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  • Money Management Issues? Look to the Stars!

    Money Management Issues? Look to the Stars!
    Let's face it: Managing money can often be a challenging task for some. However, if you're able to leverage the strongest influences of your Sun sign for maximum financial potential, you're sure to discover plenty of helpful budgeting tips right before your eyes!

    Take your legendary energy and channel it into action, realizing that what you do directly affects your bottom line. Whether it's paying your monthly bills, reorganizing your finances, or investing for your future, responsiveness is key.

    Slow, steady, and simple is your preferred budget style, so think property investment, stable savings accounts, and low (or better yet, no) debt. Remember that a little bit each week adds up to a lot over time. You're a sign who can actually save before buying!

    Variety keeps you interested, so don't put all your financial eggs in one basket. This applies to investing rather than debt, so be sure to budget for the short-, medium-, and long-term. This way,

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  • Welcome to the Excesses of Sagittarius

    Welcome to the Excesses of Sagittarius
    Feeling like you can hardly get your fill? Now that the Sun has entered the bold, expansive sign of Sagittarius, an intense hunger (both literal and metaphorical) is likely to set in. This is why you're more likely to eat until your belt is too tight on Thanksgiving, for this is a holiday that falls right at the heart of Sagittarius season. However, you may find yourself wanting more than just pumpkin pie over the next several weeks!

    Sagittarius, the sign of irrational exuberance, can cause you to want more than you really need. That's why the Christmas shopping season seems to start earlier and earlier each year -- retail outlets know how to toy with your desires.

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    Sagittarius, however, will not ask you to scrimp and save; instead, it will drive you to push your credit limit as far as it will go. The hard-work phase of the year

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  • Venus in Capricorn: Taking Love to New Levels

    Venus in Capricorn: Taking Love to New Levels
    Venus, the planet of love, sexual attraction, and wealth, has entered Capricorn, where it will reside until March. The goddess of love will remain in the zodiac's most practical, business-oriented sign for such a lengthy period due to its retrograde cycle, which extends between December 21 - January 31. It's time to get ready to review your relationship commitments in tangible ways!

    Venus in Capricorn knows the laws of sexuality in any given culture ... and is skilled at bending those laws to its benefit. Capricorn wants to be its own boss (and possibly yours as well!) and is used to generally going it alone -- an interesting modus operandi for a planet known for dictating the rules of partnership.

    Is it time for you to get your love life back on track? Discover how Venus's transits shape your romantic prospects with a free sample Love and Values Forecast today!

    However, Venus' current trip through the sign of the Goat can certainly teach you about boundaries within unions.

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  • The Sun Enters Sagittarius: The Return of Hope and Optimism

    The Sun Enters Sagittarius: The Return of Hope and Optimism
    During the last month, you've been repeatedly plunged into the dark and murky waters of Scorpio, so if you feel as if you've been submerged more than once during this time, this is merely the result of Scorpio's energy doing what it sets out to do. Truth be told, however, you really can't wait for it to be over already.

    Well, relief is nearly here! On November 21, the Sun enters big, brash, and bountiful Sagittarius, just in the nick of time. Sagittarius is the brazen stallion bounding out beyond the gates of your imagination in a blur of fiery power. And yet, this is a horse you can ride -- so go ahead and place your feet in the stirrups and your hands on the straps, because you're about to go places!

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    Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck. Do you sense that rolling the dice between now and December 21 is an irresistible notion? This is because

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  • Mercury Direct in Scorpio: Dark Truths Revealed

    Mercury Direct in Scorpio: Dark Truths Revealed
    This past Sunday, Mercury -- the planet of communication and thought -- turned direct in Scorpio, the sign in which it has resided since September 29. Mercury's newly forward motion follows a retrograde period that began roughly three weeks ago, during which delays and misunderstandings were almost a given and plans had to be revamped with irritating regularity.

    Scorpio is the detective sign of the zodiac, so you may have undertaken some important investigations and deep thought during Mercury's retrograde period. Hidden truths -- and maybe even some juicy secrets -- were revealed. So, now what?

    Mercury now requires that all communications be conducted with raw honesty ... so get ready to speak out! Alternately, if you've fallen into the Scorpio trap of obsessing over an idea, person, or situation, now is the time to break free.

    Here's a sign-by-sign guide to harnessing the transformative power of Mercury direct in Scorpio!

    You're not one for navel-gazing, but

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  • What's Mars Got in Store for Your Sun Sign?

