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  • Mars Enters Capricorn: Time to Get Things Done!

    Mars Enters Capricorn: Time to Get Things Done!
    Now that action planet Mars has entered efficient Capricorn, you'll feel more determined than ever to take care of business! If you've been putting off important duties, you'll experience renewed focus to now get things done.

    Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, which itself rules time. During Mars' transit through Capricorn, you'll become more aware of how precious passing moments are, and thus, more likely to create a structured schedule for yourself. Once you do this, you'll find that time expands; when you simply leave your schedule undetermined, time seems to dissolve.

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    Go ahead and schedule everything -- even (and especially) leisure time. This way, you'll enjoy more of it during this phase! It will also become easier to get your priorities straight under this influence. After all, Capricorn has a tendency to

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  • Your Ruling Planet -- and How it Defines You!

    Your Ruling Planet -- and How It Defines You!
    While it's likely that you're familiar with how your Sun sign influences who you are, how well do you know the qualities of your ruling planet?

    Astrology was developed around the influences of the seven original planets: the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Find your Sun sign below to learn more about your ruling planet -- and how you can best utilize its powerful energy!

    Ruling Planet: Sun

    Just as the Sun is the hub of the solar system, Leo likes to be at the center of everything as well. Your greatest talents are in leadership and management because you excel in the spotlight. Be sure to channel the Sun's power by being warm and supportive to those around you. The more you give, the more you'll get back!

    Ruling Planet: Moon

    The Moon is known for its regularly changing appearance and mood, so likewise, you prefer to remain in transition rather than be stuck in one place. You're well aware that life slides through continual growth and

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  • Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio: Are Secrets Holding You Back?

    Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio: Are Secrets Holding You Back?
    Though you may feel safer by keeping secrets, today's new Moon eclipse in Scorpio encourages you to stretch beyond your usual limits. Through December 13, the powerful energies of Scorpio will push you to dig deep and release old patterns holding you back.

    You're likely to notice how free you feel as this eclipse sweeps away the past and prepares you for a more authentic future. This particular new Moon eclipse is also very close to the North Node in Scorpio, which brings many opportunities. Embrace change as you confront emotions and fears with courage and determination.

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    Scorpio offers the gift of strength and the power to survive. As one of the zodiac's most resilient signs, the sign of the Scorpion can teach a great deal about how to gracefully shed anything that's become outdated in your life. Scorpio also brings the rejuvenating power of the phoenix, the

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  • Neptune and Your Dreams

    Neptune and Your Dreams
    Neptune is set to change direction on Sunday, November 11, so what better time to discuss the best and worst of what the planet of illusion brings?

    Idealism, imagination, and romanticism all play crucial roles in Neptune's realm. When you feel blissed and blessed, that's Neptune; when you realize that anything is possible, you're connected to this wonderful planet of spirituality.

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    Of course, Neptune also has its flipside: deception, confusion, and flimsy fantasies, to name just a few of its more unfortunate traits. So, how can you best navigate Neptune's energy to make the most of what it has to offer?

    You've probably heard the saying, If it's too good to be true, it probably is? Keep that in mind when it comes to Neptune. Your dreams and goals need a healthy dose of common sense to help this magical planet deliver. So while

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  • Use Astrology to Help Your Child Earn Better Grades!

    Use Astrology to Help Your Child Earn Better Grades!
    Sometimes homework can be a daunting prospect to even to the most dedicated young student. Help make your child's schoolwork a little less formidable by setting up a homework support system based on their Sun sign!

    The Aries student loves to win, so consider setting up a game of sorts to help keep them motivated. As this Fire sign can quickly grow impatient, allow them to take plenty of breaks involving physical activity so they'll remain focused.

    Since they're naturally the slow-but-steady type, Taurus can grow frustrated if they feel as if they're being rushed. Provide this Earth sign with a quiet space and ample time to get their assignments done.

    As a social and communicative sign, Gemini is likely to best get their work done if they can talk through what they need to accomplish. A tutor or homework buddy can help them concentrate on completing their schoolwork.

    Dreamy Cancer may spend more time imagining that their homework is finished rather than

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  • Get the Most Bang for Your Buck –- with Help from Your Sun Sign!

