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  • 3 Simple Websites For Stunning Seasonal Postcards and Ecards

    Tis the season of holiday greeting cards. Some call them cheesy, while others (like myself) simply adore the variety of goofy, stodgy, and sweet photos and cheerful messages friends and family members put together. If you're preparing your holiday card, consider a website or service that will do the hard work for you, or even sending a personalized electronic (and eco-friendly) greeting card. Here are some fun sites to peruse if you're currently feeling like a holiday card Scrooge.

    • One Penny Post - Take a photo, type up a message to go with it, then have someone else print it up and post it. One Penny Post ships internationally from either Australia, the US, or the UK (depending on where you do the ordering from), and each postcard costs $2.50.
    • Hazel Mail - This simple site allows you to combine a digital picture with a personalized message and will send out a postcard for you for the flat postage fee of $1.50.
    • Postcard FM - Standard ecards are pretty generic,
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  • Black Friday Ad Leaks: What to Look For

    In the latest edition of Black Friday ad leaks, we get a peek at what Target, Costco, Best Buy, and Toys R Us may have in store for our pocketbooks. Break out your shopping lists, and check out the latest ads for Black Friday madness!Related Content:More Black Friday News From Old Navy, Walmart, and

  • Tech Dating 101: A Reference Guide For Breakups

    Whether you're just starting out, in an established relationship, or sadly, at the end of a relationship, we could all benefit from some cold, hard, honest reminders of how to handle ourselves online after a breakup.

    I've already confessed that I bad-mouthed an ex via Twitter just hours after he dumped me (though he did it over the phone, so cut me a bit of a break), and I certainly would not recommend handling a breakup that way should you find yourself in my situation. Here are a few friendly-yet-firm reminders of how to handle a real breakup in the virtual world.

    The question:
    "He dumped me. I'm hurt. Can I use social networking to call him out and let the world know what a jerk he is?"
    The answer:
    Are you highly emotional right now? Have you been drinking? Save your tweet/status update as a draft, and sit on it for 24 hours. The Internet will be there tomorrow, too.

    The question:
    "Can we stay friends on Facebook?"
    The answer:
    Hard to offer a definitive yes or no on this one,

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  • Tech Treats For the World Traveler

    If you've got a friend or family member that is all too familiar with the friendly skies, then load them up with a few gifts this holiday that will help them stay connected, comfy, and happy, wherever they roam!

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  • MacBook Air Hands On: First Impressions

    Although the latest updates to the iLife suite were pretty impressive (I'm definitely using that new movie trailer feature), and the forthcoming Lion OS sounds exciting, Steve Jobs' "one more thing," the two new MacBook Airs, kind of stole the Back to the Mac show. Who doesn't love new hardware!? And having voted for new MacBook Airs in our recent event poll, I left Cupertino satisfied. Being there in person was worth the trip, as I got to play around with both the 13.3- and 11.6-inch models. Find out my thoughts on the new MacBook Airs.

    • Screen The LED backlit screens on both models are crisp and clear and are said to come with more pixels than even the newer MacBook Pros. That's pretty amazing.
    • Weight Both Airs come in at less than three pounds, but that doesn't mean that they are flimsy. The new MBA is sturdy, feeling much like the MacBook Pro in touch, but looking like a thin wedge of cheese. Mmm, cheese.
    • Keyboard The keyboards are comfy to type on, with
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  • 10 Ways to Manage Your Cables for Under $15

    As long as you have gadgets around, you'll always have an abundance of cables to deal with as well. Don't let them overrun your life! Keep them in check with these organizers that are all under $15. Get moving!