    What's Mars Got in Store for Your Sun Sign?
    Mars -- the planet of vitality, action, and passion -- is now in the midst of making its biennial transit through Virgo until December 7. Learn how Mars is bringing its enthusiastic energy to your Sun sign during the next several weeks!

    With Mars in your wellness sector, you'll have the drive and determination to get in shape, which will neutralize all those extra calories on the horizon this coming holiday season. You'll also be a dynamo when it comes to plowing through chores and task work. Instead of seeming like soul-killing drudgery, tidying up will come with little to no effort!

    Break out the candles, because this is a perfect time for wine and romance. If life with your partner has seemed like all duty and no play lately, there's plenty of passion in store throughout November and into early December. If you're single, you're at a two-year high in your seductivity -- so be sure to get yourself out there!

    While yours is a sign that certainly

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  • Lunar Moods: Planning November by the Moon

    Lunar Moods: Planning November by the Moon
    The Moon's ever-changing sign and phase can provide clues to the energies of any given day, so if you're able to tune into these cosmic hints, you can align your actions with the best celestial possibilities. Use this lunar mood guide to plan the remaining days of November!

    November 5: Sagittarius Moon
    A new adventure, study, or teaching opportunity is possible. Open your mind -- and your heart -- to see more of what life has to offer. Get out of your comfort zone, try something new, and break routine. Change can create excitement.

    November 6-7: Capricorn Moon
    Be strategic in business matters and anything else regarding long-term plans. Extra effort is rewarded, so go above and beyond whenever necessary. Managing time and expectations helps you make a favorable impression, especially at work.

    November 8-10: Aquarius Moon
    The first-quarter Aquarius Moon encourages individuality. Choices made now might be unconventional, but they can have great effects if they're authentic.

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  • Your Feng Shui Guidance for November!

    Your Feng Shui Guidance for November!
    Feng Shui is the area of Chinese medicine that helps you rest, relax, and restore your vital energies through healthful practices and a calm environment. Learn how's Ellen Whitehurst can help you create a peaceful home, landscape, and workplace by applying Feng Shui principles of balance and harmony to your everyday life!

    See how your Chinese element and animal signs influence you with a free sample Elements of Feng Shui Reading!

    As wonderful as Thanksgiving is, it's not unusual for it send normally calm, cool, and collected people to the edge of anxiety as they worry too much about family harmony and moist meats.

    Of course, Feng Shui has a solution to these potential concerns. Be sure to use yellow mums as your choice of floral decoration as you place them strategically throughout the house. These delightful flowers, along with other fresh-cut florals, will usher in tranquility and peace, while also bringing a handy dash of recognition and rewards for your

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  • Does Halloween Scare Your Kid? Check Their Sun Sign!

    Does Halloween Scare Your Kid? Check Their Sun Sign!
    Halloween has crept back around again! Is your kid spooked by all the hocus-pocus and scary antics? Or do they love the night's dramatic atmosphere? Here's a look at how your youngster's Sun sign will react!

    Aries possesses a vivid imagination, so they're sure to revel in the prospect of dressing up as a dashing adventurer to slay the forces of evil. There's certainly no need to worry about your Ram kid on Halloween!

    Taurus isn't a sign to get spooked by anything supernatural, since they don't believe in any of it for a moment. No, these kids are more interested in the prospect of tons of scrumptious treats to devour!

    Gemini's mind can work overtime, and they're often wary of what can't be explained. Distract them by helping them study Celtic mythology so they can explore what inspired Halloween in the first place.

    Cancer adores anything that brings family, friends, and food together, so they'll enthusiastically throw themselves into the Halloween festivities, regardless of

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  • Mars Enters Virgo: Productive Times Ahead

    Mars Enters Virgo: Productive Times Ahead
    The planet of action, Mars, recently moved into Virgo, the sign of hard work, so you can expect to get a great deal done between now and December. Your industrious side is ready to kick into full swing now -- something that will make it especially difficult to sit still!

    During this time, you may find yourself feeling guilty if you aren't being productive. You may also experience a tendency to worry about every little thing, something that can wreak havoc on your nervous system. Take care of yourself by carving out plenty of time to decompress from the frenzy.

    Unearth how your ambition, natural skills and sociability can get you on the fast track to success with a free sample Career Strengths Reading!

    Mars in Virgo can also trigger critical instincts in people -- for better or worse. Everyone will feel more sensitive to criticism, so try not to launch into litanies of everything that's wrong.

    When you notice flaws -- and you will certainly notice flaws under this influence

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