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  • The Ideal Gift for Every Sign!

    The Ideal Gift For Every Sign!
    Ever feel like you're experiencing deja vu every holiday season as you wander through stores, with absolutely no idea what to buy for whom? Based on the qualities of all 12 Sun signs, these gift suggestions are geared toward each sign's unique personality. Discover the perfect gift for everyone in your life -- with a little help from the stars!

    Rams are fiery, impulsive and active, so any gift that saves time or enables an athletic hobby will go over well. Aries are playful, so try a fun gift such as a game, or an "experience gift" such as sky-diving lessons -- or for the tamer set, a gift certificate to miniature golf. Don't give the Ram anything too practical; the gift that challenges them, initiates a new project or utilizes their intense physical energy will stoke their spirit!
    For the Aries men in your life:
    A durable watch, the latest digital camera, sturdy sunglasses, shaving kit (nothing too fancy), sky-diving lessons, tickets to a playoff football game, fireplace

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  • How Will Your Sun Sign Combat Holiday Stress?

    How Will Your Sun Sign Combat Holiday Stress?
    As you attempt the ambitious task of enjoying all the festivities headed your way this holiday season -- without the accompanying stress -- the stars have wisdom to offer. Look toward the Sun to see how this great giver of light and warmth can enlighten your holiday experience!

    Aries: Treat it like a business.
    As the fiery first sign of the zodiac, how do you adeptly apply your positive, infectious energy while avoiding holiday burnout? There's no reason you shouldn't surrender to your sense of adventurousness (like impulse buys -- just make sure to get the gift receipt!). Pairing up with a grounded Capricorn or level-headed Libra as a shopping buddy or cool confidante might smooth over your periods of boom and bust. Your holiday calling card lies in trusting your gut, taking risks and employing your originality.

    Taurus: Follow your senses.
    As a steadfast Taurus, you'll find a way to plow through the season in one way or another; your trick, however, is to enjoy it. As an Earth sign

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  • Your Perfect Holiday Look -- According to Your Animal Sign

    Your Perfect Holiday Look -- According to Your Animal Sign
    The holidays are here and we know that means: Parties! Even the budget-conscious will probably want to pick up a few new pieces for the festivities. Every store window tells us what to wear, but the fact is, the style that makes you glitter is based on more than passing trends, or even your body type.

    After all, not everyone can pull off a leopard-print cocktail dress under the mistletoe -- but if you're a Tiger, your wild side may be your best side. Your animal sign can tell you a surprising amount about not only your own personal kind of charm, but how your wardrobe can showcase your natural essence this season!

    Perfectly polished Rat should always dress for success, and jazzy executive touches are appropriate, no matter how formal (or informal) your event. It's the details that set you apart, such as a silk neckerchief tied smartly, with matching shoes and clutch. Coordinate jewelry and hair accessories for that put-together finish.

    Timeless elegance is your domain, so

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  • Will Adele Sweep the Grammy Awards?

    Will Adele Sweep the Grammy Awards?
    The Grammy nominations are in, and Adele is the one to watch! Boasting six nominations -- Record of the Year, Album of the Year, Best Pop Vocal Album for 21, Song of the Year, Best Short Form Music Video for "Rolling In the Deep" and Best Solo Performance for "Someone Like You" -- will she sweep the Grammys as the night's big winner?

    It seems the stars have aligned for the Taurus singer, and recognition will come in a big way for her! Not only can she expect Jupiter, the planet of luck, to reside in Taurus -- an event that only occurs once every 12 years -- but also a double whammy of luck with her Jupiter return (specifically, Jupiter's exact location at the time of her birth). This means that from now through June 2012, Adele will be showered with luck en route to becoming a true pop diva!

    Additionally, since the 2012 Grammys are scheduled for February 12, Adele will also have another cherry on top as the Sun in Aquarius will shine in her career house at that time. All in all, she

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  • Album of the Year: An Astrological Perspective

    Album of the Year: An Astrological Perspective
    The Grammy nominations are in, and Album of the Year will be an interesting battle, as each nominee comes from a very different genre. What do the stars say about each artist's shot at the title?

    Adele: 21
    As the only nominee born under Taurus, the sign that rules the voice, it's no wonder sultry Adele has a great shot at winning. Yes, with the planet of luck on her side this year -- not to mention the Sun in her career house the night of the Grammys -- the astrological odds are certainly with her!

    Lady Gaga: Born This Way
    This firecracker is always full of surprises. Having sealed her iconic status in 2011 with Jupiter in Aries, 2012 won't have quite as many bells and whistles for the brash singer born as Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. But since Lady Gaga is a quintessential Aries renegade, she'll still be blazing new trails for years to come.

