the dopamine and serotonin level in your life, or in the life of an addict you love, read through for some of Dr. Mike's serotonin and dopamine-boosting activities.

    • Increase Serotonin: Breathe Deeply for Five Minutes

    • Increase Serotonin: Cuddle with Your Significant Other or Pet

    • Increase Serotonin: Do Your Errands on Foot or on Your Bike

    • Increase Serotonin: Join a Support Group

    • Increase Serotonin: Listen to Classical or Peaceful Music

    • Increase
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  • Dear ‘You Know Who You Are’... Stop Doing That!

    Join the conversation...

    Are you constantly nagging a loved one who won't stop doing something… and you're convinced he or she will eventually get in trouble for it? Perhaps they're always cutting corners or walking a fine line between fun and foolishness?

    For instance...

    My sister will not stop dressing inappropriately for work...
    My mom constantly leaves her purse wherever she goes....
    My boyfriend uses his cell phone at inappropriate times...
    My best friend will not stop parking in the handicap spot...
    My neighbor screams at his son's soccer team...

    The Anderson team is working on a show in which we want to help someone teach a loved one a lesson. Who in your life needs one? If you're game to teach a loved one a lesson, tell us about it!

    Post below, or share on We look forward to hearing who you want to... sort-of punk.

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  • Quirky Habit or Sign of OCD? Get the Facts..

    A photo from Anderson's show about OCD.

    Is your daily routine a quirky habit or a sign of OCD?
    Dr. Jennifer O'Connor shares her list of common OCD symptoms:

    Dr. Jennifer O'Connor: OCD involves the experience of unwanted and highly distressing thoughts that come into a person's mind over and over again, despite persistent efforts to push the thoughts away.

    Common Obsessions in OCD Include:

    1. Fears of contamination from contact with germs, bodily fluids, or environment contaminants
    (i.e., fear of contracting a horrible disease from using a public restroom).

    2. Fears of acting on unwanted impulses
    (i.e., urge to stab oneself or others with a knife)

    3. Fears of being responsible for bad things happening
    (i.e., burglary or fire)

    4. Unwanted sexual thoughts and impulses
    (i.e., thoughts about aggressive or forbidden sexual behavior)

    5. Thoughts about offending God or violating moral standards
    (i.e., intense concerns about blasphemy)

    6. Need for exactness or evenness
    (i.e., need for

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  • Joan Rivers' Plastic Surgery Intervention


    In addition to her role as a comedian and on-air personality, Joan Rivers' third claim to fame stems from her seemingly addictive relationship with plastic surgery. In season one of WeTV's "Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best," Melissa stages a plastic surgery intervention for Joan.

    "At one point I started to think the risk outweighs the reward," Melissa says of her mother's cosmetic procedures. "So, I wanted my mom to know how I felt about it, and I think I made myself fairly clear."

    Anderson confronts Joan about a rumor he heard that she's had 734 plastic surgery procedures. See Joan's response in the video below.

    Take a look...

    Joan & Melissa Rivers: The Mother/Daughter Duo Works Side-by-Side

    'Fashion Police' Joan & Melissa Give Anderson Tips

    Teen Trend Bath Salts: What Parents Need to Know

    Dangerous Teen Trends from the Show

    Favorite Dress-for-Less Trends This Winter

    Anderson's Look for Under $100

    Every 'Look for Less'

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  • Madonna's Advice on Adoption

  • How to Give Your Fridge a Healthy Makeover


    Is your fridge making you fat? In the following tips, Dietician Dawn Jackson Blatner says there are easy changes you can make to your fridge to help reduce your calories and eat healthier...

    1. Do Not Hide Healthy Food
    Often people use the crispers at the bottom of a refrigerator to store all the healthy stuff -- fresh vegetables, gorgeous fruits, lean proteins, etc. Instead, move what's healthy to eye level. Dawn says the crisper is what she calls the "RIP Drawer" -- where food goes to die. Cut up veggies and fruit, put them in clear bags and place at eye level. This is using the power of proximity -- if you see it, you will eat it.

