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  • Use Your Relationship's Sun Sign to Heat Up Your Love Life!

    Use Your Relationship's Sun Sign to Heat Up Your Love Life!
    Everything has a moment in time when it begins, including your partnership. This means that, just like you, your relationship has a Sun sign! Commonly known as your anniversary, your relationship sign reveals the secrets to what works -- and what doesn't -- in your relationship.

    Some relationship signs are better for long-distance love, while others are more suited to a romantic domestic life. Just the same, certain couples are adept at commitment, while others are built for casual flings. Where does your relationship fit in?

    Aries: March 20 - April 19
    Pros: Together you have confidence and a sense of purpose. You give each other pep talks and encouragement. You're an unstoppable duo once you have a goal in sight. Sexual chemistry is strong. Plenty of energy keeps the passion glowing.
    Cons: Too much selfishness and not enough compromise disrupts your love. Avoid pushy, inconsiderate behavior.
    Ideal Date: A competitive and challenging hiking experience that works up a sweat! Tuesday is

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  • Let Chinese New Year Bring Out the Animal in You!

    Let Chinese New Year Bring Out the Animal in You!
    February 10 rings in the Year of the Snake, and four days later, Valentine's Day falls in the sign of sensual Pig. This romantic sign is ideal for honoring your lover, so you can expect a smooth and harmonious day of fun and frivolity!

    How will Valentine's Day spark your lover's passion? Find their Chinese animal sign below and learn more!

    Don't know your Chinese animal sign? Visit's Chinese astrology section to find out!

    Since Rat is a true connoisseur and appreciates the best things in life, only the finest will do. Paired with a gift of glimmering jewelry, a decadent meal at a top restaurant will suit the day nicely. Nothing shabby will do if you hope to bring out the smolderingly passionate side of the Rat!

    While Ox can be serious and a dutifully hard worker, it also likes the idea of taking a break for Valentine's Day. Head to a spa to indulge in a relaxing full body massage, or simply enjoy one in the privacy of your boudoir. And if you include lots of

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  • How the Year of the Snake Will Impact Your Sun Sign!

    How the Year of the Snake Will Impact Your Sun Sign!
    Chinese New Year arrives on February 10, signaling the dawn of the wise and introspective Year of the Snake!

    Throughout the next 12 months, you'll find rewards in the inner world of spirit, not the outer world of material things. The year's pace will be slow, offering an opportunity to not only recover from the hectic Year of the Dragon, but to prepare for the wild ride of 2014's Year of the Horse.

    Your Sun sign can help you get the most out of the transformative Year of the Snake!

    You were born ready to go, but this year you must learn to slow down and be patient, especially with children and family. Use your dynamic energy to strengthen your relationships and enhance your living situation.

    The coming year looks lucky for you -- an ideal time to enjoy museums, music, and creative expression of all kinds. Snake is slow and steady, just like you.

    You are fast and curious ... and yet Snake is neither of these things. Resist telling others what to do; instead, use

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  • Uranus in Aries: Embrace Your Individuality

    Uranus in Aries: Embrace Your Individuality
    Unconventional Uranus energizes bold Aries through 2018, an influence that provides an abundance of clues for honoring your authentic self. Explore ways to express who you truly are throughout the coming years -- with help from your Sun sign!

    Straightforward as it may sound, just be who you are -- even if it shocks others. Break tradition, choose a path that's right for you, and channel your rebellious tendencies into groundbreaking projects!

    Exploring unorthodox spiritual rituals and even visiting exotic locations will help you unravel life's mysteries. You're normally a steady and reliable worker, but Uranus' current influence encourages spontaneous timeouts. Less is more as you learn the value of simply being.

    Exciting social connections and unusual friendships are the hallmark of the current Uranus cycle. When socializing or working in a group setting, don't try to be someone you're not. Also, have the courage to distance yourself from

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  • Wellness Tips for Aquarius Season

    Wellness Tips for Aquarius Season
    Now that the Sun is in the Air sign of Aquarius through February 18, you may feel yourself gravitating towards the unique and original in your health regimen. In fact, you're likely to be turned on by thoughts and ideas now more than ever. And while your Aquarian mental pursuits may get a boost, there could be consequences for your physical well-being if you don't focus on your body as much as you should.

    For example, it's easier to become so wrapped up in thought during the Sun's current transit through Aquarius that you might overlook making a healthy meal or scheduling in an exercise routine. Yet, physical nourishment is key to mental acuity -- let alone strong overall health -- so it's important to not forget the body for the mind.

    Try an insightful free sample 2013 Year of the Snake Forecast today and discover what the year ahead holds for you!

    As Aquarius also relates to the avant-garde, this is a good time to incorporate vibrational healing into your self-care repertoire.

