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  • Get the Lowdown on Amazon's Two New Kindles

    Speculation was running rampant, but now it's official - there are two new Kindles on Amazon's block. The announcement was teased yesterday by the WSJ, but now we can talk official details. It's difficult to tell the difference between the two, as both models come with identical specs; the difference lies in connectivity - one is equipped with WiFi and 3G, while the second model is WiFi only.

    Some Kindle fans may have been hoping for a touchscreen interface on the next-gen ereader, but in a recent interview, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos explains why it wasn't included in the update, saying that it adds "an extra layer on top of the display surface, and it increases glare."

    But size and color aren't the only significant updates to the new Kindle. Check out the rest of the details when you read more.

    The new Kindle comes with a lighter body - 15 percent lighter to be exact, and comes in 21 percent smaller than the Kindle 2 while keeping its 6-inch screen intact. Both models come in white or

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  • 10 Fun and Useful Photoshop Tips and Effects to Try

    Now that you've polished up your photography skills, it's time to take your photos to the next level by having some fun with Photoshop. Editing and tweaking your pics isn't considered cheating - it helps bring out the beauty in your images, and keeps things interesting. Here, I'll cover ten fun and useful Photoshop tips and effects that you can use every day, or when you want to add some pizzaz to your pics.

    See the rest of the tips, and learn about some sweet and simple effects you can add to your images [break]after the break.[/break]
    • Lomo-fy your pics - Add some age and depth to your photos by using this effect that turns your image into a plastic camera masterpiece.
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  • 10 Handy Android Apps For Every Personality

    So you've got yourself a new Droid X, Droid Incredible, or one of the many amazing Android-powered smartphones on the market right now. Your mission: fill it up with some handy and entertaining apps to help keep you sane during your hectic days on the job, on your commute, or while you're chilling a

  • Virgin America Announces Updates to Its Red In-Flight System

    If you've flown Virgin America, you're probably familiar with Red, its in-flight entertainment system. Not only can you order food, you can watch movies, live TV, and now even more with two major enhancements. Last night, I was able to check out a sneak preview of the new Red with a cocktail hour on board a plane parked at San Francisco International Airport - definitely one of the more interesting cocktail hours I've experienced!

    To hear more about Virgin's new features, keep reading.

    First, the Red system now includes a high-end store! Through a partnership with SkyMall (formerly that clunky catalog in the seat back pocket in front of you), VA introduced a store selling everything from Michael Kors handbags to $600 iPod docks and even a diamond-encrusted iPhone! Using the service is easy, too. Just select "Red Store" from the menu, and scroll through items. To purchase, simply swipe your credit card (the same way you'd swipe to order a glass of wine), enter your shipping

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  • 5 Things You Can Do With Your Xbox Besides Play Games

    I love my new Xbox 360. Not only does it coordinate with my other black gadgets, but it's now sleek, slim, much quieter than the last version and takes less power to operate. But if you think that the console is all gaming all the time, and only meant for hard-core gamers, you're sadly mistaken. My Xbox 360 is pretty much my all-in-one media center, and I can kick some butt while playing Alan Wake as well. In case you missed the Xbox 360 train, I'll give you five examples of what you can do with the console, besides play video games, and a few things to look forward to in the future after the break.

    • Watch Movies and TV Shows - Not only can you rent and buy movies and TV episodes from Xbox Live, but you can connect to your Netflix account.
    • Stream Content - If you have an external media server, your Xbox can connect to that, giving you access to movies, photos, TV shows, and videos you have stored there.
    • Tweet - You can send tweets from inside Xbox Live!
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  • Rich Text Signatures, and Other Handy Gmail Tips

    Tired of those boring text-only signatures or canned responses coming from your Gmail account? Well, prepare to get excited: Gmail now supports rich text signatures! Add links, colors, images, or formatting to your Gmail account signature, or any other account you've set up to send from Gmail. It's super easy to set up - just head to your settings page, scroll down to the Signature section, and design away! And as per usual, there are lots of other Gmail tricks coming from The Goog every day. Want to discover a few more tips you may not have known about before? Then just keep reading.

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  • Dress Your iPhone in Pac-Man With This Wallpaper

    Sometimes you stumble upon something great on the Internet. Other times, your friends send you a link that makes your day. Take for example this Pac-Man wallpaper sent by a pal that fits your iOS 4 iPhone or iPhone 4.

    The wallpaper surrounds your folders and app icons with dots and Pac-Man ghosts to show off your love for retro gaming (get the full image from this Japanese website). Need to know how to set a background wallpaper? Check out my complete iOS 4 guide. Of course, this wallpaper is awesome, but I do wish it was animated a la the Google Pac-Man birthday Doodle (or, ahem, an Android device). Maybe my dreams will become reality with the iPhone 5.

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  • Cell Phone Tips For Traveling Abroad

    Heading overseas this Summer? Your smartphone may be an essential gadget to have along on any trip, but data roaming and voice calls while outside your coverage area can lead to big surprises on your next cell phone bill. So how do you keep costs down? Check out these tips that will help ensure you stay within your budget, and not break the bank next time you travel abroad.

    • Use WiFi where you can - After you kill your data, 3G, and cellular functions, enable your WiFi to jump on free signals to check email or make calls via Google Voice or Skype.
    • Turn your iPhone's "Fetch" and "Push" off - I have my iPhone set to "fetch" my data every 30 minutes, and a ton of apps set to push new messages and alerts as they happen. This is great for keeping up with news and messages when I'm at home, but very bad if abroad since it uses 3G data instead of my known WiFi networks. Turn your "fetch" functions off on your iPhone, just go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, and Calendars > Fetch
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  • 5 Ways to Wrangle Your Desktop Cables

    If you took my advice to Spring clean your computers inside and out, you can take your desktop organization a step further by getting your cables and cords under control. Desktop cables can be a distraction to your work flow but can also trip you up if your laptop's Ethernet cable keeps slipping dow

  • 10 Apps You Need For iOS 4

    With thousands upon thousands of apps available in the Apple App Store, there's more than enough to choose from, and way more than your iPhone, iPod, or iPad can handle. However, with the recent update to iOS 4, there are just a handful that have been optimized for fast app switching and multitasking, and even some that have added new features to go along with the new OS. Out of all the iOS 4-optimized apps we've come across, here are some of my faves, and some essentials.

    • Twitter (Free) - The official Twitter app allows fast app switching, and even sends tweets when you've switched out of the app, including photos and video.
    • I Am T-Pain ($1) - Now, in iOS 4, you can share your recordings with friends on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or email, and also record video when used for the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4!
    • Pandora (Free) - Play your tunes in the background!
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