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  • Pursue Your Passion as Venus and Saturn Connect!

    Pursue Your Passion as Venus and Saturn Connect!
    When Venus, the planet of love and beauty, meets the cosmic taskmaster of Saturn in the dark waters of Scorpio this Wednesday, you'll be summoned to pursue your passion in a way that's reflected by the amount of time you devote to it. You'll also be given the opportunity to wed time and resources spent with what you love most. Are you ready to commit to your own depths, refusing to settle for a life less than the one you're capable of living?

    On a darker note, this merger between Venus and Saturn in Scorpio could also reveal deep wounds embedded at the karmic bone level, where you've perhaps felt unwanted in the past. It's worth noting that a huge abandonment complex is often revealed when these two planets lock arms in Scorpio. Can you give yourself permission to reclaim your passionate fire by not wasting time or energy on anything that takes you away from what you want most? It's time to heal these wounds as you ask yourself what could regenerate your creativity and life-force in a

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  • Harvest Full Moon in Pisces: Soulful Retreat

    Harvest Full Moon in Pisces: Soulful Retreat
    After weeks of focusing on work, work, and more work, this Thursday's harvest full Moon in Pisces reminds you of the importance of escapism and soulful retreat. If you've been a busy little Virgo bee overwhelmed by to-do lists, projects, and detox protocols, the opposite polarity of Pisces kicks in later this week to get you back into the big picture -- where magic and mysticism reside!

    The traditional ruler of Pisces, Jupiter, is now halfway through the constellation of Cancer, where it's emphasizing home, family, and a general mood of nostalgia. The question now is: What nurtures your soul? If you're prone to workaholic tendencies, the strong polarity of Pisces will reveal these addictive tendencies, while the shadows will ask you to examine what you're hiding from. In other words, how do you use work to hide from the deeper creatures crawling up from the depths within yourself?

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  • Your Sun Sign's Home Decorating Style

    Your Sun Sign's Home Decorating Style!
    Create harmony between your spirit and your space by decorating your home according to the inherent qualities of your Sun sign. Enjoy these style must-haves -- inspired by the cosmos!

    Large statement pieces that are also practical are key for you. You're not interested in fussy detailed touches; rather, you prefer keeping your home clear so plenty of action can happen!

    Comfort is your top priority. You're partial to quality over quantity and will take your time to save -- and then splurge -- on key elements such as couches and bedding. Natural fabrics and earthy tones serve you well.

    Your airy nature means light and height are key design features for you. Lots of windows and brightness are essential, and a view is ideal. Most important of all is a location conducive to socializing.

    "Food is love" could be a Cancer motto, so a kitchen that allows you to cook and connect with loved ones at the same time is mandatory. An outdoor area for socializing is

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  • Flow with the Moon's Natural Rhythm!

    Flow with the Moon's Natural Rhythm!
    Before electric lights were invented, the increasing or decreasing light of the Moon set the rhythm for human activity. When the Moon was full and bright, nights were active, festive, and social. As the Moon decreased and the night plunged into shadow, people pulled back and planned ahead.

    If you'd like to flow with the Moon's natural rhythm in your own life, mark these special Moon times on your calendar and consider them when planning your monthly activities.

    Start by celebrating your accomplishments during the full Moon. Full Moons welcome relaxation and socializing, so reward yourself for work well done with a special feast, time at the spa, or simply a relaxing bath. The full Moon's bright light illuminates the sky a few days before and after the full Moon, so make the party last! (The next full Moon occurs on September 19 in the sign of Pisces.)

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  • Living a Green Life -- According to Your Sun Sign

    Living a Green Life -- According to Your Sun Sign
    Are you naturally inclined to be green? Find your Sun sign's element (Fire, Earth, Air, or Water) below for tips on how you and your family can best live an environmentally conscious life!

    Fire signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
    You're competitive and you love a good challenge, so if you get together with family members or work colleagues about who can recycle the most, you'll be more likely to get involved. Fire signs thrive on new initiatives, so your challenge will be to maintain interest after your initial enthusiasm dies down. Keep things simple to make it easy. Set up recycling boxes around the house and create challenges with your kids about who can collect the most waste to recycle. Get creative and offer rewards for family members who actively participate.