    Get the Most Bang for Your Buck –- with Help from Your Sun Sign!

    Don't you wish you could get more out of your money? Knowing what to buy and when to make your big purchases can bring savings while also encouraging feelings of abundance in your life. Learn how to spend wisely with help from the stars!

    You tend to spend money recklessly by acting first and thinking later. Your best strategy is to save receipts so -- once your inevitable buying rush wears off -- you can return items you don't absolutely need.

    You can be an excellent saver from time to time, but it's also no secret that you love the finer things in life. Allow yourself one indulgent experience each week, only in a smaller portion -- for instance, a few pieces of gourmet chocolate instead of an entire box!

    Big spending isn't necessarily your thing, but you'll surely save money if you gather information about purchases beforehand. Talk to friends and do plenty of research so you can track down the best bargains.

    You're known to be thrifty, but your love of

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  • Using Astrology to Keep Your Boss Happy

    Using Astrology to Keep Your Boss Happy
    Boss, manager, supervisor, team leader -- regardless of the term you use, most of us have one. And whether you adore or can't stand yours, there's no denying that your daily work experience can be substantially improved by putting yourself on the right side of your higher-up. Your boss's Sun sign will tell you a great deal about what he or she likes about an employee -- and what tends to tick them off.

    Energy is the key to your Ram boss, so if you don't have it, learn how to fake it, for only the strong survive. Take notes as they whirl from fire to fire. This boss appreciates employees who are not only able to keep up with them, but can also keep track of Plans A, B, C, and D -- all while smoothing the feathers of those they've upset along on the way with their intense approach to work!

    Taurus appreciates conservatism, well-designed plans, and a staff that can remain balanced as they barrel ahead toward goals. Dig deep to root out the underlying causes of problems,

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  • The Sun in Scorpio: Time to Transform!

    The Sun in Scorpio: Time to Transform!
    Earlier this week, on October 22, the Sun entered the dark and mysterious waters of Scorpio, setting the stage for a yearly psychological shedding -- if not a complete metamorphosis!

    Scorpio is a fixed Water sign, so naturally, your most stubborn emotional patterns (possessiveness, jealousy, control issues) tend to become highlighted during this solar phase. Of course, no one would happily admit to falling prey to these shadow aspects of human nature. Yet, these little psychological goblins tend to rear their ugly heads at this time, regardless of the Sun sign under which you were born.

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    However, if you're able to embrace the monsters within and get to their insecure roots, you're likely to uncover tremendous strength and emotional resourcefulness, rather than projecting your darker side onto others (especially your significant other!). In short, Scorpio gives you the courage

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  • Mars in Sagittarius: Time for a Family Adventure!

    Mars in Sagittarius: Time for a Family Adventure!
    Family fun becomes a top priority as Mars continues its residency in Sagittarius through November 16! Expansive, spontaneous, and adventurous, Sagittarius promises good times for the whole clan, while Mars inspires a desire to grow and learn about the world.

    Plan an autumn trip that will excite your family's imagination and stimulate everyone's spirit. Whether it's an ambitious trip to a distant national park or simply a visit to a thought-provoking exhibit at an area museum, your excursion -- wherever it takes you -- will be alive with enthusiasm!

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    Just take care to resist over-planning, as Sagittarius thrives on risk-taking and serendipity. You'll probably enjoy your trip more if you leave time to explore and wander without a completely filled-in agenda.

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  • Saturn in Scorpio: Challenging Inner Changes Ahead

    Saturn in Scorpio: Challenging Inner Changes Ahead
    After two-and-a-half years of putting you through the relationship ringer, cosmic taskmaster Saturn has left Libra to take up residence in the dark waters of Scorpio. Between now and mid-2015, secrets, emotional courage, and resourcefulness are likely to emerge as crucial themes in your life.

    This karmic phase brings up issues related to money, power, sexuality, and fear of change. It's about shedding old skin in order to make room for the new -- an absolute, head-to-toe, psyche-to-soul transformation, and there won't be anything light or easy about it.

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    Keep in mind throughout this challenging period that Scorpio is the death archetype for a reason. Part of you must fall away in order to be fully reborn as your true, most powerfully authentic self.

    Scorpio rules your life force of sacred sexuality, so Saturn will

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