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  • Little Girl Saves Cat from Growling Dog

    Girl with catGirl with cat A little Russian girl has become an international star after she was captured on camera saving her cat from a "monster puppy."

    In the now-viral video, we see the heroine, who appears to be about three-years-old, heave the cat from the ground and secure him in her arms. With the growling, barking dog nipping at their heels, the toddler marches (unsteadily) along a dirt path with her kitty's safety at the forefront of mind.

    Amazing Dog Saves Own Life By Dialing 911 | Webvet

    The black-and-white cat -- who is about the same size as the dog mind, you -- appears unfazed by the daring rescue, with paws dangling over his hero's outstretched arms. Eventually she deposits him onto a set of wooden stairs and the kitty scampers away to safety.

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  • Surprising Pet Makes Kids Smarter


    This guy makes you more clever?If you want your children to do better in school -- get them a chinchilla. A new study found a link between a better performance in the classroom and kids who have pets, especially the aforementioned soft rodents.

    Surprisingly it was the chinchilla that emerged as the most likely animal to boost a child's cleverness, with 55% of owners reporting an uptick in creativity. If it's just a kid's homework that needs a boost, consider adopting mice or rats as 92% of rodent owners reported a better performance on assignments, compared with 86% and 80% for children owning dogs and cats respectively.

    Rescuing and adopting chinchillas | Webvet

    The underlying belief is that caring for a pet makes children more responsible. In the Pets at Home study, nearly half of children said that owning and looking after a pet makes them happier, a third claimed to be calmer, while a fifth feel smarter.

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  • Alaska Town Elects Cat as Mayor


    If you think the current presidential election has gotten catty, know that Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have nothing on Talkeetna, Alaska -- where a feline has been serving as mayor for the last 15 years. Stubbs the cat has been presiding over the sleepy Alaskan town since he was just a kitten.

    Stubbs' political ascent was the result of a dispirited mayoral campaign, when a majority of Talkeetna's 900 residents -- unhappy with the available prospects -- encouraged their neighbors to elect Stubbs as a write-in candidate.

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    The part-Manx kitty, who was only a few months old at the time, emerged victorious and has held the job ever since. Even though Stubbs' position is honorary, he's served a real function in the town: catapulting it to a tourist destination as word of his election steadily spread through the country.

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  • Does Your Pet Have Cherry Eye?

    Does your dog have cherry eye? If your pet shows any sign of cherry eye, you should have your veterinarian check it as soon as possible. Many mammals, including dogs and cats, have an extra or "third eyelid" that can sometimes be seen at the inside corner of the eye (nearest the muzzle). It serves as an additional layer of protection for the eye, and it contains a gland that produces much of the tear film. This gland can prolapse or "pop out," resulting in a condition often called "cherry eye." It is most common in cocker spaniels, bulldogs, beagles, bloodhounds, Lhasa apsos, Shih tzus, and other breeds with "squished" faces. It has also been seen in Burmese and Persian cats.

    Cherry eye shows up as a red swollen mass (that resembles a cherry) on the eye near the nose or muzzle. The "cherry eye" may cover a large portion of the cornea, or it may be small and appear only once in a while.

    WebVet: Find the breed that's right for you!

    Treatment is surgical. The third eyelid is put back into its normal

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  • Death Row Dog Lennox Put Down After Two-Year Legal Battle


    Lennox, the seven-year-old dog who captured the hearts and attention of the world, has been put to sleep by city officials in Belfast, Ireland. Lennox was seized from his owners in April 2010, sparking a two-year legal battle and animal rights protests across the world.

    City officials classified Lennox as a "pit bull-type," deeming him a public danger. However his owner Caroline Barnes argued that Lennox was a Bulldog/Labrador mix -- pointing out that he'd never bitten anyone and didn't pose any risks. Additionally, instead of being put down -- she proposed that he could be adopted outside of Northern Ireland.

    A subsequent "Save Lennox" social media campaign emerged online as Barnes fought for her pup in court.

    Sadly, however, the deadline for legal appeals expired and Lennox was put down on Wednesday, July 11th.

    In a statement, Belfast City Council said: "Belfast City Council confirmed today that the dog Lennox, an illegal pit-bull terrier type, has been humanely

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  • Is Program Pairing Dogs with Beggars a Good Idea?