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    Earth signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
    Your practical nature loves a financial benefit, and you

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  • Your Feng Shui Guidance for September!

    Your Feng Shui Guidance for September!
    Feng Shui is the area of Chinese medicine that helps you rest, relax, and restore your vital energies through healthful practices and a calm environment. Learn how's Ellen Whitehurst can help you create a peaceful home, landscape, and workplace by applying Feng Shui principles of balance and harmony to your everyday life!

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    Now that the lazy, hazy days of summer are coming to a close, all the hustle and bustle associated with autumn begins!

    However, if you want to continually evoke the simplicity of your season in the sun, then get in the habit of removing your shoes before fully entering your living space. This will help you leave your job, new teachers/classes, complicated commutes, and daily stressors behind once you walk in the door of your home.

    This is a purposeful way to make your home your very own sacred haven, allowing and inviting only peaceful and

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  • Let Astrology Help You Get Your Kids Back to School Smoothly

    Let Astrology Help You Get Your Kids Back to School Smoothly
    Heading back to school can be a tricky transition for kids, with many having to deal with new friends, new teachers, and even new social dynamics. It's normal for your child to feel some anxiety about heading back to school, so based on your child's Sun sign qualities, here are some tips to help you support their transition!

    Cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn
    If your child is an Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn, they are a Cardinal sign, which means they like to initiate change. Paint the back-to-school experience as an adventure full for new possibilities, and your child will likely start to get excited about heading back. Helping your child understand that onward and upward change is a normal part of life will make it easier for them to navigate any changes they may initially resist. You'll see new maturity emerging in your child as the school year begins.

    Stock up on new sportswear for your Aries child; revamp an old favorite toy or piece of school equipment for your

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  • How Your Sun Sign's Element Can Uncover Your Natural Career Talent

    How Your Sun Sign's Element Can Uncover Your Natural Career Talent
    Did you know your Sun sign's element (Fire, Earth, Air, or Water) provides you with unique talents that can help you excel at work? Learn how to tap into your special elemental gifts -- and improve your chances for career success!

    Fire signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
    Your confidence and fearlessness set you apart. You're comfortable going boldly into new territory, and your fiery nature blesses you with leadership skills. Roles in which you have to take charge, be the boss, or pioneer new strategies are ideal. You're self-motivated, so maintaining as much autonomy as you can is best. Look for positions that focus on change to provide you with ongoing challenges. You thrive in tense situations and love the pressure of deadlines to fire up your adrenaline!

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    Earth signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
    Your grounded nature means you can handle the

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  • The Sun Enters Virgo: Purification and Process

    The Sun Enters Virgo: Purification and Process
    When the Sun leaves the playground of Leo on August 22 to head into the grounded, practical terrain of Virgo, your self-expression will shift from childlike enthusiasm to a more mature phase of planning and preparation. You can also expect the urge to detox and purify to kick in under Virgo's influence!

    Virgo is famous for bringing chaos to otherwise pristine processes, so this solar transit will be all about refining and streamlining as you go about the daily pursuit of perfection. Virgo's critical and analytical energy is excellent for problem-solving and finding ways to make everything better and more efficient.

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    Furthermore, Virgo is the sign of health and well-being, so you may find yourself focused on getting regular exercise and maintaining a healthier diet during the Sun's upcoming transit. This is a terrific time to make plans, work out

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  • Dance to Your Own Drumbeat This Full Moon!

    Dance to Your Own Drumbeat This Full Moon!
    Once every three years or so, we see two full Moons in a row in the same sign; in fact, the last time we had two consecutive full Moons in the sign of Aquarius was August 1983. With this month's second full Moon occurring in Aquarius on Tuesday, August 20, it's round two of the contest to remain emotionally objective in all situations. Do all you can to take the high road!

    During full Moons, the tides of emotion and passion are at their peak. However, Aquarian Moons aren't known for unbounded emotional displays. Instead, they prefer a more cautious and reserved approach to self-expression.

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    Even if dramatic displays of affection won't be on tap this Tuesday, being true to yourself will be. You may find your desire to remain authentic in direct conflict with your desire for applause. Sometimes it may seem easier to take the safe route and please the crowd. But two Aquarian full Moons in a row are a

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