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  • Live in heaven ... with help from the stars!

    If you're wondering how to live well this summer (and beyond), don't underestimate the power of your home's decor to change your life. And if you stop to consider your strongest personality traits, you may find that certain planets can help guide you through the decorating process!

    A great living space can shoot your energy, confidence, focus and self-esteem through the roof. It's no secret that your living environment reflects your internal state, so whether your home is chaotic or meticulously organized -- and regardless of whether it's a sweet and homey bungalow or an huge urban loft space -- it's bound to say a great deal about who you are. And if your abode truly reflects your astrological self-identity, you'll also feel more at home with yourself.

    Sun: Self-confident
    You possess individuality in spades, and you're a naturally confident person with tons of personality, so all this needs to be reflected in your home so you feel more like your true self. After all, you want your

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  • Traveling with the sun signs

    Escaping your daily routine, chasing down exciting adventures, exploring foreign cultures -- that's what travel is all about. Every sign has a unique way of getting away. An Aries, for example, jet-sets with the best of them, and Gemini can pack a bag with the utmost grace and efficiency. Discover your own sign's approach to travel!

    Aries is the pioneer of the zodiac, and this is certainly true where travel is concerned. Always on the go and seeking action, the Ram is a moving target. Aries is happy to travel alone, in which case they'll seek out some company along the way, even if only for a meal or a night. The stimulation of new people and places is what the Ram craves when traveling -- and the more active the journey, the better.

    Slow and steady sums up Taurus on the road. The Bull is a careful planner, knowing full well what makes a successful trip. Pampered (and pampering) Taureans are likely to set an agenda rife with sensual pleasures -- top hotels, great meals

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  • How to turn on your sun sign's super-attractor!

    Sure, you can attract a guy. But is it the guy you want to attract? When you're attractive to all men, you get your choice of which one you'd really like to pursue. It's not about looks, either -- it's about activating your sign's super-attractor, which works like a power switch you can flip on to help your true essence shine through.

    So how do you turn on your super-attractor? Find your own Sun sign below to learn how!

    If you're an ARIES...
    Tap into your naturally high energy
    You possess an adventurous spirit and a long list of exciting pursuits you absolutely must experience in this lifetime, and each item on that list stimulates an insatiable curiosity within you. This vitality is what you need to be in touch with if you want to reign in your object of affection. When you're fully engaged in your own journey, he'll be pulled to join you.

    If you're a TAURUS...
    Give in to your appetite
    A sensual, Venus-ruled creature, you crave good food, soft caresses, shiny gems, the sensation of

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  • How to Avoid Scaring Him Off

    Turn-offs -- we've all got 'em. You know what you hate, and you really can't help it. Maybe it's beer breath or longish nose hair. Maybe it's a guy who whimpers when he's kissing you. (Eww -- we hate that one, too.) But before you get on your high horse about it, it might be a good idea to turn that sexy judge-o-meter on yourself. Why? So you can make sure you're not doing the big thing on his "don't" list!

    Aries guys love a date with lots of energy and enthusiasm, and they hate it when women complain that they're tired. When they're spoken by a woman, the words "I'm exhausted" are practically more offensive to Aries men than armpit hair.

    Taurus guys can't stand when women talk too much. Going on and on about the minutia of your day can be tedious for him, and it won't matter if you look like Scarlett Johansson -- he'll still be turned off. Remember, less is more with the Bull, so learn to talk with your eyes.

    Gemini guys get super-annoyed when they're with a woman who's so involved

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  • How Will You Celebrate Easter?

    Whether you hope to travel or simply enjoy time at home with loved ones, every Sun sign wants to spend Easter in their own unique way. Discover how to make yours one to remember this year!

    Break tradition by planning a holiday weekend that's all about what you want -- not what others expect of you. Eastern destinations beckon, as do sporting events or outdoor challenges.

    A packed twelfth house means you'll crave a quiet, relaxing break. Spiritual or creative retreats are ideal, especially if it's something you've always wanted to do ... but hadn't dared.

    With your social zone in focus, you'll want a weekend away with friends. If you can't get away, plan to host an exotic meal for your closest pals. With extra time, it'll be easier to get the whole gang together.

    Your work zone is full of planetary activity, so getting away for the weekend might be a stretch. Instead, plan quality time with your partner; if you're single, do something about improving your

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  • Connect with Your Ex

    The urge hits. It just does. You want to look him up, do a quick drive-by or even stalk him online. With so many social networking methods to help you get in touch with that ex-beau, it's a temptation often given into.

