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  • Love at First Sight – and Your Sun Sign!

    Love at First Sight – and Your Sun Sign!
    Ever spot someone across a crowded room and fireworks start flying? That mystery person has a neon-light aura, and you just know it: This is the one. But does that flash-of-lightning connection last? Or does it fizzle out just as quickly?

    If it's a Uranian light-switch that gets flipped, then it's a magnetic attraction with a hint of risk. The romance will be great fun while it lasts, but it can turn off just as quickly as it came on.

    A Pluto kind of instant attraction is very different. The energy from this type of connection suggests that the two of you were together in a past life -- soul mates through the ages. Unsurprisingly, this sort of relationship stands a better chance of lasting.

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    But love at first sight also depends on your Sun sign. The two most excitable Fire signs -- Aries and Sagittarius -- are quick leapers into romantic adventures. Celestial firestorms are their

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  • The Sun Enters Scorpio: Constant Change

    The Sun Enters Scorpio: Constant Change
    This week, the Sun enters Scorpio, the sign of transformation. Since this time last year, when Saturn first entered Scorpio, you've been forced to flex your letting-go muscles. Now with the Sun in Scorpio (and Mercury retrograde!), it's time for a major shedding of what no longer serves you.

    It may feel as if everything is dying and changing so fast that there's nothing left to hold onto. You may even be in the process of learning that the more you try to cling to something, the more pain and resistance you'll end up experiencing as a result. Now more than ever, that old saying rings true: "Let it go. If it was really yours, it will come back to you; if not, it was never yours in the first place."

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    With the Sun in Scorpio, your consciousness is now turned towards darkness, shadow, and all that's normally hidden or repressed. Do you have deep

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  • Rise to the Challenge at Work – with Help from the Cosmos!

    Rise to the Challenge at Work – with Help from the Cosmos!
    Every Sun sign handles career challenges in its own unique way. Here's how you can draw upon your natural cosmic talents to overcome pressure at work -- and turbo-charge your route to professional success!

    You're quick on your feet and enjoy a good challenge, so draw on your competitive spirit to meet -- and exceed -- expectations. Curb any reactive tendencies as you instead channel your high energies into action.

    Slow and steady is your best approach, so always give yourself as much time as possible to complete projects and ensure high standards. Avoid your instinct to resist changes; rather, embrace them as opportunities.

    Gathering data inspires you, so research and conversations are great ways to get yourself fired up about a project. Since you can lose your focus from time to time, be sure to regularly rotate tasks to avoid boredom.

    Compassion is crucial for you. You're more likely to rise to the challenge once you recognize how your efforts help

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  • Full Moon Eclipse: Peaceful Warrior Within

    Full Moon Eclipse: Peaceful Warrior Within
    The upcoming full Moon eclipse on Friday, October 18 is not for the faint of heart! As with all eclipse patterns, this is a course-correction time in the area of your birth chart where the Aries-Libra axis falls. Libra is where you seek connection and compromise, often at the expense of being true to your needs and desires. Aries, meanwhile, is where your Mars energy kicks in to fight to preserve your autonomy and authenticity.

    The constant tension between honoring the "self" and the "other" in relationships will come to the fore during this lunar eclipse. Attaining this balance is an art form of sorts that you may struggle with in your daily encounters with others -- and especially in your intimate relationships. This particular eclipse could cause damage to any partnerships that are out of balance, so be sure to consider the consequences of your actions during this time.

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    Individuals born under Aries

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  • What Your Moon Sign Reveals About Your Eating Habits

    What Your Moon Sign Reveals About Your Eating Habits
    Your Moon sign offers a periscope into your emotional nature -- what nourishes and nurtures you. It also reflects what feeds you, both figuratively and literally. Gain insight into your personal relationship with food -- as well as your eating habits -- by turning to your Moon sign!

    (Don't know your Moon sign? Find out here!)

    The tendency of the Aries Moon person to not waste any time can carry over to their eating habits, mainly in the way they'll rush through a meal to get on with the next activity. Some are notorious for skipping a good breakfast, which can have deleterious effects on their energy throughout the day. Spice -- whether enjoying it or avoiding it -- is often on the mind of those born under this fiery Moon sign.