    Should panhandlers be matched with shelter dogs?A new program in San Francisco is aiming to solve the problems of excessive panhandling and abandoned pets at the same time. The organization Housing Opportunity Partnerships and Engagement (HOPE) and the city shelter Animal Care and Control have teamed up to get beggars off the street and socialize shelter dogs by employing the panhandlers to care for the pups.

    The program -- called Wonderful Opportunities for Occupants and Fidos (WOOF) -- was born after the city noticed a 20% spike in abandoned dogs at city shelters and were told that homelessness and encounters with beggars were deemed the area's biggest inconveniences in a 2011 tourism survey.

    WOOF matches individuals, called "temporary guardians" with dogs not yet suitable for adoption. These custodians are paid $50-75 a week to care for the pups -- on the condition they don't solicit money on the street. To qualify for WOOF, individuals cannot have a history of violence, must have a permanent place to live and be

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  • Dogs and Cats Make Babies Healthier

    Pets make kids healthierForget organic food and baby yoga -- if you want a healthy kid, get a pet! Researchers found that young children who lived with a dog or a cat spent fewer weeks with ear infections, coughs or running noses and were less likely to need antibiotics than infants in pet-free homes.

    They noted that dogs were the most powerful deterent to sickness -- but cats still provide some protection. One possible explanation is that dirt and allergens brought in by animals are good for babies' immune systems.

    Medical advantages

    This isn't the first time the link between child health and pets has been recognized:

    • A Swedish study found that pet exposure during the first year of life was associated with a lower prevalence of allergic rhinitis and asthma in children ages 7 to 13 years old.
    • A large-scale survey of 11,000 Australians, Chinese, and Germans found that pet owners made up to 20 percent fewer annual visits to the doctor than non-pet owners.
    • A study of 256 children, ages
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  • Twitter Reunites Train-Hopping Dog with Owner

    Hitching a ride?Twitter helped reunite an owner with her dog -- who had left home and hopped a train in Ireland. After Deirdre Anglin realized her pup Patch had gone missing, she did "the usual social network thing,'' and posted pictures of him on her Facebook account, asking for her friends to keep an eye out for him.

    Little did she know that Patch hopped on a morning commuter train -- and the conductors had the same idea. After noticing the Jack Russell terrier, Irish Rail sent out a "Lost dog!" tweet with a photo of Patch -- who they internally dubbed Checker, joking that he could be trained to inspect tickets on the rail.

    Tweet for a Treat! Dog Fed Through Twitter Account

    After more than 500 retweets in 32 minutes, Anglin caught sight of the message and wrote back, "That's my dog!''

    The train staff noted that Patch was a great addition to the commute as passengers took turns petting him. They eventually took him off at the train's final stop where he was soon reunited with

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  • How Many Calories Do You Burn While Walking Your Dog?

    Woman running with dog Obesity is an ever-growing problem -- for both humans and their dogs. The most recent figures show that 35.7% of U.S. adults and a whopping 53% of the nation's dogs are overweight. The bottom line is we all need to eat better and get in shape -- so why not do it together?

    "There's an old saying,'' said Andrea Metcalf, a fitness expert in Chicago, "if your dog is getting fat, you're not getting enough exercise. Unfortunately, a lot of people think they don't have the time to get it in -- for themselves or their animals.''

    How to spice up your dog's exercise routine

    Metcalf said that even a 10-minute walk in the morning and evening, combined with an appropriate diet, can be meaningful. As you and your pet get stronger, she recommends going for longer walks on the weekend, hiking, biking, and even running. "Getting in shape is a win-win for everyone,'' she said. And not just in terms of losing weight, but making a commitment to do exercise together. "Pets can play a huge

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  • Woman Smashes Stranger's Window to Save Overheating Dog

    Dog in carAn Albuquerque woman is giving thanks to a stranger who vandalized her car -- for a good cause. Susanne Jones smashed a stranger's car window to free a dog locked in the sweltering vehicle.

    Jones told a local TV station, "The temperature was very hot, the car had to have been very hot. It was not sitting in the shade. She didn't have a sun visor up and I just felt like if I stayed there and watched I was gonna watch the dog die."

    The dog's owner admitted she violated city animal ordinance by leaving her pup in such a dangerous situation while she took her 98-year-old mother to a doctor's appointment. At a hearing in the case, Jones recalled that she dialed 911 upon seeing the pup, but was told she had to call the main city hotline at 311 -- where she was connected to the Animal Welfare Department and filed a report. But after 40 minutes without a sign of the dog's owner, she had to take matters into her own hands.

    10 tips on how to keep your pet safe from summer heat

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