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  • Leonard Nimoy Says He's Not Sad About Retirement

    Sci-fi legend Leonard Nimoy is making his final appearance on screen during the season finale of Fringe next week. Although he's really excited for fans to see the epic showdown between Walter Bishop and William Bell, he doesn't regret putting his acting career to rest. When asked during a phone conference if it would be hard to move into his retirement phase, Nimoy said: It's not hard to say goodbye, I've had 60 years of working in films and television, and I'm very grateful for the opportunities I've had. I had decided not to do any more acting and directing several years ago, but I was called back to do the Star Trek movie. And then J.J. Abrams asked me to play the William Bell character, and I thought I owed him that - and I'm very glad I did it, he's an exciting character - but I had decided long ago that I just didn't want to do this anymore. I did this last job as a favor to J.J. Abrams and I'm glad I did it. To see what Mr. Nimoy had to say about his - as well as William

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  • Photography Tip: Take Good Food Photos

    I love snapping photos of food, especially if I'm visiting a special restaurant, on vacation, or eating something completely delicious. Yeah, I know: cameras at the table are usually a no-no. But for me, food photos are an easy way to remember where I was, what I was doing, and how I felt at any time. While I'm usually the girl pulling out my iPhone at restaurants trying to snap a pic, I've also been known to seriously photograph food from time to time.

    Getting a good shot can be tricky, though. Between proper lighting and angles, if you don't get it just right, your photograph could end up an unappealing mess.

    Photography site Photojojo has a great list of tips for photographing food beyond the quick camera phone snap, tips like, "Zoom in: Get in as close as you can. Use the macro setting on your camera if it has one. Fill the frame with the food," and, "Flash photography is too harsh for food's delicate sensibilities. It flattens everything out and makes for unappealing shiny

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  • GeekSugar's May Must Haves

    April may have been focused on greening your tech life, but May is all about upgrading your style. These gadgets and accessories all have a high-class feel, but with affordable price tags. Mother's Day is also quickly approaching, so if you have a tech-savvy mom who loves her labels, then you'll def

  • Google Adds New Drag-and-Drop Features in Gmail

    It's simple, it's speedy, and drag-and-drop functionality is, in my opinion, one of the best features any application can have. Now, finally, you can drag and drop attachments while using Gmail. Instead of clicking "Attach a file" and searching for attachments one by one, you can just drag the photo, document, or other attachment onto the message. It works with multiple files, too - so if you have a folder full of photos to share with a friend, just select all of them and drag them over to attach.

    For now, this functionality is only available in Firefox and Chrome, but Google plans to roll it out for other browsers "as soon as they support this feature." And to make your life even easier, check out more quick and easy Gmail tips.

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  • Geek Tip: Find Free and Paid eBooks, Audio Books in One Place

    If you're proud of your growing collection of ebooks and audio books you've amassed over the years, but want another place to find interesting titles, then listen up - Librophile is a website that lets you search free and priced ebooks and audio books Audible all in one place. Download audio books directly to iTunes, in chapters, or the entire zip file to listen to at your leisure (whether it be on your computer, MP3 player, or smartphone), and read ebooks straight from your computer. Keeping things organized, Librophole also lets you search ebooks and audio books by price or genre, or do a site-wide search for a title you've been looking for.

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  • 3 Sites That Add Some Fun to Your Birthday

    My guy's birthday is tomorrow, so I can't help but have birthdays on the brain - plus, I love a good excuse for a party! If you're a birthday fanatic like I am, check out these three sites for a fast, easy way to find fun info about your date of birth. Or check 'em out before heading to a friend's birthday party for a nice, long list of birthday-themed conversation starters.

    • What song was #1? Do you know which song topped the charts the day you were born? A feature on This Day In Music will tell you! Just enter your date of birth (or any other day you're curious about) and the finder will tell you what songs were on the top of the US, UK, and Australian charts. (My birthday "theme song" is "Don't You Want Me?" by Human League.) There's even one-click access to buy a framed LP (or CD, if you or the intended recipient is searching for a chart-topper after 1992).
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  • 10 Ways to Green Your Home Office

    As we've said before, Spring is the perfect time to toss out the old from your home office (responsibly!), and usher in a new era of organized and green living. Even if you don't have a home office, these tips can also be used in the workplace to ensure you're setting a good example for your co-workers, and taking the right steps to a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Let's face it - you probably spend more time at work than you do anywhere else (only your bed may see more action), so why not make it a little easier on mother earth while you're there?

    • Go Natural - Bamboo is not only a renewable resource, it's also easy on the eyes and totally tech-friendly. You can buy charging stations, laptops, and even external hard drives made from the material.
    • Rent Your Textbooks - Instead of buying those expensive textbooks that are lining your home office walls, rent them through Chegg. Not only will you save a ton of cash, but you'll help prevent books from ending up in a landfill.
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  • 5 Ways To Watch TV on Your Smartphone

    Fox Mobile announced their entry into the tv-on-your-smartphone field last week during the CTIA wireless conference in Las Vegas. Called BitBop, it's an on-demand streaming service that gives you access to a boatload of TV shows right on your BlackBerry - with iPhone and Android apps heading our way soon. But BitBop isn't the only one who's bringing the TV love to your cell. Check out five other ways you can get your favorite shows on your smartphone . . . you know, like they've been doing for years in Japan!

    1. FLO TV ($10 a Month) - Going live later this year, FLO TV allows you to stream live television to your iPhone with the help of a battery pack from Mophie that acts as a receiver.
    2. MobiTV ($10 a Month) - Another app that brings you live TV on your smartphone is MobiTV, which works with AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon, and on over 400 devices.
    3. SPB TV ($15) - Exclusively for Android users, the SPB TV app doesn't require a monthly subscription, but it does get you access to
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  • Get Cheap Rooms With These "Name Your Own Price" Tips

    Travel season is upon us, and I'll be the first to say I have champagne taste, but am confined to a beer-sized budget. Finding deals on hotels and flights has never been so important, especially with gas prices and travel costs through the roof! So lately, Priceline's "Name Your Price" feature (you know the commercials - William Shatner is the "Priceline Negotiator"?) has been looking more and more attractive, but I've heard a story or two about users who have been less than thrilled with their rooms once they've arrived.

    My girl Petsugar has been there and told me about a site she found that deconstructs the rules and ways of Priceline's hotel selection process. Dubbed BiddingForTravel, this site schools you on some sweet tips and tricks to using Priceline, and now Petsugar can even guess (correctly!) which hotel she is bidding on!

    Go through BiddingForTravel's helpful FAQs first to learn how Priceline chooses your hotels and flights, then start bidding. If it's all too much and you

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  • 5 Tech Tips to Get You in Gear For Spring

    Nothing like a little Spring in the air to inspire a fresh start . . . or at least a little cleanup! We've got all the right tech tools to get you in gear, and the tips you need to get your Spring cleaning done. So, make organization easy and keep your life neat and clean when you get going with our helpful tips to step up your routine.

    • Clean Up Your Computer - De-clutter your digital life when you purge your computer of any old files, folders, and media taking up needed space. But, don't let the cleaning stop there - be sure to give your computer a thorough cleanup on the outside too!
    • Charge It Up - I'm done being stressed out by losing the charge on my iPhone and being unable to find the power cord - what help is any gadget if we can't turn it on? Forget losing and misplacing your gadgets' chargers when you get your charging done all in one convenient charging station.
    • FollowUpThen Email Reminders Keep You on Task - Stay on top of personal to-dos or work
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