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  • Anna Faris: 'I Stalked a Guy'

    If you've had trouble getting over an ex-boyfriend, actress Anna Faris can relate.

    "I stalked a guy for a while in college," says actress Anna Faris. "He was my first boyfriend. He gave me a promise ring and then he dumped me."

    Poll: Does It Ever Work to Rekindle a Romance with an Ex?

    On Friday, Anderson speaks with actress Anna Faris about her upcoming film, "What's Your Number?" -- a comedy about a woman who looks back at the past twenty men she's had relationships with… and wonders if one of them might have been her one true love.

    Regarding the promise ring, Anderson asks, "Wow. Was he a Jonas brother?"

    "I was still so crazy about him. I would know his entire class schedule," says Anna.

    In this moment from the studio, Anderson asks Anna if she ever revisited an ex-boyfriend.

    Also on Friday's show, Anderson speaks with real women who are looking at their past relationships to see if they missed "the one."

    Check out Top 5 Ways to Get Over an Ex

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  • Can Multiple Wives Get Along?

    On Thursday, Anderson continues the conversation with four teenage former members of FLDS, who offer an introspective view of their formerly sheltered lives inside FLDS. The teens also visit sites in New York City, including H&M, Times Square and Ground Zero… and compare what they were taught versus what they have now observed firsthand.

    "Sister Wives" husband Kody Brown, his four wives and some of their children also join Anderson to discuss a lawsuit they recently filed against Utah's bigamy law, which makes it a felony to marry or cohabitate with more than one person.

    In this clip, Anderson talks about the lawsuit with the Kody Brown family from TLC's show "Sister Wives."

    Later in the show, Christine of the TLC show "Sister Wives" talks to Anderson about choosing a polygamist lifestyle.

    "We all chose coming into this family, we all chose to be part of this. We knew Kody, we fell in love with him, we fell in love with his family. And so we all chose that, and you

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  • Do Parents Play Favorites with Children?

    The "Anderson" team is working on an upcoming show inspired by a new article in TIME magazine by Jeffrey Kluger, "Why Mom Liked You Best: The Science of Favoritism."

    Do you feel like there was a favorite child in your home while growing up? How did it affect your relationship with your siblings? How do you get along now? Do you feel like you are partial to one of your own children?

    Post your thoughts below, and your comments might be used on an upcoming episode of "Anderson." You can also share your story privately on


    Anderson's Sunday Super Club
    Do You Have an Extreme Germ Phobia
    Photos from the Show

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  • How Do You Talk to Your Teenagers About the ‘Tough Stuff’?

    A high-schooler's world is overwhelming; between the teenage norms of homework and school, there is also alcohol, sexting, drug abuse and a plethora of overwhelming and often dangerous topics about which to worry.

    Even daily shenanigans, such as the teen-made stunt videos found by the thousands on YouTube, create risks terrifying to parents while teenagers merely shrug off their fears.
    But says marijuana use between 2009 and 2010 was at an all-time high among certain grade levels, and the threat of drunk driving looms after every teen party. When it comes to keeping your kids safe, dismissing these facts is not an option.

    "Anderson" wants to ask you how you keep your cool and get the message across when talking to your teenagers about the "tough stuff."

    Are you the "cool parent" who approaches these topics with ease? Do you rule with an iron fist?

    Share your thoughts and advice in the comments, letting us know:

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  • Anderson's Sunday Supper Club

    On today's show, eating habits were put under a microscope to better understand why we eat what we eat. Anderson was surprised to learn that a lot of how we deal with food can be traced to our childhood.

    In an effort to not only eat better for health reasons, but to help our children become better eaters, Anderson is launching "Anderson's Sunday Supper Club," because family dinners are so important. Laurie David, author of "The Family Dinner," says, "If you want to raise healthy kids, you need to eat with them more often."


    Once a week, make the commitment with Anderson to eat with the people that you consider your family; it can be your relatives, co-workers, perhaps someone you want to know better.

    If you plan to participate in Anderson's Sunday Supper Club, tweet us, post on our Facebook wall and comment below. Share the details about your dinners; your favorite family recipes, what you learned around the table, games played, conversation

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  • Anderson Eats Spinach for the First Time

    On Tuesday's show, eating habits were put under a microscope to better understand why we eat what we eat.

