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  • What Tracey Gold Tells Her Kids About Body Image

    "Growing Pains" star Tracey Gold battled anorexia for years, going on extreme diets, eventually losing control and plummeting to a fragile 80 pounds.

    Today, Tracey is healthy and knows it's important to raise her four boys with a healthy body image.

    "When you're raising boys, the body image thing isn't as prevalent as it is with girls," says Tracey. "But the thing that I always teach them is kindness in their words."

    She continues, "You treat other people as you would want to be treated. If you say something, even though it may not mean something to you, it could really impact somebody, and you need to know that."

    What do you tell your kids about body image? Do you watch what you say about your weight -- around your children?


    Warning Signs of an Eating Disorder
    What to Watch Out For: Recent Trends in Eating Disorders
    What Can Trigger Eating Disorders?
    Tips for Raising Children with a Healthy Outlook

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  • How to Approach Someone with an Eating Disorder

    How to Approach Someone with an Eating Disorder

    The following set of tips for how to approach someone whom you suspect has an eating disorder, has been provided by Dr. Ramani, a licensed clinical psychologist and Professor of Psychology:

    In terms of approaching them, parents often feel fearful and their first attempts can often be accusatory and put their girls on the defensive.

    Number One
    Parents must create a healthy food space and model healthy eating and exercise behavior.

    Number Two
    Create open lines of communication. Be present with your daughter.

    Number Three
    It is critical that they see a physician. Frequent purging may result in electrolyte imbalances, anorexia at the extreme can result in cardiac problems, and getting them to see a physician may open a discussion with the doctor that they may not be able to have with you.

    A doctor may also be able to observe physical signs (e.g. dental damage, arrhythmia, discussion of amenorrhea (missed periods) that are danger signs -- and then work with the

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  • Warning Signs of an Eating Disorder

    Warning Signs of an Eating Disorder

    Would you be able to recognize an eating disorder in your own child?

    Whether it's noticing a change in your child's food or exercise habits or noticing your child's altered body image, Dr. Ramani's provide tell-tale warning signs that signal an eating disorder.

    Excessive Restriction of Calories
    If you notice that your child has become an avid calorie counter, this could be a red flag. If they are restricting themselves to an abnormally low amount of calories per day, this could be asign of an eating disorder.

    Distorted Body Image
    Often those suffering from eating disorders will over-focus on certain physical aspects of their body, constantly finding something wrong or imperfect.

    Will Only Consume 'Safe' Foods
    If you notice that your child has created certain rituals around food, or if they've begun to maintain a very restricted repertoire of what they will and won't eat, that could mean they are suffering from an eating disorder.

    Avoidance of Eating with Others or

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  • She Forgave the Teen Who Almost Killed Her: Could You?

    When Ryan Cushing was apprehended for throwing a frozen turkey at Victoria Ruvolo's car, which crashed, sending her into a coma for a month, he faced 25 years in prison.

    After hearing this sentence, Victoria decided she wanted to learn more about the teen who did this to her, and understand what would drive him to commit this random act of violence.

    She decided she didn't want him to "rot in jail" and instead insisted on a lighter sentence.

    "Because of me, he got six months in jail with five years probation, with community service and psychiatric help," says Victoria. "I always said God gave me a second chance, so I just passed it on."

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  • The 3 Hottest Winter Trends -- from NeNe Leakes

    What is your favorite winter fashion trend right now? "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" star NeNe Leakes shares her top three winter trends this year....
    NeNe Leakes


    Hot Winter Trends from NeNe Leakes
    "Animal print and… all leathers are really in this year," NeNe says.


    Hot Winter Trends from NeNe Leakes
    NeNe loves thigh-high boots this season, going so far as to say, "I think every girl should have a pair of thigh-highs in her wardrobe." Thigh-highs are perfect for dressing up tights and even have the additional perk of keeping legs warm this winter.

    3) CAPES

    Hot Winter Hot Trends from NeNe Leakes
    NeNe swears by capes this winter. A great way to wear a cape is paired with leggings and boots.

    What is your favorite winter trend happening right now?

