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  • Tips for Handling Your Children's Behavior


    Dr. Karen Binder-Brynes, a leading psychologist who works with adolescents and parents, says bringing in the police should be a last resort -- not a manipulative technique. "When a child is dangerous immediately to themselves or to others - then you would call the police," says Binder-Brynes, "like you would in any domestic abuse situation."

    Instead of calling the police to help parent, she recommends the following tips to effectively handle your child's behavior, and to help circumvent them acting out:

    Dr. Karen Binder-Brynes' Advice for Handling Children's Behavior

    1. 1. Keep Lines of Communication Open with Your Child and Give Kids a Safe Atmosphere to Communicate
      Create an environment where the child feels they can tell you what's going on in their lives without overreacting -- unless they are in immediate danger.

      Provide a safe environment. When children come to you to tell you something, don't go crazy. Don't totally overact. Stop and think before you do anything.
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  • Warning Signs a Child is Headed Down the Wrong Path


    On a recent episode of "Anderson," Dr. Karen Binder-Brynes, a leading leading psychologist who works with a lot of adolescents and parents, gave her expert opinion on whether or not calling the cops on your own children is a smart decision - for both the child and the parent.

    Below, Dr. Karen Binder-Brynes shares a list of warning signs your child could be heading into dangerous waters... and tips on what to do.

    Help keep your family safe...

    1. 1. A Noticeable Change in Behavior
      If there is real change in your child's behavior -- withdrawn, depressed or acting out irrationally. Is he or she experiencing unusual mood swings? A big change is a huge red flag!

    2. 2. A New Group of Friends
      If your child suddenly has a new group of friends, it's important to pay attention. If you are questioning this new friend circle, it's important to trust your instincts.

    3. 3. A Child's Physical Appearance Has Changed
      Does your child suddenly have piercings or tattoos? Is he or she
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  • Top 3 Signs You Have a Dangerous Compulsion

    Many of the "Anderson" audience members shared their weird obsessions and compulsions on the "Has Your Obsession Gone Too Far" show. If you're collecting hundreds of ChapSticks or obsessively changing hairstyles, addiction expert Dr. Mike Dow deemed those habits harmless, however, this is not the case for all compulsions or obsessions.

    Some compulsions can ruin people's lives, and Dr. Dow is here to help. Here, he points out the top 3 signs that you may have a dangerous compulsion.

    Inability to Stop
    Many people with a compulsion tell themselves, "I really ought to cut back on this habit." If you find that you've said this to yourself repeatedly, and yet you've been unable to stop, you could have a dangerous compulsion. This shows an addictive mentality toward your habit, and shows that you prioritize the habit over your well-being.

    When you find yourself lying about your compulsive behavior, it shows that you realize what you are doing is unusual or wrong.

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  • What Story is on Your Must-Do List? (Ask Anderson)

    Bridget, a community member from Yahoo Shine, asks Anderson, "What is it that you love about being a journalist? What is one story that you haven't reported or interviewed that is on your must-do list?"

    2011 'Ask Anderson' Videos

    What Are You Reading These Days? (Ask Anderson)

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    How Anderson Feels About Working with Kathy Griffin on New Year's (Ask Anderson)

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  • How to Spot a Liar


    Do you have a teenager who you think is experimenting with drugs or alcohol, and you wish you could know if they were telling the truth? How about a spouse who you think is cheating but won't confess? In situations like these, most people wish there was a telltale way they could determine if they were being lied to.

    Communications Expert Janine Driver has been studying human communication methods and can detect a lie based on body language alone. She shares her knowledge with "Anderson" viewers, so you too can help pick up on subtle hints when you're being lied to.

    The average person blinks between 4 to 12 times in one minute. If you notice someone blinking more rapidly in a short span of time, it's a telltale sign that they're being dishonest.

    Shoulder Shrug
    This shows uncertainty. Pay close attention, because it may not be your typical shoulder shrug, but instead a "micromovement," or a very subtle movement of the shoulder, which Janine says still counts.

