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  • The Low-Tech World of Jersey Shore

    They're lovers, fighters, partiers, and coiners of ridiculous terms, but one thing the cast of Jersey Shore definitely isn't is high tech. At least not on the show. As with other MTV reality series like The Real World, the Jersey Shore house is equipped with only one house landline, and the cast members don't use any cell phones or computers during their stay. This has led to a number of made-for-TV moments. Check out my top five favorites from the Miami season after the break.

    1. Definitely the most plot-centric use of technology on the show was when Snooki and JWOWW made the journey to an Internet cafe to write an anonymous letter to Sammi telling her that her sorta-boyfriend was kissing girls at the club. After all, they couldn't use their own handwriting, because then it would be totally obvious that they wrote it, right?
    2. The guys collect scraps of paper with phone numbers whenever they go out. And then call every single number when their dates fall through.
    3. JWOWW's
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  • 10 Signs You May Need a Techervention

    We all get a little lift from new gadgets, websites, and apps, but the addiction can escalate pretty quickly. A tweet here and an Apple store splurge there can spiral to an all-night Retail Therapy bender or Singstar marathon. Next thing you know, you're hiding the signs of staying up all night with makeup and venti soy lattes. Are you in a danger zone and in need of a techervention? Here are some telltale signs.

    1. Your boyfriend surprises you with a couples spa weekend package and the first thing you say is, "Babe, does the hotel have WiFi?"
    2. You own a Nook, Sony ereader, and Kindle.
    3. says you sleep less than five hours a night.
    4. You know what is.
    5. You've wished for a tub shelf so you can soak in the bath and use your laptop at the same time.
    6. You have more past-generation iPods and iPhones than days in the week. And then some.
    7. You know where your third grade BFF vacationed last month and what she plans to make for
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  • 6 Reasons Runners Will Love the New iPods

    This week's announcement of new iPods piqued my interest not only as a lover of shiny, new toys, but also as a runner. The two smallest versions, the new iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano, are even more perfect for running (and other exercises). Here's why:

    • The new Nano is tiny. - At just over 1 1/2 inches wide and just under 1 1/2 inches high, the new Nano is considerably smaller than the previous version - it's almost half the size! And it also weighs half as much as the previous version.
    • The Shuffle's buttons are back. - The most recent version of the Shuffle was, in my opinion, a runner's nightmare. The design was sleek, but there were no buttons on the device itself, making it incredibly difficult to use with any other headphones other than the ones that came with the device. Now, the same familiar circular set of buttons have made a comeback.
    • No more armbands! - Both the Nano and Shuffle come with clips to easily attach it to your shirt or shorts.
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  • How to Apologize For Sending a Spam Email

    A few months ago an old email account of mine was hacked and started sending spam to everyone in my contact list. I've already posted a guide on how I handled it, but when the same thing recently happened to a co-worker, she was wondering how to appropriately apologize to friends and former colleagues that she hadn't talked to in years. Though you may be embarrassed, sending an email to let these people know that you are sorry is good form. See my top five tips on writing your apology email when you read more.

    1. Send it! As much as you may want the whole thing to blow over, you need to send that email to your contact list to let your friends know that you've fixed the problem. They'll be happy to know that they shouldn't be expecting any more annoying messages from you anytime soon.
    2. Personally reply to anyone who notified you about the spam to thank him or her. It's nice that they took time to alert you to the problem.
    3. Use BCC. Yeah, everyone's email was already part of the
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  • Don't Text While You Drive! Use These Apps Instead

    It's becoming clear that you'd rather text than talk these days, but when you're on the road? That's a no-no. Instead of risking your life (and the lives of other motorists) on the road, try one of these texting apps that were made to help you kick the texting-while-driving habit to the curb. There's one for everyone - iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android owners unite!

    • A BlackBerry app called (Free) reads your incoming text messages and emails to you thanks to its text to speech functionality. You can even create customizable auto-responses for your outgoing messages.
    • On the Move (Free), an Android app, was developed to deter avid texters from checking their screens while driving. Acting as an auto-reply tool when you receive a message, On the Move tells the texter that you're driving with a customized alert.
    • Not only does the Android-based Otter ($4) send auto replies to texters when you're on the road, but you can also build custom quick responses, so you don't
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  • 5 Sneaky Ways to Digitally Spy on Your Spouse

    Warning: the devious and underhanded tactics contained in this post are not endorsed by GeekSugar . . . but sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to get to the bottom of a gut-wrenching hunch.

    Think your spouse is cheating? Our earlier post about the iPhone Recovery Stick got us thinking about how easy it really is to spy on your significant other using much simpler forms of trickery. Obviously, trust is the number one element to a relationship, so if you're considering using any of these tactics yourself, you may want to reevaluate where you and your beau are headed before you continue. With that said, check out these five sneaky ways you can digitally spy on your spouse after the break.

    • Check their web browsing history - Checking your web browser may not give you any juicy details, but it could help you narrow down where your spouse spends their time online (dating sites, perhaps?).
    • Monitor their check-in apps - Apps like Google Latitude and
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  • 6 Geeky Books to Load on Your Kindle

    The price of the Kindle has been taking a nosedive recently, but some of you still aren't buying. For those of you who are taking advantage of the new sticker price, you're going to need to decide on which books to load onto your new tech toy before you take off on your next reading trip. Want some help? I have six books ripe for the picking that satisfy your need for all things geek, entertainment, knowledge, social network, and business domination. Check 'em out right here in my gallery.

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  • 5 Must Have Gadgets and Gizmos

    As much as it pains me to say it, the pool parties and barbecues of Summer will soon be fading into the hot-tea-laden evenings of Fall. Although I welcome the change (who doesn't like shopping for Fall clothes!?), I still plan on taking every opportunity to head to the beach while I can! Whether you

  • How to Unlock 10 Fun Foursquare Badges (and 1 You May Want to Avoid)

    Keeping up with all the active Foursquare badges can be pretty difficult. Although there are some I'll probably never unlock (ahem, the Louis Vuitton Insider?), there are plenty of cool ones (and a brand-new badge) that I'm gunning for. Check out these fun, educational, and worthwhile badges you can unlock on Foursquare here in this slideshow.

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  • William Shatner Reveals He Doesn't Really Tweet at TCAs

    Hot on the star-studded heels of Comic-Con comes the 2010 Summer TCAs in Southern California. It's a chance for TV luminaries, networks, and press to chat about their upcoming seasons and new shows. There's one show in particular that I'm looking forward to, not only because it's based off of a famous Twitter stream, but also because it stars the geektastic William Shatner. BuzzSugar was in attendance of the CBS $#*! My Dad Says panel in LA, and got the inside scoop on Mr. Shatner's Twitter habits, which apparently are not his alone. He says: I know it's 148 characters . . . well I don't Twitter. I can't even remember my password. I have problems with electronics. What I've done is I've hired a young man out of college whose very fingers are extension of computer keys. He does the mechanics. But I very carefully modulate what I say and have used Twitter to publicize stuff, to have conversations, to instigate competition. It's been an exploration in immediate language. I have had a

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