    • Ikea has a number of cable managers and charging stations, all for under $10.
    • Probably the easiest way to wrangle your cables is by using something you already have in your house - a sock!
    • I'm a big fan of the Cordie, which keeps all kinds of different desktop cords and wires nice and tidy.
    • I have a number of CableDrop Organizers on my desk now, and they're amazing for organization, and from keeping your cables from dropping behind your desk when not in use.
    • Similar in form to those twisty ties you get in the fruit section of the grocery store, these Twistits are electronic-safe, and keep your cords in check.
    • A GeekSugar Community member turned me on to these magnetic paper clips, which are perfect for wrangling your earbuds when not in use.
    • Don't
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  • Your Cell Phones Are Really Dirty; Here's How to Clean 'Em

    Although I'm not surprised at the results of a recent Stanford study regarding our dirty cell phones, I am a bit shocked at just how gross they can get. A group of Stanford University students recently discovered that our cell phones are18 times dirtier than a toilet handle. That's pretty disgusting. Of course, if you take into account how many different communal surfaces our hands touch - door handles, elevator buttons, bus hand rails, etc. - then how many times we check our phones before washing our hands, you can see how the germs can really start to add up. Maybe you should consider cleaning your phone more often (same goes for your grungy keyboard and earbuds).
    Using a 40/60 alcohol to water mixture on solid phone parts and keyboards should be OK for your devices (use a damp cloth and/or cotton swab for small and hard to reach places), however you do not want to use any sort of alcohol, ammonia, or harsh cleaning agent on touchscreens. In these cases, it's recommended that you

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  • Where to Find Geeky Pumpkin Templates This Halloween

    Now that you have narrowed down your Halloween costume options, it's time to pick out a pumpkin and start carving, baby! Need a little inspiration for your design? Then point your browsers to these sites that are packed with plenty of pumpkin carving templates for you to choose from. All of the templates are free, but heads-up - they may require site registration to download. So get to work! Those pumpkins won't stay fresh forever.

    • Got a thing for video games? This site will likely have your favorite characters available in template form so you can turn your pumpkin into a video game superstar. Free sign-up is required to download.
    • ThinkGeek held a geeky pumpkin template contest, which is chock-full of options for this year's carving festivities.
    • I'm particularly partial to this site's free Ghostbusters template.
    • The official Star Wars site is stocked with amazing templates - from easy to difficult - for you to download for free this Halloween.
    • Take your pick!
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  • October Must Haves

    October is one of my favorite months of the year. Temperatures cool, changing leaves of Fall set in, and it's capped with one of the geekiest holidays of the year - Halloween! Here, a few hot items I'm lusting after this month.

    • DVF Kindle Cases ($85): Protect your investments while keeping up appearances with the latest edition Diane Von Furstenberg Kindle cases. Coming with stylish fabric outer layers, and smooth twill interiors, your Kindle goes from a gadget to a fashion statement in a flash. Grab your DVF Kindle 3 case on Amazon.
    • Droid 2 R2D2 Edition ($200): Geek out! Not only is the Droid 2 a worthwhile purchase, but when paired with the Star Wars R2-D2 theme, it's a must have. Coming with limited edition wallpapers, home screens, sound effects, and apps, it's a geek's dream phone! Order your Droid 2 R2-D2 edition smartphone via Verizon Wireless.
    • Eley Kishimoto Gadget Cases ($35-$80): Launching in honor of this year's London Fashion Week, Incase partnered
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  • Project Runway's Mondo Talks Tech, Design, and His Shocking Reveal

    If you are a Project Runway fan like myself, you've seen the designers sketch on those HP TouchSmart tm2 tablets while they brainstorm designs.

    But for contestant Mondo Guerra, teching out on the show turned into a life-changing experience in last week's HP Challenge episode. Like last season, the designers had to create a fabric based on a family memory using HP TouchSmart PCs. When they entered the room, the large PCs were loaded with photos of the designers' families on the TouchSmart's completely customizable interface, allowing the user to drag photos around the screen, add notes, and more.

    I had a chance to speak with Mondo, the winner of the challenge, whose plus design was a workroom favorite but had some of the other designers curious as to his inspiration. It came as a huge shock when he revealed during judging that he has been HIV-positive for 10 years.

    Last season they also had this challenge designing fabrics. Did you at all think that it was something

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