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  • How I'd Wire: The Millionaire Matchmaker

    As matchmaker to millionaires worldwide, Patti Stanger is pretty well-equipped to tackle even the toughest dating dilemmas. She knows a thing or two when it comes to good old-fashioned matchmaking, founding her own Millionaire's Club as a third-generation relationship guru. I'm not doubting Patti's natural gifts, but I couldn't help but wonder how she might benefit from getting wired with the right (tech) stuff to give her a leg up on the love game.

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  • How-To: Spring Clean Your Earbuds

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    You probably use your earbuds all day - during your commute to work, during work, and during your commute home. As many times as you pull them in and out of your bag, you probably don't think often enough about keeping them clean. Unsurprisingly, earbuds can transmit bacteria from person-to-person if they're shared, and in some cases can even cause ear infections. Clearly they need to be kept clean, but what's the best way? Obviously you can't just toss your earbuds in the dishwasher to clean them. While doing some research, I came across a few suggestions of how to properly clean earbuds.

    • Use a gentle cleaner, like soap and warm water. No need to go too heavy-duty here; try a mix of dishwashing detergent and water.
    • Use a gentle cloth with just a small amount of the soap mixture. Too much soap could leave a residue on your earbuds, and too much water, well that goes without saying.
    • If there's a lot of dirt or dust in the metal part of your earbuds, try
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  • 5 Spring Gadgets For the Fitness Geek

    After months of rain, sleet, and snow, Spring is just around the corner! And while I am especially happy to see the sunshine, this change in weather is going to make my New Year's resolution that much easier to achieve. Throw in a couple of gadgets to appeal to my geeky tendencies and suddenly, it's not work at all. Here are my picks that will have you running, lunging, and swimming your way right into Spring.

    • Incase Sports Armband ($30) - Nothing screams Spring like a burst of bright green. That's why I'm loving this sports armband from Incase. It's lightweight, washable, and the Velcro band means it'll be a perfect fit every time. And since it's made of neoprene and reflective materials, it comes in handy if you're out after dark.
    • Fitbit ($99) - Fitbit is the ultimate fitness gadget. First of all, it tracks everything - calories burned, sleep habits, steps taken, even the intensity of your workouts. Then it wirelessly uploads all of your stats to the web, allowing
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  • Six BlackBerry Tips and Tricks to Streamline Your Time

    Truth be told, if you're addicted to your BlackBerry you'll probably never get tired of hearing about BlackBerry tips that help make your life easier, right? The more the merrier! So check out this roundup of just that - apps that get you streamlined, and tips to make things easier on the go.

    1. Shut Down Apps Properly - If you've noticed your battery gets low on juice quicker than usual, it could be that you aren't shutting down your apps properly. Find out how to do it right with this tip.
    2. Quickly Search Your Email - The iPhone has Spotlight to help you search your inbox, but find out how to perform a similar trick with your BlackBerry.
    3. Find and Buy Movie Tickets on the Go - Don't bother going to the theater early to check movie listings and times. Just scope it out whenever you get a free moment with the new Fandango App for BlackBerry.
    4. Read Books on Your BlackBerry -You can save a few hundred bucks by reading books on your BlackBerry Kindle App
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  • 10 Apps to Help You Stick to Your New Year's Resolutions

    Although I'm still on the fence on whether or not to make resolutions for the New Year, I can appreciate the tradition. Thankfully, technology makes it easier than ever to follow through all year with those promises you made yourself on January 1. Check out a few handy apps for your iPhone, BlackBerry and Android devices that can help you succeed, and bonus - they're all totally free! See? You're already getting a head start on your list by saving some money.

