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  • Searching for a New Job? Stay Motivated with Astrology!

    Searching for a New Job? Stay Motivated with Astrology!
    Persistence and commitment are certainly helpful assets to have when you're looking for a new job, but they're not always enough. Gain further insight into what you need to succeed with these motivational tips, courtesy of astrology -- and land the job you want!

    As the pioneer of the zodiac, you excel at taking risks. So, if you're feeling bored with your job-search routine, why not shake things up? Try making a video that outlines your skills, or come up with another innovative way to make yourself stand out from the crowd.

    Since movement helps you become more open to new possibilities, you may need to get physically active before you focus on your job hunt each day. Try exercising for a half-hour before you polish up your resume, peruse job listings or contact potential employers.

    Communication is your tool for success, so make the most of it! Networking events, blogs and other forms of social media are bound to bring you new contacts. Just don't spread your

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  • Look to the Stars ... And Land the Man of Your Dreams!

    Look to the Stars ... and Land the Man of Your Dreams!
    Maybe all men are created equal, but that doesn't mean they're all the same -- especially when it comes to romance.

    So, here's a stellar idea for making just the right impression to land your love interest. First, find out his astrological sign. Then, approach him in a way that's likely to jibe with his unique personality.

    ARIES: Make him the man of the moment.
    The first-born child of the zodiac doesn't want to feel like a man -- he wants to feel like the man. When you're with him, let him be the center of your world. Eye contact, intelligent questions and no texting under the table. But keep your visits short so he knows you have a life.

    TAURUS: Overwhelm his senses.
    He's not only more visual than most guys, he's more sensory in general. He can't help it if he's irresistibly attracted to a woman who smells like vanilla and has shiny hair and silky arms. And when you know this, you can't help but use it to seduce him.

    GEMINI: Know what you're talking about.
    He's turned on by sharp

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  • New Moon in Aries: Transformation Ahead!

    New Moon In Aries: Transformation Ahead!
    Kapow! Not only has spring officially arrived with a bang this week, but today sees the new Moon in Aries make a powerful connection to Uranus, planet of change and transformation!

    Now is the time to release the past and set intentions for new directions in your life. If you've been feeling stuck in a holding pattern, this new Moon will help you move forward and embrace the future with confidence.

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    However, this new Moon may create energy that fosters one step forward but two steps back, as Mercury (ruler of communication) and Mars (ruler of passion) both remain retrograde. While you should still move forward with determination, just realize that it could be a few weeks before you see results from anything you do now.

    Plant the seeds of change today by setting intentions in the areas of your life you'd like to transform in the coming months.

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  • Prevent Job Burnout with Help from the Cosmos!

    Prevent Job Burnout with Help from the Cosmos!
    Is your job bringing you down? Are you concerned that you've lost your drive at work? Use your Sun sign's best qualities to help re-ignite your passion for work!

    Challenges are what spark your fire more than anything, so if your job isn't providing them, go seek them out yourself. If you can start your own engine, you'll be back to your ambitious Ram self in no time.

    It's easy for you to get stuck in a rut and, in time, wonder what you've gotten done recently. To combat this, try making small changes to your daily routine, like taking a walk during lunch. You'll be surprised at how far minor shifts like this can take you.

    Engage your mind. Whether it's memorizing a speech while you file or enjoying engaging conversations with your colleagues, keep your brain stimulated as much as possible.

    Whenever you feel an emotional connection, you're more enthusiastic, regardless of what you're doing. Assess how you feel about your career and whether you're gaining

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  • The Planets and St. Patrick's Day

    The Planets and St. Patrick's Day
    The once-religious holiday celebrated in honor of Saint Patrick and the holy trinity is now associated with parades, the color green and lots (and lots) of imbibing. So what does any of this have to do with astrology?

    St. Patrick's Day falls very close to the Vernal Equinox (and the start of the tropical zodiac), so some consider it the party-hearty precursor to the dawn of spring. In addition, this rambunctious holiday always falls under Pisces, a sign that's known for enjoying a libation or two.

