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  • Detox Your Tech Life: 5 Tips For a Digital Diet

    Source: 5 Tips For a Digital Diet

    If admitting that you're addicted to your social networks isn't enough, a new book by technology reporter Daniel Sieberg called The Digital Diet ($10), wants you to admit and remedy your tech addiction (you know you have one). While technology is becoming completely integrated into our modern lifestyles, it's not always good to block out the world around you while you tweet, post to Facebook, watch movies, and check emails. Daniel Sieberg offered up some handy tips on how to break your tech addiction from his book, which you can check out below!

    • Avoid tech turds - One of our own favorite tech etiquette tips says that, as a rule of thumb, you shouldn't leave your phone out on the table. Daniel Sieberg has a more colorful way of saying it, calling these situations "tech turds": "Don't just dump your smart phone on the table at a restaurant or at home. Keep it in your pocket or purse unless it's critical to have it out. If you must have it out,
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  • Geek Tips For Organizing Your Digital Photo Collection

    Source: Tips For Organizing Your Digital Photo Collection

    Spring isn't just the time to clear out the clutter from your home, it's also a great time to get your digital photos in order. I'm guilty of just tossing my pics into one jumbled and disorganized file (which makes it a pain to find a specific pic), but we can all start fresh and clean from here on out thanks to some helpful tips from the pros. Featured in a recent Wall Street Journal piece, Bradly Treadaway, digital media coordinator and faculty member at the International Center of Photography in New York, shows us how easy it is to keep your photos in order with just a little bit of proactive work. I've rounded up his tips into four points below.

    • Store on a dedicated external hard drive - Instead of storing your photos on your computer's hard drive (which takes up lots of space), buy a dedicated external hard drive to use as your digital photo library. Store it in a safe place, and you'll never be without your precious
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  • 11 Ways to Simplify Your Life Using Tech

    Between work, play, and home, your life can get a little cluttered. Though some are in the camp that gadgets cause us more stress than we need, tech can actually help simplify and streamline our lives, even - dare we say it - make it a little more fun. Check out these 11 tips on how tech can help you breathe a little easier every day.

    1. Set up autopay for your bills - Writing checks seems so outdated these days, especially when a majority of creditors and even landlords have an autopay option. By setting up your bills to automatically withdraw from your checking account, you save cash on stamps and envelopes and could even save a few trees in the process. Plus, you'll never be late on a credit card payment again!
    2. Stop getting paper bills - In addition to setting up autopay, you should cancel your paper bills in favor of an electronic version if possible. This will cut down on mail clutter, and you'll have a digital copy of your monthly statement whenever you need it.
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  • 5 Apps and Sites to Keep You On Task

    Source: 5 Apps and Sites to Keep You On Task

    Does your schedule get so packed that you sometimes forget mundane tasks like stopping by the bank or dropping off your dry cleaning? What about bigger reminders, like how that presentation is due next week? Good news - these apps and websites will help you stay on task, organized, and keep your to-do lists in check. On time and organized looks so good on you!

    • Google Tasks (Free): Turn your Gmail emails into tasks, and set notes, deadlines, and alerts on your Google Calendars. Plus, you can access on the web or mobile apps.
    • Astrid (Free): Astrid, a free Android app that manages deadlines and appointments, organizes tasks by priority, date, and time. The reminders are cute and cheeky, too: "When you have a minute: clean out your inbox," for example.
    • Doris (Free): Doris is a clean and simple web productivity tool that organizes to-dos, deadlines, and appointments. There's also a free iPhone app that syncs up with your
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  • Tips For Keeping Your Cell Phone Bill in Check

    Source: Tips For Keeping Your Cell Phone Bill in Check

    Heading overseas this Summer? Your smartphone may be an essential gadget to have along on any trip, but data roaming and voice calls while outside your coverage area can lead to big surprises on your next cell phone bill. So how do you keep costs down? Check out these tips that will help ensure you stay within your budget, and not break the bank next time you travel abroad.

