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  • Your Sun Sign and Your Mythological Self

    Your Sun Sign and Your Mythological Self
    Each Sun sign has a myth illustrated by its ruling planet. By understanding your own myth and learning how to live by its valuable principles, you'll lead a more fulfilling life and truly become yourself in the process.

    Your symbol is the head-butting Ram; your myth is Mars, the god of war. But don't feel as if you have to live out your myth aggressively. Instead, simply understand that middle-of-the-road is often your best approach. Your strength lies in avoiding distractions and maintaining focus on your goal.

    Your symbol is the Bull and your myth is earthy Venus. Both connect you to nature, the body, and the world of the five senses. Your essential talent is being firmly rooted, alive to the real world and understanding the pleasures it brings. But you also realize that not everything can go on forever.

    Your symbol is the Twins and your ruler is airy Mercury. In mythology, one twin is divine and the other is human, so your inner quest is to find your missing

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  • The Sun Enters Aries: Spring Awakening!

    The Sun Enters Aries: Spring Awakening!
    Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and signifies everything new and fresh. Now that the Sun has moved into this energetic sign, a springtime rebirth of mind, body, and spirit is afoot!

    One entire zodiac cycle is now complete -- and another one is already underway. The dawn of Aries always brings a surge of new inspiration; indeed, all beginnings start here. You'll feel spring's fresh burst of energy like sprouts breaking through the soil. You'll be ready to take risks and wear your heart on your sleeve. Your unbridled passion and enthusiasm returns, preparing you to embrace all that life has to offer with full fiery presence!

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    The Sun's arrival in Aries is always a welcome transit after the dark and murky final days of the Pisces season, when things seem to turn a bit slushy and muddy, just like the end of winter itself. Now you'll suddenly

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  • How Your Sun Sign Influences Your Spending Habits

    How Your Sun Sign Influences Your Spending Habits
    Given the unique nature of each Sun sign, certain individuals are better suited to saving money, while others thrive on spending a buck or two. Where do you fit in on the saving-spending spectrum?

    Aries, Sagittarius
    The impulsive nature of these Fire signs indicates that spending is a top priority for them. If Aries and Sagittarius can channel this predilection toward investments -- something that comes with the sort of risk their competitive Fire energy loves -- they'll combine that urge to splurge with the potential of stashing money away for the future. Credit cards and sales are no friend of theirs, as they simply facilitate these signs' buy-now-pay-later mentality.

    Capricorn, Virgo, Cancer, Scorpio
    These four signs are typically practical with money. Virgo and Capricorn each possess a security-conscious Earth influence -- a great help when trying to plan in the long-term. Scorpio likes to stay in control and doesn't spend unnecessarily, while Cancer is cautious and thrifty.

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  • Does His Sign Make Him House-Husband Material?

    Does His Sign Make Him House-Husband Material?
    Would your partner settle for a life of domesticity while you're out being the breadwinner? Certain signs can wholeheartedly embrace the switch in traditional roles, while others won't warm to playing house-husband!

    Being an adventurer, Aries isn't so well-suited to washing dishes and cleaning house. If forced into a stay-at-home life, he'll want to spend the day playing video games or watching sports on TV.

    Taurus will be happy to stay home ... but could become lazy when it comes to taking care of dull chores. That said, he'll be eager to gather recipes and make delightful meals for the family since he loves food!

    Gemini will find domestic life difficult since he enjoys being around people so much. He'll run up the phone bill, spend hours texting and e-mailing -- and might even forget to do the shopping!

    Cancer will put on an apron with delight, and being quite maternal, he won't mind playing mom to the kids. He can perhaps even cook and clean better than you!

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  • Mercury Squares Jupiter: Delusions of Grandeur

    Mercury Squares Jupiter: Delusions of Grandeur
    As if the murky and intoxicating influence of Mercury in Pisces isn't enough right now, the stars now offer a challenging aspect from Jupiter, a planet struggling to find truth in the gossip-laden dual sign of Gemini. Confusion streams forth from both of these placements, and now that they're in cosmic play, don't be surprised if your mind tries to go a bit off the deep end!

    The best way to navigate this exaggerated influence of temporary insanity is to take everything with a grain of salt. For starters, you'd be wise to not believe all that you hear, read, or see. Better yet, question everything and wait until after March 17 (when Mercury ends its retrograde and goes direct) to make any major decisions, let alone pass judgment or jump to any half-baked conclusions. You'll see gossip and backbiting on the rise under the spell of Mercury and Jupiter, so watch your tongue and make sure you don't fall prey to the temptation to verbally malign others.