    2. Hide Your Temptation
    Get your refrigerator working for you -- move your temptations, like alcohol and sweets, out of sight. Move condiments, beer and sweets to the crisper, where you'll forget they're there.

    3. Stock Fridge with Grab-n-Go Items
    Everyone's busy, and often grabbing a bag of potato chips is a lot easier than making something healthy.Read More »from How to Give Your Fridge a Healthy Makeover
  • Your House is Making You Fat: 3 Tips to Help


    Dietician Dawn Jackson Blatner doesn't believe in will power, she believes in environmental control. She says you need to make your environment -- your home and your office -- work for you, as opposed to working against you. Make your home your safe haven where you can make healthy choices automatically, without fighting it every step of the way.

    Here are Dawn's top three tips for organizing your home to be your partner in your weight loss program...

    1. Don't Enter Through the Kitchen
    The more time spent in the kitchen, the more likely you'll be eating. Enter your home through the front door, not the kitchen door. When you walk through the kitchen, you're more likely to snack. By going through the front door you will have time to de-stress and regroup, before letting your hunger or stress from the day take hold of you and make you immediately grab for a snack.

    2. Paint It Blue
    When you think about fast food restaurants colors, bright yellows and oranges often come to mind. Read More »from Your House is Making You Fat: 3 Tips to Help
  • How to Save Big at Organic and Natural Grocery Stores


    Shopping organic often costs a little extra, but environmental lifestyle expert Danny Seo is sharing his top tips for saving money when shopping at a natural and organic grocery store.

    1. Join the Eco Community Site Recyclebank

    Recyclebank is a free community site where more than 3 million eco-minded people earn points for doing green deeds in their daily lives. The points earned can be used to redeem for money-saving rewards on healthy, organic brands like Earthbound Farms, Kashi and Honest Tea. Since the site is eco-minded, the companies offering rewards tend to be the same brands sold at health food stores. On average, a Recyclebank member saves around $140 a year on their grocery bill by using the free site.

    2. Think Organic Generics
    In both high-end and mainstream supermarkets, organic frozen fruits and vegetables and pantry staples are more prevalent than ever. Instead of pricey name-brand organic food, think generics: store brands follow the same strict rules created by Read More »from How to Save Big at Organic and Natural Grocery Stores
  • Trends in 2012, from Yahoo! Shine


    Jennifer Romolini, Editor-in-Chief at Yahoo! Shine, joined Anderson on Monday's show to talk about what's hot and trendy in 2012. From beauty to tech to finances, Jennifer has the inside scoop on what you'll be seeing more of this year. See more from this episode of "Anderson."

    Yahoo! Shine's Must-Know Trends in 2012:

    Money: More Negotiations
    Because jobs are still scarce in this economy, Jennifer says that people are trying to get the most out of the jobs they already have, rather than looking for new work. People are inquiring about how they can get a raise. Jennifer encourages that employees evaluate their value and test the waters by asking for a raise when it's appropriate.

    Beauty: Cosmetic Eye Color Surgery
    Colored contact lenses are out, and cosmetic eye color surgery is in. A $5,000 laser surgery that lasts 20 seconds will remove layers of your eye pigment to reveal the blue pigment underneath, changing eye color to blue.

    Dating: Relationship Apps
    Online dating is Read More »from Trends in 2012, from Yahoo! Shine
  • Would You Call the Police on Your Own Kids? These Parents Did


    Would you turn to the police to help parent your child?

    When a parent disciplines a child, it's usually done at home, but what happens when the parents feels their punishment isn't enough and they call police for backup? Law enforcement says it's a lot more common than you'd think.

    On Anderson's "Should You Call the Cops on Your Kids?" show, guests discuss how their kids pushed the boundaries so far, their parents felt it necessary to call police to regain control.

    But does calling the cops on your own kids give the message to your kids that you're not in control? Are parents handing their parenting duties over to the police?

    Elley, whose mom called the police on her, tells Anderson that she looked at her mom like a monster when she made the call, but today in retrospect, she doesn't think her mom could have done anything else that would have stopped her from acting out.

    Parents turning over parenting to police -- is this trend really about unruly kids or parents who

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