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  • How and Where to Stream Video: A Complete Guide

    Source: How and Where to Stream Video: A Complete Guide

    Walmart announced today its streaming media service, VUDU. The company bought VUDU in 2010 and has finally integrated the HD digital media rental company into the Walmart website. The service is accessible through the VUDU page on Walmart's website or from VUDU-enabled devices like certain HDTVs, Blu-ray players, or PlayStation 3. Customers do not sign up for a subscription, but rather pay per film viewing. Rentals begin at $3, with new releases starting at $4 and higher for HD-quality streams; many movies can be purchased for unlimited viewing for $15. With companies like Walmart racing to produce popular streaming video service, customers have a wide range of products and pricing plans to choose from, including the following:

    • Netflix - With access via gaming consoles, TVs, iPhones, and Android smartphones in addition to computers, the popular classic doesn't look to be going anywhere despite the competition and controversial new
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  • 5 Tech Etiquette Slip-Ups to Avoid

    Source: 5 Tech Etiquette Slip-Ups to Avoid

    It's easy to forget basic tech etiquette when we're busy catching up on emails, phone calls, projects, and deadlines, but be sure to check yourself before you wreck yourself in the etiquette department by following these five rules every day.

    • Walking or driving while texting - Not only is texting while driving illegal in most states, texting while walking is just as dangerous to you and innocent walkers around you. If you must send a text while you're on foot, pull it over to the edge of the sidewalk and wait until you click "send" to keep moving. It'll save you time, embarrassment, and possible medical bills if you happen to slip, trip, or fall down on uneven pavement.
    • Using your cell in the bathroom - Chitchatting while on the toilet has been labeled rude, gross, and unnecessary by our readers, and it's just plain uncomfortable to have to listen to someone's conversation. Save the calls for the halls, please.

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  • A Beginners Guide to Google+

    Source: A Beginners Guide to Google+

    Google opened up Google+ invites to all users this morning, and if you've received an invite in your inbox, you're probably thinking - "Awesome! What do I do now?" Have no fear. We'll walk you through some of the available features that come with Google+, and the first things you should do once you get in.

    • Edit Your Profile: First thing's first - you gotta fill out your profile! Click on the Profile button in the top nav bar, then "Edit Profile" to begin.
    • Fill in the Blank: You can then add a profile photo, and list details like your occupation, places lived, age, marital status, and whether you want your profile visible in search. You can also add links to your other networks, like Twitter, LinkedIn, and websites.
    • Create Some Sparks: Sparks is like an RSS feed for your favorite subjects. You can list your interests, then check out the compiled articles and blog posts from around the web whenever you have time.
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  • The Pros and Cons of Google+

    Source: The Pros and Cons of Google+

    Google revealed Google+ to the world last week, and the new social network quickly became the talk of the Internet. Though most agree that it's not yet a Facebook killer, there are some interesting and noteworthy features included within its white walls. We've been getting to know the pros and cons of Google+ more intimately over the long holiday weekend, so check out our rundown below and don't forget to add your thoughts in the comments!


    • Sleek design - Google+ is super easy to navigate thanks to a simple design. Sure, it kinda resembles Facebook with its main news stream and sidebars of information, and it would be cool to customize what you see with Google+ themes, but as is, it's very easy on the eyes.
    • Drag and drop in Circles - Adding friends and contacts into different Circles is incredibly easy thanks to the drag and drop nature of the feature, and we love how easy it is to share updates and news with just one group of Circles, or
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  • How to Publish Your Own Ebook

    Source: How to Publish Your Own Ebook

    Ebook bestsellers were recently added to the NYT Book Review, and sales are up in a big way. It just goes to show that if you've got an awesome manuscript, you don't have to wait for a publisher to pick it up - you can self publish! Find out how you can get your ebooks on Kindles, Nooks, iPads, and mobile devices all around the world with the outlets below.