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  • Your Sun Sign's Secret to Professional Success

    Your Sun Sign's Secret to Professional Success
    It's no secret that any unique talents you possess can help you stand out at work. Now, with the powerful Sun and mindful Mercury having entered the free-thinking sign of Aquarius, put your own Sun sign to work for you with these concise tips on how to best make your mark professionally!

    Aries: Network.
    The ideas you gain from meeting and communicating with people from all walks of life will help you stand out from the crowd in your professional field.

    Taurus: Promote yourself.
    The more your managers and colleagues know about your abilities, the more successful you'll ultimately be.

    Gemini: Study and travel.
    Life is about constantly learning, so never forget that your adventures will always provide fuel for your upward success.

    Cancer: Invest in your future.
    Your career won't last forever. Take time to learn how to create extra income through savings, property, and other investments.

    Unearth how your ambition, natural skills and sociability can get you on the fast track to success

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  • Mercury Enters Aquarius: Think Outside the Box

    Mercury Enters Aquarius: Think Outside the Box
    Now that Mercury, the planet of communication and messages, has moved into the fixed Air sign of Aquarius through February 5, you'll be pushed to take your ideas to the next level! Among all the zodiac's signs, Aquarius is the one most concerned with values, and its fixed nature can often bring out a stubborn desire to separate right from wrong.

    Aquarius also possesses a remarkable ability to detach and look at things objectively. However, if you're trying to have a heart-to-heart with someone during this phase, try to appeal to their reasoning rather than their feelings. Anything too mushy-gushy just isn't going to fly at this point.

    Learn about your remarkable personal power as a woman -- and get a glimpse of the image you project to the world -- with a free sample Goddess Within Reading.

    The best way to take advantage of this transit's potential is to harness Aquarius' quirky and experimental nature. Push your mind to the most eccentric and bizarre thought channels possible, and

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  • How Your Sun Sign Can Help You Create Time for Yourself!

    How Your Sun Sign Can Help You Create Time for Yourself!
    When life becomes overwhelmingly busy and responsibilities pile up, it's important to remember to carve out time for yourself. If you can tailor your free moments to fulfill your Sun sign's inherent needs, you're bound to come away feeling wonderfully refreshed!

    Excitement and challenges make you feel alive, so make sure you give yourself plenty of both to refuel your inner fires.

    Nothing recharges your batteries more than a little rest and relaxation. Add a gourmet meal and a massage to the mix and you'll be in true heaven.

    Mental stimulation and opportunities to communicate always seem to put you in your own element. Even a simple online word game gives you a boost when you can use one most.

    Cooking, gardening, decorating, and other homebody projects are just what you need for a healthy dose of you-time.

    Try a free sample Day-by-Day Forecast to understand the daily impact of astrological influences upon you!

    You thrive when expressing yourself

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  • Venus Enters Capricorn: Staying Power

    Venus Enters Capricorn: Staying Power
    Now that love goddess Venus has entered the no-nonsense terrain of Capricorn until February 1, you'll feel compelled to take your relationships more seriously. There's something karmic about this transit -- it's in the the way you consider how you treat others, and how you might even have to face a demon or two for your behavior!

    Venus in Capricorn asks if you have the maturity, wisdom, and patience to sustain your love life, even in the face of difficult challenges. Do you roll up your sleeves and get to work ... or throw in the towel and move on? This transit urges you to take the first tack -- to build a relationship with staying power. Without a solid foundation, there's no real long-term potential ... and Capricorn is all about the long haul.

    Put yourself in a position to make the most of your relationship with a free sample Love For Two In the New Year Reading!

    Capricorn can be one of the most traditional signs of the zodiac, so during this transit you may feel more

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  • Mercury Enters Capricorn: Wisdom Prevails

    Mercury Enters Capricorn: Wisdom Prevails
    Last week, Mercury left the hotheaded energy of Sagittarius and moved into the earthy terrain of Capricorn, where it will remain through January 19. Mercury is now no longer in a swapped-signs dialogue with Jupiter in Gemini, which thankfully takes some of the pressure off communication and makes it less likely that you'll shoot your mouth off without thinking first!

    Although the movement of quicksilver Mercury into the sign of wise elder Capricorn may at first feel a bit stodgy, you'll find that if you work with it, you'll recognize the tremendous value of applying more caution to your thoughts and verbal expressions. This is a time of contraction after Jupiter's strong influence of expansion, so instead of aiming to shoot between the eyes with words, now is an ideal time to consider long-term repercussions regarding your integrity.

    Get an overview of your new year -- and learn how you'll fare in your relationships, career, and finances -- with a free sample 2013 Vedic Moon Sign

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