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  • Saturn Retrograde in Scorpio: Bringing the Darkness to Light

    Saturn Retrograde in Scorpio: Bringing the Darkness to Light
    Are you ready to turn your dark matter into gold? Saturn is in the midst of a long retrograde sojourn in Scorpio through July 9, during which the cosmic taskmaster brings darkness to light.

    Scorpio is a fixed Water sign that runs deep, so you can expect layers upon layers to contemplate throughout the next four months. As with any planetary retrograde, your task now is to go within and integrate any lessons you've absorbed since early October, when Saturn began its reverse journey -- it's likely there's been an awful lot of shedding of dead skin since then.

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    With Saturn moving in the same constellation as the north node and in mutual reception (swapped signs) with Pluto, Scorpio's usual themes of death and rebirth apply now -- only tenfold. Don't hesitate to spend more time than usual in your own underworld,

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  • Virgo Full Moon: Progress, Not Perfection

    Virgo Full Moon: Progress, Not Perfection
    A full Moon is a time of clarity and insight, as the lunar orb shines light on darkness. Today's full Moon is in detail-oriented, solitude-loving Virgo, and you may find yourself wanting to work alone on a project -- or having to go solo when you'd expected help.

    Virgo is a remarkably self-sufficient sign, so you're likely to discover just how much you're capable of now. It's also a sign that's about hands-on service and taking care of loved ones, so this is no time to shirk your responsibilities! The gift of a Virgo full Moon is that it helps you learn how to be as productive as possible. Streamlining your schedule may also bring relief.

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    Virgos tend to be perfectionists, so this full Moon might bring insecurities to the surface. Rather than internalizing fears, share them with a trusted friend, co-worker, or family member. You'll be surprised how much is revealed as you offload.

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  • Mars Enters Pisces: Dream into Action

    Mars Enters Pisces: Dream into Action
    Now that Mars, the planet of war, has moved into the squishy and sensitive waters of Pisces until March 11, you'll find your energy and actions becoming a bit mushy and amorphous, to say the least. This signals a welcome reprieve after the intense, cold-blooded killer energy of Mars in Aquarius. Compassion is back in action now, and you'll find yourself led back to your heart and sensitivity.

    There's something obscure, dreamy, and poetic when Mars operates in watery Pisces, the sign of the imagination. Your fighting spirit may feel waterlogged at the moment, but you'll have no problem turning within and viewing your life through a more cinematic scope. In fact, the more you channel your energy in accordance with your creativity, the less victimized you'll feel.

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    Beware, also, that Mars in Pisces loves to throw a good pity party. It's all too

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  • Jupiter Direct: Positive Vibes on the Home Front!

    Jupiter Direct: Positive Vibes on the Home Front!
    Jupiter recently ended its retrograde and, once again, has begun to move forward, bringing relief to family and home situations. Though you may have felt as if you were treading water during the lucky planet's nearly four-month period of reverse motion, hopefully you used the time to revise your plans.

    Now, as Jupiter again surges forward, each Sun sign has a special area of focus to support new order and increased connections with family at home!

    Communication and self-expression are key now. If you've got an idea, share it with your loved ones. Discussion supports trust and helps create a calm home environment. Short trips can also help family bonding.

    Financial pressure lifts as income starts flowing again. With extra money coming in, consider how you can use it to improve your living situation. Talking about finances with family members helps everyone understand what's possible.

    With Jupiter direct in your sign, your plans with family at home take precedence

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  • What Does Your Sun Sign's Candy Heart Reveal?

    What Does Your Sun Sign's Candy Heart Reveal?
    Today, Valentine's Day, sees the Moon in Aries, a cosmic placement that invites you to a fiery celebration of the heart. Forget the gushy cards and overpriced prix-fixe dinners -- what you really want are those sugary omens that foretell the fate of your love life!

    What does your Sun sign's candy heart reveal? Take a sweet little tour through the zodiac and peruse a few delicious options for every sign!

    Burn baby burn
    Hot for you
    Love me now

    Forever yours
    Hold me
    Can't let go

    Love me two times
    With or without you
    Two hearts beat as one

    Cry me a river
    Be my baby
    Home sweet home

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    Let love rule
    Hear me roar
    Express yourself

    Lonely heart
    Do it clean
    Perfect for you

    Love and marriage
    Will you marry me
    You complete me

    Diehard lover
    All or

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