    Try an insightful 2012 Year of the Dragon Forecast today and discover what the year ahead holds for you!

    Foo Fighters: Wasting Light

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  • Mercury Goes Direct: Clarity Returns!

    Mercury Goes Direct: Clarity Returns!
    Have you found that, especially with the holidays approaching, this past month has required more effort than usual to get things in order? Well, stress no more! Mercury, the planet of communication and organization, ends its retrograde and begins to move forward once again on December 13, bringing a sense of clarity -- and sanity!

    As Mercury picks up speed, you'll realize that whatever has been worrying you isn't really such a big deal after all. Unexpected breakthroughs are now possible, while supposedly major problems will be easily handled more easily than expected. Also, the current influence of unpredictable Uranus indicates that being open to change is likely to bring positive results.

    Make this your best year yet with a free sample Numerology Forecast!

    As the Buddhists say, staying happy means managing your mind, and if you've made it through the first half of December with your sanity intact, you'll find the rest of the month much smoother to navigate!

    Meditation and journal

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  • Full Moon Lunar Eclipse: Use Your Words Wisely!

    Full Moon Lunar Eclipse: Use Your Words Wisely!
    When the full Moon lunar eclipse occurs in Gemini this Saturday, December 10, you'll want to speak softly ... and carry a big stick! And let that stick be discriminate commentary.

    Think very carefully before opening your mouth -- and more importantly, before putting anything in writing. It's all too easy to jump to negative conclusions or make poor decisions under the super-challenging aspects of this eclipse!

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    With a Mercury retrograde concurring with this dastardly transit -- in the sign ruled by messenger god Gemini, no less -- the potential for communication breakdowns will be greater than ever. Try to have most of your conversations in person or on the phone to avoid the potential misunderstandings that emails and texts can bring.

    And if that doesn't add enough jolly to your holiday, appointments may get endlessly switched around ... dates could get confused ... you might

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  • Neptune Direct: Foods to Help Ground Your Energy

    Neptune Direct: Foods to Help Ground Your Energy
    Neptune recently turned direct, and this mystical planet will continue to move forward until June 2012. For some, the blue planet's movement portends chaos and destruction, while for others it suggests liberation from the ego and getting over old habits.

    During this highly charged transit, take plenty of long walks outside to exercise and connect with nature. Avoid meats, salty foods and excess of any kind. Instead, focus on eating foods that will elevate your vibration!

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    Here's a list of foods that will help your Sun sign experience the best of Neptune's energy:

    Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)
    Strawberries, asparagus, sweet potatoes.

    Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)
    Coconut, arugula salad, vanilla.

    Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)
    Ginger, cranberries, nuts, tomatoes.

    Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)
    Pumpkin, squash, broccoli, poppy seeds.

    Is it time for you

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  • How Your Sun Sign Can Help You Set Boundaries with Others

    How your sun sign can help you set boundaries with others
    Though it's certainly important to be there for those you love, do you feel as if others sometimes have the tendency to take advantage of your kindness? Are there people in your life who are often in need, yet unwilling to do the slightest thing to help themselves? Learn how to use your Sun sign to disarm anyone who threatens to usurp your energy!

    Among all the Sun signs, you're least likely to succumb to an energy vampire. You may feel tempted to be a hero by rescuing someone who's playing the victim ... but you'll encourage them to rescue themselves instead.

    As one of the most grounded signs in the zodiac, you seem to attract people who are constantly in crisis. You can minimize this by helping others create their own stability, rather than being the one who creates stability for them.

    You tend to attract people who like to chit-chat, which can deplete your time and energy. How can you help yourself in such a situation? Know when (and how) to stop a

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  • Mercury Retrograde: Think Before You Speak!

    Mercury retrograde: think before you speak!
    Expect rampant foot-in-mouth syndrome during Mercury's retrograde period in Sagittarius, November 24 - December 14. Not only will you be more inclined to speak before you think, but even your most innocent comments could well be misconstrued. Snafus galore will be par for the course during this transit -- and under the domain of the Archer, your blunders will be all out in the open!

    At times like this, humor can go awry, so make sure your jokes translate and are not ill-timed. Missives that seem hilarious to you may fall flat -- or worse, seem offensive to the receiver. Consider your words carefully and weed out anything that sounds brash, judgmental or preachy. One minute, you may think you're just horsing around; the next minute, you've alienated someone.

    Explore how numbers play a role in who you really are with a free sample Numerology Personality Profile!

    Also keep in mind that you're more likely now to fall into the mightier-than-thou trap, so it's best to avoid politics,

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