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  • Venus Enters Cancer: Nostalgic Love

    Venus Enters Cancer: Nostalgic Love
    With Venus, the planet of beauty and love, now in the sensitive waters of Cancer as of last Sunday, you'll find your affinity for family, tradition, and the past becoming pronounced. You'll crave cozy connections with others -- especially those who remind you of your roots.

    You may easily find yourself longing for the past and feeling exceptionally nostalgic at this time. Cancer rules motherhood and home, so your domestic desires may even begin to kick in. You'll also become more concerned about what feels nurturing. In fact, the mantra of Cancer is "I feel," so be sure to pay further attention to what feels good -- and what doesn't.

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    Given that you may well feel ultra-sensitive and emotionally reactive, it could be easy to pitch a fit ... when what's actually necessary is more self-control over your moods. It's all too easy now to take things personally, which could get you

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  • Your Feng Shui Guidance for June!

    Your Feng Shui Guidance for June!
    Feng Shui is the area of Chinese medicine that helps us rest, relax, and restore our vital energies through healthful practices and a calm environment. Learn how's Ellen Whitehurst can help you create a peaceful home, landscape, and workplace by applying Feng Shui principles of balance and harmony to your everyday life!

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    Rice used to be commonly tossed at newlyweds as a wish for fertility. These days, however, with speculation that uncooked rice kills birds who eat it after the revelry has moved on, this grain-tossing tradition has largely passed.

    As a replacement for throwing rice at the happy couple, Feng Shui suggests the following methods of symbolic well-wishing:

    - Toss birdseed, believed to infuse a marriage with comfort and nourishment.

    - Blow bubbles, as their soft and watery nature imparts peace and healthy flow.

    - Toss flower petals, for their tree

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  • Use Astrology to Turn Weaknesses into Strengths!

    Use Astrology to Turn Weaknesses into Strengths!
    While we tend to unconsciously rely on our strengths, we rarely stop to consider how we can make our weaknesses a doorway to greater achievement. Your Sun sign plays a role in how you can accentuate buried personality traits that could help you succeed, so stop concentrating on who you are -- and try being who you aren't!

    You're the courageous type, and doing things well -- quickly and with flair -- comes naturally to you. Think about cultivating sensitivity, as well as practicality that will allow you to figure out in advance what works and what doesn't. If you succeed, your inspirational approach will pack an even greater punch!

    You're steady and sensible, a rock of stability. But rather than acting the part of a deeply rooted oak tree, try being a reed that bends in the breeze and adapts to others. Find the faith to follow your hunches, rather than double-checking all the practical angles. If you listen to your heart, your strength will become that much more

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  • Venus and Jupiter in Gemini: Double-or-Nothing in Love!

    Venus and Jupiter in Gemini: Double-or-Nothing!
    This week boasts one of the luckiest-in-love aspects imaginable as romantic Venus aligns with generous Jupiter. And since this love-enticing event occurs in the cheeky sign of Gemini, you're likely to enjoy lots of flirtatious banter!

    Gemini is the sign of the Twins, so it's double-or-nothing in love now. If you're single, you'll have more than one romantic encounter this week. Keep your options open, as this is a wonderful time to have fun -- there's no hurry to make commitments. If you're attached, seek out new experiences that will help you further connect (or simply reconnect) with your partner.

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    The Air influence of Venus and Jupiter indicates that conversation is key to romance now. If you've been meaning to tell that special someone just how you feel, now's an excellent time to send a card or e-mail a sweet note.

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  • Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius!

    Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius!
    Tomorrow's powerful full Moon lunar eclipse in Sagittarius comes right on the heels of another exact square between revolutionary Uranus (in Aries) and evolutionary Pluto (in Capricorn). Don't be surprised if your heart and mind find themselves dramatically turned upside-down!

    Despite the fact that eclipses tend to fall on the ominous and chaos-creating side, there seems to be an expansive and potentially magical element to this eclipse that's worth considering. Since tomorrow's eclipse squares Neptune -- something that's sure to add illusion (and perhaps even a bit of delusion) to the mix -- it all depends on how you use the energy of Neptune in Pisces. Perhaps begin by considering how conscious you are of the subtle, non-verbal exchanges that take place in your everyday life.

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    Ready or not, this full Moon will deliver some serious truth serum,

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  • Let Chinese Astrology Help Choose Tonight's Dinner Menu!

