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  • Typecast as a Mom? Let Astrology Nurture Your Independence!

    Typecast As a Mom? Let Astrology Nurture Your Independence!

    With Mother's Day just ahead this coming weekend, are you feeling a little frustrated being seen as simply a mom? You want to be yourself for once -- can your Sun sign help you carve out time to enjoy a bit of freedom and independence?

    Since they don't tend toward domesticity in the first place, Aries has no problem making time for themselves. They're free spirits by nature, and they'd rather assert their individuality than be tied down. Because of this, the Ram is often a role model for other freedom-seeking signs!

    Taurus enjoys the security of home and family -- especially because they get to exert more control over how everything runs. The Bull doesn't have the same urge for freedom as other signs. Rather, their identity comes from nurturing what makes them feel safe.

    Wanderers at heart, Gemini knows that their independence comes from having a wide circle of friends. If they're not out and about, odds are you'll find them feeding their voracious appetite for reading. When they're

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  • How Your Sun Sign Approaches Spring Cleaning

    How Your Sun Sign Approaches Spring CleaningThe birds are frolicking and the flowers are just beginning to poke out of the ground. Spring is one of those rare times of year when cleaning actually takes on a kind of ritualistic fun. With good weather coming on, we're able to open the windows, air out our homes, and prepare for a brilliant summer! Here's what the stars have to say about your approach to creating a sparklingly clean abode.

    Think of cleaning your home as your workout. Approach every task as if it were a calorie-burning adventure!

    Invest in a house cleaner. Why? Well, it's quite simple, actually: You really can't stand house-cleaning.

    Indulge in all those magazines that tell you how to get organized and what tools and cleaning agents you should use to get the gunk out. Even if you don't really do what they say, you'll have fun reading the magazines anyway.

    Employ your children! Make it a fun family activity for you and your little ones.

    Reveal a portrait of your soul's true intention

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  • Your Feng Shui Guidance for May!

    Your Feng Shui Guidance for May!

    Feng Shui is the area of Chinese medicine that helps us rest, relax, and restore our vital energies through healthful practices and a calm environment. Learn how's Ellen Whitehurst can help you create a peaceful home, landscape, and workplace by applying Feng Shui principles of balance and harmony to your everyday life!

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    According to ancient wisdom, the white magnolia is considered a great symbol of purity. A single magnolia tree planted in a home's front garden is believed to attract love, happiness, and a sense of completion and contentment.

    If grown in the back yard of a home, the magnolia is said to represent hidden gems and jewels, as well as the gradual accumulation of great wealth.

    And since spring is always a popular season for nuptials, it's worth noting how Feng Shui masters have long believed that including magnolia blooms in a bridal bouquet will

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  • What's Your Sun Sign's Favorite Fruit?

    What's Your Sun Sign's Favorite Fruit?

    If you're looking for ways to feel healthier and grow into a better person -- and really, who among us isn't? -- your Sun sign can recommend specific fruits as therapeutic remedies. Whether you're a juice-loving Sagittarius or a mango-munching Leo, the stars have something useful to say about what you should eat or drink to be at your best!

    There's a reason why you sometimes choose to withdraw into your private space with comfort food -- say, a pint of strawberry ice cream -- to help calm your nerves after a trying day. Indeed, fruit, or even fruit-flavored foods, can be a powerful tool to soothe your soul ... if used correctly and with intention.

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    Here's a quick look at each Sun sign's favorite fruit:

    Aries: cantaloupe

    Taurus: strawberries

    Gemini: grapes

    Cancer: pineapple

    Leo: mango

    Virgo: mixed fruit salad

    Libra: oranges

    Scorpio: apples

    Sagittarius: pineapple juice


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  • Give Your Partner a Birthday Party Their Sun Sign Will Never Forget!

    Give Your Partner A Birthday Party Their Sun Sign Will Never Forget!

    Does your partner have a milestone birthday coming up? If so, are you wondering how you can give them -- and their Sun sign -- a celebration they'll never forget? Learn more now!

    Aries won't appreciate a quiet family dinner with elderly relatives. No, they'll prefer a rowdy party with all their favorite friends and games aplenty. Rent a roulette wheel, get out the dartboard, and bring in a pool table. Food should be easy to grab, because your convivial Ram will be in constant motion all party long. A raucous barbecue would be ideal.

    Taurus needs to be indulged, so amazing food and fancy drinks should be the main priority. Decorate the party location with plenty of flowers, classy tablecloths, and velvet cushions. After all, Taurus just loves to be pampered!