    • Barnes & Noble PubIt! - Easily publish your own books through the Barnes & Noble ebook store with PubIt! Just upload your files, and PubIt! converts it to an easy to read format that can be bought and downloaded to your Nook or other B&N apps, like the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and PC. Royalty rates range from 40 percent (for any book priced under $2.98 or over $10) to 65 percent (for any book priced between $2.99 and $9.99).
    • Amazon Kindle Store - Get your book sold in Amazon's Kindle store and nab royalty rates of 35 to 70 percent of sale prices. The Kindle Direct Publishing program
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  • Tune Into Cable With These iPad Apps

    Source: Tune Into Cable With These iPad Apps

    Watching your favorite shows on your TV at home is so 2010. Thankfully, cable providers are slowly but surely allowing us to untether from our sofas and take our TV-watching on the go with a few handy iPad apps. Check out the streaming TV landscape in this guide, where all the apps are free with a paid subscription to your cable provider!

    • HBO Go: Stream over 1,400 of your favorite HBO shows with the HBO Go app. Free with an HBO subscription, you can watch every single episode of HBO hits like True Blood and Sex and the City, with the added bonus of behind-the-scenes features. Customize your Watchlist and set a Series Pass to automatically load your favorites.
    • TiVo: Free with a subscription to TiVo's Premiere box, the TiVo app acts as an advanced remote control, designed to be used alongside your TV and TiVo box. You can quickly search and browse for shows and listings without interrupting what you're watching. You can also
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  • The Best Fake Twitter Accounts

    Source: The Best Fake Twitter Accounts

    Yesterday's news of the confiscation of a British man's clever Twitterbot account, which updated the literal real-time status of the Tower Bridge, had us thinking about the hundreds of clearly fake Twitter accounts out there. Click through for our favorite faux users, and let us know if you have any additions!

    • @DarthVader: Snap! Guess it's safe to assume that Darth Vader is also not a fan of Jar Jar Binks? While we're loyal to the official Star Wars Twitter account, Darth Vader gives an addictive look into the Sith's modern life.
    • @Lord_Voldemort7: If we're supposed to root for the heroes, why do the villains make the best Twitter fodder?! Harry Potter's nemesis, Lord Voldemort, tweets his taunts through the Twitterverse.
    • The Dark Knight: Sure the Caped Crusader is in a constant battle against the evil of Gotham City, but that doesn't mean he relaxes and bakes cupcakes when he gets home. He takes his job very seriously. Check out
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  • 6 Reasons to Get Excited About iOS 5

    Source: 6 Reasons to Get Excited About iOS 5

    Though we have to wait until this Fall to update our iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads to iOS 5, there are plenty of reasons to get excited now. Announced earlier this week at Apple's developers conference, the next mobile operating system could save you time, money, and frustration with its over 200 new features. I've rounded up the top six reasons I'm excited for the update - find out more about each of them below!

    • No more annoying pop-up notifications - How awesome will it be to not have any pop-up notifications interrupting you while watching a video, playing a heated round of Angry Birds, or sending a message? With the Message Center, you'll get all your notifications - from text messages, friend requests, @ replies, and push notifications - at the top of your phone instead of in disruptive pop-up boxes in the middle of your screen. If you've been an Android user in the past, this will look very familiar, and could be a big relief for
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  • 5 Waterproof Digital Cameras For Every Budget

    Source: 5 Waterproof Digital Cameras For Every Budget

    Whether surfing in Hawaii or leaping through sprinklers in the backyard, if Summer sees you spending more time in the water, a waterproof digital camera is a requirement for capturing the fun without ruining coveted gadgets. We've gathered five options for capturing water adventures at any budget.

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  • How to Pack Your Tech to Get Through Airport Security Fast

    Source: How to Pack Your Tech to Get Through Airport Security Fast

    If you're heading out on a jetplane for a long weekend, you've probably already given airport security some thought. I'll leave the body scanner debate for another day, but did you know your carry-on luggage could slow you down at the checkpoint, too? Properly packing your gadgets, accessories, and chargers will speed you through the X-ray line. Here, a few tips from the TSA on how to pack your bags and move right on through security.

    • Pack in layers. Layer clothes, electronics, then clothes again inside a carry-on so the TSA agent can quickly see what's in there. This strategy also works better than the cram-everything-in-your-bag strategy once your unpack at your destination.
    • Wrap the cords. A tangle of cords could look like something potentially harmful if it's viewed a certain way, which could mean a more thorough and time-consuming bag check. Wrap cords around their devices, pack chargers together in
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