    So, what sign is your ex? Here are some suggestions on how approach him -- out of the blue!

    Be direct. Aries wants to know what you want and why. If you're honest, he'll likely feel it and respond in kind.

    Show who you are. (And what you've done since your last contact with him). Taurus can't help it -- this man wants to know your accomplishments. And, it'll add to your sex appeal!

    Say it with style -- and don't forget to be funny. Gemini loves to remember his eloquent and witty friend from before.

    Go with sweet and sour. Cancer is the perfect mix of hard and soft, and he wants to remember a love who was the same.

    Try a free sample Friends and Lovers Reading to gain a whole new perspective of your partner and relationship!

    Make a bit

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  • How to Keep Your Boss Happy

    Do you know your boss's Sun sign? It may prove helpful once you're put in charge of a project that's behind schedule, over budget and failing to produce the expected results. Learn your best approach on how to spin things with your manager!

    Fire sign bosses: ARIES, LEO AND SAGITTARIUS
    Aries wants a little personal credit for what goes right, and takes what goes wrong personally. In short: Use their name, and don't project the blame.

    Leo may have a reputation for being egotistical, but they're simply protecting that ego behind a defensive wall. They take the failures of others more personally than most.

    Sagittarius tends to focus on the big picture rather than details, and is best re-assured that things will be fine in the long run.

    Recommended response
    "I'm sorry, Dave. I know how much work you've put into setting those absolutely reasonable goals. I take full responsibility for the things that have gone wrong so far. The basic idea you had is excellent. Things should still work out

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  • How to Get Lucky (Irish or Not)

    Some say luck is something you're born with; others say it's something you create yourself. Then there are those who suggest you're lucky if you simply believe you are. So which is it?

    It depends on who you are ... and when you ask! Fittingly on St. Patrick's Day today, Jupiter -- the planet associated with luck -- is in Aries, indicating that good fortune and action will go hand in hand. What's the action your sign can take to get your luck flowing?

    ARIES: Work it!
    As your sign-mate Thomas Jefferson said, "I'm a great believer in luck, and I find that the harder I work, the more I have of it." Let your efforts add up. As you consistently endeavor to make your life the way you want it to be, you increase your odds that fortune will smile down on you.

    TAURUS: Follow the recipe.
    You've been lucky before, and it was no accident. Remember the steps you took then, and follow them once again. Don't leave anything out. When you repeat a successful combination of actions, not only does it

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  • Your Approach to Spring Cleaning

    The birds are frolicking and the flowers are just beginning to poke out of the ground. Spring is one of those rare times of year when cleaning actually takes on a kind of ritualistic fun. With good weather coming on, we're able to open the windows, air out our homes and prepare for a brilliant summer! Here's what the stars have to say about your approach to creating a sparklingly clean abode.

    Think of cleaning your home as your workout. Approach every task as if it were a calorie-burning adventure!

    Invest in a house cleaner. Why? Well, it's quite simple, actually: You really can't stand house-cleaning.

    Indulge in all those magazines that tell you how to get organized and what tools and cleaning agents you should use to get the gunk out. Even if you don't really do what they say, you'll have fun reading the magazines anyway.

    Employ your children! Make it a fun family activity for you and your little ones.

    What is your purpose in life? Let the power of

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  • Valentine's Day Seduction Secrets

    This Valentine's Day, don't just date your guy -- seduce him! Each sign of the zodiac has his own preferences, weaknesses and hidden desires when it comes to sex. Consult your man's Sun sign and learn how to push this Valentine's Day off the charts -- and into the red!

    ARIES: Exercise together.
    He likes to see you sweat, and it turns him on to know he's with someone who can keep up with his high energy. When he challenges you, give him a run for his money! Then, for a perfect end to the workout, hit the showers together.

    TAURUS: Cook for him.
    Better yet, cook with him. The sensual Taurus man loves the aroma of good cooking, the chopping and steaming, and all the delicious tasting as you go. Be forewarned, though: He may want to eat dessert directly off your body.

    GEMINI: Whisper in his ear.
    The sign of communication will go mad for your hot breath tickling his lobes as you tell him sweet secrets and private murmurs meant just for him.

    CANCER: Dare to be vulnerable.
    You're an

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