    • Role Call - Stay on top of your business and personal life with this task manager. Gain more time and less stress!
    • Japanese Essentials - If you've finally vowed to learn a new language in the New Year, there's a ton of free language learning apps - like Japanese Essentials - in the iTunes Store that can help.
    • Loopt - If your goal is to be more social in 2010, then check out Loopt in the Android Market. Not only can you meet up with your pals, but find out what other Loopt users are up to in your area. Get
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  • 10 Fun Last Minute Gifts For $20 and Under

    The countdown has begun - only two weeks left, and you can kiss the gift-giving holidays good-bye! If you're pressed for time (and cash) then check out my picks for fun and fab last minute goodies on the cheap right here - all these geeky finds are under $20!

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  • Tech Dating 101: Do You Have a Digital Dating Dealbreaker?

    Electronic communication can both help and hurt a relationship. On one hand, it encourages constant communication and may make you feel closer to one another. On the other - this constant communication may make you feel suffocated.

    This happened recently to one of my friends. She started seeing a new guy, and intentionally only gave him her phone number - no email address, no Twitter handle, no AIM screen name. She wasn't trying to hide anything, she was just trying make sure things progressed slowly. After a few weeks and a very brief exchange over Gmail - bam! - there he was in her list of Gchat contacts. She didn't think about it until the next day at work when, with the familiar "ding" that accompanies a new message, a "hi!" from her guy. "

    I am not ready to Gchat!" she complained to me (via, of course, Gchat). I told her to ignore the Gchat window long enough that her name would display as idle, and then to either log out or turn on the "invisible" option - a quick fix for the

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  • Avoid Extra Holiday Pounds With The Lose It App

    For me, part of gearing up for the holiday season is the realization that I'm going to overindulge in holiday goodies from time to time. While this time of year isn't the best for trying to shed extra pounds, there's still benefit in watching what I'm eating - even if I allow myself a few "cheat" days here and there. Lose It! is an iPhone app that tracks caloric and nutritional intake as well as calories burned by exercise, giving you a calorie budget for the day. First, enter your starting weight, your goal weight (if you want to lose, that is), height, and birth date, and the app figures how many calories you need to lose a few pounds or maintain your current weight. Then, enter exactly what you've eaten that day (you can search by meal, favorite foods, previous meals, even brand name foods from supermarkets and restaurants) and any exercise you've done. The app tracks your daily, weekly, and monthly caloric intake, factoring any exercise into the equation. I'm certainly not shooting

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  • 5 iPhone Apps to Help You Through the Holidays

    In the midst of seasonal travel, family gatherings, and shopping on Black Friday, you may need some help getting organized. Check out five fun and functional apps that will help you wade through the holiday madness.

    • Car Finder ($1) - Car Finder may just save your sanity - working with the compass and GPS in your iPhone 3GS, Car Finder locates your vehicle from your starting location. Never get lost again!
    • Pose U ($5) - Don't let family photos become a rush of similar-looking snapshots. Pose U gives you some suggestions on how to keep the poses and camera angles fresh all holiday long.
    • Target (Free) - You must be familiar with my Target obsession by now, right? If you share the same sentiment, check out the Target app which lets you browse ads and find out if the item you're looking for is in stock at your nearest store before you head out in the cold.
    • TripCase (Free) - Keep all of your travel info organized on your iPhone with the help of TripCase.
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  • 10 Blackberry Tips and Tricks!

    I had you at Blackberry, didn't I? Although I'm addicted to my iPhone, there's a special place in my heart for my Crackberry. We've had a lot of fun times together, so I must pay homage to the newer phones that have hit the market and show you even more cool tips and tricks you may not know about. New to the BlackBerry game? Check out my first tip installment from last year, and then read on, my Blackberry comrades.

    • Take Advantage of Apps - BlackBerry offers sweet apps in their BlackBerry World App Store, so why not take advantage and fill your BB with 12 of the best free ones?
    • Photo Tips For Your Curve - Taking photos on the fly can be tricky, but remember not to trash any of your attempts, as you may not be able to spot the perfect one on the small screen. To double check your work and zoom in on a pic, just hit the number three, and to zoom out hit nine. Also, tapping the space bar will adjust your flash settings.
    • Find Out the Deets - If you don't know what
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