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  • The Sun Enters Leo: It's Time to Shine!

    The Sun Enters Leo: It's Time to Shine!
    Yesterday, July 22, saw the Sun enter its home turf of Leo, bringing themes of creativity and leadership to the forefront of your life. The powerful, life-giving energy of the Sun radiates most strongly in Leo, so now is the time to exert your willpower and take advantage of this solar period's shining enthusiasm!

    Leo's placement in your birth chart reveals the areas in which you're naturally gifted with power, authority and presence. Tap into your limitless confidence during this amazing time! Forget about making excuses not to play big -- the Sun will not allow your uniqueness to remain hidden under its powerful and auspicious influence.

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    The Sun in Leo also brings a playful quality to your self-expression. You'll be reminded throughout the next month to connect with your own inner divine child, so don't let the grumpy and jaded adult snuff

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  • Let Your Sun Sign Help Make This Your Sexiest Summer Yet!

    Let Your Sun Sign Help Make This Your Sexiest Summer Yet!
    We may already be well into July, but if you're not feeling the heat yet, why not let your Sun sign come up with some brilliant ideas for making this your sexiest summer yet?

    ARIES: Change your friendly lineup.
    When it's time to have fun, add a new face or two to the usual suspects for some very unusual results. Getting to know new people is exciting; plus, those friends you thought you knew well will feel encouraged to show different facets of their personality.

    TAURUS: Try the taboo.
    Do that intriguingly racy thing just outside your comfort zone. Maybe it's peeking into a peep show, or perhaps it's dating someone outside your religion. A little naughtiness could elevate your summer to a whole new level.

    GEMINI: Go dancing.
    Whether you get out with a gaggle of girls, take one special person for some cheek-on-cheek action or brave the discotheque alone, you'll liberate your spirit in the process. It doesn't matter how well you dance. All that matters is that you do it until you're

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  • Uranus Retrograde in Aries: Control Your Impulses in Love

    Uranus Retrograde in Aries: Control Your Impulses in Love
    Last Friday, July 13, saw impulsive Uranus turn retrograde -- a transit that will create a number of shockwaves between now and mid-December! You might feel your desires shift over the coming months ... but that doesn't mean you have to act on them immediately.

    Uranus's current retrograde period occurs not only under Pluto's spell, but also during a face-off with Mars. Given all this activity, look for passion to turn explosive!

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    Expressing yourself is always important in love, but choosing your approach is often just as critical. Contemplate your motivation before acting out.

    Are you finding love restrictive? Your need for independence might come with a high price if you act impulsively. One thing Uranus can't stand is limitations imposed by others. You'll want the freedom to make your own choices -- and this might mean

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  • Mercury Retrograde in Leo: Find Your Heart's True Path

    Mercury Retrograde in Leo: Find Your Heart's True Path
    Beginning this Saturday, July 14, and continuing through August 7, Mercury is retrograde in the dramatic sign of Leo. However, as the messenger planet moves backward during this 25-day period, you can still take steps to improve your life!

    Mercury's retrograde in Leo offers a dutiful reminder that it's time to find your heart's true path. After all, this planet carries plenty of inspiration, while also teaching that what you focus on is what you create. And your Sun sign can help light the way!

    Play, romance and children are your biggest joys this summer. When you reach the end of your rainbow, you're bound to find a pot of gold filled with the kind of creativity you can inject into everything you do. If you can make each experience one of lighthearted imagination, you'll feel less burdened by your responsibilities (which are considerable right now). The process of change you've been going through will make it all the more delightful!

    You're often drawn into your

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  • The Best Wedding Location for Your Sun Sign!

    The Best Wedding Location for Your Sun Sign!
    Whether you decide to get married in a country church, a city cathedral or just your parents' backyard, what's most important is that the space feels right to you and your fiance. Learn now which locations might best suit the two of you according to your Sun signs. (And in the likely event you and your partner-to-be are different signs, look for a compromise between the two!)

    Since you're more brave than most, you enjoy breaking with tradition and trying new things. Naturally, a wedding location that's both exciting and adventurous fits your style best. And if the space includes a sporting or activity venue, you'll be twice as thrilled!

    Nature lover that you are, you'd love to get married outside in a forest grove, on a farm or amid bucolic vineyards. As long as the location is comfortable and beautiful, you won't be too hard to please.

