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  • Is Your Brand Positively Negative?

    If you've blogged or spent any time on Facebook, you've encountered people who will give a "positively negative" comment, comments that may to sound positive but end up sounding negative because of a word or phrase that they add in it. It affects those who post afterwards, like your comment or comment after a "positively negative" comment. Your connections can even show signs that they've been "worn down" by the emotion of that comment. Whether the positively negative person is blind to their negativity or they're trying to be witty or sarcastic, the bad impression is left for all.

    What if you are the positively negative person?

    How will you know?

    Look at a comment before you hit "share" or "send". Does it sound anything like this - "I read through your post and found something of value - finally." Or, "It's the first time I read through your post without getting bored."

    Are you the one at a gathering when people say "congratulations" to someone for their promotion and

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  • Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

    If I had one wish that could be fulfilled by every job candidate I see, it's that he or she would want to earn a million dollars a year, plus bonuses. I've asked lots of other business owners and they seem to agree that there's one quality sorely missing from job seekers. That quality is ambition.

    Given that my company is based in the US and specifically in Southern California, once home to the most ambitious people in the world - people who rode to the Western frontier with nothing more than a cow and a shotgun (okay, maybe they had some pots and salted pork rinds) - the paucity of ambition is particularly puzzling.

    Not to say all job candidates are slackers, although a slacker often comes cloaked in a job seeker's persona. This is typically a person who's not all that uncomfortable living in the suburban ranch style home of now ancient parental Yuppies, and occupying a twin bed below a shelf littered with beanie babies, a Rubik's cube and a Game Boy.

    But, slackers aren't

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  • Direct Sellers: Mobile Tips for Your Personal Brand

    Millions rely on mobile devices to communicate and handle all of their computing needs. Customers can receive text promotions, and all a consumer has to do is show that text in exchange for a discount. In fact, in our local Office Depot, all I have to do is show a competitor's ad on my smartphone and they honor the price of the advertisement if it's lower than theirs. Much business and many exchanges occur through mobile formats, and that trend will only grow. Mobile exchanges just like any exchange, if done poorly, can steer someone away from our brand.

    5 things to remember that leave a positive first impression for your brand:

    Personalized mobile experience - many are sending their customers, prospects or team members messages via mobile. Yet, not everyone is at the same level of mobile interaction. Before adding someone to your mobile blast list, be sure you have permission to do so. Nothing will take away from your brand faster than you sending a text message to someone

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  • One Word Guarantees They’ll Say Yes

    There is one word that will undoubtedly get you on the way to that job interview, or a meeting with a prospect or referral source - even a potential investor. This magical word will work for you when you use it in person, on the phone, in an email subject line, a text or a social media message. It's that good.

    There's a caveat of course. You can't just hurl this magic word or use it disingenuously. You can't demand, cajole, nag or otherwise be irksome. You have to really mean what you're asking for, with all your heart.

    The magic word is "guidance."

    The caveat is that you must have honest curiosity about the subject - and no tinge of entitlement, irritation, or frustration. When you approach someone with a request for guidance, you may be expressing a bit of self-doubt, concern or just feeling unsettled by something you have experienced. You might even have a smidgen of hope or optimism in your tone. But, you can't have or express any intention of taking advantage of the

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  • Direct Sellers – Can We Really Trust Another Brand’s Reputation?

    When we go to the grocery store we always have products that we are loyal to. Like your favorite laundry soap, your toothpaste, etc. We grab them from the shelves almost without thinking. This is because that brand has already gained our trust. We believe that it works and we'll always choose it over any other brand.

    It's the same with our personal brand. We want to gain connections who trust who we are and the work that we do. It's not easy because before you can have a reputation, you have to make an impression and consistently prove that to everyone. As a direct seller and those in the party planning business, the brand and reputation associated with the company that you represent and the products you market associate and impact your brand.

    What are the dangers of trusting another's business reputation? The truth is that, part of a risk are the unforeseen circumstances that can arise anytime that may destroy brand reputation. It can be anything from having endorsers that

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  • Avoid These 3 Killer Blogging Mistakes

    Mistakes even the smartest people make when they blog or produce email blasts are related to how they think about content.

    1. "Every post must be the same or similar length - because my audience expects consistency"
    2. "Every post must deliver my own original material"
    3. "I must post on a regular, predictable schedule"

    I publish and publicize up-and-coming experts and business authors who produce blog posts and email newsletters. Plus, everyday they show up on social media with a pretty huge number of tweets, status updates and other posts.

    Plus, most of them work in consulting and coaching or are keeping a "day job" until their writing or speaking revenue streams become too large to manage part-time.

    I assure them that with some planning and practice, content production can take about 15 minutes each day.

    I know their pain and fear about producing all that content. I am an author, too. I wrote Speak Up! & Succeed: How to get everything you want in meetings,

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  • Direct Sellers: How to Quickly Focus Your Brand

    Having a home based business holds a lot of advantages like flexible hours and being your own boss. You can even take vacations whenever you please. These are all enticing and a lot of people would actually prefer having their own business instead of going to work. Yet, like most things that hold an advantage, you have to put in a lot of effort into your business before it starts giving you the life you want. There's the planning, strategies, implementation, and the continuous innovation - everything you need to get your business off the ground.

    Staying focused

    The challenge of having your own business is the ability to stay focused on your goals, which takes a lot of effort and consistency. Even with the right opportunity, you need to stay focused, be patient, and persevere. All successful businesses have one story line in common; they all started small and through hard work got to where they want to be.

    The challenge of being a direct seller is the same, you are your

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  • What Oprah Teaches You About “Audience”

    Consider you almost always have an audience. I use the term "audience" to reference any person who receives your messages. That could be spoken, written, live or archived words. They may be accompanied by sound, video, photos, graphics, slides, and links (or not).

    I use the term audience with reverence and respect, because all around you are people who have the power to give you exactly what you want. That could be the ideal job or the go-ahead for the biggest deal of your life. Whether your audience is one person - a colleague, investor, prospect, hiring manager, client, boss or a guy sitting on a bus with you, or a crowd of 2 people to 7 billion: this life is your show and we are your audience. If you choose to live it that way: fully actualized, empowered and rewarded.

    What's the purpose of calling other people your audience, when it comes to your conduct, and daresay your performance and success?

    The concept that we are your audience helps you erect a positive and

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