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  • 10 Ways to Use Body Language to Get What You Want


    Janine Driver, an International Communications Expert and Owner and President of The Body Language Institute, has built a career based on understanding people's communication skills, both conscious and subconscious. Not only can she pick up on others' feelings and emotions based on their body language, but she also knows how to use her body language to get what she wants.

    Now, she wants to help you get what you want by cluing you in to 10 forms of body language that will help you out in a variety of situations.

    Elbow PopElbow Pop

    The Elbow Pop
    To perform The Elbow Pop, lean back in your chair and pop your elbow back. Janine says this move is "40s/50s chic," because you used to see old actresses doing this in the "golden age." Janine says this move is extremely powerful because confident people take up space, and this move allows you to take up space while still remaining open and likable.

    Chin HoldChin Hold

    The 'Steve Jobs' Chin Hold
    This is the move that Janine says Steve Jobs was doing as early as his

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  • Trent Arsenault: The One-Man Sperm Bank

    Trent Arsenault, a man who made headlines for running a private, one-man, unregulated sperm bank from his home, recently joined Anderson on his daytime show. Trent has donated to close to 50 couples, helping to conceive 14 children to date -- with four more on the way. He is currently being investigated by the FDA, which wants to shut him down.

    On the show, Trent explains who he donates his sperm to, which is free to couples.

    "I donate to childless couples," says Trent. "So, it's either male/female or female domestic partners. I don't donate to single women."

    "Do they sign some sort of a contract?" asks Anderson. "I have a contract that was drawn up," answers Trent. "It mentions things like child support and custody."

    Trent explains he has relinquished all custody responsibility for the child and that the families can name the child and choose if the child should know about him in the future.

    "And then, you get the sperm... which I think we all know how that works...

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  • Tips for Discovering Hidden Money

    Not everyone is lucky enough to win the lottery, but that doesn't mean you can't find some hidden treasure! Whether it's tapping into your own items at home or appealing to the government, there is "secret" money all over.

    Personal Finance Expert Farnoosh Torabi knows just where to look when it comes to uncovering hidden money. She mentions some of her tips on the show, but we have even more tips for how you can find secret money that Farnoosh didn't mention on TV.

    Cash in Items Around the House
    Most people have old items around thehouse that they don't even realize are valuable. Farnoosh recommends peoplelook through their junk drawers for items that may be worth money. In particular, electronics -- such as old iPods, cell phones or Discmans -- will be lucrative. You can sell these items online at websites like or Stores such as Target and Staples will also let you trade in old electronics for store gift cards.

    Clean Out Your Closet

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  • What Music Are You Listening To? (Ask Anderson)

    Rhonda from Yahoo Shine asks Anderson, "Do you like music? Do you have a favorite artist?"

    Find out what Anderson listens to when he goes running...


    Dinner? (Ask Anderson)

    Who Has Inspired You Most? (Ask Anderson)

    What Are You Reading These Days? (Ask Anderson)

    Do You Cry During Movies? (Ask Anderson)

    2011 'Ask Anderson' Videos

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  • Kathie Lee & Hoda Comment on 'SNL' (Web Exclusive)

    They say imitation is the highest form of flattery… so Kathie Lee and Hoda should be very flattered about the "Saturday Night Live" parodies of the stars from the "Today" show.

    Luckily, both are good sports when an "Anderson" audience member inquires about the skits, with Kathie Lee claiming she is used to the teasing since this is her "second time around being parodied on 'Saturday Night Live.'"

    Hoda has even started to notice a pattern about her role in the skits.

    "Whoever plays me keeps getting fired. The last three girls have gotten fired. It's a curse, so I discourage anyone from playing that role."


    Audience Q&A with Kathie Lee & Hoda

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    Tips for Being a Happier Mom

    'Winesday' with Kathie Lee & Hoda

    Are Stay-at-Home Moms Lazy? Plus, Kathie Lee...

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