    Since you have a tendency to change your mind often, you might do well to book two locations. You'll need a space that will hold

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  • Mars Enters Libra: Fight for Your Right

    Mars Enters Libra: Fight for Your Right
    "I told my psychiatrist that everyone hates me. He said I was being ridiculous ... everyone hasn't met me yet."
    - Rodney Dangerfield

    The planet of war, Mars, entered Libra, the sign of peace and balance, on July 3. It's easy to understand why this pairing might be a detrimental match. After all, Mars likes to tangle -- in a very direct fashion, no less -- while Libra prefers to keep things nice and avoid any nasty confrontations. Mars makes things happen pronto; Libra takes its sweet time carefully weighing out every decision. And finally, just as Libra tends to be passive, Mars adores action!

    This cosmic pairing is often associated with frustration, repressed anger and passive-aggressive maneuvers. Naturally, passive-aggression often leads to internalizing anger ... which in turn leads to imagining that everyone hates you!

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    However, if you can avoid falling into the

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  • Professional Integrity and Your Sun Sign

    Professional Integrity and Your Sun Sign
    A work colleague of yours has been treated unfairly by management, and your knowledge of the situation exceeds what others know. Will you help your bruised co-worker and reveal the truth, or look out for number one and remain quiet?

    Aries is competitive and likes moving up the ladder; at the same time, they prefer a victory that comes after a fair fight. In professional matters, they can always be counted on to speak the truth as they see it.

    Taurus will keep their own counsel and wait to see which way the wind blows. They may offer behind-the-scenes support, but they're also less likely to be proactive with public condemnation.

    Gemini will be tricky to pin down if asked for support. They won't act the role of hero until they're certain they won't do themselves any damage.

    Cancer is regularly swayed by their emotions and will feel inclined to back up their co-worker. On the other hand, they're ambitious, so they may end up disappearing into their shell until they see which way the tide

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  • How Your Sun Sign Can Help Attract Abundance!

    How Your Sun Sign Can Help Attract Abundance!
    Prosperity is at your fingertips! Even though Jupiter left Taurus on June 11, the positive aspects of this powerful transit will linger through the remainder of this year because of its connection with powerhouse Pluto. Due to the tenacity of Pluto, anything you launch now will not only stick, but continue to grow over the next nine years.

    However, you'll have to free your ingenuity if you wish to avail yourself to greater opportunities for improvement. Here's how your Sun sign can help you attract abundance throughout the second half of 2012!

    Your place to prosper throughout the rest of this year is in finance. While other elements of daily life may grab your attention, your ways of seeking prosperity just happen to dovetail with your higher priorities.

    You have the Midas touch right now, so your life is free to grow in any area you desire! You may have to sort weeds from flowers ... but those flowers will blossom and bear fruit over the next several years.


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  • Use Cancer to Focus Your Energy and Transform Yourself!

    Use Cancer to Focus Your Energy and Transform Yourself!
    Yesterday -- June 20, the Summer Solstice -- saw the Sun move dramatically into Cancer. This crucial transit involved two major planets of change, Pluto and Uranus, and now, opportunities abound for transformation and rejuvenation! Where will you need to focus your energy and attention this summer? Your Sun sign offers plenty of helpful guidance!

    You may have to deal with a power struggle (or two), especially related to home and family. Try to keep your fighting spirit alive, even as you remain sensitive to others' feelings.

    Communication could be tricky for you now, so make the most of your innate patience. Take things slowly and remember that a honeyed approach is always more successful than one laced with vinegar.

    Your finances may need some time and attention, but don't let this get you down. You yourself are more than your money, and if you can reconnect with your values this summer, you'll reap definite rewards!

    The spotlight is on you this summer,

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  • Your Sun Sign's Element ... And How You Love

    Your Sun Sign's Element ... and How You Love
    What makes your love tick? Is it a deep emotional connection? Physical passion? Perhaps stimulating conversation? Explore the attributes of your Sun sign's element (Fire, Air, Earth, Water) to discover your true motivation in love -- and the key to relationship happiness!

    Fire signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
    Since you're a Fire sign, you require action and adventure in love. You bore easily with the routines of domestic life, so intense passion is essential for you in a relationship ... and you don't mind a little romantic friction from time to time. However, too much emotion or possessiveness is a deal-breaker for you -- you need a partner as confident and independent as yourself.

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    Earth signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
    Plenty of physical affection is mandatory for you, and you also do well with a partner who's willing to plan for a future together -- emotionally and

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