    Creatures of habit, those with Taurus Moons often fall into routines -- and then have difficulty shifting away from them. Therefore, starting a diet or changing eating patterns doesn't come easily for these people. However, when they commit to a

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  • Breaking Up is Never Easy: The Best Remedy for Your Sun Sign

    Breaking Up is Never Easy: The Best Remedy for Your Sun Sign
    Unfortunately, we all know too well that heartbreak is an inherent part of the love cycle. Your Sun sign, however, can offer key cosmic tips that will help you survive a breakup.

    Physical activity helps you get through pain. Hit the gym, go for a rigorous hike, or take a spin class.

    Pampering helps soothe your spirit. Splurge on a massage, facial, or decadent dining experience and show yourself some love.

    Socializing holds a special healing power for you. Plan a night out with friends and talk up a storm -- even if it means rehashing the past.

    Home and family offer comfort. Quality time with good friends or close relatives reminds you of the power of real love.

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    Luxury helps boost your mood. Splurge on a five-star experience to banish your breakup blues.


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  • How Your Sun Sign Can Help You Prepare for Autumn

    How Your Sun Sign Can Help You Prepare for Autumn
    Autumn introduces a time of harvest and celebration. If you're looking to prepare your home for the season's special social gatherings, enjoy these astrological tips to help you create the perfect atmosphere this fall!

    Since you're so active, you'll need to ensure that you have plenty to keep you busy at home so you don't get bored. Now is a good time to get fall and winter sports equipment ready for action. Move your gear to an easily accessible location in your home ... and move your summer items into storage.

    Since you're security-conscious and comfort-loving, you like to take it easy during the cooler months. Pull warm blankets out of storage and keep your closets well-stocked so you won't need to make too many trips outside once the temperature drops.

    You'll need to make sure you keep your mind sharp as you spend more time at home; do this by stocking up on crossword puzzles, compelling books, and other brain-stimulating items. Other ideas could be to sign

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  • Your Feng Shui Guidance for October!

    Your Feng Shui Guidance for October!
    Feng Shui is the area of Chinese medicine that helps you rest, relax, and restore your vital energies through healthful practices and a calm environment. Learn how's Ellen Whitehurst can help you create a peaceful home, landscape, and workplace by applying Feng Shui principles of balance and harmony to your everyday life!

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    If you'll be hitting the road soon, here's a little Feng Shui travel secret that could make fortune and luck two of your most trusted companions while you're away from home!

    This tradition dictates that, should you find yourself checking into overnight accommodation, you should request a room with lucky number vibrations attached. Indeed, this tradition suggests that numbers emit a vital essence or life force that can attract both good and bad experiences, so make sure your room only invites the former -- and foregoes the latter.

    The most

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  • Mercury in Libra: Diplomacy Prevails

    Mercury in Libra: Diplomacy Prevails
    Communication planet Mercury adopts a diplomatic air as it continues to move through Libra until September 29 -- a transit that highlights the value of teamwork and encourages professional compromise. A collaborative approach helps you win friends as you influence people, so make a strong effort to place special focus on how your ideas can create success for yourself and your colleagues!

    Etiquette and appropriateness count more than you may realize, so if you're in doubt about a work matter, simply follow protocol. Justice and fairness are hot topics as Mercury energizes Libra. Equal opportunity issues may also require attention, so if you feel as if a co-worker (or even yourself) has been treated unfairly, be sure to speak up -- tactfully, of course!

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    Since Libra is all about options and loves a healthy list of pros and cons, you may find

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  • Experience Soaring Sensuality as Venus Meets Scorpio!

    Experience Soaring Sensuality as Venus Meets Scorpio!
    Venus, the love planet of the universe, is transiting through Scorpio until October 7, and it's no secret that this charming planet doesn't function to the best of its ability in this dark-hued sign. In fact, it has great difficulty operating positively, as this combination can trigger obsessive, controlling behavior in romantic relationships!

    It's crucial to remember now that the more you try to possess someone else, the less likely you'll be to experience any kind of real connection. The scorpion isn't the kindest creature on the planet, and when threatened, it will aim to eliminate anything -- or anyone -- perceived as an opponent.

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    Since it feels most at home in peace-seeking signs such as Libra and Taurus, Venus can be quite uncomfortable in Scorpio, a sign known for ruthless transformation and often-painfully honest

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