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  • Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Fighting Over Dog


    Kristen Stewart's recent affair is bad news for Bear, the rescue dog she adopted with Rob Pattinson. In the wake of the Twilight couple's fallout, Bear has found himself at the center of an increasingly bitter custody dispute.

    Although Kristen is at fault for their messy situation, she isn't giving Bear up without a fight. Rob wants sole custody of the mixed breed rescue pup, but Kristen -- who helped nurse him through his battle with the potentially fatal disease Parvo -- thinks it's only fair she get to remain a part of his life.

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    "After Rob moved his things out of their Los Angeles apartment, he then told Kristen he wanted Bear," an insider told Radar Online. "She was heartbroken -- they adopted Bear together and she always felt that he was their little baby. But Rob was so hurt by Kristen's actions he decided that he wants the dog to help him get over what happened. After all, a dog is a man's best friend and

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  • Should Owners Be Punished for Barking Dogs?

    Barking dog A 77-year-old Buffalo woman was sentenced to jail because of her dogs' excessive barking. Barbara Creighton was ordered to serve 24 hours in jail after she was found guilty of violating a section of the town's dog ordinance that addresses habitual loud howling, barking, crying or whining.

    The sentence came after repeated fines that finally reached the $250 maximum. The most severe penalty she could have faced as a 15-day jail sentence. However due to a glitch in court procedure -- she never went behind bars. Paperwork stated that Creighton had been arrested on March 23 and July 4 -- but she was never actually arrested or taken into police custody.

    As for why a normal canine behavior became a police issue? One neighbor said that the barking occurs at all hours of the night and has been going on for years. "To me, it's not about the dogs; it's about the person at this point," said one local resident. "The human is responsible to manage the dogs properly.

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  • Miracle Puppies! Cloned Dog Becomes a Father


    The first commercially cloned dog has become a father! A Florida couple that paid over $155,000 to clone their beloved Labrador Sir Lancelot after his death have welcomed eight puppies fathered by Lancelot Encore.

    And now these miracle puppies could be yours: Nina Otto is keeping one of Lancelot Encore's offspring and selling the other seven online at, which boasts that they are "future pups from the past." She won't publicly reveal how much money one of the genetic anomalies will set you back.

    Otto admitted that breeding Lancelot Encore was difficult. In most cases, a mother pays a stud -- but the tables were turned in this case because of her dog's unusual pedigree, and the fact that he is not registered by the American Kennel Club because of his cloned background.

    'We needed a female and there were a lot of people that might not have wanted to use a dog that might not have had a pedigree at the time," she explained. Luckily a bitch surfaced, who was

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  • Wackiest Pet Names of 2012

    What'd you call me?If you were worried that celebrity baby names were starting to sound too normal (Penelope? Maxwell? Peace out Apple and Sparrow!), don't fret -- pet owners are keeping the crazy alive with the unconventional monikers bestowed upon their animals. Veterinary Pet Insurance Co. (VPI) released its list of 2012's 10 Wackiest Dog and Cat Names, which might make your Bella or Max seem a bit boring.

    Can You Change Your Dog's Name? | Webvet

    Make no mistake, these names are far from the most popular: the folks at VPI poured through a list of more than 485,000 insured pets and came out with these gems. (Commentary courtesy of WebVet)


    1. Chew Barka: Can't decide if this would be more appropriate for a hairy Newfoundland -- or ironically for a Chihuahua.
    2. Nigel Nosewhistle: This guy's owner must be British. Or a Harry Potter enthusiast
    3. Sir Maui Senqkey Schwykle: Dropping the first three parts and leaving it as Schwykle would be wacky enough, and easier to

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  • Owners Face Jail as Dog in Bitter Custody Dispute Sent to Humane Society


    Photo Credit: Oregon Live

    A husky-shepherd mix caught in the middle of a bitter custody battle is now living at a local Humane Society as both of his would-be owners face legal repercussions for their fight.

    Last year, Oregon State University student Jordan Biggs found "Chase" -- who disappeared after jumping his original owner's fence -- and claimed him as her own.

    A chance encounter several months ago resulted in Biggs coming face-to-face with Chase's original owner Sam Hanson-Fleming in Portland a coffee shop after he recognized the missing pet. Biggs refused to return the dog and their bitter feud was born.

    WebVet: Man Spends Over $60000 In Dog Custody Battle

    Last week Biggs was unexpectedly arrested for refusing to return Chase and charged with theft. "I wasn't warned or told that was going to happen," said her attorney Geordie Duckler. "It would make you anxious to be charged with felony in circumstances in which there's no question she did the right thing."