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    This year, March 17 occurs in the midst of several retrograde planets, including Mars, Mercury and Saturn. Because of this, it's likely you'll be more than ready for a day off! And with the Moon in social Aquarius, spending time among crowds or with your favorite troupe of friends will prove to be extra-enjoyable. Just keep in mind that with

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  • Mercury Retrograde in Aries: Scream First, Think Later

    Mercury Retrograde In Aries: Scream First, Think Later
    Brace yourself! Mercury -- the neutral messenger planet that shoulders the blame for every missing check, delayed train, lost item and text war -- has entered, yes, yet another retrograde cycle.

    It's very common for people to protest, "Again?! Wasn't Mercury just retrograde?" Certainly it feels as if Mercury's reversals occur more often than any of us would like, but in fact, they only happen a few times each year. Mercury's current retrograde period, which lasts until March 23 in the firebrand constellation of Aries, could give a whole new meaning to the concept of anger management!

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    During the next week-and-a-half, your impulse control -- especially when it comes to speech and texting -- will simply fly out the window. Don't be surprised if you find yourself suddenly blurting out obscenities, truck driver-style ... although if you'd like to look at all this in a more positive

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  • Full Moon in Virgo: Get Organized!

    Full Moon in Virgo: Get Organized!
    March 8's full Moon in Virgo highlights the best qualities of the sign that, more than any other in the zodiac, is fixated on order. So, naturally, this full Moon represents one of the best periods of the year to get organized and clear clutter.

    Virgo encourages a fastidious approach to cleanliness, so this transit could well signal an early spring-cleaning frenzy! Aggressive Mars also plays a role in this full Moon's mix, offering you extra drive and determination to revamp closets, kitchen cupboards, workspaces, your garage -- any areas that you've perhaps neglected too long.

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    Virgo also inspires a minimalist style, so use this full Moon to assess your furniture's functionality. If you have too many small pieces that seem to just clutter your space, perhaps it's time to downsize so you may enjoy more openness.

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  • How Your Sun Sign's Element Can Help You Move Beyond a Break-up

    How Your Sun Sign's Element Can Help You Move Beyond a Break-up
    After a break-up, it's common to feel unexcited about life or what the future may bring. Even if the relationship was short, it's hard not to think about what might have been. After all, grieving is an important step in the process of working through the pain of a break-up.

    However, if you feel like you're becoming stuck in a world of nostalgia and regret, it's time to move on! Let the cosmos help you re-enter the game of love in the most effective and powerful way possible for your Sun sign's element.

    Fire signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
    Simply put, you'll burn up if you don't kiss the past goodbye. The time immediately after a break-up is perfect for you to pursue a new active endeavor, or to plan some kind of getaway for yourself. Once your wounds have healed, you'll thrive on meeting new people and becoming re-invigorated by the thrill of the chase! Take solace in the fact that, more than any other element, Fire signs have the ability to get over break-ups fairly quickly.


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  • Use Your Sun Sign to Deal with a Bullying Boss

    Use Your Sun Sign to Deal with a Bullying Boss
    Does your manager use bullying tactics? Is his or her combative attitude toward you driving you crazy? Your Sun sign indicates how you tend to react to sticky relational situations in your workplace. Learn more now!

    Aries never puts up with unfair treatment for long. They'll let their feelings be known ... but probably by the water cooler rather than in the boss's face!

    Taurus will take it on the chin and seemingly ignore the situation. However, the Bull is quite adept at the art of passive resistance and will secretly design roadblocks to trip up their boss.

    Gemini is good at being elusive at work, making them tricky to pin down. As a result, it's very likely that their boss will learn that his or her aggressive behavior won't have its intended effect.

    Cancer will withdraw after feeling initially hurt, but will turn around and demand fair treatment soon enough. They also won't waste time searching for a more harmonious job situation.

    Take control of your career as you find financial

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  • Your Sun Sign Element and Your Happy Home!

    Your Sun Sign Element and Your Happy Home!
    A home environment can be one of the most personal forms of self-expression there is. But did you know you can gain a greater understanding about how to make your house feel that much more homey by exploring the element of your Sun sign? These four elements -- Fire, Earth, Air, Water -- offer helpful insight on home decorating, color and the best overall use of your space!

    Fire signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
    Fire signs feel most at home when their environment is fun and playful. You're easily bored by decor that's overly conventional, so pep up your place with bold colors, accessories and art that reflect your upbeat spirit. A home gym will help you work off excess energy and keep you strong. And make sure you have a special space where you can take time out to cool down when your temper gets the best of you!

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    Earth signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
    An eco-friendly home

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