    Let Chinese Astrology Help Choose Tonight's Dinner Menu!
    "What's for dinner?" It's a question you ask yourself every day. And with so many choices of cuisine in the world, how could it ever be possible to find yourself in a food rut?

    If you're a creature of habit, you might view trying something new as quite a commitment. What if you end up wishing you'd just had "the usual"? Next time you're thinking of take-out or heading out to a restaurant, mix up the menu by using the Chinese zodiac as your guide. See what your Animal Sign says about the flavorful fare most likely to satisfy your palate!

    (Don't know your Chinese Animal Sign? Visit's Chinese Astrology section and learn for yourself!)

    Latin American tapas appeal to the sophisticated and social Rat. Ceviche, queso, calamari, and olives delight the senses, while course after course of colorful, bite-sized plates create the perfect ambiance. Eating is an activity for reconnecting with old friends and charming new ones. And of course, margaritas on the table only improve

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  • The Gender Gap and Your Sun Sign

    The Gender Gap and Your Sun Sign
    Ever wondered why lady Libras are very different from male ones? Or why male Cancers don't seem to be designed from the same template as female Crabs? Some astrological signs differ greatly between the genders, while others barely demonstrate any difference at all. Learn how your gender affects your Sun sign qualities!

    Aries is an active, fiery, and quite masculine energy that reflects on both men and women. With Aries, there's always a thrusting ambition to reach the top of the heap. Both sexes are competitive go-getters and adventurers. Aries women are not frilly or feminine, and like Aries men, they make it happen!

    The Bull is known for being earthy, placid, security-conscious, and possessive. Both Taurean sexes share an indulgent approach to life, though men tend to be higher up the gourmet scale; Taurus females generally aim more for home comforts. Both can be stubborn, though males are more inclined to be noticeably power-hungry.

    Gemini is a true Air sign

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  • Can Your Sun Sign Handle a Job Promotion?

    Can Your Sun Sign Handle a Job Promotion?
    You've earned the promotion you've been working toward for ages, and now it's time to step into your new role of greater responsibility. But, can you rise to the occasion -- and above potentially envious colleagues -- to make the most of your newfound success? Assuming a leadership position comes more naturally to some Sun signs than it does to others.

    The two signs who will stride most confidently into a promotion are Leo and Capricorn. Leo adores being looked up to, and they'll relish the chance to be above the common crowd; in fact, they'll truly come into their own with higher professional status. Capricorn will ignore any digs from co-workers and simply get on with the job -- with their mind focused on their next move up the ladder!

    Scorpio has always been one of the top signs for military leadership because they're so determined and resourceful. They'll rise to the challenge and do well -- just beware of anyone whose spiteful remarks get under their skin. They certainly won't

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  • Typecast as a Mom? Let Astrology Nurture Your Independence!

    Typecast As a Mom? Let Astrology Nurture Your Independence!

    With Mother's Day just ahead this coming weekend, are you feeling a little frustrated being seen as simply a mom? You want to be yourself for once -- can your Sun sign help you carve out time to enjoy a bit of freedom and independence?

    Since they don't tend toward domesticity in the first place, Aries has no problem making time for themselves. They're free spirits by nature, and they'd rather assert their individuality than be tied down. Because of this, the Ram is often a role model for other freedom-seeking signs!

    Taurus enjoys the security of home and family -- especially because they get to exert more control over how everything runs. The Bull doesn't have the same urge for freedom as other signs. Rather, their identity comes from nurturing what makes them feel safe.

    Wanderers at heart, Gemini knows that their independence comes from having a wide circle of friends. If they're not out and about, odds are you'll find them feeding their voracious appetite for reading. When they're

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  • How Your Sun Sign Approaches Spring Cleaning

    How Your Sun Sign Approaches Spring CleaningThe birds are frolicking and the flowers are just beginning to poke out of the ground. Spring is one of those rare times of year when cleaning actually takes on a kind of ritualistic fun. With good weather coming on, we're able to open the windows, air out our homes, and prepare for a brilliant summer! Here's what the stars have to say about your approach to creating a sparklingly clean abode.

    Think of cleaning your home as your workout. Approach every task as if it were a calorie-burning adventure!

    Invest in a house cleaner. Why? Well, it's quite simple, actually: You really can't stand house-cleaning.

    Indulge in all those magazines that tell you how to get organized and what tools and cleaning agents you should use to get the gunk out. Even if you don't really do what they say, you'll have fun reading the magazines anyway.

    Employ your children! Make it a fun family activity for you and your little ones.

    Reveal a portrait of your soul's true intention

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