    The show begins with Anderson going giving us a glimpse at what's inside his refrigerator.

    Later in the show, Anderson, who says he has a "strange relationship with food," tries coffee, Brussels sprouts and spinach for the first time. And yes, our prop team provided him with a wastebasket just in case he felt sick.

    Anderson admittedly eats the same things day after day, which made it easy for him to share with us what his daily food consumption looks like. Watch below to see some of Anderson's culinary staples...

    Is there a food you refuse to eat? What are your eating habits?

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  • What Type of Eater Are You?

    On today's show, eating disorder specialist Sondra Kronberg, RD, CDN, a nutritional therapist with 30 years experience, told Anderson he is a selective disordered eater.

    What type of eater are you? We asked Sondra to break down the different types of eaters and give suggestions for how to combat disorder. Here is what she had to say...

    Sondra's Notes on Types of Eaters She is Profiling:
    Eating patterns usually result from a combination of emotional, physical and behavioral determinants. Changing eating patterns will require understanding and paying attention to what drives the behavior and a willingness to change the thoughts and the actions associated with those behaviors. For all changes, eating in a way that provides adequate nutrients and blood sugar stability will best allow for behavioral changes.

    What Type of Eater Are You?

    What Is It?

    Tip for Combating

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  • Twins Survive Unimaginable Abuse

    On Monday Anderson spends the hour with twins Kristen and Will Stillman, who endured twelve years of abuse, torture and sexual assault by one man and his family. When they were only 8 years old, their mother, Karen Stillman, literally gave them to an abuser, Eric Torrez. Kristen finally turned to the police for help when her four children (all born as a result of sexual abuse) were placed in the custody of her abuser and his family.

    In this moment from Monday's show, Anderson speaks with the twins' biological mother, Karen, who is currently serving sixteen years in prison for knowing about the abuse and doing nothing to stop it.

    Will reacts to seeing Karen after having spoken to her in almost five years and says, "I wish I had a mom that would have cared about me when I was younger."

    Watch Will's emotional response to seeing Karen...

    Anderson also speaks with the twins' mother, who is currently serving sixteen years in prison for knowing about the abuse and doing

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  • The Seinfelds to Their Kids: "Weird Is Good"

    For the first time ever, Jessica and Jerry Seinfeld appear on stage together on a television show. On Friday's episode of "Anderson," the Seinfelds discuss their family, Jerry's disdain for reality TV, Twitter and more.

    On the show, Anderson asks Jessica if it's exhausting living with a comedian. She says, "No, he's actually quiet at home," telling Jerry, "You're funny at the right times, sometimes you're funny at wrong times but that's appropriate too." She then told Anderson, "He's a regular person."

    Jessica and Jerry Seinfeld have three kids together, sons Shepherd Kellen, 6, and Julian Kal, 8, and daughter Sascha, 10.

    "I think it's fun to be funny and I push it on the kids, too" says Jerry Seinfeld on Friday's episode of "Anderson." Jerry says he tells his children, "Don't be embarrassed. When you're acting silly, it feels weird, but this is what makes life more fun."

    Jessica Seinfeld says, "Weird is good," and they encourage their children to appreciate all

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  • Anderson’s Mom, Gloria Vanderbilt, Opens Up about Day Son Carter Died

    Today on the show, Anderson's mom, Gloria Vanderbilt, speaks openly about the day her son Carter died. He was 23 and jumped off the balcony of their New York home.

    It's a day Gloria thinks about every day, explaining, "You never ever get over it, but you learn to live with it."

    In this emotional clip, Gloria says to Anderson, "There was a moment when I thought I was going to jump after him, but then I thought of you... and it stopped me from doing that.

    Anderson says of his mother, who has survived so much heartbreak (including the loss of her father, husband, her son, and so many others), "It hasn't made you tough. You are still open to experience... open to new loss and new heartbreak and new love."

    Gloria believes her next great love is right around the corner.

    Gloria Vanderbilt has written numerous books. She asked Anderson to edit her romance memoir, "It Seems Important at the Time," in which she mentions many of her "gentlemen callers."

    To learn more

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