    • Use WiFi where you can - After you kill your data, 3G, and cellular functions, enable your WiFi to jump on free signals to check email or make calls via Google Voice or Skype.
    • Turn your iPhone's "Fetch" and "Push" off - I have my iPhone set to "fetch" my data every 30 minutes, and a ton of apps set to push new messages and alerts as they happen. This is great for keeping up with news and messages when I'm at home, but very bad if abroad since it uses 3G data instead of my known WiFi networks. Turn your "fetch" functions off on your iPhone, just
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  • How-To: Touch Up and Remove Blemishes in Photoshop

    Source: How-To: Touch Up and Remove Blemishes in Photoshop

    The fact that celebrities and models get the benefit of airbrushing in ads isn't breaking news, but this week, two makeup ads from Maybelline and L'Oréal have been banned in the UK due to misleading results caused by excessive airbrushing. The ads, which feature Julia Roberts and Christy Turlington, are heavily retouched and give off the impression that if you use these products, your face will be model perfect by the makeup that "recreates the aura of perfect skin." Perfect? Far from it. While most of us will never look like a cover girl from a magazine (nor should we strive to), there is a simple tool you can use in Photoshop to make your face look clear and bright in your own photos. Sure, while excessive airbrushing in order to sell products is bad, zapping that zit from a nice family photo is totally legit. If you have basic knowledge of Photoshop, this tutorial should be easy to follow.

    • First, you'll want to choose a
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  • How to Prep Your Smartphone For Resale

    Source: How to Prep Your Smartphone For Resale

    ICYMI, the new iPhone is expected to drop next month and if you're planning on upgrading to the new device when it hits the scene, you can save a few bucks by reselling your old device. Whether you've got an iPhone 3G, 3GS, or 4, here are some tips for making sure your phone is in tip-top reselling shape.

    • Back up your data and do a clean sweep - First thing's first - make sure you connect your iPhone to iTunes and back up all of your data. You'll be able to sync it with your new iPhone after you bring it home. And just like a computer, before you sell your old iPhone, you'll want to wipe it clean of any sensitive information, apps, and contact lists. Erasing all of your content and settings (go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings) is great, but go ahead and perform a full restore in iTunes as well.
    • Polish the exterior - Cleaning your old iPhone is kind of like cleaning your LCD monitor - you don't
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  • Tech Tips For Working Remotely

    Source: Tech Tips For Working Remotely

    At Home:

    • Have a designated work area - The couch may be comfy, but working while hunched over on your sofa isn't the best idea for your posture. Get a real desk, or at least work at the dining table so you can prevent a sore neck and back later on down the road.
    • Keep a clean workspace - Speaking of a designated workspace, there's nothing more distracting than working amongst cords, cables, papers, dirty coffee cups, and whatever else happened to land on your desk while you weren't working. Start the day off right with a clutter-free environment by making a point to clean off your desk at the end of each workweek. Monday mornings will thank you.
    • Ready, set, share - Set up a file sharing service with your teammates so you can keep on top of document changes while you're working. Dropbox and are both great services for sharing documents and files between groups.
    • Consider dual monitors - More desktop real estate equals more
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  • 5 Ways to Check the Weather Before You Peek Outside

    Source: 5 Ways to Check the Weather Before You Peek Outside

    Nothing ruins a good day like getting caught in the rain - or snow, or cold, or sweltering heat - when you least expect it, or when it conflicts with your morning run. Here, a few ways to have the forecast delivered right to your phone or inbox, so you won't get caught unprepared again. Don't fret if the forecast calls for rain or snow! You can use one of these geeky umbrellas to stay dry.

    • Daily Emails From Umbrella Today: Get a straightforward answer to an easy question: do I need an umbrella today? Visit and enter your zip code or city and state. Then register to receive a daily email or text on days you need to stash an umbrella in your bag. You can even set the time you wish to receive the email - just check your inbox before heading out in the morning.
    • Specialized Text Alerts: Sign up for any combination of the 10 weather alerts sent via text message from Have the daily
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  • 4 Reasons Why the Amazon Tablet Could Rock

    Source: 4 Reasons Why the Amazon Tablet Could Rock

    Just because Apple has an obvious hold on the tablet market with the iPad, doesn't mean other companies aren't getting in the game. The latest entrant? Amazon. Rumors have been swirling that an Amazon tablet is expected to go on sale this year, and it could change the game for the better. Here are four ways the Amazon tablet could rock our worlds.

    1. Affordability - Latest rumors and reports peg the Amazon tablet at a super-low price point, maybe even as low as $249. Given the fact that the HP Touchpad sold so quickly at $99 during the recent liquidation fire sale, Amazon could move a ton of units with an affordable price tag.
    2. OS - The Amazon tablet will likely run the Android operating system, which will allow users to download plenty of apps from the Android App store.
    3. Options - Word on the street is that Amazon could release a tablet that comes in two sizes - seven and 10 inches - with the 7-inch tablet coming in October and
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