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  • Helpful or Hurtful? Grown Kids Living at Home

    According to a recent Census Bureau study, one-fifth of adult men 24-35 are still living at home.

    Often these failure-to-launch stories focus on parents who want their child out of the house, but what if the parents are fine with kids staying long into adulthood? Is this a good idea?

    On Monday's "Anderson," we meet Diana, who loves having her 27-year-old son Vinnie living with her. Vinnie says his mom "cuts my hair, l cooks my meals. I feel I am able to excel at writing because she can help with these things." He's not embarrassed at all to say he still lives with his mom.

    What do you think? When older kids live at home, is it helping them transition to adulthood or hurting them?

    Have you had an adult child living at home?

    If you still have a child living at home and need help getting them out or keeping the peace, follow expert Mel Robbins' advice for transitioning your kids out of the house.

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  • Is Your Child Transgender?

    From age two, Danann, who was born boy, insisted she was a girl.

    Danann's parents looked for help, asking a pediatrician, "Is this normal?" And they received a common response, "Oh, it's just a phase."

    After going to many different doctors and therapists, it was a relief to finally get a diagnosis, that she is transgendered.

    It wasn't until Danann was 6 and was making threats to end her life, that her parents helped her make the transition to living as a girl. Once we made the transition, says Danann's mom, Sarah, "It was like night and day… a totally different child."

    Now at age 8, Danann tells Anderson in this exclusive web clip how happy she is to finally be her true self...

    Deciding to raise a transgender child -- check out this extended clip from "Anderson"...

    If your child insisted he or she was in the wrong body, would you understand?

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  • The Four-Week ‘Debt Buster’ Plan

    If your financial situation is stressing you out, there is a solution. On Anderson's "Stop Spending, Start Saving! " show on Monday, Farnoosh Torabi talks about her "Four-Week Plan" that will help anyone straighten out their bank account. On the show, Anderson said that by following these guidelines, it could save your family up to 50% in daily spending.

    Money Expert Farnoosh
    Start now, and by following Farnoosh's plan, it may only take four short weeks for you to turn things around.


    An important aspect of maintaining financial responsibility is finding someone who can be there to support you. You need to find someone who you can call on the phone as you're about to get in line at your favorite department store; this person can help you determine whether or not your purchase is necessary.
    Be sure to find someone who is financially stable and a responsible spender. A shopaholic Money Buddy could only make your problem worse.


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  • Spanking Vs. Abuse: Is There a Difference?

    Sandy, Jennifer and Linnette are three moms who admit to spanking their children. Sandy tells Anderson that there is a big difference between how she disciplines her daughters and the YouTube video of the Texas judge beating his 15-year-old daughter.

    "There's a big difference between spanking disciplining and abusing," says Sandy. "That man made me nauseous. He was not disciplining, he was abusing that child."

    Do you agree? Is there a difference between spanking and abuse?

    An audience member and mother who works with battered children, questions the message spanking is sending to Sandy, Jennifer and Linnette's children -- all three women spank to discipline.

    "At what point do you tell your daughter, it was okay for me to hit you, but it's not okay for a husband to hit you. Or do you expect them to grow up and think, sometimes I deserve it... sometimes I should be hit, sometimes I behaved wrong?"

    Take a look at Sandy's heated response to this comment...

    America's Supernanny,

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  • Tips on How to Help Someone Deal with Loss

    How have you dealt with the loss of a loved one? What has helped you? What hasn't?

    On Monday's "Anderson," Gloria Vanderbilt joins Anderson to discuss surviving loss and rebuilding a life in the aftermath.

    Guests discuss the awkwardness that can occur with friends and family who are unsure how to help someone dealing with grief.

    People often say things they think are harmless, but are, in fact, quite offensive. Others don't say anything at all… when the only thing their friend needs is someone at their side.

    As seen on the show, below are tips from expert Dr. Robin L. Smith on how to help someone who has recently dealt with the loss of a loved one.

    Talk and Listen to Others, No Matter What
    Yes, it will be awkward to talk to a friend or family member who has recently experienced a loss, whether it was expected or not. Because of this awkwardness, many people shy away from having that conversation, but shying away is the wrong thing to do. Stand by your friend's side, and let them

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