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  • How to Leash Train Your Cat

    Time to go out?There's a growing number of cats who experience the outdoors in similar fashion to their canine counterparts - six to eight feet in front of their owner's watchful eye. While your cat may stare longingly out the window, getting him accustomed to a controlled outdoor environment takes hard work, dedication, and above all, patience.

    Getting ready

    The first step toward leash-training your cat is to purchase a fitted harness. Collars are not safe for an agile cat, and the harness allows you to control the cat without choking it. This new restraint, however, will be foreign to your cat and it will take days, if not weeks, for it to feel comfortable.

    What Is Your Cat's IQ? | Webvet

    "When the kitten flops on its side, I start wiggling a feather toy to distract it from the feel of the harness,'' said Konnie Surmann, a Pixie-bob breeder who has successfully leash-trained numerous cats. "Almost always the kitten will start paying attention to the

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  • 5 Olympic Athletes and Their Dogs

    USA! USA!There's much said about an Olympic athlete's support team, but it's usually trainers, coaches and parents who get the credit. But behind many good athletes are great dogs, who inspire and motivate their humans to perform super human feats on the field, the mat or in the pool. Here are five of our favorites:

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    Michael Phelps: Michael Phelps is never satisfied with just one of anything. That's why he has 16 Olympic medals (14 of them gold) -- and two dogs, Herman and Stella. Phelps and Stella were drawn to one another under circumstances unique to celebrities: when both were guests on the Today show. Phelps came into the studios to discuss his training regime, but was smitten with the shelter pup (then named Penelope) who was appearing on the show's "Bow to Wow" segment. The two went for a walk and the rest is history. However, Phelps' mom Debbie assured her son's fans that Stella, a Catahoula mix, gets along great with

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  • Are You a Crazy Cat Lady?

    By Pam Johnson-Bennett, CCBC for
    How many cats are too many?

    Question: I have three cats and recently saw a brother and sister at my local shelter that I want to adopt -- but I think that five officially qualifies me as a crazy cat lady. I live in a 2,000 square foot home and can afford to care for them, but I don't know when it gets to be too many to have in the house. What do you think?

    Pam's Answer: This is a touchy subject because in some cases even having two cats is too many if you can't care for them, if they aren't in a good environment or if their personalities aren't compatible.

    Here are four things to consider:

    1. Put the welfare and happiness of your resident cats at the top of the list. If they all have a great relationship and are quite content then you may not want to risk rocking the boat. The addition of two cats at once could be a bit overwhelming for your three feline residents. Take the time to evaluate if adding two more cats to the home will increase or

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  • 'Annie' Dog Goes from Death Row to Broadway


    A two-year-old terrier mix named Sunny has gone from death row to the Great White Way after being plucked from a Houston pound to star in the Broadway revival of Annie.

    Award-winning animal trainer William Berloni is responsible for rescuing Sunny, after seeing her photo online in the midst of his Sandy search. She was just 24 hours away from execution and had been mislabeled a male and given the name Bruno. Berloni, who is known for using shelter dogs in all of his projects, sent her photo to the Annie producers, who responded: "Save her. I don't care what it costs."

    "The most talented animals are right there under your nose," Berloni told the AP. "The message is: Animals in shelters are not damaged, just unfortunate."

    How Much Do Movie Dogs Make? | Webvet

    As for how Sunny became Sandy? "I didn't think she was a candidate for Sandy," Berloni admitted. "Her description was so sweet and she looked very much like the original Sandy that we were just saving her to find

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  • Pet Supply Industry Defies Economy

    We're not holding back on spending for our pets!What recession? While the U.S. economy is still struggling to find its footing, the pet supply industry is booming. A new report from Packaged Foods found that retail sales of non-food pet supplies totaled $11.1 billion in 2011 -- up 2% from 2010.

    Although the boom isn't as robust as the 5 percent growth the industry reported in 2007, the report signaled that sales will continue rising throughout 2012 and beyond.

    The 10 Strangest Pet Products | Webvet

    Packages Food noted that industry is steadily growing despite the economic conditions because the strong bond between animals and humans drives demand for better and more expensive products. Upper class households are especially willing to splurge on their pets -- and the numbers of cats and dogs in all homes across the country are growing, creating more pet owners who need to provide for their expanding families.

    A new trend in pet products is the creation of those with a likeness to human fare -- which makes them more

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