    Gemini isn't concerned with having a fancy bash. Rather, what would warm their heart most would be to invite every friend they've ever had (and there'll be a lot). Those who can't come should be asked to write a birthday note or

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  • Your Approach to Earth Day – with Help from the Stars!

    Your Approach to Earth Day – with Help from the Stars!
    Want to join the green parade on Earth Day today? Though there are many ways to celebrate this eco-holiday, you can maximize your planetary contribution by tuning into the skies above to help guide your environmentally minded actions. Your Sun sign offers not only clues on how to best nurture Mother Earth, but also suggestions for greening your life every day of the year!

    Volcanos and hot, tropical climates bring out the fiery Earth warrior in you. Consider making a donation to protect the Amazon rainforest, or make a pilgrimage to a famous volcano to celebrate your own special connection to the planet.

    Every day really is Earth Day for you, so you probably don't need to do much more to connect with the planet. If somehow you don't already have a garden, this is the ideal time to get one started!

    Your airy nature is inspired and shaped by the powers of the wind -- from gentle summer breezes to blustering storms. If you're feeling ambitious, explore the

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  • A Sign-by-Sign Look at Financial Self-Sabotage

    A Sign-by-Sign Look at Financial Self-Sabotage
    Despite your best efforts to keep a smooth financial flow going in your life, how many times do you fail to set it straight? If you're willing to face your inner saboteur induced by quirks of your Sun sign's personality, you'll be halfway toward getting it right!

    Just as you start to make progress on your spending-savings ratio, impulse buys and kamikaze spending habits can instantly set you back in the red. You love challenges, so try saving a quarter of your income over the next year. Put that Arian noggin to good use -- a penny saved is one Ram less burned.

    Playing it too safe, putting all your eggs in one basket, or being loyal to a financial fault are just a few typical Taurus no-nos when it comes to avoiding monetary fiascos. Of course, with Taurus being the sign of money, it's rarely that dramatic. Rather, it's usually a slow draining of funds that happens over time when you refuse to bust a risky move.

    Blame it on the evil twin who steals your credit card

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  • Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn: Notes from the Underground

    Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn: Notes from the Underground
    Pluto, the ruler of the underworld, went retrograde in Capricorn last Friday, April 12. The distant planet's annual reverse motion, set to last through September 20, signals a chance to review the deepest lessons you've absorbed thus far in 2013.

    Just like that good old onion metaphor, Pluto is all about peeling away layers. Look to where Capricorn, Saturn, and Scorpio fall in your birth chart to learn which areas of your life are under serious renovation at this time. You can also look back to April 2012, when Pluto began a seven-month retrograde in Capricorn, to uncover any possible repeated patterns.

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    Pluto's transits are long and relentless, reminding us that psychological change does not come quickly, easily, or cheaply. Rather, you must commit for the long haul. During Pluto's current retrograde period, you may feel like a construction zone of sorts at times: gutted and

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  • Mercury Enters Aries: Shout First, Think Later

    Mercury Enters Aries: Shout First, Think Later
    After enduring two months of murky miscommunication mayhem in foggy Pisces, Mercury is ready to move into the straight-shooting fires of Aries for the next few weeks, beginning April 13. Hopefully you've learned to feel with your brain and listen like a psychic when words fail, because with Mercury's recent retrograde in Pisces, verbal failure was certainly a daily affair!

    Miscommunication almost always leads to tension and complications, so you'll be happy to hear that the airwaves are about to become much more clear. You'll be able to speak your mind -- and speak it loudly -- while having no problem declaring your wants and must-haves.

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    The main problem is that you (and most everyone else) may become more likely to shoot your mouth off without thinking first. Conversations could quickly escalate with the snap of a finger, so take care to watch your words and make

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  • New Moon in Aries: Blazing Passion!

    New Moon in Aries: Blazing Passion!
    It's always good to strike while the iron is hot ... and tomorrow, expect things to turn red-hot! April 10 brings no ordinary new Moon -- this Aries newness will be turbo-charged with love, passion, and urgency.

    New Moons often tend to be a time of lower energy, but Mars and Venus team up with tomorrow's fiery lunation to light a serious fire under everyone! Look to the Aries section of your horoscope to see where you can expect this jump-start. If you've been waiting for the signal to finally take that brazen leap, the time is definitely now. There's no reason to hang on -- all the planets are screaming, "Jump!"

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    Also nudging you along is the action-oriented push of Mars in its home turf (Aries) to help you walk your talk -- or better yet, run with it! Add to that the grace of Venus sweetening the deal and softening the landing, and you've got quite a sexy combination!

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